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Full Moon Tarot Reading

The Full Moon Tarot Release spread is a powerful and magical spread for anyone who wishes to work with the Lunar Cycles energy to manifest or release important energies in their life. Using the Moon is an ancient and very sure-fire way to bring the energies we need into our lives. This is, in essence, a kind of spell work, a magic that we can harness in our everyday lives.

Three days prior to or three days after the Full Moon is the best time to do this reading. This is when the Moon’s magic is at her most potent. We can use this intention setting to positively and proactively shift the course of how we want things to go for ourselves. This is not black, or dark magic, this is magic that is light and helpful. We should use it for the greatest good of ourselves and for others. We can use Moon magic for our relationships, our career, and our personal lives.

The Moon Phases

There are Eight Phases of the Moon, and each Phase represents the part of the cycle in which we can manifest things. We use the Moon’s journey as a way to watch our visions come to life, and we start to then actively create what we desire.

These Eight Phases are Karmic in nature and are a bit like a seed. When we plant the Seed, which represents the New Moon phase, we are not always sure how it is going to grow. Perhaps we know the type of seed it is, but not how much fruit it will bear, or the quality, how tall it will be and so on. Hence, New Moon is a time of possibility and of beginnings.

Full Moon Tarot ReadingSlowly, that seed begins to grow, through the crisis of the Crescent Phase, the Action of the First Quarter phase, and the Anticipation of the Gibbous Phase. It grows until it reaches the Full Phase, which is the one we are working within this reading. This is when we see the fruition of the seed and all it ever will be, and hence indicates a time of release and letting go. This is as the Moon then begins waning and decreasing in light, and eventually goes to the Dark Moon where there is a gestation period before the New Moon begins once again.

Tuning in to these cycles more and more becomes a wonderful way to live life in a full state of flow. So, doing a reading to support ourselves over this time and bring the unconscious to awareness is extremely useful.

Below are the last four phases of the Moon (take a look at our New Moon Tarot Reading Article to understand the first four phases of manifestation):


  1. Full Moon: The is the time of fruition, of seeing whatever we have planted coming to life, and accepting it, for better or for worse. This is a time that we will feel emotional, ready to let go and slow down from this point onwards. There is no more building to do. It is a powerfully energetic period where we make important decisions.
  2. Disseminating: The time a time where we share the fruits of the harvest of the Full Moon. A time when we begin to collaborate and share our knowledge with others, where we can begin to communicate the messages we have learned from the Full Moon period.
  3. Third Quarter: like the First Quarter, this Moon period has the quality of action to it, but the action is internally directed rather than external. There can also be an inner reorientation within ourselves.
  4. Balsamic Moon: this Dark Moon period is where the gestation happens. It is when we release and let go to make space for the New Moon that is to come. There can be an exodus at this time, and we have to try our very best to let go rather than hold on. This can be a very deep and introspective moon period and we are advised to go quietly within ourselves over this Moon Phase.

The New Moon follows after these four stages, at which time we can set a new intention to bring in what we want. Full Moon is NOT the time to ask for something new; that is VERY important to remember! A word of caution: this kind of Magic is VERY powerful and so we have to be very careful what we wish for! Energy is always heightened during this time, which is why we also do not do readings over any of the eclipses, Solar or Lunar. This is because the energy can get out of control and we can stumble even with the best of intentions.

Where can I get an Accurate Full Moon Tarot or Psychic Reading online?

Once you have done your Full Moon Tarot reading, you might feel like a bit of extra clarity. So, who better to turn to than some excellent online tarot advisors who can shed a little more light and guidance your way?

Here is a list of four excellent Tarot and Psychic Sites and their fantastic first-time offers for newcomers to this wonderful world.

Keen is a friendly, accessible website whose tagline is “It’s Time to Ignite your Passions”. They also have a fabulous first timer offer of $1.99 for ten minutes, and with their excellent credentials, what’s not to like?

Kasamba is a lovely, approachable tarot and psychic website. You will get 3 Free Minutes with a Psychic when you sign up and when you get a detailed reading, you can enjoy 50% off for the rest of your session.

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