FREE Health & Lifestyle Tarot Spread Reading 2018

**AUTHOR’S NOTE: this reading does NOT in any way diagnose or treat a medical condition nor is it replaceable for proper medical treatment. This reading is meant as guidance ONLY and the Querent is encouraged to seek medical help alongside this reading.

The Tarot can reveal many things, and amongst these, it can certainly help you to shift your lifestyle for the better, see what may be harming you healthwise, and what needs to be done to start helping you. This reading is suitable for when you are:

  • Considering a lifestyle change
  • Diagnosed with a medical condition and need to know how you can support your recovery
  • Curious as to what could be ailing you (after which, a trip to the doctor is advised)
  • Need some general health guidance.

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December 2018

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We don’t recommend this reading if you have a serious illness, like Cancer for example, unless you are simply looking for holistic ways to boost your health. Of course, you should also always be taking responsibility for your health and asking yourself the following questions:

  • Am I still leaning on any unhealthy habits such as: smoking/drinking/sugar/caffeine/processed foods? If so, see which of these you can cut out, even if it is only one at a time or simply becoming more moderate with any of these bad habits. There is no need to cut them all out suddenly, go slowly and the effects will last longer.
  • Am I eating enough greens and fresh food?
  • Am I drinking enough water?
  • Am I taking any multivitamins, and if so, are they right for me? Am I taking them at the right time?
  • Do I have a fairly regular exercise routine in place? Even just 2-3 walks a week can be a boost.
  • Are there any emotional problems I am avoiding through eating or substance abuse? Do I perhaps need counselling to deal with these?
  • What are my triggers to an unhealthy lifestyle? Is it when I drink? Or when I am stressed? Try to find the source of the problem and deal with that before you deal with the actual lifestyle issue.
  • What makes me feel good? Is it sunshine? Hot Yoga? Tai Chi? Running? A smoothie? Find the healthy things that give you pleasure, and you will want to have more of that in your life. Don’t try and always do what others are doing, or what you think you should do to “keep up”. Go easy or go hard, it is up to you to do what feels good for your own body. Different bodies like different types of food and exercise.
  • Try and find a group – if you are a group orientated type of person – and let them motivate you. Sometimes you just need one other person to get you moving – and they need you, too.
  • Find a practice that allows your emotions to be expressed. For example, if you struggle with anger try kickboxing. If you want to feel sexy, try pole dancing. If music allows your feelings to flow, dance! There are many sports out there for ALL types.

Once you have worked through this list, go ahead and do a reading to solidify what you have now already explored and reflected on.

Layout of the Cards

This seven-card spread should resemble a tree, which is a symbol of health, of growth and of sturdiness. The trunk should be two cards: My Health at the bottom, and above that should be Health Challenges.

The “branches” are the other five cards, with two on each side of the trunk and one in the middle f these four. The two on the left should be the “what I need to avoid doing, and what I need to begin doing”. The two on the right should be “what helps me” and “what harms me”. The middle card of these should be the “General Guidance” card.

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How to Interpret the Health Spread

Card Number One: My Health currently

This card represents where you are at in this moment with regards to your health. It shows what may be positive, and what could be potentially negative or challenging, depending on whether the card is easier or more difficult. If positive, then see where the challenges may lie – for example, the Nine of Cups shows a slightly overweight / lazy figure who is very happy yet may benefit from a little more exercise and “get up and go”. However, generally, if you get a “good” card here, you could be enjoying a period of good health.

Card Number Two: Health Challenges

As this suggests, this placement shows where your potential health challenges are – even if it is a more “positive” card, it should be read as difficult. For example, the two of cups here may show that your relationship may be a hindrance to a healthy routine (i.e. eating junk foods with your partner).

Card Number Three: What I need to avoid doing

This card shows what habits you need to avoid in order to function at your best. Even an easier cad here shows what you need to try and not do, for example, having the ten of cups here might show that as much as you adore family time, you may need to make time for yourself to get into better shape.

Card Number Four: What I need to begin doing

This card shows what you need to start doing to get into a better lifestyle and to improve your health overall. Obviously, a positive card is easier to read, however, a more negative card can be helpful, too. A negative card still shows what you need to be doing – for example, getting the five of pentacles here shows that you may nee to sort your finances out or do something suited to your pocket, for now, instead of taking out an expensive gym contract, as finances could be creating an obstacle for you to get your health sorted out.

Card Number Five: What helps me

This card shows what will help you health wise, should you begin doing what is outlined in card number four. This card shows what you enjoy, what makes you feel good, what makes you feel strong, healthy and happy in your body. Even if this is a negative card, this can be helpful – for example, having the five of cups here might indicate that working through your emotions of grief through exercise will help you to move on, and that doing something that releases emotions is what is needed (i.e. like dancing, for example).

Card Number Six: What harms me

This card shows what may be harming you, what is blocking your way to health, what you may be doing that is stressing your system out and hence, if you try and limit this, what will ultimately help you. If you get a more positive card here, try and see the difficult aspects of it. For example, having Temperance here may indicate that what is harming you is a LACK of moderation and balance.

Card Number Seven: General Guidance going forward

This card is just a bit of advice moving forward with your health – it does not necessarily indicate the outcome, and is more just what to keep in mind moving ahead, what may come up for you and what you need to keep in mind for better or for worse.

Example of a Health Spread

Tarryn has been having problems with her Hormonal balance and Adrenal Burnout for quite some time. She works very hard, and rests very little, and she knows that she needs to slow down, but she is not sure where to start in terms of beginning to lead a more balanced lifestyle. She currently does yoga, doesn’t drink coffee and does try and eat healthily, but she wants to lose weight and try and cut sugar out.

Card Number One: My Health currently

Taryn’s general health is quite good as shown by the Three of Cups card. This card depicts three friends dancing and celebrating with lovely food around them, clearly having a very good time. One thing that Taryn can take from this spread is that she may be having a little too much fun and could tone it down just a bit as she may be going to excess.

Card Number Two: Health Challenges

The Knight of Swords appears in this place, which shows that the challenges to Tarryn’s health may simply be more mentally based, as indicated by the suit of Swords, which rules the mind. It shows that she might be overthinking things, as passionate as she is about getting her health under control, she may need to become a little less “heady” and get more into her body by doing grounding things.

Card Number Three: What I need to avoid doing

The card for Tarryn here is the Eight of Wands, which depicts eight staffs in the air, none of them having landed yet. This card classically indicates a person who just has too many work or other projects going on in their life, and that they might just need to slow down and do things one at a time, or otherwise Burnout is the result, as Tarryn has found out. She needs to get into a grounded routine, tone down her many activities and focus on what’s important in order to get her system back into a calm space.

Card Number Four: What I need to begin doing

What Tarryn needs to begin doing to help her fatigue and hormonal issues, is to personify the Knight of Pentacles, as indicated by this card. It, once again, shows someone who is grounded, still, calm and stable, and is willing to invest financially into something that will help. Perhaps it’s time for Tarryn to spend some money on getting answers, as well as take more responsibility instead of avoiding through work and relationships to deal with her health. She may need to develop more patience with herself and her lifestyle, to slow down. It would be good for her to use tried and trusted methods instead of anything new, and to keep on the path instead of wavering – sticking to a routine will be good for her here. She may need to also learn to be less stubborn and more flexible when it comes to her lifestyle and routine.

Card Number Five: What helps me

Tarryn has the King of Cups in this position. This could indicate that there is someone willing to help her, someone like a counsellor, someone who is emotionally intelligent and empathetic and can perhaps get her on the right track. She may also benefit from learning to get her own emotions under check so that her physical health improves, such as her hormonal imbalance. She can perhaps stake some guidance from someone older and wiser who may be able to help her healthwise. Emotional control and balance will help her enormously in terms of her health, and so finding a way to do that will be of immense benefit to her overall wellbeing. She may also need to develop a much greater sense of self compassion s hat she doesn’t push herself so hard and therefore become tired and out of balance. This card can also indicate a very kind doctor who can help her get right.

Card Number Six: What harms me

This card shows what might be harming Tarry healthwise. The card here is yet another cups card (notice that there are many cups cards here which shows that much of \Tarryn’s health issue are actually related to her emotional wellbeing rather than actual physical issues). This is the Four of Cups, which indicates that Taryn may be ignoring offers of assistance, withdrawing, which does nothing to help her, and only harms her. She may be stuck in an emotional place, and needs to get her emotions flowing and moving again to feel healthy. She needs to get out of the emotional rut that she is in to begin to start feeling more emotionally balanced and therefore physically balanced.

Card Number Seven: General Guidance going forward

This is yet another Cups card, which indicates that Tarryn’s main advice moving ahead is to get her emotions under control, which is perhaps where her Hormones come in. The card here is the Knight of Cups, showing that in the future, Tarryn really needs to use her intuition to figure out what to do health wise, and that she should perhaps not overrationalise, but get in tune with her body on an emotional level and heal it from there.


Because of all the Cups, one would imagine that Tarryn doesn’t necessarily have major physical issues, rather, that she has emotional issues to deal with which will in turn help her health. She may be experiencing depression, sadness or overwhelm and needs to ground herself, slow down and find someone who can help her emotionally to control her feelings and not let them overwhelm her. She may be blaming her emotional unhappiness on her hormones, and hence could be confusing the two issues.

That said, medically, we would advise Tarryn to still have a hormone test and take supplements to balance her adrenals out, or visit a doctor to make sure there are no other underlying issues.

Pros and Cons of a Health Tarot Reading

  • This can very much help to pinpoint what could be the REAL issue, the underlying issue for physical problems, which can speed up recovery. It can reveal what may have preciously been hidden from the Querent.
  • This can be a wonderful supportive reading for already diagnosed issues.
  • This can be a great reading for general lifestyle support and good change.
  • This reading is NOT a replacement for proper medical care and hence, should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  • It can he hard to do this reading is you are still unfamiliar with the tarot, and hence should probably be done if you have a little more experience and know the cards well.

Where can I get an Accurate Tarot or Psychic Reading online? 

If you are worried about you health, or simply want to make a good change in your life, there are plenty of fantastic advisors online who would be bale to give you guidance and insight. Here are our handpicked tip four sites:


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Keen has amazing statistics, and a beautiful, clean website, which makes you feel as if you have really landed somewhere special. New clients to Keen can get a special of $1.99 for 10 minutes. What are you waiting for?


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FREE Health & Lifestyle Tarot Spread Reading 2018
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