How to Find your Soulmate Tarot Reading

How to Find your Soulmate Tarot Reading
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Finding one’s Soulmate can be very daunting indeed. There are so many different types of relationships out there, from Twin Soul, to karmic, to Soulmate. Of course, most people want to go with the Soulmate, as the Twin Flame or Karmic Relationship offer a great deal more challenges than the Soulmate, Sometimes, we are lucky enough to meet our Soulmates early in life, how most of the time, we meet our soulmate only after a few rounds of the dating circuit, after failed marriages and so forth.  It is important to prepare ourselves, to think positively and put it out there that we will find that person who makes our lives that much brighter and happier. Soulmates are not meant to fill an empty hole – they are meant to complement our lives as we live side by side, growing together.

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The question is, when will we find that on? Are they even out there? And how will we know that they are, in fact, our Soulmate? How do we know the difference between a Twin Flame, a Karmic Relationship and a Soulmate? Here are a few pointers that may help you distinguish between these tricky categories – this reading is meant to be done before meeting that someone, although you can do it is you have just met them, too.

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Twin Flames

  • Twin Flames tend to have extremely powerful built in challenges to the relationship: they often have big age gaps, or different spiritual beliefs, or perhaps live across the globe from us.
  • They show a mirror to us, showing us exactly who we are, and they possess the same traits – which, unless you are a conscious pair, can trigger very big challenges.
  • You may dream about them before meeting them, and when you meet, there is a sense of being deeply drawn to them.
  • You can fall in and fall out of relationship often, and sometimes the connection can just b too intense to be together all the time.
  • These relationships are often indicated by the “Runner” and the Chaser”. Until the Chaser learns to stop chasing, and the runner to stop running, this can feel very exhausting.
  • They bring about huge change in your life when you are together – first moving evolution.
  • There may be quite a great deal of “not knowing” if this person is exactly right for you.
  • You may not even really have a “proper” relationship – this might be a once off, magical meeting, in which you realize and learn a lot about yourself, but you may not be able to get it together for a long time.

Karmic Relationships

  • The point of this relationship is growth, and growth is often painful, making this a very intense relationship.
  • They present you with some of the biggest, hardest lessons of your life.
  • This kind of relationship is irresistible, and no matter how many times you may fall in and out, you have to come back until the lesson is learnt in some way.
  • Karmic Relationships may trigger some of your biggest fears, until you learn to work through them.
  • Some people believe that these types of relationships can bring out your worst side, however, it is your choice to become conscious of your shadow and learn to transform it.
  • Once you learn to transform the shadow – both of you – you don’t have to end the relationship or fall out of love. As long as you keep your identity intact, have your healthy boundaries and maintain your life, you can have a powerful relationship with this person.
  • Dropping your ego in this relationship is the key to success, and that means letting go of the fear of living without them.


  • You can have many, many Soulmates in your lifetime – these are people who are your friends, lovers, and family.
  • This person still offers challenges, yet there is a willingness to work through them.
  • You will immediately feel you have found “The One” – it is unmistakable.
  • There is space to evolve into your most authentic self-whilst still having passion for each other.
  • You just “get” each other – and can work through your differences while still accepting each other.
  • You may be able to read each other’s minds – even when worlds apart, you manage to know what each other is thinking.
  • There is a sense of “coming home”

Once you have this list, you will be prepared to understand in which category the person you ware with or meet falls into, and it becomes easier to navigate the lessons of the relationship.

you and me foreverOne thing that all of the types of partners have in common is the fact that ALL of them require work – to a larger or lesser degree. With the Soulmate, the work feels a bit easier, as if someone is helping you carry the load. There is a sense of teamwork, being able to overcome obstacles rather than a sense of dependency or toxicity. The Soulmate feels a bit less intense than the others, and more like a relief than a whirlwind of passion and lust. With a Soulmate, there is stability, grounding and safety, whereas with the others, things may feel very unsafe indeed.

However, with the proper work, with consciousness, and with two people willing to do the work, all of these types of relationships can last. If either person is unwilling, or has opted out, of course things can become a lot more messy. It is always a choice that you make, regardless of the category your loved one falls into.

All of these relationships offer spiritual growth and maturity, if we are ready for it. It can be enormously helpful to have a willing partner who is happy to face the challenges on the way with us, by our side.

Basic Layout

This Nine Card spread, representing unconditional love, is one that should be laid out in a star-like shape as follows:

Centre card: My Soul (you)

Arrange the remaining eight cards, two at a time next to each other, in a star around the Central card. The two card pairs are as follows:

  1. Their Soul & What you have to learn before you meet them
  2. How will I meet my Soulmate & How will I recognize my Soulmate?
  3. Lessons to learn upon coming together & Advice to keep in mind
  4. Karmic Lessons & Karmic Strengths

How to Prepare for your reading

It can be useful to work with the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, for this reading. Light some green and white candles, and prepare an “Alter of Love” for the reading. Perhaps you have a lovely area where you can spread the reading out, or a surface you can work on.

Do this reading on a waxing Moon, if you can. Whenever the Moon waxes, she grows in light and helps us manifest our dreams and intentions.

Write down EXACTLY what you want in a Soulmate, form how they must look, down to the smallest detail. Don’t worry if you seem fussy – rather cover all your bases and be specific.

Say a prayer, and focus on the feeling of Gratitude for finding your Soulmate – the Universe will respond positively to your call.

Pick your deck. Some people have multiple decks for different reading, and perhaps you have one that feels particularly romantic. The Rider Waite Deck is the easiest to use and the most accessible.

Take some time to meditate, light some incense, read out your list and spend a moment just in a state of focus. Ask for guidance, if you need it, from your higher self, your angels or the Gods or Goddesses you believe in.

Let go of your own preconceived expectations or judgement. Try not to project anything onto your reading and remain as objective as possible – this is MOST important.

Shuffle the cards however you like, then cut them into three decks. Pick the one that calls to you, and set the rest aside.

Either fan the cards out and pick them out one by one or simply choose from the top. Lay them all face down in the beginning, as you will turn them over one by one.

After you’re done with the reading, let it stay there if it can. Perhaps get our journal out and write sown your insights and impressions. Keep walking past that reading, and keep referring to it, even if it takes months.

Interpreting the Spread, Card by Card

Card Number One: My Soul

This shows where you are at on a Soul Level, how you are deep within at this point – perhaps where you at in terms of your Soul evolution. Don’t panic if this is a difficult or negative card – simply realise that it may represent something you need to learn at this point.

Card Number Two: Their Soul

This card shows where the Soul of your Soulmate is at, where they are in their evolution at this point. It is very useful to compare your Soul card with theirs and see if there are any similarities here.

Card Number Three: What do I have to learn before I meet my Soulmate?

This is a very important one – it represents a lesson that you need to learn before you will or can meet your Soulmate, and perhaps this lesson is ongoing – sometimes we don’t fully learn the lesson, but we get better and better at it. Even if the card here is a positive one, it should still be treated as an important lesson.

Card Number Four: How will I meet my Soulmate?

This card represents the circumstances in which you may find your Soulmate, and can be a wonderful marker for that very important point of contact. Keep this card in mind, as it will be useful to recognize it when that important meeting happens. Even a negative card here can show the circumstances – such as the Tower perhaps representing a chaotic collision of meeting.

soulmate coupleCard Number Five: How will I recognize my Soulmate?

This card shows the important, outstanding quality that will arise when you meet your soulmate. Perhaps they appear in your life at a time of huge change and endings (Death), or maybe they lend you money (six of Pentacles) or they are there when you are heartbroken (Five of Cups).

Card Number Six: Lessons to learn upon coming together

When you have finally met your Soulmate, then this card shows the lessons you will have to learn together as a pair, for better or for worse. If a more positive card, lucky for you – perhaps it means the lessons can be a little easier.

Card Number Seven: Advice to Keep in mind

This card shows the general advice to keep in mind going forward, whether or not you have met your Soulmate, what you need to know about your Soulmate in the future. It serves as guidance rather than absolute truth.

Card Number Eight: Karmic Strengths

This card shows what Karmic Strengths you would have as a pair, what you could potentially build on in your relationship, what will keep you going through the hard times together and help you overcome obstacles. If this card is a more negative one, then the strengths you have mirror its meaning; for example, having the Three of Swords here may mean that you are able to move past harsh words and let the tears flow to find healing and acceptance together through life’s challenges.

Card Number Nine: Karmic Challenges

This card shows the Karmic Challenges that lie before you as a couple, what you will need to overcome together and should be used on conjunction with the Karmic Strengths card to show where the balance is. If this card is a more positive one, try and think of its more challenging meanings – for example, a Two of Cups may mean that you struggle to share and give and take freely.

Pros and Cons of a Soulmate Tarot Reading

  • This can be a wonderful “preparation reading” for when we are in a clear space of wanting to meet our Soulmate. With this reading, we can manifest our intentions and desires for who we want in our lives.
  • Trying to distinguish between a Twin Flame, Soulmate and Karmic Relationship can be enormously difficult, and so upon meeting someone, it is important to try and define which category they fall into.
  • This reading may be confusing in terms of the “gap” between waiting for someone, versus actually meeting them, as it incorporates both scenarios. Hence, it is better as a reading to help you see what you will need to learn in your next relationship on general and how to prepare for it when it does come.

Where can I get a Soulmate Reading online? 

Are you eager to know when you will meet that special person? Sometimes the tarot can be” fuzzy” with times, or perhaps we just don’t know how to predict time, however, there are plenty of wise people out there who can help you with this tricky question.

These sites all have excellent Advisors who may also be able to help with defining whether it’s Soulmate, Twin Flame or a Karmic Relationship. They are there to help you understand what your current relationship is teaching you, or what you will need to learn upon entering a relationship.


  • AskNow has been around since 2004, and has an impressive array of advisors on their site ready to help you with your relationship questions. They also have a great free 5 minute offer to all new sign ups when you buy a 20 or 30 minute package.


  • Oranum has a special section dedicated to Love and Relationships when you land on their page to the left. They have especially selected psychics to assist with all heart matters and they offer 9.99 FREE credits when you register for the first time.


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