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Marriage can be one of the best, bravest, and most life changing journeys that one can take in life. It can be compared to being in a boxing ring – without gloves – and no matter how tough the blows get, the structure of this age-old tradition is the container for growth – personally and together.

Doing a reading before embarking on this journey can be very insightful, helpful and offer lifelong guidance. Of course, this reading may be done more than once, as with all readings, although it does generally only need to be done once. It could be a fantastic thing to do with your bride or groom-to-be, but can also be done just by yourself. If you are not yet engaged, but would like to be and your relationship is strong enough to look like marriage is on the cards, then this reading can also be very helpful.

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December 2018

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Of course, if you are in a very long term, committed relationship, then this reading can also be very useful – you don’t always have to be married.

A few questions you should ask before doing this reading can be very enlightening and helpful for you in the long run:

  1. Is my partner willing to work on the challenges and build on the strengths in our relationship – are they checked out or still fully involved?
  2. Do I see myself with this person for the rest of my life or many years to come?
  3. Do I want children with this person?
  4. Does this person want children with me?
  5. Do we share the same values and beliefs?
  6. Can we tolerate their family – even better, do we love them, and are we willing to be a part of that family?
  7. Do they treat the people around them with respect or are they someone who may abuse us or strip us of our independence and power?
  8. How well do we know this person – have we known them for a short or a long time? Are we perhaps rushing in too fast?
  9. At the same time, have we gone too slow? Is there any lack of commitment within us?
  10. Can you and your partner resolve conflict well or is there a constant sense of drama?
  11. Where do you both want to live? Do you agree as to how your future looks?
  12. What are your five-year plans? Ten-year plans? Do they match?

You can add or take away as many of these questions as you like; just be sure that they ARE asked, which will help you in the right frame of mind when you approach the Tarot. You can do this layout at any time; whether you are just about to get married or whether you are hoping to get married to your lover. You can also do this when you are in a deep, committed relationship which is much like a marriage., or you can of course do it if you are married already.

Basic Layout for the Marriage Spread

This Eight Card spread should be laid out in a heart shaped pattern; the first card, which is You, starting in the middle of the downward curve of the heart, the second card being your Partner to the right of that, and then the rest of the cards moving downward to the bottom point and upwards to close the heart shape. If this seems confusing, don’t worry, you can arrange the cards in any order, as long as they follow this Heart Shape.

It may be good to put the cards representing you and your partner on the top curve of the heart, and the Foundation card at the bottom, with the Strengths and Challenges cards opposite each other, and the other three in any other position that feels right. Don’t worry about getting it “right” – just follow your intuition here.


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How to Interpret the Marriage Spread

Card Number One: You in the Marriage

This card shows you in the Marriage, in the future or in the resent. It shows how you will feel, your approach, your attitude, your way of being. If it is a negative card, study that card to see what the challenges are that you may have to overcome – there is no need to be afraid, simply take this card as a lesson to learn. For example, if you get the Devil card, you may have to watch out for dependency or addiction in the relationship, and do your best to work on that.

Card Number Two: Them in the Marriage

This card shows your Partner in the Marriage, how they will be or how they are with regards to the relationship. It shows their way of being, their attitude, their approach. If this card is more challenging, then perhaps they need to work through the lessons as shown by that card and should not be a reason for fear and apprehension. For example, if the Death Card appears here, perhaps your partner is afraid of change and finds it hard not to try and control things in the relationship for fear of loss.

Card Number Three: Foundations of the Marriage

This card shows the foundations of the marriage; what hold it together what has influenced it in the past, and if a difficult or negative card, what may need to change so that the marriage can have a more solid foundation. Notice if the card here is a Pentacles suit, as that can mean it is very grounded and solid. If a negative card such as the Seven of Swords is present, the Marriage may have a dishonest element to it, or a competitive edge, and work needs to be done on this particular issue.

Card Number Four: Challenges to your Marriage

This card can show the difficulties and obstacles, perhaps even repetitive, that always seem to come your way in your Marriage, and this card also shows how to overcome those difficulties at the same time. If you get a more positive card here, try and see how there could be a more difficult aspect to this card. For example, if you get the Ten of Cups here perhaps having children may become an obstacle in your Marriage together, or family relationships could be difficult in some way.

Card Number Five: Strengths of your Marriage

This card shows where your relationship has its best strengths, and this can be an excellent card to compare to the Challenges card. Even if you get a negative or difficult card here, it can show that tis is an area where you can shine and fight together as a team. For example, if you get the Five of Pentacles here, the card of poverty it could indicate that you are really good at overcoming financial difficulties together.

Card Number Six: Children in your Marriage

This card shows your shared attitude, approach or values around children, whether you want them or whether you don’t. This may be a challenging one to interpret, so come back to this one a few times over a few weeks if you feel lost. If you get a challenging card here, it may show your difficulties around the issue of children, for example, the Nine of Swords may show that you are suffering tremendously over perhaps not having kids, or problems in relation to your children.

Card Number Seven: Lessons to Learn

This card shows what lessons you and your partner need to learn when it comes to the relationship. Whether the card is negative or positive here, it indicates where you can grow if you take on these lessons seriously. For example, getting the Tower card here may indicate that you need to both learn to be comfortable with change, to be ready for plenty of chaos in your lives together and to work as a team will help you get through these times.

Card Number Eight: Advice for the future

This card is a guiding light for the future of your relationship, advice to keep in mind as you navigate the sometimes-rocky road of married life. Both the negative and positive cards have something important to say; and if a more negative card, then the advice may be more serious in nature. For example, if you get the Five of swords here, the advice is to not always try and “win” the argument, but to rather try your best to hear each other and listen equally.

Example of a Marriage Tarot Spread

Jack and Sally are about to get married; they have been through their fair share of ups and downs and they are now ready to make that lifelong commitment. Sally is curious to see what the cards say about their lessons, how they can constructively build their relationship and what they need to watch out for.

Card Number One: You in the Marriage

Since Sally is doing this reading, she is the “You”. The card she has pulled here is the Star, a very positive beginning, showing that she has a great deal of hope and faith in the relationship, and that she is ready for a new beginning perhaps after a time of challenge and change in the relationship. Her attitude is vulnerable, open and connected, and she feels balanced in this relationship.

Card Number Two: Them in the Marriage

The card that Sally pulls for her partner is the Ten of Wands card. In contrast to her Star card, this card is a little more difficult, depicting a man carrying a heavy load of sticks, walking away, shoulders down. The energy is hard; he clearly feels burdened, perhaps even resentful, but he is not saying anything. Sally might need to open a discussion to see where Jack might be feeling as if he is carrying too much, and encourage him to let go of the load a little.

Card Number Three: Foundations of the Marriage

The card that is pulled here is the Three of Swords card; which is a challenging card to be sure, and perhaps one that may raise a bit of trepidation in Sally. However, it shows where the opportunities to change lie – they may have their relationship on shaky ground, perhaps because of the ups and downs during their time together, but through tears of healing and acceptance, they can find their way and build a new foundation. They may have to watch their words and be careful of what they say to each other.

Card Number Four: Challenges to your Marriage

The card that Sally pulls here is a traditionally positive card – the Three of Cups, which shows three friends dancing around a harvest, cups raised in celebration. Because it is in the challenges position, it shows that perhaps having fun, being with friends, socializing and celebrating may be the area to work on, that they may as a pair work too hard and not pay enough not see enough of their friends or prevent each other from seeing their friends.

Card Number Five: Strengths of your Marriage

This card is the Tower Card – a card that is usually very difficult, but show that navigating difficulty, change and chaos is in fact a huge strength and will be a huge strength in their relationship to come in the future. This is a great card to get here as it shows real resilience and attitude no matter how far they are “cast down”.

Card Number Six: Children in your Marriage

Sally and Jack both want children one day, and the card that she pulls here is the two of Wands card. It shows that hey might need to first travel before having kids, to explore their horizons and to not rush into it too soon.

Card Number Seven: Lessons to Learn

The card that Sally pulls here to show the lessons that they need to learn in this relationship is the Queen of Swords card. This shows a woman on a throne, arm outstretched, giving advice and wisdom. The Lessons these two need to learn is to develop a strong mental connection, to communicate with wisdom and fairness, and to try to  not be too detached, but to call on that rationality when needed in the future.

Card Number Eight: Advice for the Future

This final card is a positive one – Strength – telling the couple that they simply need to be strong, with compassion and gentleness, to face their challenges with a sense of peace and without giving into any of their primal fears. By being gentle, kind and strong with each other, they will learn to develop strength through all of life’s hardships.

Pros and Cons of a Marriage Tarot Reading

  • This can be wonderful preparation for Marriage, and used in conjunction with pre-marriage counselling, can be an ongoing source if wisdom and advice for the relationship to come back to.
  • Doing this reading with a partner can be extremely constructive and trust building, if they are open to it, and will open up great new lines of communication.
  • This reading can be done for pre-marriage, post marriage or during married life.
  • This reading is best done just once in life, so it can be limiting. However, as time goes, it can be done again
  • This reading cannot save a relationship that is toxic or abusive.
  • Some people may experience anxiety at some of the more negative cards; in which case they should avoid all relationship readings until they are grounded and centered.

Where can I get a Marriage Tarot Reading online? 

Marriage is a tricky road to negotiate sometimes, as all Relationships are. And sometimes,  you need some help and insight. All four of these fantastic and approachable websites have a plethora of people to help, advise and guide you in matters of the heart.


Oranum has a huge selection of Psychics to choose from, and they even have a dedicated section specifically to guide you in Love and Relationships. Their readers range from old and wise to young and funky, and they have an “Online” light that goes on to show you who is ready and willing to help.


Keen has a website with youthful appeal, and they have statistics that really are very impressive. By simply clicking on the “Advisors” tab, you can see the range of conversations you can have with someone, and of course, Love is at the top of the list!


AskNow has an app, which sets them apart from the norm – now you have advice at your fingertips, wherever you are! Their advisors offer the first five minutes for free, and they have lovely, clear portraits to help you choose your consultant.


Kasamba’s friendly website has a Love and Relationships section that takes it a little further – they list, under this tab topics such as breakup/ divorce; cheating, parents and kids; single and dating and much more! Getting this specific definitely gives this company the edge and helps you fund the exact right advisor for you.


FREE Marriage Tarot Reading 2018
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