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TNew Moon Magic Tarot - crescent moonhis magical and powerful spread is a must for those who wish to work with the waxing and waning of the Moon and draw down her energy to manifest what we want in life. Creating spells, doing readings and setting intentions over the Moon cycles is a surefire way to positively impact our future. We will be able to set in motion what it is that we truly desire and make it a reality.

How We Can Use the Moon Cycles to Our Advantage

When we know which phase the Moon is in, we can begin to track her cycle as she helps us fulfill our intention. Then, at each of her eight stages, we slowly watch our dreams unfurl. So, working proactively with that phase, we bring our creation to life.

We can compare this process to the planting of a seed, or more than one seed. So, as the seed grows, we watch the stages of the intention taking shape and we build towards a fulfilled dream by the time it gets to the Full Moon. The Full Moon then represents the full picture of what we asked for, for better or worse. From there, things begin to slow down and disintegrate, ready for the next New Moon once again. Tuning into these cycles more and more becomes a wonderful way to live life in a full state of flow. So, doing a reading to support ourselves over this time and bring the unconscious to awareness is extremely useful. Take a look at our Full Moon Tarot article to understand the next four phases of manifestation!

The Full Moon follows after the first four stages, at which time we can set a new intention to let go, but that is a reading for another time. We now focus on what we wish to grow and bring in. A word of caution: this kind of Magic is VERY powerful and so we have to be very careful of what we wish for!

How the New Moon Magic Tarot Spread Works

New Moon Magic Tarot - Moon phasesThis five-card spread should be arranged in an arcing shape (like a rainbow) to represent the Moon’s waxing and waning. The first card represents the Moon’s energy in general (you can also look up more about the Moon in the Astrological signs to get a better picture). The second card is your intention card. The third card will talk about how you can support your intentions; what gifts and talents you have to make it a reality. The fourth card is about what else can grow an manifest in your life over this time. The fifth and final card represents your overall guidance for this New Moon, what you can potentially learn as you set your intention.


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Where can I get an Accurate New Moon Magic Tarot Reading online? 

Once you have done your reading, you might feel like a bit of extra clarity. So, who better to turn to than some excellent online advisors who can shed a little more light your way?

Here are our two favourite, excellent Tarot and Psychic Sites offering fantastic first-time offers for newbies.

Keen is a friendly, accessible website whose tagline is “It’s Time to Ignite your Passions”. They have a fabulous first timer offer of $1.99 for ten minutes and with their excellent credentials, what’s not to like?

Kasamba is a lovely, approachable psychic website – you will get 3 Free Minutes with a Psychic when you sign up. Then, when you get a detailed reading, you can enjoy 50% off for the rest of your session.

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