FREE Past Life Tarot Reading 2018

FREE Past Life Tarot Reading 2018
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Past Lives is a tricky thing, and most people are skeptical. However, there are so many unexplained personality characteristics and things that happen in life that are hard to explain, and Past lives seems to tick many of these boxes for us.

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October 2018

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It is difficult to think that we only have one life; and in many scriptures and spiritual writing across the world, Past Lives are alluded to either subtly or openly. The Hindus have a firm belief in Reincarnation (being born more than once, the same soul into a different body) which helps them to live side by side in peace together, knowing that their current life condition is simply due to a past life lesson they are carrying forward. Difficult topics such as poverty, death, illness and other suffering in life is understood a part and parcel of living the entire spectrum of life’s experiences. One may be poor in this life simply because they were rich in a past life, and the Soul needs to know the balance of polarities. This certainly does ease life’s troubles for many, and helps to bring awareness and acceptance of one’s life conditions.

Besides helping us to accept life’s conditions, Past Life work can also help us to understand certain phenomena that happen to us. For example, a woman who loved collecting bits of Lace for no reason, always drawn to haberdashery shops, learned through Past Life work that she, in a previous life, was a seamstress and a dressmaker – which explained her obsession with Lace.

Working with a Past life Regression Therapist, an Akashic Record Specialist or other kinds of energy healers can help shed some light on what our past Lives may have been, which helps us to move past certain phobias, dreams, habits or suffering. Doing  a Tarot Reading can be enormously enlightening as well, and help to navigate us through this mysterious subject.

There are a few signs that come up for us who are strongly connected to our past lives, or who have high psychic sensitivities. These signs may be very easy to see and spot in our daily lives.

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Signs that you may have incarnated many times

  1. Birth marks – the word on the street is that your Birthmark shows the way that you died in a past life – for example, having a mark over your heart may mean that you were stabbed/shot or died of a broken heart. This is an important clue and may also help you to understand any strange phobias you may have.
  2. Unusual Memories – Memories that are not yours may sometimes pop into your head at random times for no reason, memories that definitely don’t feel like your own or are of things you have personally never experienced.
  3. Déjà vu – This is similar to having out of place memories, and most people have this experience – Déjà vu can be evoked through the senses of touch, taste, smell and sound and are usually very short in duration, but feel intensely familiar, as if they have happened before. It is a feeling of Past Recognition.
  4. Strange Habits – Like the Lace woman described above, you may have a strange or unusual habit that makes no senses at all. For example, a woman used to love walking ib the woods and smelling the trees, and through past Life Work, she discovered that she had been a tree feller in California many lifetimes ago – the smell of trees evoked past life memories.
  5. Vivid or Recurring Dreams – Dreams that seem very out of place, are intensely vivid in storyline or recurring can certainly point out a Past Life Connection. For example, having a vivid dream about being a young soldier rescuing children in wartime, where you may feel at “one” with the leading character, and can smell, taste, touch, hear the atmosphere around you, may indicate you played this role in a past life. A recurring dream of, for example, being a wealthy aristocrat in a time period many years ago, may be a strong indication of a Past Life Connection arising form your subconscious.
  6. Unexplained Attachments to Places/Smells, Time Periods – If you are someone who is, for example, attracted to Celtic culture, whilst never having been to Great Britain, Wales or Scotland, then perhaps you were Celtic in a Past life. You may be also attracted to specific places, such as the Desert or Egypt, which could also indicate a Past life attachment.
  7. Hard to define Phobias – if you are afraid of strange thing without any reason, then it may be a past Life issue. For example, if you have a fear of balconies, you could have died falling off one, or if you have a fear of water, you may have drowned in a previous life or had a very traumatic experience around it. Doing a Past Life Reading may even help to release some of the fears and phobias you may have.
  8. Understanding of Foreign Languages – If you naturally or easily pick up a foreign language without studying or learning it in depth, this could indicate a Past life place of Birth or living.

Basic Layout of the Past Life Reading

This 7 card reading has a very basic layout; you simply start on your right instead of the left, and lay each card behind that, going backwards horizontally rather than forwards.

Preparing to do a Past Life Reading

  • Run through the list above and note if you have any strange dreams, are attracted to places or time periods, have a phobia, fear or a birth mark anywhere, This will all help you in the reading, help you to prepare and also give you even greater clarity on a Past Life.
  • If possible, do some work with a Past Life Regression Healer who can shed some light to help you connect the dots before your reading.
  • Do a deep meditation beforehand, perhaps finding one online which is specifically made for attuning to Past Lives. This will help you get into the right space for this deep work.
  • Create a special space to do the reading, perhaps near your altar f you can, with specially selected smells, flowers, statues or other things which may trigger a past life memory. If there is a photo you are drawn to then place that nearby too.
  • Pick your deck. Some people have multiple decks for different readings. The Rider Waite Deck is the easiest to use and the most accessible, although we would recommend a more spiritually focused deck if possible.
  • Ask for guidance, if you need it, from your higher self, your angels or the Gods or Goddesses you believe in or your Guides.
  • Let go of your own preconceived expectations or judgement. Try not to project anything onto your reading and remain as objective as possible.
  • Shuffle the cards however you like, then cut them into three decks. Pick the one that calls to you, and lay the rest to the side.
  • Either fan the cards out and pick them out one by one or simply choose from the top. Lay them all face down in the beginning, as you will turn them over one by one.
  • Keep a Journal nearby to help you work through the answers.

Interpreting the Spread, Card by Card

Card Number One: My Identity in a Past Life

This card talks about and potentially reveals your Identity in a past Life, who you may have been. For example, having the Nine of Cups here could indicate that you were a wealthy merchant, or having the Five of Pentacles here could show that you were very poor.

The Major Cards may be harder to read, for example, having the Temperance card here could be hard at first, however, when going more deeply into it, you could have perhaps been someone who was always having to learn refinement and balance of excess.

Card Number Two: The Lessons I learnt in my Past Life

This card shows what lessons you had to learn in your Past Life, whether tougher or easier., The easier cards here, such as, for example, the Two of Cups, may indicate that the lessons were of that nature, but not necessarily easier. With the Two of cups, you may have had big relationship lessons, which could also influence your current life.

The same goes for the difficult cards, which is easier to interpret but also have a potential influence in this life.

Card Number Three: The Challenges I had in my Past Life

This card shows what particular challenges you had in your Past Life, which potentially influence your current life right now. Even if you get an “easier” card here, you should read this as a lesson – for example, having the 10 of Cups here may show that you had to learn difficult family lessons. Of course, this is much easier to interpret if you have a more negative card.

Card Number Four: The Gifts I Possessed in my Past Life

This is a lovely and positive card showing the gift or gifts you possessed in yoru previous incarnation. Even if you get a more challenging card here, this shows a gift. For example, having the Devil card here may show that you had a gift for breaking free of addiction and dependency and that you worked through this extremely challenging quality, which you now bring forward into this life. Of course, an “easier” card here is simpler to interpret.

Card Number Five: Situation around my Death in a Past Life

This can be a very profound and important card to read; and could potentially explain a lot of your Phobias, Fears, Birthmark and Aversions you have. This card can be read the same way whether it is negative or positive. For example, having the Star Card here may show that the situation around your death could have been drowning as shown by the water, or perhaps you were violated, as shown by the nakedness.

Try not to read into the positive or negative implications of the card, simply study the picture for clues and try to link it to nay phobias or scars you have. This may be the hardest card to read in this layout.

Card Number Six: Current Karmic Debt

This shows what particular karmic Debt you carry into this life; for example, if you have the Five of Pentacles here, you may have problems with money, which is  Karmic Debt you have t pay off – perhaps because you were wealthy in a Past Life or potentially abused money. In the same way, you could have the Lovers here, which means tour karmic Debt is around Relationships – this card should never be read as easy, as it always implies some difficulty or challenge.

Card Number Seven: What I need to do to Heal

This card shows what you need to heal in this current life – what you need to actively work on in order to heal from your Past Lives. This card may be hard or easy, but should be read neutrally. The word to focus on is DO – what you need to DO to heal. It is an action card.

For example, if you have the Empress here, you may need to heal your relationship to your Mother, to being a Mother, heal through your children or learn to Love passionately and openly. You may need to fall pregnant, to look after kids, to let yourself fall in love, and to enjoy the abundance of your body and of the physical world.

If you have a card such as the Tower here, you may need to heal your relationship to drama, turmoil, change and chaos, and you may need to work on pride and ego in this life coming closer to a place of surrender and soul. You may need to actively create change in your life in order to heal and tear down old and outworn structures.

Pros and Cons of a Past Life Tarot Reading

  • Doing a Past Life Reading can resolve many issues which you may carry around and help you to let go of them.
  • A Past Life Reading can be very validating and affirming for some of your challenges.
  • Taking this reading to a Healer can be a wonderful and supportive tool for Past Life Regression (Hypnosis).
  • Being aware of your gifts, lessons and karmic debts can give you a focus on what you need to work on.
  • Some people really don’t need to know who they were in a past life; especially if they have a great deal of challenge in their current life. Past Life awareness can be just as helpful as it can be harmful, and unless you are ready to bear the extra knowledge we don’t advise you do the reading until you are ready.

Where can I get a Past Life Reading online? 

Many Psychic are able to tap into your Past Lives, and give you guidance and clarity as to what your lessons may be, why you have strange habits, helping you settle and make peace with the past.

These Psychics can also help you with discovering your Karma, assist you in interpreting dreams and perhaps even lead you to what Purpose you have in this present life. We have picked the best of the best to help you on your Journey:

Keen : Keen is a friendly, accessible website and they offer Specific Spirtual readings to help guide you. They have a great first timer offer of $1.99 for ten minutes, and with their excellent credentials, what’s not to like?

AskNow : AskNow has a 24/7 dedicated bunch of Psychics ready to help you with anything you need, and what’s more, they have an app which you can download to your phone – help is at your fingertips!. They also have a wonderful free 5 minute offer to all newbie sign ups when you buy a 20 or 30 minute package.

Kasamba : Kasamaba is a lovely, approachable psychic website – you will get 3 Free Minutes with a Psychic when you sign up and when you get a detailed reading, you can enjoy 50% off for the rest of your session.

Oranum : Oranum has a special group of advisors especially suited to rituals and energies, who can help you specifically navigate your Past Life – and they offer 9.99 credits FREE!



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