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"Thank you for introducing this service. I have had a recurring dream for the last 2 weeks, and your interpretation showed me why I have been having this dream, and what it was all about." Julia, USA.

We all have many dreams and sometimes some of them return over and over. Now, through Universal Psychic Guild's online dream interpretation, you can understand your dreams and figure out the mysteries of your sleeping state. You will be able to find out why you are dreaming the certain events or situations in your dreams and look further into the crucial aspects of your life.

Find out the deeper layers of meanings and message behind your dreams. From just $14.95 USD, you will receive your professional dream interpretation via e-mail, and you can even choose who you would like to perform your analysis from our Dream Analysis Experts. We have different readings available to suit your needs.

What are your dreams trying to say to you?

Make sure you are getting the right message. Our experienced dream interpreters are ready to interpret your dreams.

View Dream Interpreter profiles. If this Reader is unavailable, another highly skilled Dream Interpreter will be selected for you.

Note: Why aren't all of your readers listed?

The list only contains readers who perform this type of reading and who are currently available to respond to you quickly. If a reader was previously listed, and is now not on the list, it is likely that they are temporarily unavailable. The list is kept as up to date as possible. If you are interested in a reader who is not listed, you can enquire about their availabillity by contacting customer service.
How to purchase a Dream Analysis .:


Unfortunately, due to high demand, we don't currently take new dream analysis orders.

Email psychic readings by email are still available!

Terribly sorry about this.


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