• Wide Variety of Readers
  • Strict Screening Process For New Psychics
  • Readings for $1 Per Minute
  • Fixed Pricing Structure

7th Sense Psychics Review

Available Readings

  • Horoscope readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Relationship readings
  • Fortune Telling
  • Clairvoyants
  • Angel Reading
  • Mind Body Spirit


Pros and Cons

  • Introductory Readings for £1 per minute
  • Recommend a friend and get 7 minutes free
  • Enough quality active readers to easily find one without being too overwhelmed
  • Fixed Pricing
  • Pricing Reductions for bulk users
  • Careful Selection Process
  • Phone facility
  • Clear and appealing website
  • Easy to connect with the psychics
  • Irish Site with service available in Ireland, United States, UK, and Canada
  • Unclear information about exactly how they screen their psychics
  • Psychic profiles are short with only a small amount of information
  • No Satisfaction Guarantee
  • It’s unclear what they would do if you received a poor reading

Is 7th Sense Psychics The Real Deal & Worth Your Time?

It’s difficult to find out exactly when 7th Sense Psychics was established. However, they claim that they’ve been providing readings for 15 years, which means we can assume that they’ve been established since 2003. If this is the case, then they are well-established, which can only be positive.

The site looks professional and inviting, and they make it very easy to connect with a psychic.  The 7th Sense Psychics pricing structure is also easy to understand with fixed prices. However, they do also reward their customers for purchasing bulk minutes which can be used to redeem different readings on different days.  You can also reduce the price you pay for your minutes if you buy a specific number each month. Purchasing minutes is also effortless.

Additionally, it is worth noting that 7th Sense Psychics prices, even at standard rates, are very competitive.  

Below you’ll find more information explaining the ins and outs of how 7th Sense Psychics operates but if you have a question that you need answering now, all you need to do is to get your reading with Psychic Source in 4 easy steps.

5 Steps To An Expert Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Psychic Source.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

What Makes 7th Sense Psychics Stand Out?

It’s easy to feel reassured when you land on 7th Sense Psychics’ site. Their web design is excellent and very easy to read. This can, however, make it difficult to discern because they make it so simple for you to get a reading.

Here are some of the ways that 7th Sense Psychics Stand Out for us:  

  • First Call is £1 Per Minute.
  • Fixed, and extremely fair pricing.
  • They’ve made it very simple to get to a psychic quickly.  
  • The Psychics are highly rated and appear to be experienced.
  • Discounted prices when you purchase more from them. 

What Types Of Readings Are Available From 7th Sense Psychics?

7th Sense Psychics does not highlight what types of readings that you can find on their site, at least not clearly. You’d have to read through the FAQs or through each psychic profile to get an idea.

However, as a former psychic reader, I can assure you that a good psychic can help with all of the problems that we experience in life.  

Typical examples of the standard types of readings you could expect are:

Each psychic may also have specialist skills that will enhance your experience, during our research into 7th sense psychics we found:  

Is 7th Sense Psychics Trustworthy?

It is sometimes difficult to tell whether a site is trustworthy; you have to read between the lines and in most cases, it’s easier to read between the lines on a psychic site. This is because they usually offer a satisfaction guarantee and also explain in more detail how they screen their psychics.

7th Sense Psychics doesn’t offer any of this information – it’s pretty much missing from their site.

However, the way that they have laid out their pricing structure, that you can only review a psychic if you use them, and also how much effort they have applied to make it easy to use their site, demonstrates either excellent marketing or a good reliable site.  The only way to find out though is by using them.

So we’d say that they look trustworthy, but you probably won’t know whether they are until you need some support from customer service.

Below we look at how 7th Sense Psychics fares across a variety of important factors so that you can make a clear decision about whether you’d like to try them.

The Platform

The platform is an essential feature for any psychic site. You need to be able to easily navigate it and find the important features for you, and you need it to be secure.


7th Sense Psychics doesn’t explain how it secures its site. However, it does have a valid SSL certificate.


This is one of my favorite sites for navigation and ease of use. Everything is easy to find and very clear to read or see. It’s straightforward to purchase credits and make a call to a psychic which is extremely important. The site is very clean and paired down which makes it much easier to see what you are doing.

It also appeared easy to register for a new account, however, during research we were unable to create a new account.  They require a date of birth but the format is not specified and when we tried it would not accept any combination, which meant that it was impossible to register without contacting customer service.  This might be a bug on the site, but it would be frustrating if you had already taken time to choose a psychic reader and were ready to call them.

The Information

7th Sense Psychics site works because it is so clear and easy to use.  They have excelled at providing information about how the pricing and reward system works. It’s also easy to get a quick idea of the skills and experience of your chosen psychic. 7th Sense Psychics also provides good photographs of the psychics and the ability to listen to them introducing themselves to you. This makes it easier to see if you will easily connect with the psychics. 7th Sense gets top marks for all of these efforts.

But there is some crucial information that is missing, overlooked or buried, such as those in the list below.  This leads us to question whether they are genuine or just smart at making you click the purchase button. We would recommend that you proceed with caution because of the important information that is missing:

  • What to do if you have a poor reading.
  • How 7th Sense supports you if you have a poor reading.
  • The different types of readings you might experience.
  • How the psychics are screened. 

The Psychics

The psychics on 7th Sense Psychics appear to be highly reviewed. However, it is unclear whether you can only review a psychic after you’ve had a reading with them or if you can review any psychic at any time. You do need to register and become a member of the site before you can leave any reviews though. So, it’s not entirely left open to the public.

7th Sense Psychics claims that they screen their psychics, but they don’t explain how.  This is an important feature of a psychic site, and it’s disappointing that an explanation does not exist. Furthermore, to register as psychic on their site, you need to complete an application form which requests all of the information required to get started, such as a photo, profile message in text and a recorded message. All of this is completed before the psychics are represented on the site.

What we don’t know is what happens from there. Are the best applicants selected for some test readings or are they just picked out from their application and uploaded onto the site? We don’t know and therefore we don’t trust.

However, we do know that Kasamba, Oranum, and Psychic Source strictly screen their psychics. So, we’d recommend one of these guys if you need a trustworthy reading right now!

The Satisfaction Guarantee

When you click on the ‘reviews’ tab under ‘psychics’ there is an icon at the bottom of the page that says ‘100% satisfaction guaranteed’ but that’s the only reference to this guarantee that we could find. There is nothing in the FAQs to tell you what to do if you are unsatisfied with a reading. This leaves us with the question, is there a satisfaction guarantee at all?  

If there is, they are keeping the details of this close to their chest! There are no easy-to-read terms on the site that we could find explaining how this guarantee works if there even is one. If there isn’t a satisfaction guarantee, we have to ask why do they have a ‘100% satisfaction guaranteed’ icon in the first place?

Things are a little bit hazy in this area, and if you are concerned, it might help you to choose a psychic site with a more explicit guarantee. Alternatively, you could contact 7th Sense’s customer service to find out more. However, why bother when you can just get a great guarantee from sites such as Keen?

The Pricing Structure

The pricing structure for 7th Sense Psychics is very good. The pricing is extremely fair, starting at around £2.00 per minute and reducing depending on how many minutes you buy during a month. It can reduce to as little as £1.53 per minute but you’ll have to spend over £700 in one month to get that!

£2.00 per minute is very reasonable if you are not planning to be such an extensive user and as a newbie, you can even get an initial reading for £1 per minute.

Psychic Source, however, gives these guys a run for their money, with their introductory offers at $0.99 per minute. It also adds offers when they are promoting new psychics and these can also be found regularly on the site for $0.99 per minute!

The Customer Service

It’s easy to contact the 7th Sense Psychics customer service department; you call using a paid phone number! Or Email. Response time is unclear as is opening times and availability of the customer service department.  A site that clearly explains how to contact their customer service is always a good thing. However, it does leave a sour taste that they want you to pay to call them with a problem when their psychic hotlines are freephone numbers.

Who is the Best Psychic at 7th Sense?

There is a large choice of psychics available at 7th Sense Psychics, and to help you along, we’ve picked out some of our favorites. They have a great variety of skills and great reviews.

7th Sense Psychics - OwenOwen

“Owen you were so right! You were right about everything!” – Client Review

Owen grew up with tales of the supernatural – faeries, witches and ghosts which are commonplace in rural Ireland.  He found Tarot, numerology, and psychology to be the perfect way to express and enhance his clairvoyant abilities.

Owen is a compassionate reader who has clocked up 22 years of experience of reading professionally.  He seeks to help you find the truth, and help you learn from the past and carve out the future that you want.


7th Sense Psychics - Coco MarieCoco Marie

“OMG. I’ve never met someone SO ACCURATE. She would describe my friends and describe this person to a T. PLEASE… stop reading this review and CALL HER. She will change your life.” – Client Review

Coco Marie is a compassionate reader with over 30 years of experience in delivering readings. She is a clairvoyant medium who specializes in offering spiritual guidance. Coco Marie feels passionate about the struggles and overwhelms that we experience in modern-day living. She uses this passion for really helping get to the heart of problems and bring clarity to a situation, especially in situations where you might feel lost and powerless.



7th Sense PsychicsPsychic Charm

“Charm has an amazing gift, she reads from the heart and sees deeply into others thoughts, no time frames but over time her predictions are happening, and her insight is correct.” –  Client Review

Gifted with “The Knowing” thanks to her  Mom, Gran, and Great Grandmother, Charm is a 4th Generation psychic who finds that tarot and other spiritual tools inspire and guide her gift.   Charm tunes in to your energy and vibrations with an open heart to bring clarity, honesty, light, and compassion to all aspects of your life.

She can help you with delicate relationship issues to questions on money and career. Her readings are about empowerment, truth, compassion, and insight, guiding you from past, through to the present and on to your own unique life path future. 

Our Conclusion?

7th Sense Psychics might boast a great looking site and excellent pricing structure, but are they legit or are they all smoke and mirrors?

Well, we are not sure. It’s easy to think that if they were not legit, they wouldn’t have spent so much time and effort on honing their pricing and reward structure, nor on the design and layout of their website. However, we question why their excellence lies only in the features that represent some good marketing strategies, such as making it exceptionally easy for the user to purchase and to want to purchase in the first place. We haven’t seen any evidence of effort in other aspects such as customer service and reassurance which raises questions.

We are also unsure how tight their psychic screening process is, and how they support you if you have a poor reading. This makes it difficult to see exactly how reassured you should feel about using them. 7th Sense Psychics could do better with the information and factual data that they provide, and they could also improve the information on their customer satisfaction guarantee or remove the icon advertising this if they don’t offer one!

That said, they don’t have a bad reputation and the psychics we reviewed all seemed to be full of integrity and professionalism (but this could be clever marketing).  We are unsure whether to give this site a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down. So on that basis, we feel that there are a number of high-quality psychic sites online that provide better security, better navigability, better user experience and exceptionally better customer reassurance than 7th Sense Psychics. Some of these are the sites listed below who stand out with their services, integrity, and features.

Our Top Rated Psychic Sites

Click the links and follow the instructions to chat to your favorite psychic now:

Kasamba– Get three minutes free chat plus 70% off additional minutes!  

Oranum – $9.99 worth of free chat.

Psychic Source– Low-cost chat! (up to 90% discount on your first reading)

Keen– 10 minutes chat for $1.99

Life Reader – 4 minutes of free chat plus 50% off your first full reading. 

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Have you ever tried 7th Sense, Psychics? Which psychics did you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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Margaret King
Margaret King
2 years ago

Hi there. I was a long time customer of 7th Sense Psychic up until July 2019. I tried at least 3 times to leave a review. The review wasn’t in favour of the psychic. It never showed up on her profile. I guess they only allow the good reviews to show.

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