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Bejan Daruwalla Review

Available Readings

  • Indian Astrology Readings
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Kundali Matching


Pros and Cons

  • Famous Indian Astrologer
  • Significant Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Harnesses Wisdom from many Cultures
  • No idea of the Prices Charged
  • Have to Email or Call to Organise a Reading

Bejan Daruwalla Is Noted As One of The Greatest Astrologers In The Last 100 Years

Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla is listed in the Millenium Book of Prophecy. He is said to be one of the 100 Great Astrologers of the last 100 years!

The story about how Bejan relishes in the memory of the time when the Dalai Lama asked Bejan to put his hand on The Dalai Lama’s head at the India International Centre in Delhi is a beautiful story. It conveys images of an honorable, humble astrologer and highlights Bejan’s personality which appears to be infectious.

This paragraph from Bejan’s website is an example of how relatable he seems to be;

“Bejan only says, please do not doubt my integrity, and please be sure that I keep an open mind, laugh and cry very easily, and have a heart big enough to embrace the whole world, though I am short and bald and fat and old. Hurrah!”

So to respect Bejan’s wishes, we won’t question his integrity. He’s verified already. But we will discover more about his website, how he works and what type of readings you may be able to order from him.

Keep on reading to discover more of the charm of Bejan Daruwalla.

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Who Is Bejan Daruwalla?

Bejan is a Ganesh Devotee, and follows the principle; “Ganesha says timing is everything in astrology and in life. By timing, I mean the right person at the right place and time”.

From this statement, you can begin to understand the theory behind much of Bejan’s work.

As an Indian Astrologer, Bejan is also known worldwide for his accurate predictions. He uses a unique combination of principles to make his predictions. These include Vedic astrology, Western astrology, I-Ching, Tarot, Numerology, the Kabbalah and Palmistry. He combines all these with his intuition, which is said to be excellent!

There is no mention on Bejan’s website about how he came to learn astrology. There are, however, so many accolades and awards, available for your research on Bejan’s website. This guy has plenty of verification to confirm him as the real deal!

What Types Of Astrology Are Available From Bejan Daruwalla?

There is a vast list of services that Bejan claims to provide. He also provides remedies too. Below is an outline of the principles Bejan uses. We include details about the services offered in the sections to follow.

Vedic Astrology:

Known traditionally as Hindu Astrology. Vedic Astrology uses the ‘sidereal zodiac’. This differs from the zodiac used in western astrology. Anybody already familiar with Hindu culture will know that many important decisions, holidays and events frequently link to the Vedic astrological calendars.

Western Astrology:

More popular in Western countries. It uses a different system to Vedic Astrology. 


An ancient Chinese form of divination. It employs the principles of yin and yang. 


A form of divination using a deck of specially-designed cards.


The understanding of numbers that relates to our name and date of birth. It can provide profound insight into our destiny.


Ancient spiritual wisdom with roots in Judaism. It empowers us to improve our lives.


A popular form of divination. It can determine your destiny by looking at the lines on your palm.  

What Services Does Bejan Daruwalla Offer Online?

Bejan has a huge list of services he provides on his website. However, they are not all listed in the section where you can order the readings. We’ve included the list below:

  • Numerology
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Palmistry
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Psychic Reading
  • Gemstone Specialist
  • Relationship Problems Solutions
  • Child Out of Control
  • Lottery, number Expert
  • Astrology Mantra
  • Removal of Black Magic
  • Birth Star Report
  • 2014 Horoscope
  • Moon Sign Report
  • Ghat Chakra
  • Daily Horoscope
  • Lucky Directions
  • Lucky Number and Colour
  • Kundali (Horoscope) Match
  • Birth Horoscope
  • Mangal Dosha
  • Shani Dosha
  • Friendship Report
  • Love Report
  • Sade Sati Report
  • Personalised Predictions
  • Career
  • Business
  • Wealth
  • Health

What services Can You Order Online From Bejan?

There is an array of services you can order on Bejan’s website here are the options:

  • Phone consultations
  • Baby-names
  • Childbirth issues
  • Numerology
  • Matchmaking
  • Removal of black magic
  • Chinese Astrology
  • Annual detailed report
  • Marriage prediction
  • Business report
  • Palmistry
  • Relationship/love problems
  • Lucky gemstones
  • Janam Patri (newborn)
  • Lucky dates
  • Health horoscopes
  • Career report
  • Personalised predictions
  • Wealth problems
  • Sade Sati report

Each section highlighted on the Bejan Daruwalla website offers a thorough description of the service involved. Additional information also appears in each description. Information such as the turnaround time for each report, and any other information you must provide for your reading.  

For example; for the removal of black magic Bejan requires a photograph.

The only issue is that you can’t order directly online and the prices are not displayed. Instead, you have to read about the service you want and either call or email to find out more information.  

It’s a little long-winded but probably worth it.

We anticipate that Bejan’s fees will be high and unaffordable for some people. If Bejan is too pricey, you can find many of the services that Bejan provides on psychic sites such as Keen. They offer 10 minutes for £1.99 to new customers. For this, you get instant access to their verified readers.

Does Bejan Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund Policy?

We couldn’t find any information about a satisfaction guarantee or refund policy. There were no terms and conditions either. Although this is something you could discuss these during your inquiries.

How Does Bejan Daruwalla Compare To Other Top-Rated Psychic Providers?

It’s difficult to compare Bejan to other top-rated psychic providers because the work he does is unique. It’s the same for other genuinely world-renown psychics or astrologers. The systems and processes differ.

The good thing about sites like Keen is that you can get many of the same types of readings from verified psychics and astrologers. This is all for less money and including a satisfaction guarantee.  Ordering is easier, more convenient, and the readings instant.

When it comes to Bejan, the process of ordering will take a little longer, the prices are going to be higher, and the turnaround time will also take longer.

So, it depends on the budget, what you want help with, and how fast you want it!

What Do We Like About Bejan Daruwalla?

We can tell from the offset that Bejan will convey a lot of wisdom through his readings. His personality and words on his website are already invoking certain emotions and reactions. A sense of self-reflection, knowledge and personal responsibility. There’s no doubt that you wouldn’t find some great inspiration from Bejan. That is, if you chose to explore his readings.

What Don’t We Like About Bejan Daruwalla?

We are not biased, but we appreciate Bejan’s personality and wisdom.

It’s difficult to find things that we don’t like about Bejan. If we were to be picky, however, we’d probably want to see an example of an astrology report so that we can see what we are buying. We’d also appreciate examples of prices so that we can plan our budget and save our money if needed. And finally, who wouldn’t want the facility to purchase online or receive instant readings. Of course, this is not possible for Bejan, and we understand that. So, if you happen to need a reading quickly, you’d be better off heading over to Keen or Psychic Source.

Conclusion: Bejan Is Quite Possibly A Blessing

We can see why Bejan Daruwalla is successful and well known for his work and wisdom.  The words and tone of the website demonstrate Bejan’s humility, humour, and wisdom. This is a combination that is hard to come by.

We don’t know precisely how much Bejan charges for his readings. But we assume he’s going to be expensive because he’s so well known.

Bejan is not going to suit everybody, especially if budget is an issue. But there are alternatives. Keen and Psychic Source have lots of fantastic and verified readers who will help you find some direction in your life right away.

But if you ever get the opportunity, we believe that Bejan might be well worth exploring at some point in your life.

Here are our picks:

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Have you ever tried Bejan Daruwalla? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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