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The Astrology Online: Astrologer Sidharth Review

Available Readings

  • Indian Astrology Readings
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Kundali Matching


Pros and Cons

  • Independent Indian Astrologer
  • Lots of interesting articles
  • Active Facebook Page
  • Written in English and Hindi
  • We were unable to verify Sidharth
  • Confusing pricing
  • The English translation is poor
  • Can be expensive for anybody who does not live in India

A Vedic Astrologer Known To Indians Worldwide

Astrologer Sidharth from ‘The Astrology Online’ is a Vedic Astrologer. He is also an Astrologer who claims to be known amongst Indians all over the world – so he must be good!

But are these claims real, is Sidharth legit and would you get a quality reading from him if you ordered one today? These are the things we have set out to explore in this review, and if you want to know more about Astrologer Sidharth and Vedic Astrology keep on reading.

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Who Is Astrology Online?

Astrology Online is the virtual home of Indian Astrologer Sidharth Jagannath Joshi. It’s from this site that you can purchase a reading from Sidharth, and also read his astrology blog. It’s full of spiritual insight not readily known to the western world, but that aids Indian culture.

For example, the astrological disciplines applied are based in Indian Astrology, Hindu Astrology specifically. The services provided at ‘The Astrology Online’ meet the everyday needs of the Indian people, which is probably why Sidharth attracts Indians from all over the world.  You will find references to business advice, marriage, children, childbirth, disease, job and career and Kundli Matching too.

A Busy But Informative Website

Sidharth’s website is jam-packed, and the options might seem to be confusing for a ‘foreigner’. In particular, the prices are confusing, but the site is loaded with insight too.

The language used on The Astrology Online is predominantly Hindi although you’ll find some parts of the website is in English. That said, you’ll probably enjoy the site more if you are fluent in Hindi.

It seems as though the English translations have been made using Google Translate. The Google Translation limits the flow of the language and may confuse or dilute some of the meaning provided on this website. The same can be said for the purchased readings too.

If you can speak Hindi, or know somebody who can translate well for you, that’s how you’ll get the most out of the services provided at The Astrology Online. Otherwise, you will need to read between the lines.

Who is Astrologer Sidharth Jagannath Joshi?

Sidharth Jagannath Joshi claims to have attracted attention from Indians across the globe for the work he has accomplished in Astrology. He is educated as a Philosopher and later studied Indian Astrology, which is a nice mix of experience for any Astrologer to have? It will undoubtedly bring some wisdom and a unique perspective to the astrology readings he provides.

Sidharth has been a professional astrologer since 2003, and before launching The Astrology Online, he was a prolific blogger. So this might explain why this website is so full of useful information.  Of course, the claims and highlights we’ve mentioned here are all found on Sidharth’s website. We were unable to find any verification of claims through any other source, so for that reason, discernment is advised.

What Types Of Readings Are Available At Astrology Online from Astrologer Sidharth?

Sidharth mentions several different astrology styles and also highlights a variety of services offered.

Such as: 

Vedic Astrology

Also known more traditionally as Hindu Astrology. Vedic Astrology uses the ‘sidereal zodiac’ which differs from the zodiac used in western astrology.  Anybody already familiar with Hindu culture will know that many important decisions, holidays and events frequently link to the Vedic Astrological Calendars.  The Jyotisa charts featured in Vedic Astrology traditionally inspire the names of newborns. It’s a big deal.  

If you are familiar with Vedic Astrology, it’s worth noting that Sidharth seems to provide this service online. Most services featured on Sidharth’s website relate to the critical aspects of life. 

You will find:

  • Business
  • Marriage
  • Childbirth
  • Disease
  • Job and Career

If you are not so familiar with Vedic Astrology or Hindu Culture, you will probably enjoy a different perspective and learn more about yourself and your life.  

Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is a field of remedial astrology which was inspired by a book.  The book referenced has Persian roots and in poetic verses that help to resolve any afflictions found in a Vedic birth chart. It’s a well-known folk tradition used frequently in North India and Pakistan and can also assist with palm reading.

Samudrik Shastra

The study of face reading, aura reading, and whole-body analysis incorporated with Vedic Astrology. Samudrika Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates to “knowledge of body features.” It’s a tradition that assumes that every bodily mark (natural or otherwise) encodes its owner’s psychology and destiny. The analysis of these markings reveals more insight into the life, personality and birth chart of the person who owns the marks.

Natal Horoscope

The Natal Horoscope is a birth chart, the way that the planets align both in Vedic Astrology and in Western Astrology highlight each person’s journey in life. It will show the fortune, obstacles, conflicts, and weaknesses. But each different style of astrology works differently and will reveal different insight.

Services advertised on Astrology Online are focused on the central issues that are focused on Indian life and culture; specifically Hindu Culture. These include business, marriage, childbirth, disease, job and career and Kundali matching (birth chart compatibility).

How Does Astrology Online Work?

How do you choose a service with Astrology Online?

Hindu culture makes it easy to help you choose what type of reading to purchase, simply because the categories relate to essential issues in life. If you don’t have a specific query, then it’s worth buying a birth chart reading.

How Much Does It Cost To Book A Reading With Astrologer Sidharth Jagannath Joshi?

Prices differ slightly and are somewhat confusing. It seems as though the price is higher for ‘foreigners’, but we couldn’t find any explanation about this.

If you don’t live in India and cannot use PayTm to pay for your reading, then expect prices to be $100 for a general birth chart analysis and $150 for a detailed report.  

If you live in India, then there seem to be more options for different types of readings. An example of the prices is 1500 INR for Kundali Matching.

What Payment Options Does Astrology Online Provide? 

Paypal is the preferred method of payment for overseas orders, and PayTm for orders from India. There is also an option to pay by transfer. All details are available on Sidharth’s website.

How long does it take to receive a reading?

Turnaround time will differ depending on how busy Astrologer Sidharth is. To get more information on this, there is a chat box facility which is perfect for getting updates on the turnaround time.  

Are There Real-Time Reviews For Astrologer Sidharth Jagannath Joshi?

No, the reviews on Sidharth’s website are all manually added, some are in Hindi, others are in English. None are real-time, which means that they are probably curated and could have been edited or even created by Sidharth. We have no proof either way. 

We couldn’t find any reviews for Astrologer Sidharth online either. Which means that if you decide to book a reading from The Astrology Online, you will be taking a risk.

There are plenty of Indian Astrologers working at Keen. All of their psychics are verified and can provide an instant reading. Many of these readings are cheaper than Sidharth’s prices to boot; especially if you live outside of India.

Does Astrology Online Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund Policy?

We couldn’t find any information about a satisfaction guarantee or refund policy. There were no terms and conditions, nor were there any details about what happens next after you’ve ordered your reading. However, if you pay by Paypal, they provide a service guarantee.

How Does Astrologer Sidharth Compare To Other Top Rated Psychic Providers?

The Online Astrologers website will stand out to anybody who prefers to speak Hindi and for anybody who is fluent in Hindi. It might not have the same quality and depth of information if you need the translated astrology reports because the quality of the translation from The Astrology Online is not great.  

If you don’t speak Hindi and don’t have somebody to translate for you, you’ll probably prefer an astrology or psychic reading from one of our top-rated psychic providers instead.  

There is much more choice with a top-rated psychic provider like Keen, and also a variety of prices too. Conversely, with The Astrology Online, it’s just one astrologer, and the prices are as shown.  

All psychics and astrologers on Keen or Psychic Source are all tested and verified.  Keen and Psychic Source monitor their psychics and their reviews are real-time. They are not edited or curated and more likely to be real. The need to practice discernment is reduced with the top-rated psychic providers. Whereas with The Online Astrology, we don’t know how credible Sidharth’s work is without taking a risk.

However, Online Astrology could be an excellent resource for anybody looking for traditional Vedic astrology, especially if Hindi is your language.

What Do We Like About Astrologer Sidharth and Online Astrologers?

The work Sidharth does appears to be very interesting.  Sidharth himself seems to be very energetic and passionate about what he does.  And we may be stating the obvious here, but he has a firm grasp on Indian and Hindu culture because he lives, breathes and works in it. Which is something that may be appealing to other Indian people who do not live in India.

It may also be interesting to people from all cultures and walks of life who might be interested in learning more about life from a Hindu perspective.

What Don’t We Like About Astrologer Sidharth and Online Astrologers?

  • We want to be able to verify Sidharth, and also see some terms and conditions and details about what happens next once an order is placed.
  • The pricing policy could also be made more evident.
  • Finally, while we appreciate the messenger box, which makes it seem easier to ask questions, we would like it to go away when required. Instead, it clears for one or two seconds and then pops back up. It’s very distracting when you are trying to spend time looking at The Astrology Online website.

Conclusion: Sidharth Is An Interesting But Unverified Astrologer 

We don’t doubt for one minute that the services from Astrologer Sidharth are interesting to ‘Indians’, as Sidharth explains on his website. We also expect that his services appeal to other cultures too. The Vedic astrology system provides a different perspective to the western system and having the option for both for everybody will provide insight into one’s personality.

However, we cannot verify Sidharth and the readings that it seems that we could book as a ‘foreigner’ are expensive. If you don’t speak Hindi, you won’t enjoy the website or the reports as much because a lot of information is lost in Google Translate!

Getting a reading from Astrology Online is harder work than it is with Keen or Psychic Source. It’s also riskier. So, for that reason, we’d probably head over to one of these sites for our readings. Keen is more likely to have a varied choice of Indian Astrologers than Psychic Source though, at least it did at the time of writing.

Here are our picks: 

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now. 

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Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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Have you ever tried Astrologer Sidharth? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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