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Allison Dubois The Medium Review

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Who Is Allison Dubois?

This woman was the inspiration behind the TV drama series ‘Medium’!

If you’ve watched ‘Medium’, you’ll already be familiar with the work of Allison Dubois since that series is based on her. Allison has said herself that every episode is not a biography of her life, rather an accurate portrayal of her life experiences with a little bit of Hollywood magic thrown in.

So in other words, if you read between the lines of the TV series, you’ll see precisely how she operates as a successful and reputable psychic medium. Allison Dubois provides medium readings and has assisted law enforcement with criminal cases, intending to bring peace and closure to all involved.

You can book a reading with Allison, but we expect that the waiting list will be long, and the cost at a premium rate (which is standard for world-class psychics).  In many cases, you need answers now, and may not have the funds to shell out a few hundred pounds for a reading. So, if you want a reliable psychic medium reading from a highly-reviewed psychic provider now, without the premium fees, just click the link below!

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How Does Allison Dubois Work?

You’ll find that the Allison Dubois website, is very similar to most other well-known psychics. They often have online shops with books and merchandise, details of events that the medium is attending, and a blog or newsletter.

Allison’s site contains all of the above but also some handy resources that can assist you with your psychic development and also that of your child (if you have a ‘gifted’ child). Further items include lots of other information and contacts related to health, wellbeing, grief, loss and psychic development. Importantly, Allison provides you with information on how to book a reading from her; if that’s your goal.

Like most genuine world-renowned psychics, Allison is a psychic medium. She doesn’t use tarot cards or fortune telling to conduct her readings, and you also shouldn’t expect astrology readings either. Despite that, you’ll enjoy a unique and professional reading style.

Possible Waiting List

We’d expect that Allison has a waiting list for her readings. It’s easy to understand why; lots of people will want a reading from her.  One of the ways that psychic mediums like Allison Dubois try to reach more people is through their books and events; Allison doesn’t let you down. She provides all of those facilities which are all explained below.

While we think that Allison Dubois would provide a fascinating and accurate reading, there are plenty of psychic mediums who are just as good as Allison. Perhaps they lack the showmanship, life experiences, or fortune of world-class psychics but you can easily find many of these on websites such as Psychic Source and Keen.

In particular, we like Zara and Liz from Psychic Source.

Here’s what they say about their services:

Zara - Psychic SourceZara – Ext. 3365

“Zara offers love, financial, “In Their Head”, Tarot readings. She also offers dream interpretation. Zara uses her gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience throughout readings to provide as much detail as possible and also to provide resonating advice.

All of Zara’s readings start with a 5 Card Spread. These cards give us insight on the energies around you, energies coming towards you, and also your energetic focus. Further cards will provide details and advice.”

To book a reading with Zara, just click this link and search for Zara Ext. 3365

Liz - Psychic SourceLiz –  Ext 7127

Liz is a five-star rated psychic medium and has over 20 years of experience in reading for others. We know you are going to love her. Here’s what she has to say about herself on her Psychic Source profile:

“Born with a veil as the 7th child of a 7th child for five generations, Liz is a very uplifting, spiritual Psychic Advisor. She uses Tarot and playing card decks to provide details to your questions concerning love, finance, and career. “

“A favorite of Psychic Source clients, Liz uses her abilities to provide detailed information and the forces of positive energies to give you the guidance that you need.”

To book a reading with Liz, click this link and search for Liz Ext. 7127

How To Book A Reading With Allison Dubois

Allison explains on her website that she offers telephone readings, and it seems as though she maintains the provision of these readings as a matter of importance. This means that you might be more likely to be able to book a reading with Allison than you would be a different world-renowned psychic.  

However, she doesn’t advertise details of her fees nor does she inform you whether there is a waiting list.  To find out all of that information, you’ll need to email her to the email address provided on Allison’s booking page to find out more.

Keep Up To Date With Allison Dubois

To keep up to date with Allison, you’ll need to be signed up to her newsletter, which she emails out every month, along with an astrological forecast from Tom McMullon.  Allison claims to be trying to help to guide people in how to live a better life spiritually and does so through her newsletter.

If you are interested in spiritual topics, which we assume you will be, then we recommend subscribing to Allison’s newsletter. You’ll probably enjoy the content.  

The Allison Dubois Shop

You won’t find merchandise in Allison’s shop; at least we didn’t at the time of writing, but you will find all of Allison’s books. You have the option to purchase the books with or without an autograph. As you can imagine, however, the autographed book is pricier than the standard book!

Allison Dubois Events

At the time of writing, Allison didn’t have any events in the pipeline. Although we are sure that if you subscribe to her newsletter, you’ll soon know about any upcoming events.  Failing that, you can keep checking Allison’s website.

Allison’s Books

It seems as though Allison has written five highly-rated books, all of which discuss aspects of love, life, grief, and mediumship.

Here’s the write up for each book:

Allison Dubois the Medium - Secrets of the MonarchSecrets Of The Monarch

Allison DuBois, medium and inspiration for the Emmy award-winning BBC series “MEDIUM”, tells us that if you want to understand life, you must understand death. In “SECRETS OF THE MONARCH”, she shows readers how communicating with the dead has taught her important lessons about life and how we can apply those principles to our lives.

The monarch butterfly takes several generations to complete its migration patterns and ensure the survival of future butterflies. Just as we must live good lives to ensure the future happiness of our children and their children.

Into the DarkInto The Dark

Into the Dark” is a first-hand account of what happens to us when we die. Allison DuBois walks her readers through death as described by ‘those who live again’. Although death may seem like a dark, quiet, empty place to be, once you go into the dark you will find out that death has a lot of color… and a pulse!

Through her ability to communicate directly with the dead, Allison DuBois relays the wants, desires, and experiences of the deceased. The dead have their own world, but it is important to them to also remain a part of ours.

Allison Dubois the Medium - Talk to Me


Talk To Me

“Allison DuBois, the inspiration for the TV series “Medium“, shares in her own words how she communicates with the dead. She illustrates what she has learned with stories of readings that she has done for people who have lost loved ones.

The person being read also shares their perspective in their own words. DuBois and her daughters provide advice for children with the gift.”


Allison Dubois the Medium - We Are Their HeavenWe Are Their Heaven

“In “We Are Their Heaven”, Allison explores both connection and communication between the living and the dead. Throughout the book, Allison explains her link with the dead and allows those she has read for to share their own experiences with us. They identify the ‘calling cards’ of the dead, the initial private piece of information that serves to legitimize that the deceased is, in fact, trying to contact their loved one. Each chapter focuses on a different type of connection and loss: of parents, children, siblings, friends, and spouses.

With each reading, Allison’s compassion is clearly seen. She explains how the spirit world requires a different sort of ‘listening’ from her. When you can ‘feel’ someone near you, she urges that this is not your imagination, but a heightened sense of awareness and what she calls a spiritual encounter. Her account of speaking to a group of parents of murdered children allows us to see what she sees as she walks into the room and finds each of the dead children there with their living parents. “

Allison Dubois the Medium - Don't Kiss Them GoodbyeDon’t Kiss Them Goodbye

“Allison DuBois first realized her abilities at six years old when she saw her great-grandfather… after his funeral. For many years she learned to downplay her talents but while working for the county attorney when at law school, her gift took a distinct and miraculous turn. As she handled evidence from murder cases, Allison began to ‘see’ the crimes as they had occurred, providing vital information such as the location of bodies and unidentified perpetrators.

She then decided to dedicate her life to easing the pain of those who have lost loved ones. Allison has helped solve numerous crimes. She has also been studied at three universities and her accuracy has amazed scientific researchers. “DON’T KISS THEM GOODBYE” is the fascinating account of a devoted wife and mother who combines a normal life with the ability to communicate with the dead.”

Is Allison Dubois Legit?

We’d say so, for sure. Not only does Allison have a lot of social proof in the ‘Medium‘ television series, testimonials, and her books, but she also allowed a Harvard trained Psychologist Gary Schwartz to perform tests on her.  The findings were incredible and all documented in Gary’s book ‘The Truth About Medium: Extraordinary Experiments With The Real Allison Dubois of NBC’s Medium and Other Remarkable Psychics.

Hopefully, that will be enough to convince you!

Our Conclusion?

Allison Dubois is a legit and world-renowned psychic medium. So, if you can read one of her books, watch her videos, or even book a reading, we recommend that you do; you probably won’t regret it. While we recommend Allison, our only issue, however, is that she is perhaps difficult to book a reading with.

Sometimes we need psychic assistance in the moment, and at an affordable price. We don’t expect that you’ll attain this with Allison, so in the meantime, you’d do well to realise that there are many fantastic psychic mediums available to give you a reading right now. They are working for some of our highly-recommended psychic providers.  

You can still enjoy Allison’s work too, but you can get your everyday issues resolved as and when you need help. So, we’ve listed our highly-rated psychic providers below so that you can simply click and connect to one right now if you need to.  

Here are our top-rated psychic providers:

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Have you ever had a reading with Allison Dubois ‘The Medium’? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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M. Spencer
M. Spencer
2 years ago

Based on her carefully crafted persona, books, etc. I booked a ½hr telephone reading with Allison. I was truly expecting it to be exceptional. In our brief discussion before the reading, I found her to be rather brusk, and unfriendly. She came across as more the person in that Real Housewives video than the person I saw on her YouTube channel. The reading – The first thing she asked was how the loved one was related to me. I said “life partner” to which she said that she would need something more than that as it was not as specific… Read more »

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