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  • Launched: 2018
  • Owned by: Helloo Ltd.

Ask Astrology Review

Available Readings

  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Psychic Blog


Pros and Cons

  • Heaps of Information on Astrology
  • Informative Blog
  • Numerous Articles on other Readings in the Psychic Realm
  • Free Daily Horoscopes Right to Your Inbox
  • Promotes Some Questionable Psychic Providers

Is Ask Astrology A Legit Site?

Ask Astrology appears to be a helpful blog that provides lots of detailed information. In particular, about astrology, horoscopes, tarot and many other body, mind, and spirit related topics.  The content presented seems to compensate for the mildly confusing setup. We are about to share our findings with you. 

What You Can Sign Up for with Ask Astrology

  • Visit Ask Astrology.
  • Register your details – name, D.o.B and email.
  • Accept the Ts & Cs.
  • Enjoy your FREE Daily Horoscope!
  • Get more astrological information delivered to your inbox.

Who Is Ask Astrology

Ask Astrology (https://askastrology.com) appears to be a niche website. It typically provides useful and interesting information for people who are interested in astrology, psychic readings, tarot and all other things’ esoteric’ or ‘body, mind, and spirit related’.

Owned by a business called Helloo Ltd and based in Luxembourg, Ask Astrology appears to be a new site. This means they won’t have a huge amount of visitors at the time of writing.  

Ask Astrology doesn’t appear to sell anything on their site, at least they wouldn’t appear to be selling anything to the reader.  They just seem to provide information, and also offer a free daily horoscope subscription which can be delivered straight to your inbox, as mentioned above.

All of this seems above board.

How Ask Astrology Works

Ask Astrology is set up to be a virtual ‘beehive’ for attracting people who are interested in the topics they discuss on the site.  Readers will research a topic of interest and hopefully find Ask Astrology. When they do, the site developers would probably like you to stay a while, read some of the information provided and maybe even return. And you may well return since the information they provide is quite interesting.  

They’d especially like though if you’d click on the ads on the site, as many providers in this niche would. Or they like you to make a purchase or sign up to their email list (so that they can promote their affiliated businesses to you). And, of course, send out a daily horoscope because this is how they make their money.

Is There More to it?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong at all with any business affiliating themselves with other companies and promoting them. We get it; it’s not cheap to run a website or to provide information such as that offered by Ask Astrology for free.  But the sites that are promoted by the owners of the website should be well-researched and provide legit and valuable services to the website’s readership.

That’s the only way to operate with integrity. If you don’t do this well, how can anybody trust anything you do or say in the future?

How To Find A Legit Psychic

Legit psychics will provide you with real answers as to whether you can trust their provider or not. They will set out to help you to feel comfortable in discussing whatever it is you need help with, no matter how uncomfortable you feel talking about it. They’ll tell you the truth, but speak with compassion which is how we know you’ll be in safe hands with them.

Please note:  We strongly recommend that you check out any psychics you find advertised on Ask Astrology (or any other sites for that matter!) not mentioned here against our vast reviews section.  Or do your own research to make sure you are happy to proceed. If we don’t have the provider listed, please leave a comment to request a review.

What Types Of Readings Are Available From Ask Astrology?

Ask Astrology doesn’t provide any psychic readings directly from them. Or, at least they don’t at the moment.  They do provide lots of ads for psychic sites, and they have the option for you to leave your email address by opting into the free daily horoscope they have. This means that they’ll probably either send you offers or ads via email along with your daily horoscope.  

So, in essence, you can’t get a reading direct from Ask Astrology.  If you followed up on the ads, you’ll receive what are sold as psychic readings, astrology readings, angel readings, psychic readings, and even ‘spiritual tokens’ said to bring you good luck. As we’ve already covered, however, just be sure to do your research before choosing your reading type and your psychic provider.

If you do fancy clicking through via any ads on this site, it’s worth checking out our reviews first along with others to make sure that the site is legit.

Features You Might Enjoy From Ask Astrology

We can definitely say that the articles provided do seem to be accurate.  In particular, the ‘blog’ articles may be a useful read. Especially because these appear to have been written by legit people who are working in the industry. They are writing for Ask Astrology for free in exchange for links to their businesses. So, you should still apply discernment since we can probably assume that there is nobody fact-checking the content!

Ask Astrology provides a wide variety of articles in the following categories:


We have been very clear that, as always, we recommend doing your research before you purchase any psychic readings or other services through Ask Astrology. That said, we do acknowledge that some of the content is both interesting and useful.  

The chances are that if you stumble across this site, you have lessons to learn in the art of discernment and, well, this is a great site to practice those skills on. However, there will probably be some interesting reads. So we could recommend this site for a hive of information.  

If you are looking for a psychic reading though, feel free to browse our reviews. We try to cover as many sites as possible, or you can fast track and check out our top-rated sites, all of which have received glowing reviews. With these sites, you will receive an accurate personal reading that aims to assist you and not create new problems for you!

Have you checked out Ask Astrology?  If you did what were your thoughts?

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2 years ago

true enough Ask Astrology will then connect you to another website selling their products.

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