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Aurora Psychic Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Legit Independant Psychic
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  • No real-time reviews
  • No choice of different psychics
  • Limited appointment slots

Who Is Aurora Psychic?

Aurora is an independent psychic and claims to be an experienced ‘clairvoyant psychic medium’. She offers “caring and genuine readings” for people worldwide.  She provides telephone readings only and has set up her business so that she can take calls worldwide without you having to pay the expensive call rates to do so.  

Aurora has over 35 years of experience and claims to have a “reputation for on-point and detailed information that brings immense benefit to clients who experience her accurate and true psychic readings.”

It’s a bold claim.  

So we decided to take a look and find out whether Aurora is a psychic worth exploring.  

Keep on reading to find out what we discovered.  

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How Does Aurora Psychic Work

At first glance, it’s easy to assume that Aurora Psychic is a psychic hotline, providing services from multiple psychics for your convenience.  However, it’s not at all. This is the website for one psychic only.

The information on the website is clear and easy to understand, but booking is not as streamlined as Psychic Source, and availability is, of course, limited because Aurora is just one person. Aurora appears at first glance, however, to have done a good job of making it as easy as she can to book a reading with her. At least that’s what we thought when we first approached her site.

Booking A Reading With Aurora Psychic

Even though there is a lot of explanation about how to book a reading on Aurora’s site, it’s still somewhat confusing. Especially if you are trying to call from the UK, USA, or Canada.

You see, there is a different number to call for each country. So, while the USA and Canada numbers are freephone numbers, the ‘worldwide number’, which is what UK users would call, doesn’t appear to be free. But then there is a small amount of text advising us that calls will be $3.10 per minute.

At first, we were unsure whether this was an additional fee, or whether that was the cost of the reading and the connection.  

The reason for the confusion is that Aurora also has the opportunity for you to book an appointment slot and pay for your reading in advance through Paypal too. But on closer inspection, it seems as though you can do either/or.

If you want to make an appointment with Aurora rather than taking a chance and calling, then you can do so. That’s when the booking system would be useful.

Currency Confusion

The prices are set to different currencies. For example, worldwide is set to USD and New Zealand and Australia are set to AUD. Paypal payments are in USD, all of which further confuses matters. Although we can appreciate that Aurora is trying to accommodate everybody.

Figuring this out was confusing, mildly frustrating, and our first impression of a streamlined process was wiped out. While we understand what Aurora is trying to do, sometimes one currency and one way to pay is much easier.

Instead maintaining all of the repeated information on Aurora’s website, it might be easier if Aurora just explained that you could call her direct and hope she is free. Or, if you can’t get through or want to book a reading for a future date, you can do so through the ‘book a reading’ feature.

Aurora could then provide a link to call or book on the booking page of her website. This feature would be much better and easier to understand instead of leaving it for the visitors to figure out what’s what. Her visitors might feel less frustrated, and you never know, she might just get more calls too.

We can’t help wondering how many people might bounce from her page as a result of this confusing process.

How To Book A Reading With Aurora Psychic Without Confusion

  1. Decide whether you want a reading now, or on a future date.  
  2. Should you wish for a future date, click ‘book a reading with Timely’ and follow the prompts.
  3. If you want a reading now, call the number that corresponds with your location and follow the prompts.
  4. If you call and Aurora is not free, and you really want to speak with her you can take advantage of the ‘book a reading’ option.
  5. When you call and Aurora is not free, but you want a reading now, then we suggest contacting Psychic Source instead.  They have outstanding readers available around the clock and a solid satisfaction guarantee, plus new customer discounts of 50%.

Service Costs

Once you realise that the currency is different depending on the service you use, then understanding how much the service costs becomes much easier.  

Here’s which currencies you can expect:  

  • New Zealand prices/rates are in New Zealand dollars (NZD)
  • The PayPal cart on our website is in US dollars currency.
  • The ‘BOOK NOW’ Timely book and pay system on our website is set to US dollars currency.
  • The Australian phone line is in Australian Dollars AUD.

It’s worth checking these facts though directly on Aurora’s site, just in case we have not translated the message accurately or if anything changes.  

Seriously though, one currency would suffice. Most people who buy online these days are used to converting currency.  All of these different currencies just make things very confusing.

Now that we understand what the currencies are, it seems as though Aurora charges $3.10 (USD) per minute.

Which is (at the time of writing):

  • £2.45 (Sterling)
  • $4.49 (AUD)
  • $3.10 (USD)
  • $4.72 (NZD)


It’s a reasonable price though, and readings are booked in slots with the minimum reading time being 20 minutes.   While we don’t appreciate all of the currency complications, we do appreciate that there is just one flat rate for everybody no matter how long they are calling for.  It definitely makes things easier.

Readings Provided by Aurora Psychic

Aurora specialises in a few topics which are outlined below and explains each topic as follows:

Love And Relationships

“Finding love and holding onto it can be a tricky thing. Whether you are having trouble finding the right partner, want to know whether your current partner is your true love, or when a significant event in your love life will take place, a psychic love reading may help you clarify your thoughts. Aurora is a relationship intuitive who specialises in readings about love and relationships, soulmates and twin flames.” – Aurora Psychic


“If you are at a life crossroads or stuck in a career, business or financial issue or need guidance on some big life path decisions, or simply feel life is passing you by, then a life path reading from an experienced psychic could give you some answers. Aurora is an intuitive psychic coach who can help you to sort out where you are on your life journey and give you a forecast for where you are headed and teach you how to use the Law of Attraction and other spiritual laws to create your best life. “- Aurora Psychic

Spiritual Medium Reading

“A psychic spirit reading gives you the chance to connect with a friend or loved one who has either recently passed over or who may have been gone for a while. A reading may assist in reconnecting you with your loved ones, and sometimes this can help if you are grieving over their loss – it may help you on your pathway through life, so you don’t feel so alone and in despair or grief. A spirit reading may also help you to connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels, and Higher Self, as well as discover aspects of your spirituality.” – Aurora Psychic

Pet Readings

“If a pet has been a part of your life for a long time, then losing them can be as hard as losing a human friend or relative. In these cases, speaking to a pet psychic could help to ease the burden. As an experienced psychic and medium, Aurora can communicate with your deceased pet in spirit or lost pet and pass on messages to or from you.” –  Aurora Psychic

How Do You Verify Aurora?

One of the issues with independent psychics is that you can’t easily verify them. They usually run their own websites too, which means that they can curate the testimonials and reviews that they show and leave anything undesirable out. That said, the efforts that Aurora has gone to, to attempt to explain her services and keep everybody happy, tells us that there’s a chance that she’s going to be a decent psychic.  

While you can read Aurora’s reviews, discernment should be practiced. If you plan to enjoy a reading with Aurora, we recommend just booking the shortest reading time first.  That way, you don’t lose too much money if you are dissatisfied.

The Satisfaction Guarantee

Unfortunately, Aurora doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee.

According to Aurora’s refund policy, there are no refunds except in unusual and exceptional circumstances which are at Aurora’s discretion.

However, If, due to unforeseen circumstances, Aurora cannot provide the service you have paid for, she will refund your payment. This will be done using the same payment method with which you purchased your reading.

It’s important to note that there is an exception to this policy which affects all live phone readings to the 0900 number in New Zealand. Because an external phone provider is collecting payments, Aurora is unable to issue refunds for those calls.

If you need to cancel your booking and you give at least 24 hours notice, you won’t lose your payment. Aurora will try to help you find a convenient time for a future reading.

A Fair Refund Policy

While this isn’t the best refund policy, it is a fair one.

We can understand why Aurora has to operate in this way. It’s not like she is churning lots of readings and has the capital to handle refunds for customer satisfaction purposes.  The buck stops with Aurora and therefore it is Aurora who is under pressure to deliver a great reading. And the chances are that’s what you’ll get!

It’s just that with an independent psychic provider you lose some of the benefits that you get with more prominent psychic providers such as Keen and Psychic Source.

Aurora Psychic Reviews

As we’ve already alluded to, there is no real time psychic review system on Aurora’s website. So this means that any reviews appearing on her website have been posted by Aurora or her team and we don’t anticipate that she’s going to post any poor reviews on her site – that’s just not good marketing at all.  Instead, she’ll probably pick out the best reviews.

While we would probably do the same, as a potential customer it’s important that you realise that you are probably not seeing every single review.  

That said, the reviews do appear to be legit. Especially because the tone, style of writing and words used are all slightly different.

How Aurora Psychic Differs From Other Psychic Providers

It’s rare to see an independent psychic with such an informative website; one who reaches all corners of the world for a reasonable price – which is what you get with Aurora.  This is something that really sets her apart from other psychics.

Our Conclusion?

Aurora Psychic appears to us to be a legit and reasonably priced psychic provider. So, if you can get past the confusion when booking, and can figure out the currencies, we expect that you’ll enjoy a reading with her.

The only issue we see is that her time will likely be limited meaning that you might have to wait for a reading occasionally. We’ve given you links to other options for other great psychics below if you need a psychic urgently anyway.

Aside from that, discernment should always be applied. We recommend that you only start with the shortest option first to reduce your risk because there is no refund policy or real-time reviews.

If you do want to enjoy a reading from one of our top-rated psychic providers for the same kind of price and with a satisfaction guarantee, then check the links below:

Here are our picks:

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Have you ever tried Aurora Psychic in Australia? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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