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    Psychic Bethea Review

    Available Readings

    • Online Psychic Reader
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    • Free Psychic & Astrology Readings
    • Free Tarot Readings


    Pros and Cons

    • Email readings only
    • Free Psychic and Tarot Readings
    • Access to an exclusive psychic group
    • Regular and interesting email news letters
    • Email Readings Only
    • No facility to chat instantly
    • Very little functionality or information

    Who is Psychic Bethea and Can I Trust Her? The Answer is NO, you CANNOT!

    Psychic Bethea is in herself quite the mystery.  When you first access her site, you are prompted to enter your astrological details through a series of questions so that you can ‘discover your real sign’ and find out who you really are. However, this seems a lot like Psychic Esmeralda; there is no information at all about Bethea on her site.

    To do so, you have to include a lot of (unnecessary!) personal information. This includes your address and telephone number. But you can create a fake address which is what I did when researching because I don’t like handing over all of my personal details immediately and I don’t want to start receiving unnecessary calls or postal mail – so if you feel the same and want to explore further we suggest you just create a random address.

    The thing is that Bethea at this stage is asking for a lot of information but with no explanation of why she needs it, who she is and what her deal is, which doesn’t sit well with me.  It leads me to think that she is possibly a psychic that you should use with caution. And potentially only use if you like all things psychic and want to explore a different type of psychic facility than you might be used to. Or more like one you should not use at all!

    If however, you do want a guaranteed, trustworthy reading, here is one site that you most definitely can trust:

    5 Steps To An Expert Reading That You CAN Really Trust

    Ready to try your first reading with an experienced, trustworthy psychic?
    1. Visit Psychic Source.
    2. Register your details.
    3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
    4. READINGS: AS LOW AS $1.
    5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

    What Makes Psychic Bethea Stand Out? (As a Probable CON Artist)

    This is a difficult question to answer because we don’t know anything about Bethea.  But we can explain what happened when we registered ourselves and the experience we had so that you can choose whether you want to give her a whirl or not. (We suggest you don’t.)

    That said, at the end of the emails, you are invited to join Bethea’s private website where you can participate in group readings. You will receive offers and exclusive news and this service only costs $24 for a year (which is $2 per month; reasonable, we think).  The quality of this service, however, is rather shrouded in mystery, so perhaps the ‘offer’ is questionable.

    How Does Psychic Bethea’s Site Work

    Bethea does most of her work through email and exclusive membership sites which makes it difficult to get a true perspective on how she operates because we haven’t been registered for very long although she does promise readings that promote personal growth and success, love and relationships and personal financial security.  Something which makes us feel skeptical and doubtful about the sincerity of her services is that from the landing page, you cannot access any terms and conditions or any ‘about’ pages. The only information that you can access is the dated privacy policy.

    When you have entered your details, you are promised that you will receive an email within one hour with your ‘2019 forecast’.  You are also then invited to receive a free tarot reading from a different psychic tarot reader.

    It looks as though you have the option to choose to have the tarot reading or not but really there is no option to avoid the tarot reading – at least not if you want to proceed further. This makes us feel that the whole process is simply automated and is NOT unique to you!  To get your free tarot reading you need to answer quite a few leading questions (which a real, legitimate, professional psychic wouldn’t usually ask because it would ruin the credibility of the reading) Such as, are you concerned about money?  And what type of reading are you hoping for?

    What Next?

    After you have completed this process, the tarot reader sends you an ‘urgent’ email, that if I’m honest does provoke a little bit of fear and anxiety (not what a professional psychic would do at all!). They then do, however, send another email with a detailed one card reading that does seem to be accurate to the tarot card they are discussing. It also contains an offer to subscribe to their group psychic services to learn more and receive weekly readings as a thank you gift.

    A similar pattern occurs with the ‘finding out your real star sign report’.  Despite the readings being seemingly decent, we suggest you think long and hard before signing up to this as a service to be taken seriously; we are struggling to take it seriously!

    How The Satisfaction Guarantee Works

    Fortunately, there is a satisfaction guarantee, that claims that if you register for the psychic club that they offer, and you don’t like it, you can cancel within 30 days and have a full refund. They also explain in their second email how to make a claim for a refund if required.  Even though this is a legal requirement, it’s very reassuring that they make it clear how to get your refund and means that you really are not risking anything by giving the ‘club’ a whirl especially if you are interested in readings and like to have a lot of them – it could even save you some money.  It may save you money, but are you getting a proper, non-scammy reading?

    Our Conclusion? AVOID Psychic Bethea & Use a Far Better Psychic Service!

    We were on the fence with psychic Bethea (although now we’ve decided against her); if you enjoy experiencing different readings and the buzz you can get from them, then you MIGHT enjoy psychic Bethea’s club.  However, you may well find that her readings start to promote fear, anxiety or hope but that in actual fact they leave you hanging and having to spend more money to get further answers. If this happens, it’s time to quit them and find a reputable site such as the sites described below.  If this occurs at any time when using Psychic Bethea, DO NOT spend more money. Instead, quit the site and check out a site that would never do that, such as those listed below.

    If you have a serious problem in your life and you want to get a focused and intricate reading, then we suggest using one of the sites below instead of Psychic Bethea. These sites can provide you with real-time answers and guaranteed genuine psychics. All of these psychic sites have passed our reviews with flying colors and are guaranteed to get you in touch with a caring, genuine and professional psychic.

    Here are our picks:

    Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now:

    Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

    Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

    Visit Psychic Source for your reading now!

    January 2020

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    Have you ever tried Psychic Bethea? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I love her she’s the greatest ! She knows me.. what I’ve been thru. What I see and hear & that I’m gifted which I kind of knew but it felt good to get that confirmation!! God bless her heart !❤️??


    Yes she keeps telling me that she is warning me and trying to scare me. She says if I don’t act fast and buy the items she is selling that my life will be ruined by dark forces


    I can’t understand why she is offering help if she’s going to charge ridiculous amounts of money(100.00) for a trinket that looks like it came from the dollar store. I would be more than willing to help people if i had the ability to enrich their life thru some psychic power.


    It seems to me, all she does is keep asking for more money in the way of asking the person to purchase one talisman and then another. I can’t afford that. She claims I am to come into a lot of money if I do thus and so with the talisman. In the meantime, I am out more money and still not certain if what she says will come to pass.

    Julia Stevens
    Julia Stevens

    1st reading she basically caused fear I was going to die. 2nd she said I would come into money small at first then more money than I could possibly spend. My luck day to begin receiving money was last weekend. 3rd she said “Heaven” opened her eyes and I needed a bracelet (Beautiful Tailsmain) at $29.95 for 4 months for a bracelet for luck before I came into my big money. I wrote and told her I couldn’t afford it an 4th she said “I Don’t know What’s Got Into You” she said I was optimistic at heart now I… Read more »

    Gwendolyn Davis
    Gwendolyn Davis

    She would leave me Hanging and sometimes and Frustrated, when I would open her Messages I would be Positive after reading her E-mails, I’m Left Disturbed and Wondering find them Entertaining, Now, If she was the Long Island Medium, “Teresa”? I would probably Spend, to Hear More, Because, she leaves people feeling “Whole and Good”. ya know, and she speaks of things that are familiar and “On point”.

    Angela Preston
    Angela Preston

    Why does psychic Bethea keep sending weekly forecasts when I have not asked for them and not signed up for any of her services?

    Lorie Ann Moore
    Lorie Ann Moore

    I’ve never paid for a club membership. I receive emails from her for impending bad luck and to purchase a piece of jewelry to keep my astral alignment from it happening. It offers to make 5 installs or in full , with a money back guarantee in 60 days. I havent done so, but was considering it.

    Diane Cottone
    Diane Cottone

    She is always trying to sell me something to make my life better, not falling for it. She shows up on my gmail and I just delete it.

    gerard vasseur
    gerard vasseur

    It’s exactly as you described in your article up above. She tells you what you want to hear, things that might actually feel like she’s talking to you or things that seem like the things that have happened or close, but then the next day she’ll send you something dark and to be careful that dark shadows and people are trying to either hurt you or beat you financially. So you go from one day getting a good reading telling you that you’re about to have success and joy and then the next day you got another reading telling you… Read more »

    Dee Hall
    Dee Hall

    Wow! interesting stories sound like we’ve been scammed I wished I had of known before my boyfriend did this He just got a email message from Bethea, so he sought for her help we have been down in need of money basically unable to pay our bills. My boyfriend said her reading was very accurate and with that he has just purchased her talisman, he shared its was only 24.99 but that’s 4 payments! I got mad at him for not researching reviews on her? like when he told me I did on her. we don’t really have that extra… Read more »


    I just want to thank all the reviews about these scams. I was getting ready to mail a check to this so called Bethea. After reading the reviews I ripped the check up and unsubscribed from all her emails.

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