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Cecelia Psychics Review

Available Readings

  • Phone readings


Pros and Cons

  • Cheap Psychics
  • Easy to use
  • Small Independent Psychic Provider
  • No free readings
  • Unclear how psychics are verified
  • No realtime reviews
  • No satisfaction guarantee

Who is Cecelia Psychics?

If you happen to reside ‘down under’, you may have heard of Cecelia Psychics already, and if you from any other part of the world aside from Australia then you may not.  Although they do provide psychic services all over the world and they are very reasonably priced too – so you might want to find out more about them. Which is perfect because we’ve got all of the details right here.

Cecelia’s psychics appear to be an independent psychic provider which is based in Australia and owned by a lady named Cecelia.

We can’t find out much information about Cecelia; although there is an image of her on her website, she had this to say about her psychic services though:

“We will do our very best to empower you with deep insight and sage advice relevant to both your inner and outer worlds. Should Spirit inspire you to seek a reading, we would be honoured to assist you in your quest for understanding and healing. Remember, a peaceful world begins with the light, the love and the energy inside every one of us. Many blessings on your day, Cecelia.”

And while this is a very warm and welcoming statement, we set out to find out what type of ‘deep and sage insight’ you can expect from Cecelia’s psychics and if its’ the sort of advice that we would be inclined to recommend to you.  

Keep on reading to find out more.  But in the meantime, if you want a reliable psychic reading from a highly reviewed psychic provider, you can save your time and click the link below!  

5 Steps To A Reading You Can Trust

  1. Visit Psychic Source.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

How Does Cecelia Psychics Work

Cecelia’s psychics is a simple and traditional set-up.  They have several psychics that you can contact for a telephone psychic reading.  You have two options for paying for your reading; either through your telephone line or via credit card.  Cecelia also has a blog containing posts relating to a variety of different topics such as:

The blog is an interesting mix of topics based on Cecelia’s perspective, which could make an interesting read for anybody interested in any of those listed above.

The website is relatively clean, straightforward and easy to use, but it does lack a few features you can enjoy from other psychic providers.

Below is everything that we have discovered on Cecelia’s website.

The Cecelia Psychics Verification Process

The psychic verification process is a vital component for a successful and reliable psychic provider.  So we thought we’d check out Cecelia’s recruitment process to see if they lived up to the current psychic market standards.

Potentially Thorough Screening Process

While we can’t prove our theory, we have a feeling that Cecelia might be thorough with her psychic screening. This is because we can’t find any explanation on Cecelia Psychics as to how she verifies her psychics, which means that her screening process might not be adequate for you. It is essential that you remember this so that you can practice discernment if you decide to book a reading with Cecelia Psychics.

Why do we think that Cecelia might be thorough?

Aside from the fact that Cecelia doesn’t have too many psychics working on her site, she also explains what she is looking for in a psychic. She expresses the desire for some values such as integrity, listening skills, professionalism, responsibility and a passion for making a difference.  Which are very reassuring and a rare find on psychic websites who don’t care about the quality of their readers. This is also an independent website in a professional psychic’s name. So we would expect that Cecelia would take care to ensure that she hires the right psychics for her business.

But our theory is just an assumption; it is not fact, and because Cecelia doesn’t explain in detail how she verifies her psychics you should be careful to make sure that you are satisfied with the psychic chosen, and if you are not and you are using the telephone lines just hang up and choose a different psychic.

What do you do if you are not happy with your psychic reading from Cecelia Psychics

If you paid for a credit card reading though, there is no information that we could find on the Cecelia Psychics website to let you know what to do in this situation.  So if you are thinking of booking a credit card reading it might be worth emailing first to find out what you should do if there is a problem with the psychic you have chosen.  

If that seems like too much trouble though, we recommend a different psychic provider. One who does explain how the verify their psychics (and their process is good) and who also monitor their psychics while they are in action. One such provider you’d probably like is Psychic Source – they are a great psychic provider.

The Cecelia Psychics Reader Profiles

Now, we need to talk about the readers’ profiles on Cecelia Psychics because, well, a few essential features are missing. Which unfortunately are things that would put us off from using a website no matter how warm and welcoming the site looks.

The Readers Images

The first issue we have discovered on the readers’ profiles on Cecelia’s Psychics is that there are no images of any of them. This leaves the customer very much in the dark.

By nature, we are instinctively programmed to read and connect with other people visually. Without a photo, we have no way to look at the person who is reading to perform our first natural act of discernment. And for a psychic site, that’s poor.

No Image Creates A Sense Of Vulnerability

People buy from people. And a person who is trying to talk to somebody about issues that could make them feel vulnerable would feel reassured both consciously and unconsciously by being able to see the face of the person they are connecting with. Failing to provide an image makes a customer feel more vulnerable.

In this industry, not having an image of your psychics is like saying that you are open for business, but you can’t come in! By comparison, one of our highly rated psychic providers, Psychic Source insists that all psychics provide genuine and clear photos for every psychic who works for them.  There are no icons or stock images involved and you only have to see for yourself that it makes a difference.


Cecelia Psychics
Cecelia’s Psychics


Cecelia Psychics vs Psychic Source
Psychic Source Psychics

If you feel uncomfortable talking to somebody who you can’t identify visually, you are not alone, by any means.  And you shouldn’t have a reading if you are feeling uncomfortable. It won’t help you to have a good reading because your energy (which psychics read) will reflect your unease.  You may as well just head on over to Psychic Source! We are sure you’ll notice a world of difference.

No Realtime Reviews

The other issue with Cecelia’s psychics is that there are no real-time reviews.  Sure, there are testimonials on Cecelia’s site. But, to send those in you need to complete the ‘contact’ form, entitle it ‘write a review’ and then send in your testimonial.

The testimonial will then need to be posted online by whoever manages Cecelia’s website. This process means most people won’t even bother to leave a testimonial and that bad reviews probably won’t get posted.  It also means that this other vital tool for helping you to choose the right psychic for you is not available.

Of course, we acknowledge that Cecelia Psychics, as a smaller independent psychic provider, may not have the technical means to provide a real-time review facility. And Cecelia psychics may well be assisting the customers who send in a complaint satisfactorily.  This is something we won’t know until we try. But this approach is not very transparent. Cecelia Psychics could do better in this regard.

The Psychics’ Descriptions

While the psychics’ profiles don’t include a quick breakdown of skills and services available that is easy to scan rather than reading a whole load of blurb. The description of each psychic is detailed. And since there are only 17 psychics working at the time of reading it’s not too hard to read through each profile – but it will take a little bit of time.  

You can even read Cecelia’s profile too. She appears to read on her site too, but bizarrely she doesn’t include her photo, nor does she say that it’s her who is reading.  It’s a little bit strange.

The Cecelia Psychics Service

The Service Guarantee

There is no advertised service guarantee for Cecelia’s psychics, not in their terms and conditions or advertised anywhere on the website.  It’s below standard for most psychic providers who offer such a guarantee, and with the other issues, we’ve found we believe that this is vital.  

The Search Function

You won’t find a search function on Cecelia’s website. You can’t search for a psychic who has a specific skill that you are interested in. Instead, you have to check out each profile.  Fortunately, there are not too many psychics to scroll through, so it’s not impossible, it’s just inconvenient.

Service Costs

The price charged at Cecelia Psychics is very fair. You could consider them to be a ‘cheap psychic’ which are few and far between, especially potentially good cheap psychics!.  

Here is a breakdown of the costs at the time of writing:

Pay via phone bill

  • £2.54 per minute (AUD 4.62) for Australia and international callers.

Pay via credit card

  • £1.80 per minute (AUD 3.30) for Australia and international callers.

It appears to be easy to connect with Cecelia’s psychics. The process is straightforward, and we doubt very much that you’ll have any issue with using their services.  

How Cecelia Psychics Differs From Other Psychic Providers

The stand out feature for Cecelia’s Psychics is the independent nature of the site, and that you can contact the site’s owners for a reading quickly and for a very fair price.  

The site is warm and welcoming in a way that you don’t always see on other psychic sites.

On the other hand, though, there are some features that are lacking on this psychic site that also make Cecelia’s psychics stand out. For example, the lack of photos of the psychics and real-time reviews.

Our Conclusion on Cecelia Psychics?

Cecelia’s Psychics might just be worth exploring if you have the funds to take a chance and you don’t mind not knowing what the person you are talking too looks like.  

We doubt you’ll be disappointed, but we cannot say for sure because this psychic provider doesn’t do enough to reassure a stranger to the site that they are worth exploring.  That said, we couldn’t find any poor reviews for the website which is a promising sign. What’s more, they are certainly very reasonably priced.

However, if you want to very sure that everything has been done to provide you with a good and legit psychic reading, then we’d suggest that you head on over to Psychic Source.  They really are an excellent psychic provider who does everything they can do to provide you with a great reading.

Which leads us to our conclusion. We are going to approach this site from an’ innocent unless proven guilty stance’.  Cecelia Psychics are doing nothing to put us off but also nothing to encourage us either.

The tone of the site and its independent nature tells us that it could be worth the plunge. So, we say it could be worth exploring, but you should proceed with caution.  

If this answer isn’t enough validation for you, we suggest you choose one of our highly reviewed psychic providers listed below – these are strongly recommended!

If you do want to enjoy a psychic reading from a psychic provider who gets a big thumbs up from then check out our top-rated providers below:

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Have you ever tried Cecelia Psychics? Which psychic did you enjoy? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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