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Chris Riley Psychic Medium Review

Available Readings

  • Interactive Facebook Page
  • Psychic Consultations


Pros and Cons

  • Legit Independant Psychic
  • Psychic readings available.
  • Esoteric store
  • No access to private readings from Chris.
  • You can’t see any reviews on the psychics
  • The psychics are provided by an external company.
  • Limited amount of psychics.

Who Is Chris Riley Psychic Medium?

Chris Riley Psyich Medium is a UK psychic medium and tarot reader who currently has over 300,000 followers on Facebook.  He offers a variety of readings, and also provides free readings via his Facebook live streams, and psychic events.

He appears to be passionate and enthusiastic and seems to be one of the new breeds of psychics offering these types of services via Facebook.

There are, however, a few issues we have with the setup of Chris’ business, as we have had with others. So, we explain everything you need to know below.

But in the meantime, if you need a reading now, you can do so with confidence using our recommended and highly-rated psychic provider linked below.  

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  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

Is Chris Riley Psychic Medium Legit?

It seems as though Chris Riley is definitely a legitimate person who works in the spiritual arena.  Furthermore, the interactivity, comments, and following that Chris has amassed lead us to believe that he is a legit psychic.  

How good he is, however, we are not so sure. It’s difficult to find the confirmations on his free readings. Even though Chris Riley appears to be very accessible in providing readings for those who click on his website or Facebook pages, you may be disappointed to know that these ‘easy to click’ links, connect you to one of ‘Chris’’ psychics but not Chris.  This something we also have to take issue with.

So in answer to the question is Chris Riley legit? We believe he is.

However …

Chris is not legitimately reading for you when you click the links in his Facebook, or on his website.  What’s more, the psychics showing are not sourced by Chris. They are sourced by a psychic provider called Inveroak who works behind the scenes providing a variety of readers for independent psychics or other psychic and spiritual businesses.

Inveroak supplies businesses who could make some money by using their psychics. When you use these services, there are often important features lacking which you might overlook. This is because you either think you are connecting with Chris, or trust that he has had a hand in sourcing the psychics linked to his page, which he won’t have had.  So to us, that’s a little misleading.

The fact that we don’t know for sure how good Chris Riley is – or if you can even book a reading from him might not be good enough for the more discerning reader though.  And we have to agree that it’s important to find good psychic readers if you want to make the most out of a reading which is what you will find (complete with reviews) on sites such as Kasamba or Psychic Source.  

We feel that if you are putting your name and brand on something and you are selling your brand based on your skills, then you should provide the means for the people who have invested in following you to connect with you. Even if it is at a premium price, the followers deserve the respect to be advised clearly about who these psychics are and why Chris or other similar psychics have decided to take this approach. Otherwise, it’s deceptive and unfair on the audience.

We’ll go into detail in the next few sections below about how Chris’ site and services work.

How the Chris Riley Website Works


You can follow Chris Riley on Facebook, which means that you’ll be notified when he starts a live stream.  It’s during these live streams that you’ll often get the opportunity to get a free message although these are usually brief.  

Facebook is also a great way to find out when Chris is featuring in any events or any other news you might enjoy hearing about from Chris.  

Links are also provided on Chris’ Facebook page to readings, texts, chat, etc. As we’ve already mentioned though, don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll be getting a reading from Chris, because you won’t. It will be from an Inveroak psychic. We explain more about these guys below.

Chris’ Website

Chris’s website doesn’t really say too much more about him other than that he taught himself how to read tarot.  

You’ll also find links to book a variety of readings, and you can also buy some spirituality-related products too.

The readings you can book are;

  • Phone Readings
  • Text Readings
  • Email Readings
  • Video Readings
  • Chat Readings 

Plus you can check out Chris’ website for daily horoscopes too.

Inveroak provides the psychics and their services but hosted by Chris Riley.  It’s unclear how you will get a reading with Chris or if he even provides them.

Who Is Inveroak?

Inveroak provides third-party telephone services such as psychic services, customer services, sales and call centre facilities.  

While Inveroak is professional and experienced in both the psychic services industry and the other industries they are involved in, you don’t get to enjoy the types of psychics that Chris himself may have chosen. You also don’t get to enjoy some of the features and facilities that you can get from psychic service providers who recruit their own psychics.  

Finally, as we’ve already mentioned, if you work hard to sell your personality, skills and reading delivery style to gain a following, it doesn’t sit well when you then hand over the readings that people want to book from you to someone else. And all without very clearly explaining the reasons why.

Chris Riley’s Services

The Psychics

At the time when we reviewed Chris’ website, there were only ten psychic profiles to choose from, just 4 of whom were online.  This would tell us that we either checked at a quiet time (it was mid-morning in the UK), that Chris doesn’t get too many customers booking readings, or that you are going to have to wait for your reading during busy times. So, if it’s the latter, you can get just as good readings and be able to see your favorite psychic’s reviews by going to one of our highly recommended sites such as Kasamba or Psychic Source.  

Psychics’ Profiles

The psychics’ profiles are clean and easy to read, but they are also limited.  You get to read a few short sentences that are answers to a questionnaire, and if you click another button you can see their skills, and that’s your lot. Aside from an image of the psychic.

There is an option to leave a review under the ‘testimonials’ section. However, we checked half of the psychics’ profiles and found that none of them had any testimonials.

Why Reviews Are Important

Unfortunately, reviews are one of the best ways to gauge the quality of the psychics’ readings and overall satisfaction. So we think it’s something you should look out for and read before you book your reading. So, this way, you know that you know that the psychic is good.  What’s the point in having a reading with an inadequate psychic?

There’s no point because the whole experience is then rendered useless. With most psychic providers you can see plenty of reviews, so just check out Kasamba or Psychic Source to see for yourself.  

Text Services

You can text a psychic from your mobile phone. All you have to do is text ‘RILEY’ and your question, to the number displayed, and you’ll receive a reply.  These messages are billed to your mobile phone and cost £1. It’s unclear how long you will wait for a response.

The answers you receive are about three messages long and always end with an open-ended question aimed at getting you to start a text conversation. This will be fun, but at £1 per text, you need to watch how many messages you send unless you have an unlimited budget!

There is an issue that we have with this text service, and this is that there is a high chance the replies are pre-written automated ones that focus on a specific topic such as love, or wealth. But we don’t know for sure; we did receive a fast response when we requested this service.

Pre-Written Texts

This pre-written service is a facility that is available and widely used in the psychic industry. So, it’s worth just trying out one or two texts before you spend a fortune and instead of calling or chatting to psychic direct.  

Of course, by the process of divination, answers that you receive from an automated service will carry a relevant message for you (as does everything you experience in your world).  So these texts are not wasted particularly, but they may provide you with a riddle to solve rather than a direct answer or an explanation of why you can’t get a direct answer right now. Now, this is what you’d get from a live conversation with a real psychic.

Psychic Phone Lines

Pay via your Telephone or Credit Card

Chris Riley Psychic Medium’s services offer a traditional form of connecting with a psychic using the telephone. You may also connect through the internet too.

To book a telephone reading you have to browse the psychics, choose one that you like who is available, and then call the numbers to pay and connect.  By that time your preferred psychic may be busy, and you’ll have to select a different one.

So to avoid this, it’s better to choose more than one available psychic so that you have a backup.

Paying By Credit Card

To pay by credit card you’ll need to call a specific number. This is clearly advertised on Chris’ site but you will probably land on an automated answering service who will take your card details.  You’ll need to make a note of your preferred psychic’s extension number too. So then, once your payment has gone through you’ll have the opportunity to connect.

You’ll usually be advised when your call has passed a certain period of time (we think it’s around 20 minutes) so that you don’t get carried away and blow your budget.

Paying Through Your Phone Bill

But to pay by telephone, you can just make a note of your psychic’s extension number which is displayed on their profiles, call the number and follow the prompts.  You pay through your phone bill, and you’ll receive a notification when your call has lasted a certain period of time.

Email Readings

To get an email reading, you need to click the link on the Chris Riley website, and from there you get to pick from 3 options which we explain below.  We were not sure at first whether Chris writes these readings himself or it’s another Inveroak service, but then we saw the frustrating phrase “my team of gifted psychics will provide a detailed reading just for you”.  So, lo and behold, they are not from Chris, which really is disappointing.

The email readings:

  • Platinum Email Reading
  • Gold Email Reading
  • Silver Email Reading 

The Platinum Email Reading

According to Chris’ website “A platinum reading will give you five questions to ask and also the option to upload an image. This allows a greater connection for between yourself and the Psychic. A platinum reading is great if you want an extensive reading on several areas of your life.”

The Gold Email Reading

“An in-depth, gold reading will give you three questions to ask, whether you need answers on a specific area of your life or would like a more general reading for the coming months. My gifted team of Psychics will provide a detailed reading just for you.”

The Silver Email Reading

If you choose the Silver email reading, you will have one question answered and receive approximately 500 words in your reading.

You’ll receive your reading within 72 hours, but we have no idea how much they cost because that information isn’t available on the website!

Chris Riley Psychic Medium’s Customer Service and Promises To You

Chris doesn’t make any big promises or bold claims about his customer service, but he doesn’t have any complaints that we could find.  So we assume that he delivers on his promises.

Chris Riley seems to offer a fair exchange for his prices and outsources his psychics to Inveroak who does provide a decent service.

However, you can get a better deal on a reading, not to mention far better features from a psychic site that has their own psychics and especially one who provides real customer reviews for you to browse for each psychic.

Not only does the reviews section help you to make an informed decision about where you spend your money but it also keeps both the psychics and the company who is managing them focused on providing good readings.  We wouldn’t book a psychic without being able to see their reviews unless they are famous and providing their readings themselves, such as John Edward or Deborah Davies who we have previously reviewed.

We also feel that a search function for readings, a wider variety of psychics, and more availability of the psychics would be advantageous. Plus, easier to view and more detailed psychic profiles are also extremely important when you are choosing a psychic. So, we believe that Chris could do more to make his psychic services more aligned with what the customer needs.  

What We Love About Chris Riley

  • Chris’ enthusiasm.
  • The community feel on Chris’ Facebook page.
  • Chris’ personality. 

What We Don’t Love About Chris Riley

  • More work could be done to provide a better reading experience.
  • No reviews for psychics.
  • No search function for psychics.
  • We don’t know how the psychics are screened, monitored or verified.
  • No introductory offer for new customers.
  • No facility to purchase a reading from Chris that we can see. 

Our Conclusion

Chris Riley seems to be a friendly and charismatic legit psychic. He has outsourced his psychic services to a reputable psychic provider, and while that psychic service does lack by comparison to other psychic providers, we are sure that has used integrity when sourcing the right service provider for his business.

However, some of the features of Chris’ services seem to be missing, leaving us to question how we can arrange a reading with Chris himself. We even emailed to ask him but we never received a reply.  So it seems that the only way you can get a reading is via a very average psychic service provider who Chris claims to be his own (which they are not).  

We believe that you should tread carefully with Chris and remember that you are not getting a reading from him. So, any amount of self-promotion or free mini readings are essentially deceptive (even if Chris hasn’t intended to be). This is because when you visit his website you have no option to have a reading from him.  So frankly, the service you get from the psychics that Chris provides significantly lacks from the services you can get from our most highly-rated sites listed below.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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If you decide to check out Chris Riley don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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3 years ago

He seems like a nice guy, which I gather from watching his videos. But honestly, I think in trying to make his talent into a large scale business makes it impersonal. I felt like the text readings were a waste of €20 as the person on the other end couldn’t “see anything” which again is harder without face to face interaction.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ian

In fairness a medium doesn’t need to see you to give you a reading as it is your loved ones in spirit that connect with the medium as soon as they hear your voice. This is why laughter lifts the vibrations and attracts the spirits they are with you so can see and hear you. All a medium needs is that link with you and a loved one.

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