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Debbie Malone Psychic Medium Review

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  • No real-time reviews
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  • Limited appointment slots

Who Is Debbie Malone?

Debbie Malone is a psychic medium based in Australia.  She provides face-to-face and telephone readings for clients all over the world.  Debbie also runs workshops and events, some of which are week-long spiritual retreats in Tasmania.  

It all sounds glamorous, but Debbie requires you to part with a hefty fee for her services, and what we want to know is whether she is worth the investment.  

So, if you want to know too, keep on reading to find out what we discovered.  

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How Does Psychic Medium Debbie Malone Work?

Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, the Debbie Malone website might appear to be the kind that a scam psychic might have; the copy isn’t the best, nor are the colours, layout, or images. There are, however, a few distinct differences:

  • She is available for face-to-face or telephone readings.
  • Debbie delivers face-to-face workshop and events.
  • Most scam psychic websites might have a similar use of colour but their layout is more organised.
  • All scam sites we have discovered have terms and conditions!

So if you’ve looked at the Debbie Malone website and you were not sure whether she’s legit, you can rest assured that she is. How good she is though is something that we are unsure of. Although, her media posts about her psychic detective work give us some reassurance.

From Debbie’s website, you can book a reading or an event, and even buy products.

Booking A Reading With Debbie Malone Psychic Medium

The issue we have with Debbie is that her half-hour readings are AUD 200, which is the equivalent to £108.99. Her hour-long readings are AUD 290 which is cheaper per minute but is still approximately £158. While we are sure that you will receive plenty of revelations, both options make the readings too expensive for some people.  

Sometimes all you need is ten or twenty minutes to hone in on a problem and achieve peace of mind. If you are priced out by Debbie, then we suggest booking a reading with Keen or Psychic Source. Both psychic providers offer telephone readings without any time requirement and they have great introductory deals too.  

If you are still interested in booking a reading with Debbie, however, then the process seems to be simple.  

How To Book A Reading With Debbie Malone

  1. Decide how long you want a reading for and whether you want a face-to-face, phone or Skype reading (note: face-to-face readings are in Australia only).
  2. Select the appropriate option in the booking section on the Debbie Malone website.
  3. Choose your preferred appointment time.
  4. Enter your details as requested.
  5. Either pay in full or pay AUD 100 deposit.
  6. Wait for your confirmation.  

She doesn’t explain on her website how to connect with her when you are ready for your appointment. We expect, however, that she would send the details in her confirmation to you.  

The Debbie Malone Psychic Medium Service Costs

Debbie works in one currency, which is Australian Dollars and she uses Paypal to process her payments.  

Her half-hour readings are around £3.63 per minute, and her full hour readings are approx £2.63 per minute (at the time of writing).  While Debbie’s ‘per minute rate’ is reasonable, the length of time you need to allocate for a reading makes it pricey for some.

Note: Another issue with booking a reading with Debbie Malone is that if you are calling from the UK, most of her appointment slots are for the early hours of the morning due to the time difference. It’s not the most convenient time for a reading unless you simply cannot live without a reading from her or you can’t sleep!  

If you don’t fancy getting up at an ungodly hour, then Psychic Source will give you a great reading at a more convenient time!

The Readings Provided

Debbie will tune into photographs or names to help her connect with you during your reading. This is called psychometry.  She is a psychic medium, which means that she can connect with lost loved ones and provide spirit readings too.  She doesn’t offer tarot readings, astrology, numerology, or fortune telling though.  

Because it’s just Debbie who works from this website, she’ll have the same style of reading for everybody. So this means you rely on her style of working. That said, she does have excellent skills that will ensure you should be satisfied with her reading.

Debbie Malone Events

You can also book and attend some of Debbie’s events. At the time of writing, Debbie was advertising a week-long retreat to Tasmania called ‘Southern Lights and Awaken Your Psychic Abilities Tasmania 2019‘.  It sounds glorious and very tempting. She also has a one day course, which is all about working with spirit guides and guardian angels. It’s a small course with limited places though (only ten people can attend).

Debbie Malone Books and Products

There are several different psychic products available on Debbie’s website, that have been created by Debbie. In particular, she has released a few books, some of which you may already be familiar with. You’ll also find oracle cards and protective jewellery. It’s a nice little shop.

How Do You Verify Debbie Malone?

There are no reviews on Debbie Malone’s website; no testimonials, curated reviews, or real-time reviews.  Nada.

Although, she does include some videos under the ‘media’ section of her site. These videos are interviews about her ‘psychic detective status’ and show Debbie to be a verified psychic medium.  

In fact, after watching these interviews, we feel that if you have a missing persons case, or need to get some closure on the death of somebody you love, Debbie might be worth waking up in the early hours for. She certainly appears to be skilled in that area.

Debbie Malone’s Satisfaction Guarantee

We couldn’t find any terms and conditions on Debbie’s website, so we can assume that there is no satisfaction guarantee.  

While we also assume that Debbie would be fair with her approach to complaints, we would recommend that you book a reading fully in the knowledge that you probably won’t get that money back. We assume this would even be the case if you didn’t enjoy the reading.

We don’t believe that the lack of terms advertised is in any way shady, it’s probably just something that is overlooked. Or perhaps it is something that Debbie sends out when you book a reading with her.

How Debbie Malone Differs From Other Psychic Providers

The good thing about Debbie is that you can watch her talking in her interviews and hear some of the stories of her readings. She seems to be doing some great work in helping the police or families solve murder cases, although some of what she describes is heartbreaking. We can’t imagine what it’s like to see, hear, feel and think like an instigator of a vicious crime or as a victim of one. But if you take a look at Debbie’s interviews, you’ll see that is what she experiences; it’s a hard cross to bear that’s for sure.

We also liked Debbie’s integrity and humility.

Because Debbie is an independent psychic, her whole approach to delivering readings (from her website to the actual reading) is very different from other psychic providers.  

Our Conclusion?

You’d have to be crazy not to like Debbie Malone. She appears to have a lovely persona and a sense of humility that tells us that she is one of those salt of the earth psychics who wants to help people because she has a gift and feels it’s her purpose in life. These are the best kind of psychics.

It is a little expensive to book a reading with Debbie and also inconvenient to get a reading from her if you are planning on calling from the UK. However, we’d recommend making an effort if you have a missing person in your life or you need answers about the death of somebody. So, if you want to try a reading with Debbie anyway and don’t mind the early wake-up call, then you probably won’t be disappointed.  

Otherwise, you might be able to get the same kind of reading from other places, potentially for less money. Those we’ve listed below are our top-rated psychic providers who we know and trust.   

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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Have you ever received a reading from Debbie Malone? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 years ago

This sounds all to familiar. My experience was very similar. I had a one hour zoom reading which was organised a week prior. She was disorganised and did not have all the info I had given her. She fished for info by asking many questions. She talked about irrelevant topics to bide time. One of her psychic visions was read from a painting on the wall behind me which had nothing to do with my life! I could not believe it! I stopped the appointment halfway through and was given a refund luckily. Total waste of time and an absolute… Read more »

Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson
4 years ago

I had a one hour reading with her. She brought up five issues in my life that needed addressing. Absolutely none had any relevance whatsoever and over the next 12 months not one single thing she predicted came even close to be true Much of the time she talked about herself and how good she was. Absolute waste of time and a total fraud. Stay away

Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson
4 years ago

I had a reading. One hour. She spoke of five (5) issues in my life. NONE (Zero) had any relevance. Most of the time she spoke about herself and how good she was. Absolute waste of money, never again. Total fraud

4 years ago

I did visit Debbie about 3 years ago. I found her comments very accurate and I did feel it was worth the visit. So many things said that were 100% accurate.

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