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Deborah Davies Psychic Medium Review

Available Readings

  • Email readings
  • SMS readings
  • Email Readings
  • Psychic Chat


Pros and Cons

  • Legit Independent Psychic.
  • Psychic and astrology readings available.
  • Confusing Website.
  • You can’t see any reviews on the psychics.
  • The psychics are provided by an external company.
  • Limited psychics.
  • To get a reading from Deborah it’s on a different website linked from her Facebook Page.
  • Deborah’s services are all over the place.

Who Is Deborah Davies Psychic Medium?

Deborah Davies is a British Psychic Medium who seems to work predominantly from her Facebook Page @deborahdaviespsychic.  She claims to have been able to see and hear people in spirit from childhood. She was guided by her Mother who was also a gifted Medium.  Prior to outsourcing the provision of her psychic services, Deborah claims that she used to be booked up for readings up to 18 months in advance. This is until she discovered that she could read online and so that is how her website is born.  

Nowadays it’s unclear as to whether Deborah provides readings herself. Although there is an email facility available if you have time to track down the link posted on Deborah’s Facebook page.

If you are looking at Deborah’s website, then you’ll see that she has a variety of other psychics available to book a reading with. These have been outsourced from a company called Inveroak. They are not Deborah’s psychics as she claims. We’ll go into detail about this further on in this article and discover whether Deborah is legit or not too.

But in the meantime, if you need a reading now, you can do so with confidence. Use our recommended and highly rated psychic provider linked below.

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Is Deborah Davies Psychic Medium Legit?

It seems as though Deborah Davies is definitely a legitimate person who works in the spiritual arena.  And we suspect that she is legitimately psychic. However, we couldn’t find any reviews or comments to support this claim. So if you are going to have a reading from Deborah then you are going to have to take her at her word and hope that she is good.  

This might not be a good enough answer for the more discerning though, and we have to agree that it’s important to find good psychic readers. Especially if you want to make the most out of a reading. And you’ll find exactly that (complete with reviews) on sites such as Keen or Psychic Source.  

The other issue we have with Deborah is that her services are all over the place.  Some are found on one site, others on different sites linked from her Facebook page. We also don’t know if Deborah actually reads at all or whether she’s just another psychic provider.  So, if the latter is the case we can tell you right from the beginning that you can get better services elsewhere.  

We’ll go into detail about why in the next few sections below.

How Deborah’s Website Works

On one of Deborah’s websites, you can get readings from a team of psychics that Deborah has outsourced to Inveroak a psychic service provider.  It doesn’t seem as though you can book a reading directly from Deborah via her website.

Who Is Inveroak?

But this means that Deborah does not screen the psychics as she may imply.  They are screened and are provided through a third-party service called Inveroak.  And Inveroak is a company who provides third-party telephone services, These include psychics, customer services, sales, and call centre facilities to a variety of different business types.

Inveroak may be professional and experienced in both the psychic services industry and the other industries they are involved in. But this means that you don’t get to enjoy the types of psychics that Deborah herself may have chosen. What’s more, you also don’t get to enjoy some of the features and facilities that you can get from psychic service providers who recruit their own psychics.  

There is also a link on Deborah’s Facebook page to email readings.  It’s possible that these readings are written by Deborah, but we cannot say for sure as there is no disclaimer or description to explain this either way.  It’s also not very easy to find the link. Finally, we are not clear about how long it will take Deborah to return the email readings if you book one.

That service is advertised if it interests you though.

However, live readings are always better because you get more information for your money and you get to get your questions answered quickly.  

Deborah’s Services

The Psychics

At the time when we reviewed Deborah’s website, there were only 7 psychic profiles to choose from and only 3 of them were online, which would tell us that we either checked at a quiet time (it was mid-morning in the UK), that Deborah doesn’t get too many customers booking readings or that you are going to have to wait for a reading during busy times.  And if it’s the latter, you can get just as good readings and be able to read your chosen psychics reviews by going to one of our highly recommended sites such as Keen or Psychic Source.  

The psychic’s profiles are clean and easy to read, but they are also limited.  You get to read one small paragraph about each psychic, and that’s your lot – aside from an image of the psychic.  There is no information about the psychic’s skills, expertise and more importantly, there are no reviews for each psychic.   There’s also no facility to save your psychic, or to search for them, which is extremely inconvenient.

Unfortunately, there are no real time reviews for each psychic… or any reviews for that matter.  To our mind, this is very careless as it’s one of the best ways to gauge the quality of the psychic’s readings and overall satisfaction. So we think it should be a standard feature if you are going to provide a psychic service.

Text Services

You can text a psychic from your mobile phone. All you do is text DEB and your question to the number displayed. Then you’ll receive a reply.  These messages cost £1 each and are billed to your mobile phone bill. It’s unclear how long you will wait for a response.

The answers you receive are about three messages long and always end with an open-ended question aimed at getting you to start a text conversation. It will be fun but at £1 per text, you need to watch how many messages you send unless you have an unlimited budget.

There is an issue that we have with this text service, which is that there is a high chance that the replies are pre-written, automated replies that focus on a specific topic such as love, or wealth.  We don’t know for sure though because we did receive a fast response when we requested this service!

Pre-Written Texts?

This pre-written service is a facility that is available and widely used in the psychic industry.  So it’s worth just trying out one or two texts before you spend a fortune and instead of calling or chatting to psychic direct.  

Of course, by the process of divination, answers that you receive from an automated service will carry a relevant message for you (as does everything you experience in your world).  So these texts are not wasted particularly, but they may provide you with a riddle to solve rather than a direct answer or an explanation of why you can’t get a direct answer right now. This is what you would get from a live conversation with a real psychic.

Psychic Phone Lines

Pay via your telephone or credit card.

Deborah Davies psychic services follow a traditional form of connecting with a psychic using the telephone! You can’t use the internet to connect with a psychic or pay, nor can you add top-up credits (which is a good way to track your budget). You will, however, be prompted when your call reaches a certain amount of minutes.  

This way may suit some people, but it does require extra work. You have to browse the psychics, choose one that you like who is available and then call the numbers to pay and connect.  By that time your preferred psychic may be busy, and you’ll have to select a different one. So to avoid this, it’s better to choose more than one available psychic so that you have a backup.

Paying By Credit Card

To pay by credit card you’ll need to call a specific number – clearly advertised on Deb’s site, you will probably land on an automated answering service who will take your card details.  You’ll need to make a note of your preferred psychic’s extension number too and when your payment has gone through you’ll have the opportunity to connect. You’ll usually be advised when your call has passed a certain period of time (we think it’s around 20 minutes) so that you don’t get carried away on the call and blow your budget.  

Paying Through Your Phone Bill

But to pay by telephone, you can just make a note of your psychic’s extension number which is displayed on their profiles, call the number and follow the prompts.  You’ll be charged through your phone bill, and you’ll also be prompted when your call has lasted a certain period of time.

Email Readings

To get an email reading you need to click the link on Deborah’s site and pay via PayPal. Then you have to email an email address provided and send a screenshot of your payment along with a photograph of yourself or the person who you want a reading from to the email address.  There is no information about how long it takes for your reading to be returned.

This is an example of very personal service. So we assume that these readings will be direct from Deborah.  Also, while we don’t really appreciate having to do extra work on behalf of the service we are paying for we do understand that this is a website for an individual business rather than a big money-making machine.  

Deborah’s Facebook Page

You can learn more about Deborah from her Facebook page. She also posts competitions to win free readings and gives you more information about her life and her work.  This is probably the best place to keep track of Deborah as we don’t know how frequently she updates her website.

Deborah Davies Psychic Medium Customer Service and Promises To You

Deborah doesn’t make any big promises or bold claims about her customer service but she doesn’t have any complaints that we could find.  So we assume that she delivers on her promises.

Deborah seems to offer a fair exchange for her prices and outsources her psychics to Inveroak who does provide a decent service.  

However, you can get a better deal on a reading and much better features from a psychic site which has their own psychics. Especially one who provides real customer reviews for you to browse for each psychic.

Not only does the reviews section help you to make an informed decision about where you spend your money but it also keeps both the psychics and the company who is managing them focused on providing good readings.  We wouldn’t book a psychic without being able to see their reviews unless they are famous and providing their readings themselves such as John Edward who we have previously reviewed.

We also feel that a search function for readings, a wider variety of psychics, and more availability of the psychics would be advantageous. Plus easier to view and more detailed psychic profiles are also extremely important when you are choosing a psychic. With this in mind, we believe that Deborah could do more to make her psychic services more aligned with what the customer needs.  

What We Love About Deborah Davies

  • Deborah’s personal involvement.
  • The community feel on Deborah’s Facebook page. 

What We Don’t Love About Deborah Davies

  • More work could be done to provide a better psychic consult experience.
  • There are too many ways to interact with Deborah which makes it confusing.
  • No reviews for psychics.
  • No search function for psychics.
  • We don’t know how the psychics are screened, monitored or verified.
  • No introductory offer for new customers.
  • The website is slow to load. 

Our Conclusion

Deborah seems to be a warm and legit psychic, who has outsourced her psychic services to a reputable psychic provider. So while that psychic service does lack by comparison to other psychic providers, we are sure that Deborah has used her integrity when sourcing the right psychic service provider for her business.

The websites and services from Deborah were all a little bit too confusing for us and the website rather slow to load which was frustrating. Furthermore, while we cannot verify Deborah’s psychic ability we do feel that somebody who goes to such efforts to create a psychic service and promote herself as a psychic is probably legit… but you’ll have to take her word for it.  

If you are more discerning, you might appreciate a dedicated psychic service with all of the bells and whistles you need to enjoy a legit and verified reading.  You might also enjoy a convenient and easy to use the website too. If this is more up your street, then we recommend that you take a look at our top-rated sites listed below.  You’ll probably get a better deal all around.

Here are our recommended sites:

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If you decide to check out Deborah Davies don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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2 years ago

I’ve had a text reading through Deborah Davies and have also been chosen to receive a live reading on facebook and I can honestly say that both were so generic I’m pretty sure anyone could’ve told me the things she said. I don’t personally believe she is legitimate and I find her personality false. Sorry I couldn’t have given more positive feedback.

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