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    Easy Psychics Review

    Available Readings

    • Online Psychic Reader
    • Live psychic chat
    • Generous Introductory Offer
    • 10 minutes for £1
    • Chat from £1 per minute


    Pros and Cons

    • The introductory offer - £1 for 10 minutes
    • Variety of different psychics to try.
    • Easy to see the psychics schedules by clicking on their profiles.
    • Phone and chat facility
    • Lots of interesting articles on their blog.
    • No option to video chat.
    • English speaking only.
    • Don't show the real faces of their psychic readers.
    • Can't read any customer reviews.

    Is Easy Psychics A Good Psychic Hotline?

    One of the best things about Easy psychics is that their service is pretty much worldwide, which means that if you can speak English, you can enjoy a reading no matter where you are.  They also offer an extremely competitive introductory offer which is a ten minute reading for only £1 (or it’s currency equivalent, i.e. $1 in the USA).

    Furthermore, Easy psychics also clearly outline and share with their customers a fair and professional code of ethics to be used by all of their psychic readers, and it’s very easy to access their psychics too.  

    At first glance, it appears to be a professional and easy-to-use psychic site, with a fantastic introductory offer!

    Keep on reading to find out all of the intricate details about Easy psychics. Or if you don’t want to wait for a reading then here’s how to get a one from a reliable source in five easy steps.  

    5 Steps To An Expert Reading That You Can Trust

    1. Visit Psychic Source.
    2. Register your details.
    3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
    5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back). 

    Can I Trust Easy Psychics?

    Easy Psychics are well worth exploring, their site appears to be professional, and they have all of the standard types of policies in place that is expected from a psychic hotline.  While there are a couple of holes in their offering (detailed below) the generous introductory offer alone reduces all of the risk involved with using a psychic hotline.

    Ten minutes is plenty of time to find out whether you are connecting with a good psychic and since their introductory offer is only £1 for ten minutes, you are not going to lose anything by giving them a trial.  

    They also do have an industry standard refund guarantee, which is outlined below and covers all the standard requirements you’d expect from a professional site.  

    We say that Easy Psychics is trustworthy, regarding their policies, professionalism, and code of ethics, which are really very important factors.  What is a little more difficult to ascertain is whether you will enjoy the psychic that you choose – we explain why below, but it’s important to remember that the 10 minutes for £1 will likely counter any ‘holes’ we have uncovered.  

    The Platform

    Easy Psychics have an easy to use and ‘attractive’ looking site.  It’s extremely clean which makes it easy to navigate and provides a surprisingly refreshing browsing experience.  This might not be something that you may hold important, but unconsciously, this experience certainly will put you in the right frame of mind to make the most out of a reading.  Whether that’s the genius approach behind their style or they were trying to keep things simple, it has a great effect.  

    There are also lots of other ways to interact with Easy Psychics too on their website, such as by reading their blogs, horoscopes, enjoying a free tarot reading and also a ‘photo exchange’.

    The only issue we see on the platform is that there is no ‘category section’. So if you are looking for a specific type of reading such as a mediumship reading or astrology reading, you cannot easily find the psychics who specialize in those topics, and it’s not easy to find out whether they even offer these types of psychic services as there is no search facility.  These are two features that would help Easy Psychics to stand out if they were to add to their site in the future.

    The Psychics

    Because Easy Psychics make such a strong statement with their introductory offer – which is essentially a ‘try before you buy’ facility it’s very likely that they have some good psychics on their team otherwise, their offer would not bring them enough clients to stay in business.  

    However, there are a few things that Easy Psychics could do to provide some extra reassurance for their customers when it comes to their psychics.

    Such as;

    • Explain how they assess their psychics before they can read for them – there is no explanation (at least that we could find on their site).
    • Provide customer reviews; while Easy Psychics do provide a ‘star rating’ for each psychic which does appear to vary depending on what psychic you look at.  You cannot read any reviews at all – which are usually a good way to help you decide which psychic you’d like to enjoy a reading with.   
    • Provide real images of their psychics; Easy Psychics clearly state that the images they use on their site are stock images.  They claim to do this to protect the identity of the psychics. And while we can appreciate that the stock images do make the site look more professional and visually appealing, it means that you cannot look at the psychic to decide if you are going to want to work with them or not.  

    The Satisfaction Guarantee

    Easy Psychics satisfaction guarantee appears to be fair, but there are different terms depending on whether you had a chat or a telephone reading.

    This is what you need to be aware of:

    • For both telephone and chat, you must claim within 24 hours.
    • Easy Psychics (or Telemac Inc) will determine the outcome of your claim at their discretion.
    • For chat, your refund decision will be based on the type of credit packages purchased.
    • For telephone readings you will be credited in minutes to be used on the Easy Psychics site.
    • Credit requests are limited to one unsatisfactory paid reading per month.
    • You can’t claim for your introductory offer, or any other offers used.
    • Easy Psychics will not provide cash refunds.
    • There is no explanation for how to make a claim. However, there is a contact form on the Easy Psychics site 

    Who is Easy Psychics?

    Easy Psychics appear to be based in LA, but a French company called Telemac Inc owns them.  They provide a professional telephone reading service and also psychic chat to customers worldwide – as long as you are English speaking.  

    Telephone readings are priced per minute and start from £1 per minute for a newer psychic.  You’ll need to add credits to your account to access Psychic chat which covers a certain amount of time to chat depending on how many minutes you purchase.  

    What Makes Easy Psychics Stand Out?

    Here are some of the reasons why you might like to explore Easy psychics;

    • Their introductory offer is one of the best in the industry (£1 for 10 minutes).  
    • You can occasionally find a reader for as little as $0.99 per minute!  
    • They have a clear code of conduct.
    • Connecting via phone or chat is easy.
    • The whole site is clean and very easy to use.
    • You can check out your favorite psychic’s schedule to find out when they will be available next. 

    Why Do I Have To Register My Card Details Before I Can Get Any Offers

    Some people think that the fact that most psychic hotlines ask for their card details to be registered a red flag, but it’s not.  Most sites offer a discount or free reading for new customers to draw them to the site. But they have to find a way to make sure that they don’t keep giving out free readings to the same people over and over again.  

    Sites such as Easy Psychics usually have a policy that states that the free (or discounted) offers are only valid for one reading per card registered.  This is why they make these requests.

    What Types Of Readings Can I Get From Easy Psychics?

    It’s a little bit more challenging to spot the options for the different readings, or to find the search function on Easy Psychics –  they don’t have a category section or a search function. But they do provide information on each psychics reading style which you can access by hovering your mouse over the image of each psychic.

    You can expect to find all of the standard variety of readings on Easy Psychics from psychic and spiritual readings to astrology and numerology.  Although you are less likely to find spells, or the occult listed here, to find those, check out Psychic Source, Kasamba or Oranum.

    Here’s an example of the readings that Easy Psychics provide;

    Which Psychic Do I Choose From Easy Psychics?

    Here are our favourite psychics from Easy Psychics, so if you are unsure which psychic to choose, you could cheat by allowing us to pick for you!  

    Easy Psychics - Amber


    Amber is a warm and friendly psychic who provides readings and also Numerology readings. She is clairsentient – which means she can experience your feelings and the feelings of those around you too.  

    This means that Amber would be a great psychic to call if you are experiencing problems with relationships or relating to others.


    Easy Psychics - JaysonJayson

    Jayson is a five star rated Taroist, Numerologist and Clairvoyant, he is a master at Tarot, which means that he is a great all rounder and can help you in any situation you may be experiencing in your life.  

    His visions have proven to be successful in helping you to remove obstacles in your life so that you can move forward and create the life that you desire.

    Easy Psychics - BeckyBecky

    As an Astrologist, Taroist and Numerologist, Becky helps you to find the direction you need in your life right now, and prides herself on providing honest and fair readings.  

    So if you need help in making sense of a situation, or to understand how to move forward in your life, then Becky is your girl!



    Easy Psychics - JakeJake

    One of the things that Jake is really good at is helping you to clear up any issues from the past that keep coming back up for you especially when they are influencing your love life.  Jake is our ‘go to’ for relationship advice, but he can help on a variety of issues. He is a Taroist, Numerologist, Astrologist, and Clairvoyant and is very approachable.

    Our Conclusion?

    Easy Psychics is a site that is worth exploring. Their introductory offer is a great deal and also an excellent way to decide if you want to continue and enjoy a longer reading with your chosen psychic.  But before you do, just make sure that you select a psychic who has a fee that you would be comfortable paying per minute if you decide to continue with your call.

    There are some things that we feel that Easy Psychics could improve, at least to help their customers make a good choice on the right psychic for them, and also to continue to promote the transparency that they convey in their code of ethics. 

    Here are our favourite Psychic providers:

    Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

    Psychic Source– As low as $1 per minute!

    Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99!

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    Have you ever tried Easy Psychics? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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    25 days ago

    I have to let you know guys that easy-psychics.com is no longer the way it used to be, I have information that they are hiring inexperienced readers nowadays. The old good psychics are not there anymore, I totally agree with Thomas. My inside informer has told me that most of the old psychics have shifted to another service called psychicvoice. And they are starting a new website, which will gather all the most experienced ones such as psychic Alijah, psychic Mark, psychic Jairo, psychic Jamir, psychic Clarice and psychic Chelsea… and some others I’ve heard that they’re starting a new… Read more »

    2 months ago

    None of the psychics mentioned in the article are there any more. Pretty disappointed!!

    Rhys boag
    4 months ago

    This site/ company is a total scam, I work for them and nothing professional about the company. The psychics are treated just as badly as the telephone operators. Telephone operators are trained to manipulate clients to give details and psychics trained to keep the client on the phone past the 10 min mark, meaning u pay the full rate

    1 month ago
    Reply to  Rhys boag

    Is the company really a scam so none of there readers are genuine as I’ve been speaking to Derrick for a few months and lillys vision did happen but she told me about it a couple of months later or so by email when I signed up so I’ve never actually spoken to her and I have spent a lot hoping Derricks tarot readings would come true now I don’t know what to think and they’ve always warned me when it gets to 10 minutes plus you hear the bell and they’ve never charged me any extra plus if Derrick… Read more »

    Abraham Jones
    Abraham Jones
    4 months ago

    I have been dealing with them for years, a lot of their psychics have helped me through difficult times, Lilly is worth the rate of 7.5, as she goes into details, Cassidy has been like a friend to me, Nikhita is right on point with everything 100% would recommend to any person looking for answers.

    1 month ago
    Reply to  Abraham Jones

    Did anything they said to you ever happen? As the only downside is when two of there psychics told me by phone and email that my ex would contact me within a certain time he never

    Taryn E Adams
    Taryn E Adams
    7 months ago

    Jayson was the best psychic I’ve ever talked to he was on point about everything he said about my pass relationship that I didn’t even know was true I found out two days later. If I could give him a five star rate i would

    Gabby D'ambrosio
    Gabby D'ambrosio
    8 months ago

    I’m more psychic than any of the fake ones at easypsyshics

    Gabby D'ambrosio
    Gabby D'ambrosio
    8 months ago

    Spent 4months and over au$2000 talking to Chelsea. Nothing of what she told me has come true. I’m devastated that I believed in such a fraud. Unfortunately I’m back on anti depressants and anti anxiety medication. What you do at easypsyshics is so wrong

    1 year ago

    I’m highly frustrated and disappointed with the customer service that has been portrayed from the company. This company is scammers and filled with unprofessional individuals who find no solution with the customer. Only to fuss and argue with the customer.
    They take your money without informing you of terms and conditions. When asking questions about payment they lie and then take your money anyway.
    Wouldn’t recommend to anyone

    1 year ago

    None of their dozens and dozens of predictions about my situation came true. And I talked to at least 18 of them over a period of a year. I spent about 100 hours on their phone lines with people they claim are psychics. I saw no evidence of that claim. Waste of money. I implore you to not waste yours.

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