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Extraordinary Chris Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Occasional Free readings.
  • Easy To Navigate Website
  • Email Readings Only
  • No facility to chat instantly.
  • They send a lot of emails after you have registered.
  • Emails sent often invoke a sense of fear, concern or curiosity.
  • Use hypnosis to convince people to buy.
  • Prices increase over time.

Who is Extraordinary Chris?

Extraordinary Chris claims to be a psychic with over 30 years of experience behind him.  He also claims to be a paranormal investigator and a hypnotherapist (although he calls hypnotherapy something different).  Aside from inventing new names for age-old and natural relaxation and communication techniques Chris appears to have been a successful psychic in his day.

Professional Looking Site

Chris’s website looks professional, if not a little dated.  The images we see of him seems to be the real deal (there doesn’t seem to be any stock images here).  Which is a good start for any website that operates in the way that Extraordinary Chris’s does – most of them turn out to be highly suspicious!

While we are not questioning whether Chris is a psychic or not. We suspect he may well be, we do have some questions and red flags about this site, that cause us to recommend from the offset that you proceed with caution if you are considering pursuing a reading with Extraordinary Chris.  

Keep on reading on to find out what we have discovered and what we are concerned about.  

If in the meantime, you want a reading from a credible and verified psychic site, we recommend the site linked below.

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Who Is Extraordinary Chris?

We can agree that there is a man who looks very much like the person in the photograph of Extraordinary Chris on his website who also appears in the video readings that you are sent.  You receive video ‘readings’ if you are ‘lucky enough’ to land on the page at the time when Chris is giving out ‘free readings’.  

So, it’s possible that the man in the picture is a real person.   This is one step better than some of the other sites we’ve reviewed.  There is a possibility that this guy might be psychic too, although we can’t prove this.

However, we cannot find anything about Extraordinary Chris at all. Except for scam reports and advertisements.  We can’t find out his age, where he grew up, where he has previously worked as a psychic or even any reports of his time here in Europe!  We only know what he tells us and there is nobody to verify his claims.

Yet he has a sophisticated and probably expensive marketing system (his website and email campaigns). What’s more, he speaks with such conviction that you’d think that you were speaking to a world-class psychic with a lot of money to put such a system together.  

We are not convinced that he is any of these fabulous things and we can’t trace him to decide for ourselves!

Here are some of the red flags that we have experienced.

Red Flag #1: Owned By A Digital Marketing Company

The copywriting and marketing strategy that is presented by Extraordinary Chris through his website is delivered by some robust and advanced digital marketing strategies.  So while you think the videos, subliminal messages, the words, and the offers are all because Chris cares and thinks about you in his sleep that’s not going to be true. It’s all planned.

The interactions and sequence of events that occur when you connect with Extraordinary Chris are very probably all canned responses.  Such responses can change depending on how you interact with ‘him’.  

Think about it as a ‘choose your own story’.  

You respond well to a particular message style. For example, if Chris asks you to donate (which he likes to do) and you choose to donate, your response could trigger a different sequence of messages, offers and even readings (yes readings too) than somebody who chooses not to donate.  Even if you don’t respond there will be a reaction set up to accommodate your non-action. This all designed to encourage you to part with your cash in exchange for a reading.

It’s clever, and a lot of effort has been applied to this strategy. But it doesn’t serve you as a consumer.  And when you realize that everything about ‘Chris’ leads back to a digital marketing company called New Lotus Web, based in Gibraltar, then it’s easy to see why such a strategy is in place.  


In other words – Chris’ website is a deliberate and planned money making system that lacks integrity. It preys on people who are liable to consume readings.

Red Flag #2:  The Tone Of The Messages?

The Extraordinary Chris site is another psychic website that uses hypnosis, psychology copywriting and subliminal messages to instigate an emotional reaction from you.  These responses, in turn, will cause some people to purchase a reading.  Because guess what?!  Chris can solve the problems in your mind with a soothing message because he created the problem in the first place!

Emotions that Chris tends to trigger are fear over issues that you may not have been concerned about before.  But he chooses issues that we would all be concerned about if we knew had problems on the horizon. Such as financial issues, a curse or bad luck.

Chris also likes to trigger emotions such as guilt, gratitude for his kindness, and curiosity.  To do so, he uses reverse psychology, emotional manipulation, subliminal messages, and hypnotic sequences.  And he uses them well.  Whoever wrote the scripts knows what they are doing!

We believe that Chris doesn’t ask for money at first when he delivers your free reading. Instead, he makes you feel special and claims that he has an important message for you.  Then he tells you that he’s willing or has decided to read for you for free, or for token exchange, which seems really genuine and even generous.  

However, you cannot access this reading without paying something.  

What To Do If You’ve Received An Email From Chris That Has Caused Concern

If you have received such an email and you are concerned, it’s wise to call a reputable psychic hotline (such as Psychic Source, Keen or Kasamba) and choose your preferred psychic from their site.  Tell them about the email, and ask them to guide you. Chances are they’ll alleviate your concerns by letting you know that there is no problem.  You can then choose to hang up after clarifying this, or stay on the line and find out more about what energy surrounds you, knowing that you are talking to a verified psychic who works for a reputable company like Psychic Source.

Red Flag #3: The Strategy

We’ve alluded to the strategy in Red Flag #2 where we’ve already highlighted how human emotion and kindness is being very cleverly played by ‘Chris.  And also the ‘choose’ your own story strategy which essentially gives the platform you are using cues about how to respond to you in a way that will get you to hand over your well-earned money.  

But it goes even further than that.  

Even the link to the free reading that disappears occasionally and returns after you’ve re-visited the site is pre-programmed.  You can use software to achieve this effect very easily. This strategy works because it creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity which is something that is extremely desirable for us emotional humans!    

Red Flag #4: Chris Is Completely Unverified

As we’ve already discovered, we know nothing about Chris. We don’t even know his real name.  We don’t know how he developed his psychic skills or why we should trust him!

Sure, he has testimonials and a guarantee.  But some terms and conditions will make it difficult to get your money back.  And if the owners of this site already lack the integrity to be straight with you instead of manipulating your emotions how can you trust that the testimonials and even the psychic messages are real?

The answer is that you can’t.  

Red Flag #5:  The Numerous Scam Reports Made About Extraordinary Chris

Google ‘Extraordinary Chris’ and you’ll see for yourself that there are hundreds of scam reports about this ‘guy’. And many of them have been unresolved by the company.  

There are also some people who fight Chris’s cause very emotionally when they see a negative review.  Which is an odd reaction to have towards a psychic.  And very sad to me because they don’t realize that they are still under the spell of the hypnotic copy.  Many people are highly suggestible and unfortunately for some, they won’t discern the truth or don’t want to. But it’s interesting how invested they are in ‘protecting Chris’.

Have they been hypnotized?

There is also another huge and slightly sinister red flag that we have noticed …

Red Flag #6:  The ‘Too Real To Be Fake’ Examples Chris Uses For Proof

In some of the feedback we read during our research we uncovered a number of people who were convinced that Extraordinary Chris was real because he identified what city they lived in. Or even referenced something that the person happened to have on their wall.  

Now, maybe we’ve been watching too many horror movies, or we have obsessed too hard on our own internet security but…

We couldn’t help have sinister vibes from this.  

The first issue is not too much of a problem.  It’s not too hard to find somebody’s location (unless you are Extraordinary Chris – good luck in finding him ). There are probably many ways that you can check out a person’s city location. Such as through their email registration, internet research, tracking IP addresses and probably other stealthy ways that we don’t know about – but that somebody could find out if they wanted to.

A Sinister Turn

When it came to the reference about the poster on the wall and other similar comments it made our hair stand on end. This could be a different story.  Coincidence it may be, psychic it may be, but it could also be that this company or even A.I is peeking through the camera’s on your hardware to find out more about you.  

We have no proof, and we think it’s a long way to go for a sale, but we are not so sure everybody would consider these efforts a lot or wrong. And there’s probably a reason why this triggered our spidey senses (or psychic senses).

How Psychic Messages Are Received

Psychic messages don’t tend to come as evidence that we are connecting with ‘spirit’ on your behalf unless you are a medium channeling a loved one. The item shown to the medium by ‘spirit’ will provide significant clarifying information to the person having the reading that their loved one is around them.

The only other reason why a psychic would see something to use a ‘proof’  is if it forms part of the message they need to deliver. Not to clarify or prove a connection.

Messages don’t come to psychics at our whim or in the order that we’d like them too and psychics cannot control the message – it just doesn’t work that way.  The notion that they do receive messages in an orderly sequence on demand is one of the biggest misconceptions about psychics and also one of the greatest frustrations for most good psychics!  

A Misconception Created By Non-Psychic People

It’s usually people who are not psychic who believe this about psychics- because they have no reference other than how they think or imagine things.  Whereas psychic messages are a different experience entirely.

We suspect that this company realizes that this is a common perception about psychics and are playing on it. And the way that they are going about it could be potentially untoward – although we have no proof of this.  

It’s possible that this situation could also prove that whoever wrote the ‘readings’ were not psychic – because they’d know about this misconception.

Red Flag #7: A Real Psychic Or Electronic Services?

As we’ve already discussed Extraordinary Chris’ is unverified, and there is no information that we can find about who he is at all.  

We have seen websites similar to Chris’s where the readings canned responses which are delivered either electronically or through the use of artificial intelligence or messenger bots.  Not a psychic person.

We believe that Chris’s site is probably operating similarly, especially because it traces back to a Digital Marketing Company who knows what they are doing – we can tell by the copywriting, sequences used and the emotional blackmail – although we don’t have proof of this.  

The thing is, wouldn’t you want to have a reading about important issues in your life from a real psychic that you can definitely verify?  If you don’t, we advise you to think again because a false reading is pointless.

Sites such as Keen, or Psychic Source, or Kasamba are all great examples of long-standing and reputable psychic sites who not only verify their psychics but also give you the opportunity to check out the psychics by reading their reviews and actually talking to them in real life!  

Our Conclusion; Not Recommended

Even though Chris’s site appears to be personal, and his ‘talk’ desirable, you only have to read the copy on the site, the follow-up emails and check out the scam reports to realize that there is a distinct issue with the credibility of this site.  

While the site appears to be professional at first glance there is nothing here that remotely promotes trust, integrity or even good vibes. And there is also nothing here that would lead us to believe that you would be receiving personalized psychic messages that relate to your life which have been performed by a real psychic.  

We do not recommend that you use the site Extraordinary, Chris, we know that there are many more fantastic and highly credible sites out there that will put you in touch with some of the best, if not humble psychics around, their prices are fair, their marketing strategies clear and they verify all of their psychics.  

Even if you are on the fence about Chris, wouldn’t it make sense to go somewhere that has a better reputation for your reading?  And if you feel emotionally connected to him without meeting him, we strongly recommend that you stop and ask yourself why?

Here are our favorite and reputable psychic sites that have all been positively researched by us.  They will put you in touch with a real, experienced psychic and give you genuine services for much less money.

Plus, they usually have some great introductory offers if you are new to their services!   

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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Have you ever had a reading from ‘Chris’? What was your experience like? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Extraordinary Chris
Extraordinary Chris

Julie You’re right I feel the negative forces weighing down on me


i have had from Chris and still feel haunted and unsettled. More emotional than I have ever been before.

Pat Prewitt
Pat Prewitt

I have been a client of Extraordinary Chris’ for the last six months. I have found him to be who and what he claims to be. All this hullabaloo about having to pay for his service is a bunch of nonsense. I’ve turned down quite a few of his offers because I didn’t have the funds to pay for them. If you’re ready to do the work to change your life, he’s your guy. I’ve found him to be genuine, compassionate, and willing to go the distance to help. If you want him to do it for you. Don’t waste… Read more »

Irene Tafoya
Irene Tafoya

Why all the attacks on the extraordinary chris.i know him as a good teacher.someone I can trust.he has power I have felt it.he has a good heart good intentions.i owe him alot.he has helped me tremendously. I think when you have a career and a business you have to protect yourself from other people wanting to tear you down.can’t we all get along and stop the hateing.chris is a good person leave my friend along he is legitimate

Marcella Respini
Marcella Respini

Now next email as i didnt reply to first, he offered the reading for free but when i clicked on the link, he offers me two ways to pay whether $69 in full or half now and half later. How about none now and none later. I thought maybe i would see what he had to say & go forward only if i felt he was really onto something but as i said, everything Im getting so far sounds like computer and number generated and going to email him that response now.

Marcella Respini
Marcella Respini

I didnt realize his gen message must have been the free reading saying a once on life conjunction is or about to occur so now clicked to get what turns out to be $69 “great reading” and i feel everything you said resonates with me. It does seem may be computer generated based on astrology much like something i did myself 30 years ago. Im not in position to pay for reading with someone not recommended & i know there are many locally in st Petersburg area. He started with saying i have a great need to be liked &… Read more »


Hi, I clicked on the psychic Chris sight, mainly because of curiosity. I was told it was essential for me to pay into his account in order to get my reading. The way I was asked for it was as if I needed his help, but I would grasp the concept easier if I made a donation. this I duly did. A day or so later, I started to receive emails from the “man” telling me that he had been meditating for me and he now had the answers to a problem I was having, ie, cash flow. He told… Read more »

Nicole Hubbard
Nicole Hubbard

Hi,My Name Is Nicole Im 40 years Old O have 1 Son who is 18 Currently Living with His Father I Have been concerned about my son since he chose to go back too his dad When i tried to get him help on his anger because He hit me,I have been concerned about him Because I havent seen or heard from him for 3 years?I recently Lost my 43 Year Old Brother Glenn Dee Joseph Hubbard He passed away in his sleep respiratory Lung failure I tried to Get a funeral Going But could not find his ashes my… Read more »

Jody rouse
Jody rouse

Wow how extraordinary very similar to what I went thru, deepest sympathy to you for what you went through, my dad was born September 5th 1951 died September 2015 his mother bought me and my brother up our nana, it doesn’t even feel like his dead as none of the family members saw a funeral I didn’t get to see him ill or get offered a lift to the apparant hospital he was at or even get to see him in the chapel of wake, none of it really adds up, how can you really grieve for someone who’s funeral… Read more »

Gail Hammond
Gail Hammond

Out of curiosity I attempted to get a FREE reading with the amazing Chris. He gave me a taster reading, totally got my location wrong by 200 miles. Everyday I got an email (because I ignored him) saying how much he was thinking of me and how hard he had worked on my 3 days of good luck and take up the offer of $39 reduced from $69 (such a kind heart) in order to get a helping hand otherwise I would have to wait another 12 years for this good luck. Luckily I am a strong person and he… Read more »

Gareth Goodwin
Gareth Goodwin

Chris tells him I have bad omens by a red moon and that iwas in danger he started off telling me great change and wealth of abundance was coming my way repeatedly sending the same msgs lowering the money to pay I asked him not contact me nno more but still does I’ve stopped watching the videos now


Heya, a horoscope suggestion popped up in messenger which I subscribed to and then an add from psychic chis popped up offering a free reading. I thought I’d try it for a laugh knowing that it would probably be a bit rubbish. I got loads of emails from him one with an apparent ‘reading’. It was quite eery as there was no future reading but a summary of my personality (some of it was quite accurate). Chris also says that I probably have a shit life and if I buy his six month chart, I can change my life around.… Read more »


I accidentally subscribed when i was 14 and some of the stuff he says if really wierd. If he was psychic, wouldn’t he know i was 14?


The reason for the spells is black magic he uses . I wanted to commit suicide and he robbed me of $400 for removing negative energy when he placed it under my pillow. Never resolved my issue even though claims for reimbursement are guaranteed. I wasn’t the only one suffering nightmares if you read other reviews others suffered the same fate. I almost got possessed by bee looking creature. If God didn’t hear my scream of pure terror I’d be voting for Chris too probably right now. God’s helped me since Chris did this. And I’m so thankful for our… Read more »

Hariclia Kokkinos
Hariclia Kokkinos

i have been getting various emails from this man, I refuse to pay and he keeps coming back all the time. Iam now tired and want him to stop, how can I do that. I have not opened the pages he tells me to. No more, Help please.
Thank uou

Sam Fischer
Sam Fischer

Unsubscribe to him! That’s what I did


How you unsubscrive him ?


I have been getting readings from Chris apparently for 12 weeks now and even though I have told him I don’t have the money to pay for any of it he continues to do it.the last I heard from him there were twenty-seven mediums at his house for a meeting that they have yearly or whatever and I seem to keep popping up and they want to perform some ritual to make all my problems go away and I have responded to it several times but he keeps insisting that I haven’t ,so I believe you’re right it is computer… Read more »


I found an ad about Extraordinary Chris on my android.Just being curious as usual to see what his FREE reading would say I clicked on it.Next thing I knew I received an email with my reading but I don’t think it was FREE afterall. He did pinpoint problems I was having but my “main concern” was that I wanted to learn how I could win BIG at the lotteries.He kept wanting money for one thing after another and finally he wanted to do Hyno-Telepathy on me and told me I would develop my “psychic gifts” as he could see that… Read more »


Sorry I don’t have no money

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