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Padre Messenger Of The Angels Review

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  • Email readings
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  • No facility to chat instantly.
  • They send a lot of emails after you have registered.
  • Emails sent often invoke a sense of fear, concern or curiosity.
  • Use hypnosis to sell their readings.

Who Is Guardian Angel Padre?

It’s unclear who Guardian Angel Padre is; he tells a story of being nicknamed Padre when he was young because he wore black and prayed regularly.  Aside from this, we know that he claims to have a gift of mediumship and a talent for connecting with the angels and that’s all we can tell you!

The rest of the information in the ‘about Padre’ page details how he wants to help you to solve your financial worries, problems in love or bad luck by connecting you with your guardian angel – which he offers to do so through a free angel reading.  

There is nothing more about Padre himself or his skills and abilities.  Which raises our first red flag. As you probably already realize, a psychic has to work hard to verify their abilities otherwise they could be fakes!  And we believe that ‘Guardian Angel Padre’ may well be a fake.

Keep on reading on to find out how we reached this conclusion.

But in the meantime, if you do want a reading from a credible and verified psychic site, we recommend the site linked below.

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Red Flag #2: Talking The Talk, But Not Walking The Walk

At first, glance, the website looks professional and full of information, but it’s full of repeated messages about how you can get a free angel reading alongside a bunch of testimonials and a few products such as e-books that you can purchase for a seemingly reasonable price.  ‘Guardian Angel Padre’s ‘about me’ page is the perfect example of this trickery, it has limited information about Padre and lots of sales information inviting you to try a free reading.

To give this site credit, the image they have chosen to represent Padre is a smart move. The man looks charming, gentle, and insightful – he’s definitely somebody who has charismatic energy and also bears a striking resemblance to the Saint Padre Pio an Italian Saint (nicknamed ‘the angel of the highway’ who probably wore black and prayed a lot!

But while we don’t have any proof of this, we don’t believe that this image is genuinely Padre Messenger of the Angels and the owner of this site!   

Red Flag #3:  Who Owns ‘Padre’s’ Site?

When you consider that this site is owned and managed by a company based in Hong Kong but marketed to the Western world, it’s easy to assume that perhaps the company developers thought that we’d all know and be impressed by Padre the Saint and therefore compelled to place trust in another man who ‘talks to angels’ and claims to be nicknamed Padre.  We give them credit though for admitting that Padre is not his real name!

Call us cynical, but there is much more about this site that we believe to be disingenuous and definitely questionable than what we have listed here.  So it’s safe to assume that if you are considering hiring somebody to give you a reading or contact angels on your behalf, this is not the place to go.

Red Flag #4: Padre’s Promotional Services

Guardian Angel Padre provides a free reading if you enter your details and hand over your email address, however, when we tested this we received only the name of our ‘guardian angel’ and no reading at first.  Again we might be cynical, but we can’t help thinking that this was a way to track who was going to open the email before sending the reading – so that they can decide what messages to send – to try to sell something to you.    

The idea that Padre provides a free reading is at first glance desirable and appears to be a kind offer. But let’s make no bones about it – these free readings are a way for Padre to collect your email and begin their email marketing campaign.  

Of course, there is nothing wrong at all with offering something free in exchange for an email as part of a marketing campaign as long as the messages sent provide you value and the products and services are as promised. But when the tone of the readings become questionable, if they deliberately play on your emotions and anxieties, and cause you to fear danger or problems then you have to question the integrity of the sender, don’t you?

Red Flag #5: The Fear-Inducing Tone And Emotional Manipulation Of Padre’s Emails

No psychic, angel messenger or anybody else for that matter should be inducing fear in reading, and they especially shouldn’t be using trigger words that will cause a sense of doubt and anxiety that doesn’t need to be there.  

Unfortunately, Padre does all of these things which is a dire contrast to the gentle, humble soul that ‘Guardian Angel Padre’ appears to be!

Red Flag #6: Padre Is Completely  Unverified

As we’ve already discovered, we know nothing about Padre, we don’t even know his real name.  We don’t know how he developed his skills of mediumship, or why we should trust him!  

Sure he has testimonials and a guarantee, but some terms and conditions will make it difficult to get your money back, and the testimonials are questionable as you will come to see.

Red Flag #6: The Stock Images Used In The Testimonials

While the image of Guardian Angel Padre is not a stock image, the resemblance to the Italian Saint Padre Pio is uncanny, which raises alarm bells.  However, the images used in the testimonials are all stock images. You can find this out for yourself by performing a reverse image search on any of the images.  

We have to consider that Padre might use stock images because he doesn’t ask for a photograph of his clients or he wants to protect their privacy but, he’d demonstrate much more integrity if he explained that the images were stock images, but the messages were real.  

This is another white lie that is starting to build up into a problem.  At least for us, it is.

Red Flag #7:  The Numerous Scam Reports Made About ‘Guardian Angel Padre’

Check out Padre on Scamguard, and you’ll find numerous complaints (215 to be exact – at the time of writing).  The complaints are all about Padre and how the messages ‘he’ sent to his clients caused them to purchase a reading because they were afraid and then how dissatisfied with the readings they were.  

Another strike against the integrity and reputation of a company.  

Warning: Guardian Angel Padre Is Unverified And Appears To Be  A Scam!

Red Flag #8: A Real Psychic Or Electronic Services?

As we’ve already discussed ‘Padre’ is unverified, and there is no information that we can find about who he is at all.  In fact, the site; Padre Messenger Of The Angels is owned by a company based in Hong Kong called Sesam, who claim in their terms and conditions to be responsible for all of the products and services provided by this website.

We have seen websites similar to Padre’s where the readings are possibly either electronically created by a computer (AI), not a psychic person, or that are out of the box readings written carefully so that they could mean something to anyone but are unlikely to be true.  

We believe that Padre’s site is probably operating similarly, although we don’t have proof of this.  

The thing is, wouldn’t you want to have a reading about important issues in your life from a real psychic that you can definitely verify?  If you don’t, we advise you to think again because a false reading is pointless.

Sites such as Keen or Psychic Source are all great examples of long-standing and reputable psychic sites who not only verify their psychics but also give you the opportunity to check out the psychics by reading their reviews and actually talking to them in real life!  

Why Triggering Curiosity or Anxiety For A Sale Is Wrong

Professional psychics who have integrity understand that people who use their services are often vulnerable, or are dealing with a challenging situation.  So they don’t intentionally attempt to cause anxiety to encourage them to call for more information; instead, they intend to alleviate the anxiety and help their clients find peace or a way to move forward in their life.  

You have to question a psychic who deliberately invokes anxiety in their marketing emails.  

How A Credible Psychic Operates

There might be situations where a psychic might have to tell you something that you don’t want to know about or face but usually when this happens the psychic will explain why, and link it to your current situation by making it personal to you so that you know that they are concentrating on your unique situation.  And often you have contacted the psychic in the first play – they haven’t contacted you first.

Don’t Fall For The Manipulation

If you receive a free reading, or a marketing email inviting you to contact a psychic because they have some critical information to reveal to you, or because they claim that there is bad luck, danger or a fortune that you need to find out more about to either claim or avoid a problematic situation.  

You need to recognize this as a scam. It’s unprofessional and unfair.  

All companies that do this are trying to do is to encourage you to purchase a paid reading, and when you do, they’ll keep on pushing your buttons and encouraging you to spend more.

Don’t spend your money if you are in this situation because as soon as you do, they’ll ramp up their marketing and start sending you further triggering emails to encourage you to spend more money – because they know you are susceptible to their advances.

Some people have lost thousands of pounds in situations like this – don’t let it be you.

What To Do If You’ve Received An Email That Has Caused Concern

If you have received such an email and you are concerned, it’s wise to call a reputable psychic hotline (such as Keen or Psychic Source) and choose your preferred psychic from their site.  Tell them about the email, and ask them to guide you. Chances are they’ll alleviate your concerns by letting you know that there is no problem.  You can then choose to hang up after clarifying this, or stay on the line and find out more about what energy surrounds you, knowing that you are talking to a verified psychic who works for a reputable company like Psychic Source.

Our Conclusion? Avoid Padre Messenger Of The Angels!

Even though Guardian Angel Padre’s site appears to be personal, and his ‘talk’ desirable, you only have to read the copy on the site, the follow-up emails and check out the scam reports to realize that there is a distinct issue with the credibility of this site.  

The site appears professional at first glance, but their questionable and savvy marketing efforts do nothing to convey the trust or integrity that should be expected from a reputable and trustworthy psychic site (and such an experienced psychic or a professional psychic hotline will understand that they have to do everything possible to prove their credibility).

When you take a deeper look at ‘Padre’s’ Site there is nothing to hang on to that would at least hint that you’d be communicating with a real psychic which leaves us questioning whether the readings are genuine.  

It’s A Thumbs-Down From Us

We do not recommend that you use the site Padre Messenger Of The Angels. We have been unable to identify Padre or verify any information, and we definitely don’t appreciate the emails that have been sent to us!

Instead, we suggest you check out our favorite and reputable psychic sites who will put you in touch with a real, experienced psychic and who will give you genuine services for your money.

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

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Have you ever had a reading from ‘Guardian Angel Padre’? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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Yes and was real Good. It has christianity in it. involving the saints and angels. I think it was catholic.


I found when you can’t contact a person then it’s not true it has to go 2 ways.

Cyrus orhomedia
Cyrus orhomedia

padre is a scammer

Dr. Sunil Kumar Banerjee
Dr. Sunil Kumar Banerjee

Padre is a big fraud. He promised so many good things such as winning astronomical sum of money etc. that I would get through his magical rituals for which he charged me with a money -back guarantee. However, I never got any benefits as a result and money was not refunded. I have also been cheated by two more astrologers/clairvoyants, one based in Hong kong and the other Abu Dhabi. I advise people not to trust these online astrologers.


Did you do the 3 match ritual. With your picture in a envelope?


I decided to have a go at the free reading that’s available on Padre’s website and since then I received daily messages of what’s holding me back of reaching success……emphasis on MONEY….whoever this person is keep it on a free reading tip until you reach a point where you must PAY with your bank card to get that final steps to OBTAINING the luck(lots of cash) that was meant for me. not forgetting that the amount to pay INCREASES afterwards. This person make you feel like you are the only person he focusses on everyday…..eg. last night I had a… Read more »


I had a reading from padre as I was already in a difficult situation both emotionally and mentally as well as various other things. The answers in his emails started to raise several alarm bells for me which is what drew me to this site for a review. He made me feel as though someone was behind me in shadows causing me harm and time was running out if I didn’t take action immediately. He suggested I had been cursed with an evil eye or a spell cast on jealously, now based on current events that are currently taking place… Read more »


He sent me the same exact words in email. Ignore him and focus positivly on solving your personal challenges and problems. It’s a big SCAM


Yes. And he keeps looking good for more money for further readings. Keeps saying I am in immediate danger that something bad will happen.


I have had messages from him/them and am so uncomfortable with them as a psychic medium and real earth angel myself. I just messaged him this ‘Dear Padre
I thank you for your messages and kind wishes.
However I am not comfortable with your talk of things not going my way after 5 days etc.
I am on of the 7 aspects of Archangel Jeremiel on earth and blessed to be so, and psychic medium.
My mission is to guide people to their purpose in life as an earth angel.
I therefore feel your messages are unhelpful.

Yoko Sugiura
Yoko Sugiura

Start free reading. After that start tell you all amazing good things which lots of money is coming so you have to pay to him to work for it.. After you pay, nothinghappen of course then he ask another money for his next fantastic work, then you pay, then nothing happened. But, he is talking another amazing things are coming to your life so need another money…on and on. When I ask refund which he say 100% money back guarantee, but, you never get money back. Then I feel so stupid to trusted him. I am sure that I am… Read more »


He’s a fake, he owes me over $ 1000.


Padre said I had negative energy or a curse and I replied that they were the only negative thing trying to insert themselves in my life!!

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