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Radleigh Valentine Healing Light Psychic Medium Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Legit psychic
  • Appears at psychic events around the UK
  • Spiritual teacher
  • We are not sure if Radleigh performs private readings
  • Radleigh's website is down so we can’t see all of his services

Who Is Radleigh Valentine Healing Light Psychic Medium?

Healing Light Psychic Medium is the Facebook page for well known psychic and tarot reader Radleigh Valentine.  

Radleigh Valentine Healing Light Psychic Medium is a spiritual teacher and best selling Hay House author. He is most known for his work on angels, tarot, angel cards, and teaching people how to have a magical life. Some of his claims to fame are working in collaboration with Doreen Virtue on angel oracle cards.

At the time of writing, Radleigh’s website is being revamped and so most of his business is conducted through Facebook.

This makes it difficult to learn more about him or to update you on his current services. Furthermore, it makes it difficult for you to verify him and discern whether he is a legit psychic or not.  

So we have set out to do our best to figure this out for you. As much as we can, and when we can access more information, we will be sure to keep you updated. If in the meantime, you are looking for legit and verified psychic providers, check out the link below.

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  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

Is Radleigh Valentine Healing Light Psychic Medium Legit?

Radleigh certainly seems to be a legit taroist and advocate of the angels. He also demonstrates his legit psychic abilities via his tours and teachings and with his association with Hay House.  

You can see some of his work on Facebook yourself. So, that way, you can practice your own discernment about whether you can relate to Radleigh or not.

However, compared to the scam sites we’ve seen where the proposed ‘psychic’ is never real, Radleigh is definitely a real person. You can even go and find out for yourself if you choose to by visiting him at one of his events.

How the Healing Light Psychic Medium Website Works

Radleigh’s Website

Radleigh is currently updating his website and judging by the image and logo on his landing page you can expect something spectacular when it’s complete.

He is offering a free meditation while you wait though. All you need to do is follow the instructions on his landing page to get it.

Radleigh’s Facebook

You can follow Radleigh Valentine on his Facebook page too – it’s called ‘Healing Light’. If you follow the Radleigh Valentine Healing Light Psychic Medium Facebook page, you’ll be notified when he starts a live stream or creates a new post. You can also learn more about Radleigh’s life and thoughts via Facebook and right now, it’s definitely the best way to keep in touch with him.

Radleigh’s area of interest appears to be angels and tarot reading. They are both excellent disciplines as well as a great way to empower people by giving them the guidance and insight they need to move their lives forward. Links are also provided on Radleigh’s Facebook page to his, website, and events.  

Services Provided by Healing Light Psychic Medium

Radleigh’s Events

The main bulk of Radleigh’s services at the time of writing appear to be his events and courses. These include his ‘Angel Oracle Certification Course’ and angel tarot card events.  The good thing about Radleigh is that he holds events in the USA, UK, Ireland and some other European cities too.

Readings From Radleigh Valentine

There is no explanation that we could find about how to get a reading from the Healing Light Psychic Medium, or if he even offers this service. We assume more information will be posted when Radleigh has launched his new website.

Most psychics of Radleigh’s status usually charge a premium price for private readings and have a long waiting list. This is if they are even providing readings at all.

If you want a more convenient reading via the telephone, or need to guarantee that you can speak to a reputable psychic today, then we recommend our top-rated psychic providers Keen or Psychic Source.  

The Radleigh Valentine Customer Service and Promises To You

Radleigh doesn’t make any big promises or bold claims about his customer service, but he doesn’t have any complaints that we could find either. So, with that, we assume that he delivers on his promises.

What We Love About Radleigh Valentine (AKA Healing Light Psychic Medium)

  • Radleigh’s warm personality.
  • The community feel on Radleigh’s’ Facebook page.
  • The way that Radleigh visits a number of countries. 

What We Don’t Love About the Healing Light Psychic Medium

  • The limited readings.
  • The lack of information about Radleigh (at present). 

Our Conclusion

Radleigh is a very appealing taroist and angel communicator. He definitely does bring hope and reassurance to anybody who is seeking guidance, reassurance or even hope. His warm personality will ensure that anybody who attends any of Raleigh’s events will enjoy their experience and leave empowered and inspired.

However, it’s not so easy to get a private psychic or medium reading from Radleigh. So this means that most people will need to shop elsewhere if they are looking for a reading. As usual, we’ve provided all of the links to our highly-rated and most recommended psychic providers. This way you can get the answers to your questions or connections to your loved ones that you need. right away. All you need to do is click on the links below.

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If you decide to check out one of Radleigh Valentine’s performances or have had a reading from him in the past, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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