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Heidi Jaffe Psychic Medium Review

Available Readings

  • Face to face readings
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Pros and Cons

  • Clear and easy to use website
  • Verified independant psychic
  • Long waiting lists
  • Premium prices

Who Is Heidi Jaffe?

Heidi Jaffe is an independent psychic. She’s not aligned with a psychic hotline. Through her website, Heidi offers psychic and medium readings.  So, you can enjoy a reading from Heidi either in person or via Skype. It’s interesting, and a pleasure, to find that Heidi has gone above and beyond to demonstrate that she is a trustworthy and legit psychic.

The only issue we see is that she has a long waiting list.

We’ll go over Heidi’s website and services offered in more detail, in due course. But if you can’t wait for a reading, and you need one immediately, we’ve got you covered.  

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How Does Heidi Jaffe Work?

Heidi goes to great efforts to explain to her clients, via her website, how to prepare for a great reading. And it seems as though she goes to the same effort to ensure that her clients get the best outcome from their reading with her too.

Right from the start, we could see that Heidi was diligent and considered in her approach.  She appears to take responsibility for establishing trust. And we appreciate that. She also seems to work hard to provide you with everything you need to feel confident in booking a reading with her.  

Her energy seems to be gentle and reassuring.  Her website concise and elegantly to the point.  And from what we have read, we would expect Heidi’s psychic and medium readings to follow the same style and tone as her website.  Concise, consistent and reassuring.

But without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

So if you like bells and whistles, Heidi probably isn’t for you.  Otherwise, you might enjoy a reading from her.

What Types Of Readings Are Available From Heidi Jaffe?

Heidi states that she offers psychic and medium readings, you can choose any particular one at the time of reading.

Before booking a medium reading with Heidi, you should ensure that you are comfortable with the prospect of having one. That way, you won’t feel awkward or afraid if you didn’t know what a medium reading was. And you won’t feel scared of the reading itself.  Being in a fearful emotional state for a reading isn’t the best state to be in. At least, not if you want to make the most out of the experience!

To clarify, a mediumship reading will connect you with your family and friends who have passed over.  A psychic consult will provide you with information and guidance about what’s happening in your life.  

Heidi does not offer, tarot, spells, astrology reports, healing or any kind of fortune telling.  

But she does also do pro bono missing persons cases and house readings and clearings.

How Does Heidi Demonstrate That She’s Not A Scam Psychic?

You’ll know that most scam psychics are never available in person if you have read any of our reviews for a Scam Psychic. Not even via telephone. You can’t usually book a reading with them either.  

Instead, they’ll offer you something free so that they can attain your email address. Once the scammers have your email address, that’s when the scam psychics invite you to a reading or healing.  But only after they’ve filled you with false hope, or fear (which can include fear of missing out).

The readings that such psychics provide will solve the problems that they have created for you! That’s all they’ll do.

Scam psychics such as Medium Maria, Or Padre Saint Of Angels, are never searchable online either. That’s because they don’t exist, and they never have a full name anyway.  They are, in fact, a mere character created by an unethical digital marketing company.  

When it comes to identifying a legit psychic, there are two options:

  1. Go to a reputable psychic provider such as Psychic Source. They have done all of the work for you. They test and monitor their psychics all the time to ensure that they follow their stringent and ethical policies. 
  2. Research the independent psychic yourself. 

When it comes to the latter, you’ll need to determine whether the psychic is real, and then whether they are competent and ethical.

We’ll cover how good Heidi is later, but for now, you can tell that Heidi is a real person in many ways:

  • You can go and visit her for a face to face reading.
  • She also performs Skype readings.
  • You can book a reading with her.
  • Heidi also does workshops in her local area.
  • She has found a way to become certified and therefore verified.
  • Heidi is searchable online and shows up in legit places.

These are all of the ways that Heidi demonstrates that she is not a scam.

How Good Is Heidi Jaffe?

Now, this is a question that is harder to answer.  

We can see that Heidi knows what she is talking about from her website.  We can also tell by the way that she prepares you for your readings that she wants you to have a good experience.  But this is usually all you have to go on with an independent psychic unless you’ve seen them perform in a television series or something similar.  

In most cases, you can’t really trust testimonials because they can be curated.  Real-time reviews are always the most telling.

However, when you have a small website as Heidi does, you don’t always have the facility to provide real-time reviews.  And because most readings are carried out in person or through Skype, you won’t find many clients willing to go out of their way to get online to leave a review.

How Heidi Verifies Herself

Heidi has a unique way of getting around this, though.  

Aside from the testimonials on Heidi’s website, which we will discuss in due course,  Heidi has made an effort to get herself verified by a third party. 

Here’s what she has to say about this on her website.

“I am certified as a legitimate Medium by the well respected Forever Family Foundation. I am 1 of only 30 mediums in the country that have passed their rigorous testing to prove true spirit communication in over a decade of testing mediums. Thousands have applied, but few pass the strict criteria to become certified by this foundation”

Heidi’s Testimonials

Heidi also has testimonials on her website, which, of course, could be curated, and they probably are in some ways.  

However, if you read the testimonials, you can tell by the tone of the testimony and the way that each one reads, that they are different in tone and style. This could mean that it’s possible that these testimonials are real. 

We can’t say for sure but all of Heidi’s efforts to prove herself tell us that it’s probably safe to trust these testimonials.

How Much Does It Cost To Book A Reading With Heidi Jaffe Psychics

Now, this is where we might find some issues for some people.  Heidi is not a cheap psychic by any means.  

Her prices are steep.

We expect that her readings will be worth the cost. But we also know that you can get an excellent reading from other places for much less money. Psychic Source is an example of where to go to get one.  We know that their psychics will be just as good as Heidi.

Here is a breakdown of Heidi’s prices, at the time of writing:

  • 15 minutes – $75.  
  • 30 minutes – $165. 
  • 60 minutes – $300.
  • 90 minutes – $425. 

How Do You Book A Reading With Heidi Jaffe?

Booking a reading with Heidi is simple.  Click ‘book now’ and select the option that you want. Heidi’s website will guide you through the process, and you’ll have the opportunity to schedule your reading and pay at the same time.

It’s important to note that there is a 5% cancellation fee though.

Does Heidi Have A Waiting List?

Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for Heidi, she does have a waiting list.  When we were reviewing the site, it was around seven months until the next available appointment.  

We can understand why there is a waiting list. But we also know that there are times when you need a psychic on hand right away, especially when there is a pressing issue occurring in your life.   

In these situations, we recommend that you contact Psychic Source. They have the best psychics there, by far.

Does Heidi Jaffe Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund Policy?

Heidi does not offer a satisfaction guarantee, nor does she have a refund policy.  

But as we’ve already demonstrated, she has taken significant measures to prove herself to you even before you book a reading with her.  

You may not like the fact that you are not protected though.  And if that’s the case, once again, Psychic Source stands out, they have a very fair ‘customer satisfaction guarantee. 

What Value Does Heidi Jaffe Provide For Her Customers?

We can’t speak on the readings that Heidi offers. However, we would expect most of Heidi’s clients to leave her happy because we are confident that Heidi’s testimonials are real.  Heidi couldn’t do any more to reassure you of her skills, we believe. And due to the tone and nature of the website, it’s easy to anticipate that Heidi will ensure excellent customer service too.  

But of course, we can only speculate.

All of this effort to provide you with everything you need, along with a tone on the website that demonstrates integrity and high moral standards. These aspects provide high value for Heidi’s clients by way of reassurance and probably in a great reading too.

What Do We Like About Heidi Jaffe?

There is a lot we like about Heidi.

Her diligence and gentle but reassuring tone have to be the stand out feature. These are great qualities for a reader.

The efforts she has gone through to verify herself and reassure you are above and beyond. And her website, while not particularly pretty, is concise and easy to use.

What Don’t We Like About Heidi Jaffe?

We haven’t found anything we don’t like about Heidi. However, we realise that Heidi’s fees are high and her waiting time long. So, she won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. 

Conclusion: A Stand Out Psychic

Heidi is a legit and trustworthy psychic medium. We’d have no issue at all with recommending her. However, her prices could well be too high for many people. And she’s not the kind of psychic who will be there in times of need; simply because she’s too busy.

If you can afford to, and you don’t mind waiting, we think you’d enjoy a reading from Heidi. But if you can’t justify the money, and don’t want to wait, we’ve got you covered with some links below.  You won’t be compromising by choosing Psychic Source that’s for sure.

Here are our picks: 

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now. 

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Have you ever had a reading from Heidi Jaffe? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 year ago

I am now a believer! She was so on point with too many items and too many spirits in my life. I will continue to do readings with her even if I have wait months.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jane
2 years ago

Heidi is is the best medium ever! She is funny and the real deal!!! I have been reading with her for three years and would never choose anyone else!

Laura Corosu
Laura Corosu
2 years ago

I have had a reading with Heidi! She is amazing, and is the real deal! I’ve searched and realized she was the one I wanted to do my reading !! I was able to connect with my Loved ones , and was amazed at her accuracy! I had made up my mind if I didn’t get Heidi , I just wasn’t going to do this !!There are so many fakes out there and didn’t want to throw my money away! I was able to connect with my husband and is waiting for me on the other side ! She told… Read more »

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