• Tarot and Astrology Readings
  • Chat from $1 per Min
  • Launched: 2014

Hollywood Psychics Review

Available Readings

  • Phone readings
  • Horoscope readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Clairvoyants
  • Angel Reading
  • New Age Spirituality
  • Mind Body Spirit


Pros and Cons

  • First 3 minutes free for new customers
  • Chat as low as $1/min
  • Refund policy
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Easy to use and search site
  • In business a short time compared to sites who've been doing it 25+ years
  • None of the psychics are exclusive to their site
  • The refund policy is very limited to certain rules
  • Branding is gimmicky as they're not actually anywhere near Hollywood
  • Have to provide email address before you get free minutes

Hollywood Psychics review – Scam or legit psychic guidance?

We look at Hollywood Psychics for you as there are so many psychic sites available online today, it’s hard to know which one to pick!

There are also many that sound the same or similar to one another – Hollywood Psychics sounds like a place that might have a seedy reputation. But can you really judge by the name itself?

We wanted to look deeper to see if Hollywood Psychics is a reputable spot to get readings online, or if they are a scam!

Before we do so, however, do you need a reading right this minute? If so, follow the instructions below for a reading that is sure to be accurate and reputable.

5 Steps To An Expert Reading That You Can Trust

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Is Hollywood Psychics a scam psychic site?

We wanted to dig into Hollywood Psychics a bit more to see if they’re a psychic site we can trust? Or are they a scam that we should be wary of?

The first thing that caught our attention is the fact that Hollywood Psychics isn’t from Hollywood at all! Their company is based in Langhorne PA, on the other side of the country. Some things that make you go, hmmm…

That aside, a name is just a name and surely a misleading name doesn’t mean they’re misleading in other ways in their business, does it?

Well, let’s see…


They do have a really easy to navigate and robust site that offers a lot of information and answers to questions. There is no stone left unturned there which makes us think they do truly consider their customer service and want them to have a good experience on the site. This is a good sign!

There is a lot of cheese and obvious marketing speak in their site language though. They can’t even give you a really great reason to choose them over their competitors like Keen or Kasamba, other than that they’re “the coolest psychic site.” Hmm, that means nothing and we don’t even agree!

They attempt to give you the impression that they cater to a really hip crown of actors and celebrities and politicians as well as the mom next door. However, we guarantee there are no top celebrities in the real Hollywood California who are calling Hollywood psychics for a reading. They are certainly not the caliber of service, style or quality that someone with expensive taste would appreciate.

So don’t let all the marketing hype suck you in. It is very obvious and hits you over the head though…


You also have to sign up as a member and turn over your email address before you can get a reading or try out their special for $1/minute for new customers. This means you’ll also surely get bombarded with marketing messages as soon as you sign up, so question whether that’s really a good trade off or not.

On sites like Psychic Source you get the intro rate of $1/minute as well, without all the gimmicky stuff along with it!

Established in 2014, they also are one of the newer kids on the block, when compared to sites like Psychic Source who’ve been in business for over 25 years. They’re obviously just trying to compete with the already well established psychic sites, but we aren’t sure they really hold up to comparison.

How is Hollywood Psychics different than other psychic networks?

  • In business since 2014 – relatively new on the psychic network scene.
  • Special offers for new customers at $1/minute rate.
  • Customer service available 24/7.
  • They have a refund policy if you’re not satisfied.
  • You can see direct feedback and testimonials from past clients.
  • They have an easy to use and search site.
  • Phone or chat readings offered.
  • They offer perks to members who frequently purchase.


What kinds of psychics do they have at Hollywood Psychics?

Sex & Relationship Psychics

Love and relationship psychics focus specifically on both romantic and platonic relationships. Whether you have questions about family or friends, or about your future husband or where your current relationship is headed, a love psychic can help you clear through the haze of confusion.

Angel Card Readers

Angel card readers have a direct connection with the divine realm of the angels, where they can ask for guidance from their higher knowing. Their guidance is always clear, direct, and full of love.

Dream Interpretations

Your dreams are your subconscious speaking to you. They can really tell you a lot about how to interpret what’s going on in your current life and how it’s affecting your emotions. Your dreams can even give you clues as to what you’re feeling or what’s ahead for you in your life- if you know how to decipher them! A dream interpretation reading can help you gain clarity.

Crystal Readings

Some psychics can use crystals to enhance the energy in their readings or even use them to scry or see ahead in the future based on what they see in the crystal itself. They can work with crystals to directly affect your energetic state, even from afar. Crystal readings are a really unique and interesting psychic experience to have.

Psychic Mediums

Mediums are psychics who can communicate directly with those who have crossed over, and other forms of Spirit, and relay their messages back to those here on Earth. They are the middle ground, the medium in between the Spirit world and our Earthy world, who help us realize that we are not so separate after all.

Past Life Readers

Typically in a past life reading, you will receive the psychic impressions for your reader about your past life, rather than in a past life regression where you are put under hypnosis and get to experience the past life for yourself. A reading can be helpful though to gain the information and knowledge without having to re-experience the ram or pain that may have taken you out in the last life!

Tarot Readers

Tarot reading is an ancient form of divination that helps shine a light on the subconscious. The cards have a knack for bringing up the things you know in the back of your mind but aren’t listening to. The answers you don’t want to hear but know are true and right for you, can be revealed by the tarot. Whether you’re curious about relationships or career or your twin flame, a tarot reading can help!

Spirit Guide Readings

So psychic have a direct connection to the realm of spirit guides and can connect with your spirit team directly to deliver reason and wisdom from their higher vantage point. These types of readings offer a wider perspective and a lot of validation for your intuitive inklings.

Astrology Readings

Astrologers look to the skies above to reveal the truth about our nature, our motivation and our path ahead. A natal chart reading or astrology reading can be very revealing to help you understand why you are the way you are, and what the greater perspective is on all your life’s experiences so far. It can also help you plan for the future up ahead!

How do I find the best Hollywood Psychics psychic for me?

One thing we do appreciate about Hollywood Psychics is that they make it easy to find the right psychic for you, through an easily navigable site.

Just click under “our psychics” to start browsing through the profiles.

You can start by searching through the ones who are immediately available and online now. There is a good amount of readers available on the site at any given time.

To start to narrow down the right psychic for you, check out these things on their profile pages:

Their specialties:

  • Mind- Body- Spirit
  • Work and Money
  • Family and Friends
  • Sex and Relationships

Their tools:

  • Angel Cards
  • Astrology
  • Can Read Without Tools
  • Cartomancy
  • Crystal Readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Lost Objects
  • Numerology Reading
  • Past Life Interpretation
  • Spirit Guides
  • Tarot

Their psychic gifts:

  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairvoyant
  • Empath
  • Medium
  • Pet Psychic

You can even listen to a short audio greeting from the psychic to get a sense of their personality and style right away.

On their profile pages, you can also find out:

  • How long they’ve been a professional reader
  • Their reading or personality style
  • What their phone and chat schedules are
  • Reviews from past clients, good and bad

They also each fill out a short interview for their profile which will tell you more about their life and experience as a reader. You’ll find out things like:

  • what they did for work before becoming a professional psychic
  • what experience led to their psychic career
  • why sharing their psychic gift is important to them
  • if they turn their abilities on and off in different situations
  • what else in important in their lives other than their psychic work
  • how they personally de-stress

We like that not only do you get some information about their psychic experience but also get to learn more about who they are, what their lives are like so that you can really find one you connect with.

Are Hollywood Psychics exclusive to their site?

All that said, as we were pursuing through the profiles of readers, we actually noticed quite a few familiar faces!

There are definitely many psychics who work on both Hollywood Psychics and for other sites. That is to help them supplement their income and build their clientele, as not every psychic site is always busy all the time!

So we do believe there are genuine and gifted psychics on Hollywood Psychics. But we also know that you can work with many of them elsewhere too!

So if one of the larger psychic sites like Keen is more appealing to you, you’ll likely find many of the same readers there. LifeReader is one of our favorites and seems to have some of the best customer service and feedback of all, and we saw some crossover psychics who also work there on Hollywood Psychics.

So, we’d choose to work with the company who you feel best resonates with you, rather than basing it on their psychics alone, because many of them you can find through other psychic sites.

Who are some of the best psychics at Hollywood Psychics?

We searched through some of the top psychics at Hollywood Psychics to see which ones stand out in terms of experience, accuracy, good feedback from customers and a range of gifts to serve you. Here is some of the cream that rose to the top!

Psychic Empress x4112

Hollywood Psychics - Titus
With Hollywood Psychics since April 2017

Experience: 31 Years

Specialties: Sex and Relationships, Mind – Body – Spirit, Family, and Friends

Tools: Spirit Guides, Tarot, Cartomancy

Gifts: Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient

Style: Candid, Direct

I remember, early on in my life, possibly around the age of 5, telling adults some parts of their future (almost like premonitions) and the excitement when they would be surprised that I knew things so clearly as such a young age.

I find that sharing my gift is important because many people need insight and guidance to make their lives just a little happier and rewarding.

Being not only intuitive but also a compassionate person, I can easily put myself in someone’s shoes and see where the path should take me from there to make things balanced, easier, and more fulfilling long term.

Other than being a psychic, the most important part of my life is being a Mother. I have wonderful children who challenge me daily. I love to teach them what life is all about, to look at the positives and to believe that things really do happen for a reason, even though the reason may not be clear to us at this point.

My way to de-stress would have to be time with family and friends. I love salsa music and dancing. I feel that a great night out with friends can put your energy back in a balanced mood.


Psychic Titus x4059

Hollywood Psychics - Titus
With Hollywood Psychics since May 2016

Experience: 34 Years

Specialties: Sex and Relationships, Work and Money, Family and Friends

Tools: Tarot, Spirit Guides, Astrology

Gifts: Clairaudient, Medium, Clairvoyant

Style: Wise

There was once a competition in which one of our female co-workers discovered she was pregnant (after a period of barrenness) and the owner made a raffle on her behalf for anyone who could predict the sex, weight, and time of birth of the baby. I won the competition, only being off by a tenth of an ounce on the weight of the child. That is when people began to encourage me to consider doing it professionally.

I have dreams that come true. It runs on the maternal side of my family. I experimented with mental techniques to develop my concentration in other psychic areas.

I believe that everyone has this ability naturally, and only things in everyday living tend to eclipse it. Having developed mine steadily, I wish to educate more people on how to use theirs to cope with or master unnecessary problems in life.

I connect with those who have passed on through sound, along with the vibrations I feel in my nervous system. I focus on a sound which changes when people who are not living in the world are near. If they are living, I catch images. If they are not of human nature, it is a vacuous feeling, that is hard to describe, but word-impressions are sharp and distinct.


Psychic Sofia x7020

Hollywood Psychics - Sofia
With Hollywood Psychics since Nov 2008

Experience: 26 Years

Specialties: Mind – Body – Spirit, Sex and Relationships, Work and Money

Tools: Tarot, Spirit Guides, Astrology

Gifts: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium

Style: Compassionate

When my 90 year old mom was passing into Spirit, we spoke of the Angels and she reassured me that she would try to tell me what she saw. The exact moment that she was passing over, I heard my father singing, he had been on the other side for more than ten years prior and came across singing a square dance tune that I remembered from my childhood. I knew then that they were together again and going dancing!

I feel that I have been called to share my gifts with others. It is my way of life and my way to serve and help humanity.

There are times when I know that I will be speaking to a certain person on a certain day by feeling their energy before I pick up the phone.

When working on the phone I do request the first name, when they passed and birthdate or age when they passed. From there I request to connect through spirit to that specific person’s energy. This is the most precise way I have found since I have been surrounded by many spirits at once when I do not narrow it down to that person, then everyone tries to “talk at once” and I cannot get all of it sorted out fast enough.

My life outside of the Psychic world, includes being a mom and grandma since I live with my daughter and grandchild.

I am currently expanding my talents to include more healing arts and feel very focused and grounded in my life path.

In conclusion: Is Hollywood Psychics a trustworthy place to get a reading?

In short, yes. We do believe the psychics at Hollywood Psychics can provide you with accurate and detailed readings, but that’s only because many of them are the same psychics giving you accurate readings from the other sites too!

Hollywood Psychics feels more like a copy of imitation of psychic sites that are well established and have been building their reputation for many years, like Psychic Source.

We also saw some of the same psychics on Hollywood Psychics as we’ve seen on LifeReader and Keen before, and would probably choose those companies to work with before we’d choose to work with Hollywood Psychics, who is so far away from actual Hollywood it’s laughable.

While we don’t believe Hollywood Psychics is a scam site, we also don’t believe they have the same heart, passion and community emphasis as the more reputable sites mentioned above.

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Psychic Source– Readings for as low as $1 per minute!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!

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Did you opt for Hollywood Psychics? What do you think? Let us know if you’ve ever had a reading at Hollywood Psychics in the comments!

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