Psychic of the Week – Hope Raines

With over 20 years of experience, psychic Hope Raines is an experienced advisor who loves to assist and guide those who are looking for clarity on many matters concerning everyday life. She also offers spiritual insights to help you grow and evolve. Hope has been part of the Keen community since 2009. Since that time, thousands of people have been drawn to her friendly manner and empathic nature, and she has helped them to find the answers that they seek. The 3,392 readings on Keen definitely confirm that Hope’s passion for assisting others is also her divine mission.

Healing Energy

Aside from being a gifted psychic, Hope Raines is also a qualified Reiki healer. She adores enhancing every psychic reading experience with a dose of positive healing energy. Her clients doubly benefit from a combo of her spiritual gifts and healing abilities. Outside of working hours as a Keen advisor, Hope regularly offers face-to-face and long distance Reiki healing to people in need of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Every psychic reading with Hope is an opportunity to feel spiritually connected to love and light, and to sense the presence of your loving spirit guides and angels around you at all times. As she bridges the gap between the living world and the ethereal veil, the communication with your guides will flow freely. You may connect with lost loved ones and receive validations, confirmations and messages that are meaningful only to you. She will relay and share messages that your loved ones have been patiently waiting to share with you. Surrounded by the healing energy of your spirit guides you will feel supported and loved.

Areas of Expertise

As a Keen psychic advisor Hope is always happy to help anyone who is seeking spiritual guidance and psychic insights. However, she really comes into her own when asked for a love and relationship reading. Questions relating to matters of the heart are top of the list of requests that psychics typically receive every day. Whether you want to clearly understand the dynamics of a long-term or new relationship, discover if you’re destined to find your soul mate, or want to identify what is blocking love, Hope can shed some love and light on your situation. Using her highly attuned gifts, skills and talents she will connect with your spirit guides, and those who’ve crossed to the other side, in order to best answer all of your love and relationship questions.

Find out:

  • If your relationship has long-term potential
  • If you’ve met the One
  • How to overcome relationship obstacles and hurdles
  • How your partner feels emotionally
  • What you can do to help the relationship flourish and grow

Hope is able to achieve amazing accuracy because she is passionate about what she does. Her psychic readings are exact and precise, whether you’re asking for love advice or seeking solutions to financial or workplace problems. Her readings offer lots of details and easy to understand information that you can relate to.

Ask & You Will Find

To optimise your client experience, it’s helpful to have specific questions in mind when you make your call to any of the experienced Keen psychic advisors. Writing down notes on the answers that you receive to your questions will help you jog your memory later on. It’s a good idea to allow some time to process the detailed and insightful information that Hope has given you, before you decide on its relevance and accuracy.

Hope can help you find clarity on:

  • Love matters
  • Soul mate connections
  • Career and life goals
  • Money and finances
  • Relationships with others
  • Life purpose

Hope is available to listen and to help you no matter what your current issue or problem may be. If you’re developing your own unique psychic gifts, a reading with Hope can benefit you in many ways. She can guide you through the process of understanding how to best work with your loving spirit guides, and how to let go of emotions that no longer serve you. The process can be incredibly healing.

Of course, you don’t have to have a specific question in order to enjoy a psychic reading experience with Hope. Sometimes it’s empowering to simply go with the flow and to see what happens!

Reviews & Ratings

The feedback provided by users of Keen’s psychic services is always helpful to other potential users, whether they are first timer callers or regular clients. As an experienced psychic advisor who is attentive, warm and friendly, Hope has notched up an impressive 91% of 5-star reviews. Hope’s on average 4.8 star rating proves that her psychic gifts and skills are always in great demand. To discover if she is a compatible psychic reader for you, read through the 592 reviews that are listed on Hope Raines’ profile page. The recent customer reviews highlight the type of details and insights that you can expect to receive from Hope during your own psychic reading experience.

If you’re curious about a psychic reading with Hope Raines, why not check out her awesome reviews before you make that initial call. She is always on hand to help you identify direction in your life, and to guide you so that you can move forward towards your dreams and goals of love, happiness and success.

Call Hope Today

Psychic readings are a unique, exciting, empowering and transformative experience. Every Keen psychic advisor has their own personality, skill set and reading style. When you book a call or chat with Hope Raines you can expect warm and engaging two-way communication with someone who always has your interests in mind. Her approach is kind and friendly, and also soft and gentle. Trust your instincts if you feel spiritually guided to call Hope today. You could discover something fabulous and amazing during your psychic reading!

If you’ve yet to experience your first psychic reading, Hope is the perfect advisor to introduce you to the magic and wonder of the spirit world. After all, 91% of her clients have already provided 5-star feedback on their positive experience and overall satisfaction, and you can easily check this out for yourself. You will find Hope’s Keen profile listed in the Love & Relationships category. In her capable hands you will feel instantly comfortable and relaxed, and able to ask questions about whatever is on your mind. The Keen psychic reading service that you will enjoy is safe, secure, confidential and private at all times.

For your absolute convenience you can connect with Hope via phone, chat or email at any time, and from any location in the world. You can view if she is currently available or temporarily away by checking her Keen profile. If you’re a brand new customer you even get to enjoy three free minutes of reading time, to help you decide if Hope is a good match for you. Whenever you connect with Hope, on your quest to discover the answers that you seek, you’re helping her to fulfil her destiny, career goals and dreams. Using her unique psychic gifts and friendly personality to help others is what Hope Raines does best.

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May 2022

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Ann Meyer
Ann Meyer
3 years ago

Hi I have never had a psychic before but would like a free psychic. I have been having trouble with dating. I would like to talk with Hope Raines. This is Ann Meyer

2 years ago
Reply to  Ann Meyer

Hi Ann,
Please click the link in the article and visit the Keen website in order to speak with Hope.
All the best!

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