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Its Psychic Review

Available Readings

  • Phone readings
  • Horoscopes
  • 3 Minutes Free


Pros and Cons

  • Variety of psychics
  • Good prices
  • Easy to use
  • Strong verification process
  • No reviews
  • No blog
  • No satisfaction guarantee

Who Is Its Psychic?

Well, if you like a nice crisp and clean website, then you are probably going to enjoy surfing the Its Psychic website. It has a very modern and clean aesthetic; one which makes browsing a pleasure. But have they compromised on some other essential features for a psychic site to achieve this sleek look?  

We think so..and we’ll reveal why later in this review.

So who is Its Psychic?

By all accounts, they are a psychic provider, who offers telephone readings.  They are quite a mystery – there is not much to be found out about them online at all. So, we describe the highs and lows of their service in this review. We will help you make an informed choice if you decide to use their services.

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How Does Its Psychic Work

Could they be taking simplicity a little too far?  

We are unsure. But the simple approach that Its Psychic takes to organising a psychic website makes it easy to explain how they work.

They provide telephone readings, and that’s all!

There is no blog, and no detailed information about how to make the most out of a reading.  You’ll find the tiniest ‘about us’ section in the footer!  There are also a few necessary features that we all appreciate from a psychic provider which appear to be missing.

How To Use Its Psychic’s Services

To use their psychic services, you need to choose a psychic and click their profile. Then click the blue ‘available to chat’ button shown on the right of the screen, then follow the prompts.  Once you have paid, you’ll receive prompts to help you connect to your chosen psychic.


There is something written in the terms and conditions that doesn’t work in your favour!

The problem arises if you have paid in advance for a certain amount of minutes.  If you decide that you no longer want to speak to the psychic you’ve chosen and you hang up, you will lose all of your credits.  

In other words, you’ll be billed for the time you prebooked during payment with the psychic.

However, if your psychic hangs up first, then you’ll be prorated the difference in time and only charged for the amount you used.  

A Questionable Policy

This is a questionable policy! It would be interesting to understand why Its Psychic has decided to set these terms. We can’t see how this would benefit you as the customer at all! We can only imagine just how many people hung up early only to realise that they still had to pay for their time.  

However, we do see how this policy would benefit your psychic and the company as a whole.  

After all, they still get paid!

A Policy That Helps The Psychics At The Expense Of The Customers

Here’s the thing: There’s often a high hang-up rate with psychic providers since a lot of people hang up if they don’t feel that they connect with a psychic.  

This policy takes all of the responsibility away from the psychics and the provider. It puts them firmly at their customer’s feet and we don’t believe that’s fair.  Especially since some psychics could try to persuade the caller to stay on the phone or could refuse to hang up.

So, if you haven’t already figured this out, we don’t appreciate this policy.  

Moving on …

The Readings Provided

There is a reasonable variety of psychic skills available at Its Psychic covering topics such as:

One of the ways that you can search through psychics is by clicking on these options. They are linked from the home screen and all of the psychics’ profiles.  

The Psychic Verification Process

If you take a look in the footer of the website’s homepage, you’ll find a link for people who want to become a reader for Its Psychic. The application form attached to that link demonstrates that this provider does pay a lot of attention to the selection process right from the outset.  The fact that they seek references from previous psychic work is reassuring to see.

Of course, we have to take their word for it when they say that they stringently test their psychics because we have no proof. Although the application form looks promising.

The Satisfaction Guarantee

Unfortunately, we could not find a satisfaction guarantee advertised on the website or in their terms and conditions. In fact, we don’t see any information about how to contact customer service at all or anything to do with refunds.

It’s a ghost town.

If there is no reference to a satisfaction guarantee, it’s best and probably accurate to assume that it’s because there is not one, which isn’t very reassuring.  

The best thing you can do, if you are unhappy with a call and you feel that it should be refunded, is to contact Its Psychic right away. But make sure you get the psychic to hang up first if you pre-paid.  

If you stick to the standard terms that most reputable psychic providers require, you might give yourself the chance to attain a refund. Although it’s important to note that this is not guaranteed.  

If you do find yourself unsatisfied with a reading you generally need to follow steps similar to these below to claim a refund:

  • You usually need to end the call as soon as you realise it’s not good.  Many companies will require you to do so within the first five minutes.
  • Generally, you’ll be required to contact customer support via email. Then state the date and time of the reading and who the reader is, along with the reasons why you are dissatisfied.
  • You’ll also need to be mindful that most companies reserve the right to determine whether a claim is valid or not.  
  • Many companies also refund directly to your psychic provider’s account rather than your credit card. So this might be the same at Its.
  • If you need to know the full terms, we recommend you contact the customer service department.  

The Its Psychic Reader Profiles

It seems as though the readers write their own profiles, which is good in a sense because it allows you to glean some insight into the nature of the psychic you are interested in.  

However, there can be a lot of writing to sift through without any breakdown of skills or even paragraphs for that matter.  

Some of them are lengthy, whereas others are too short.  

There is not really anything else on the reader profiles.  This is one of the situations where it appears that Its Psychic has compromised quality and customer reassurance for clarity.  

Which leads us to the reader reviews…

Reader Reviews

There really shouldn’t be an excuse for not showing customer reviews on a reader’s profile. Without them, a customer cannot determine how successfully the psychic reads for their clients. They can’t practice discernment at all and only have the psychic’s word as a guide. of course, no psychic selling their services is going to tell you they have received some negative or neutral reviews.  

But unfortunately Its does not provide any reviews or testimonials anywhere on their website, and that’s not good enough in our opinion.  

Reviews are necessary.  

Once again it’s putting the psychic in control and the customer on the backfoot.

Search Function

Its Psychic doesn’t have search function; it’s another compromised feature that we wish were included on this website. It is much more convenient for a customer to search whatever it is that they are looking for rather than scanning each profile.  

While this isn’t as important as the reviews or service guarantee, it’s still something that enhances the customer’s experience on the psychic provider’s website.

Service Costs

Prices are charged in US dollars and vary. There is a small introductory offer whereby you can receive your first three minutes for free. After that, you pay the price that your preferred psychic charges.

We noticed that prices could range from around $1.00 to $3.00 per minute, which is reasonable.

How Its Psychic Differs From Other Psychic Providers

The most significant difference they display from other psychic providers is their clean and easy-to-use website. It’s appealing, modern and appreciated!  

However, the other areas in which Its differs are not so good.  They don’t offer a satisfaction guarantee and there are no reviews at all. Furthermore, they have a weird policy that tricks the customer into paying for a reading in full at a time when they are not enjoying the service provided.

Our Conclusion?

The Its Psychic brand looks appealing. Their verification process appears to be good and there is probably a chance that you might access some reasonable psychics on this website. However, we can’t determine that either way.

The missing features and questionable policies allude to the notion that they may not have the customers’ best interests at heart. But it all could be easily explained away, and their customer service could be excellent.  

Because they leave so much to our imagination, we’d be inclined to leave a neutral review. We have seen far better psychic providers, such as Psychic Source who really do know how to reassure their customers right from the start. They then continue to take care of them after they’ve used their services too, which that makes much more sense to us, especially if you consider that an inaccurate reading is pretty much useless!

We don’t think ITS worth the risk at this time.

If you do want to enjoy a reading from one of our top-rated psychic providers for the same kind of price and with better introductory deals, then check the links below:

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Have you ever tried Its? What psychic did you enjoy? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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