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Jackie Gillies (XO Jackie) Psychic Review

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  • Provides readings on a first come, first serve basis
  • Fun and entertaining reader
  • Expensive
  • Aggressive Terms and Conditions
  • Limited Appointment Slots

Who Is Jackie Gillies (XO Jackie)?

If you’ve been watching The Real Housewives Of Melbourne, you may already be familiar with Jackie Gillies because she is a cast member.  At first, we thought she featured on Real Housewives just for a few episodes as a guest psychic, but she turns out to be a full cast member and has been since the first episode – according to Wikipedia.  

You may wonder why we’re referencing The Real Housewives so much?  Well, that’s because we are wondering whether Jackie Gillies is a legit ‘world class’ psychic reader or a famous psychic because she is ‘on the telly’.  

It’s kind of important to know!

Primarily, because if you are looking for a legit reading, you don’t want to pay overinflated prices just because somebody has some has experienced some fame. So, we’ve set out to see what we can find out.

Keep on reading, and we’ll share all of the details with you.  

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How Does Jackie Gillies Work

First things first, we need to acknowledge that you may be tempted by the glam and gloss that Jackie brings to the tarot table.  But when it comes to readings, frankly, it’s not necessary. Furthermore, we are not charmed by this when we are researching psychic providers.

We won’t be focusing on the glam for this review that’s for sure; we’ll be trying to find the real Jackie Gillies Psychic Medium.  But if you do enjoy the idea of bringing glamour to your medium readings, you’ll probably like Jackie.

How accurate she is, though remains to be seen.  

Here’s what we observed about how Jackie works as a psychic.

By all accounts, Jackie provides face to face and telephone readings. She takes bookings on a first come, first served basis, her readings are limited, and she doesn’t have a waiting list. Instead, she advises you that she has reading slots available via her mailing list and social media.

So, if you are interested in booking a reading with Jackie and she doesn’t have any reading slots available, you’ll need to follow her social media or join her mailing list. Then, when she announces an opening, you’ll have to move fast and scramble for your reading!

A good marketing strategy that’s for sure!

Jackie’s Profile

We didn’t find very much information at all about Jackie’s psychic abilities.  There is a lot of information about Jackie, though. About how she’s sassy, a businesswoman, a medium, mom and philanthropist. Jackie’s profile also talks about her upbringing in Croatia and briefly explains that Jackie has been psychic since childhood, but chose a career in banking.

She found herself encouraged to follow her intuition and fulfill her true life’s purpose back in 2004 and that’s when we think she became a full-time psychic. This was ten years before she appeared on The Real Housewives of Melbourne – which is promising because it shows she is experienced and was experienced before ‘fame’.

The Jackie Gillies Credentials

We can’t really find any credentials for Jackie’s abilities, and we don’t think ‘being married to a rockstar’ counts.  However, if you want to see Jackie in action performing a reading with a fellow ‘housewife’, then you can watch that on Episode 1, Series 1 of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

In that episode, Jackie appears to be good but very fast in a way that seems dramatic and overwhelming for the person she is reading for.  If this is how a reading works, we doubt you’ll get a chance to ask questions without waiting for another appointment and throwing another AUD 495 for half an hour.  In this reading, Jackie claims only to do half-hour readings and sets a timer because she says that she gets tired. Which is questionable. Of course, psychics need to earn money for their time, but we doubt she gets tired after half an hour of reading.  If that were the case, most psychics wouldn’t function in the world at all because the world can be overwhelming!

We are not buying that excuse! We’d be more likely to think that she’s limiting the readings and timing them for business purposes.  Which is perfectly fine, but we’d appreciate some empathy and transparency from a psychic. We don’t agree that an entertaining, unempathetic and rushed reading style is necessary for a psychic medium reading where people might be dealing with loss and grief.  

We’ve seen better reading styles that’s for sure.  And if you check out Psychic Source, you will see for yourself that you can get an accurate reading, for less money and have the opportunity to ask questions too.  

The Testimonials On Jackie’s Website

Jackie has lots of testimonials on her website, but they are not real-time.  We do not doubt that these testimonials are real, but they are probably curated.  You won’t find any negative or neutral testimonials because Jackie probably won’t publish them. All of this means that you can’t discern for yourself because you only see an edited version of events. What’s more, as you will come to see, Jackie controls all readings she performs, meaning she edits everything you see to make it look good.  

What this means for you is that you will never know how good Jackie is without shelling out a lot of money for a half hour session with her.

Booking A Reading With Jackie Gillies

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll need to be on Jackie’s mailing list to find out if she has any openings for a booking.  Then, to book a reading, you can click on the link found on the ‘booking page’, choose your preferred time and date, and fill out the form. You’ll have to pay an AUD 200 deposit at the time of booking and Jackie will confirm the booking.

Note: There are ‘booking terms and conditions’ which you have to agree to before booking and we are not too comfortable with some of them!

Here are the terms and conditions we feel that you should be aware of and our thoughts on them:

Booking Terms And Conditions You Should Know

  • You need to make sure that you are aware of your booking time, location and/or method of connecting with Jackie. Including time zone differences.

    If you make an error, Jackie will treat it as a missed appointment and apply the terms of the cancellation policy.  In other words, you lose your money and miss out on a reading.

  • If you visit Jackie face-to-face, you cannot disclose the address to another person without written consent.

    This policy isn’t the most secure situation for you at all.  It seems extreme, and not in the client’s favour, unless Jackie operates from her own home.

  • You have to provide your ID to confirm your identity before commencing a reading. And if you’re booking for someone else, you have to tell Jackie and provide the ID for the person you’re booking for. We have to question why a psychic needs personal identity information.  They could use this to check up on an individual and then create a fake reading. We don’t appreciate psychics who need extra information from a client. It’s too personal and potentially cheating.
  • You must provide 1-5 quality photos of the people you want to connect with during your reading; living or deceased.  They must have visible eyes too. Jackie claims you can have a reading without this, but it will be compromised. Our question is why?  Why does a psychic medium need photos?  We know that some mediums use psychometry to connect, but most psychics can do so without having a picture. Check out the mediums on Psychic Source to see what we mean.  You definitely don’t need to jump through so many hoops there!!
  • You need to be ready for your reading and online at least 10 minutes before your appointment. It’s a bit bossy, but it makes sense.

  • You will be held accountable for every issue that may arise, including tardiness, and you will lose your deposit or full fees without having a reading if you don’t comply with the rules. It’s harsh and adds a lot of pressure; it’s cold and unempathetic.  While we understand that it can be frustrating when other people are not organized, and this isn’t Jackie’s problem, these stringent terms would make us walk away.
  • If your internet connection drops out more than three times during your appointment, you lose your reading! This is like daylight robbery.  You have paid for half an hour with Jackie. We understand if your connection drops it should be on your time, and Jackie shouldn’t have to compensate, but to punish you with forfeiting your reading after three dropouts is too much.  You are already paying for her time. We wouldn’t accept these terms. Not at all.
  • Jackie is entitled to cancel a reading at any time for no reason! If she notifies you, then you must comply with her directions to get whatever monies you paid refunded.

    While the fact that Jackie is refunding is fair enough, the way that you must comply is wrong.  She should go out of her way to make sure that you get your money refunded. This approach is arrogant.

  • Jackie can record you, but you can’t record Jackie. If you’re caught or if you publish a reading, you will be liable to be fined AUD 50,000. And talking of unfair policy, you can’t disclose your reading at all, and you cannot make any disparaging comment about Jackie following a reading. You essentially agree to a form of NDA (a non-disclosure agreement). Our question is, why is a psychic so keen to shut everybody down?  This is questionable, curated, not transparent at all, and ultimately, shady. If we came across a psychic, who didn’t let people speak out about their experiences, we’d question their abilities.  Seriously! What is she hiding?

These terms and conditions are not the usual types of terms and conditions you see.

They are very controlling and leave you with no protection at all. We feel that USD 495 is a lot of money to pay for half an hour rushed reading anyway, you should at least expect some form of guarantee and a warmer connection with that.  

Service Costs

Jackie keeps her service fees quiet unless you agree to her terms and we are not doing that! We did find on Wikipedia a reference to a fee of AUD 495.00. So we can assume she charges around that price.  You’ll also need to pay a deposit of AUD 250 to book a reading with Jackie. Payment of the full Fee is required at the time of your scheduled appointment with Jackie.

The Readings Provided

Jackie possibly tunes into a photograph to help her connect with you during your reading. This is called psychometry. She claims to be a psychic medium, which means that she can connect with lost loved ones and provide spirit readings too.

It doesn’t appear that Jackie offers tarot, astrology or fortune telling readings but we don’t know for sure. This is because the only reference to a reading we have found is the one performed on Real Housewives. She did use the tarot briefly in that reading.

Because it’s just Jackie who works from this website, she’ll probably have the same style of reading for everybody, and you rely on her style of working for your satisfaction.  Some people don’t like all reading styles; just like people like one person’s art but not another person’s. But that’s the risk you take with an independent psychic and it’s important to consider this fact before you book a reading.

We don’t know how accurate Jackie’s readings will be. We do expect that she’ll be entertaining if you can get past the potentially diva-ish approach to reading!

Events by Jackie Gillies

You can also book and attend some of Jackie’s events.  At the time of writing Jackie was advertising an event called ‘Shine It Up Live‘.  Tickets are AUD 99 – 249, and it’s in Australia. There are several dates you can book, and it seems as though some of the profits (a generous amount) goes to charity.   

How Do You Verify Jackie?

It’s difficult to verify Jackie, especially because she doesn’t allow any uncontrolled publicity.  We can only suggest that you follow your intuition. Then, if you decide to proceed, only spend that kind of money if you are happy to risk it.  That way, you might be pleasantly surprised.

The Jackie Gillies Satisfaction Guarantee

We couldn’t find any reference on Jackie’s website alluding to a ‘satisfaction guarantee’. So, we can assume that there is not one, so after reading the terms and conditions we are not surprised. Even if Jackie is an excellent medium, she doesn’t appear to have your best interests at heart. Instead, she appears to have her own, and she definitely doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

How Jackie Gillies Differs From Other Psychic Providers

Aside from the strange terms and conditions, Jackie is different because she’ll probably bring her personality to her readings.  Which you are either going to love or hate. Unfortunately, the other way she differs is that she doesn’t appear to demonstrate empathy, which is a shame for a psychic medium.  

Our Conclusion?

Jackie may well be a potentially good psychic medium, and she may be worth booking, but we will never know for sure because she controls all information that is about her.  She prevents her clients from talking about her readings, which means that nobody knows unless they buy.

So, we can’t recommend or rate Jackie on her psychic ability because that has been shut down and we don’t know how good she is in reality. So, for that reason, we wouldn’t use her.  

We wouldn’t be able to agree to the terms and conditions anyway.

How Jackie operates is not how we’d expect a psychic medium to function.  We wouldn’t be comfortable handing over our ID for a reading – that’s invasive and shady. Also, while we appreciate that Jackie shouldn’t be held accountable for another person’s lack of organisation we expect her to build in a small amount of grace to her service.  She is charging for a premium service after all.

Frankly, there are fantastic psychics out there, with far better attitudes and fairer terms and conditions.

And for that reason, we don’t recommend her.

You’ll probably be able to get an excellent medium reading from other places for less money. For example, those we’ve listed below, are our top-rated psychic providers who we know and trust.   

Here are our picks:

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