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    James Higgins TV Psychic Medium (The Spirit Medium) Review

    Available Readings

    • Email readings
    • Phone readings
    • Tarot readings


    Pros and Cons

    • Legit Independent Psychic.
    • Reasonably Priced Readings.
    • Entertaining Facebook Page.
    • You’ll love James if you like the paranormal.
    • James is very enthusiastic and seems passionate about what he does.
    • Passes free mini messages to people via his Facebook live streams.
    • James is extremely diligent - he often works 18 hours a day just to clear his inbox and get back to people!
    • Only 3 years professional experience.
    • It’s unclear as to how good James is.
    • If you don’t like the paranormal, James might not be for you.
    • James’ website is not as streamlined as some of the other sites we’ve explored.
    • You can’t get an instant reading from James.
    • Readings can take up to 7 days to turn around.

    Who Is James Higgins TV Psychic Medium?

    James Higgins Psychic Medium is a British Psychic Medium who seems to work predominantly from his Facebook Page @thespiritmedium. He is the son of Deborah Davies who is another Facebook Psychic who we have recently reviewed.   

    James doesn’t explain (at least not in writing) how he has developed his psychic and mediumship skills. We think it’s probably very possible that his Mother taught him. As James is prolific with his Facebook live posts and videos, we can assume that he may have explained how he has developed his skills during his live feeds. We were not, however, able to confirm that.  

    James has a website to promote his psychic services and also provides free live readings very regularly via a Facebook live stream. These live streams are very popular and have helped James to attain a following of over 100,000 people. ***James has recently taken down his website and we can only get to his services via Facebook or by searching the psychictoday.com website!***

    But is James Higgins Psychic Medium legit? Is he even experienced enough to provide good readings? Keep on reading to find out.

    In the meantime, however, if you need a reading from an experienced psychic, you can do so with confidence by using our recommended and highly-rated psychic provider linked below.  

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    Is James Higgins Psychic Medium Legit?

    It seems as though James Higgins is definitely a legitimate person who works prolifically in the spiritual arena. We suspect that he is also legitimately psychic.  However, we couldn’t find any reviews or comments to support this claim. So, if you are going to have a reading from James, then you are going to have to take him at his word or watch a few hours of his live feeds to decide if he is worth investing in. He is undoubtedly very confident.

    This might not be a good enough answer for the more discerning though. We have to agree that it’s important to find good psychics if you want to make the most out of a reading. And you are guaranteed to find this (complete with reviews) on sites such as Keen or Psychic Source.

    The other issue we have with James is that he claims to be a ‘celebrity psychic’ and to have featured in a number of mainstream publications. These claims may be true, but they are also exaggerated.  We can see that James is definitely growing a significant following on Facebook and he is doing extremely well there. We do not, however, consider him to be a ‘celebrity’ psychic.

    A Celebrity Psychic For Real?

    When we saw that James uses the statement “as seen in The Daily Mirror, Unilad … “ etc. We thought that perhaps he had a column in these publications.  We were curious as to what the connection to these publications is all about and even if we could find out what made him stand out to be spotted by them.  

    But the real tea is that during one of James’ live paranormal investigations the owner of the property he was investigating challenged a spirit rather aggressively. This resulted in James having to stop the investigation because he thought it was becoming unsafe. The whole live stream was very dramatic and quite uncomfortable but it made great viewing.   

    Somehow, these publications mentioned by James got hold of the story (either because one of them watched the live stream or even perhaps because James or someone around him understands PR and sent in the story). We don’t know how the publications became aware of the story. But it was published.  

    Every feature about James in all of these publications is the same story and we couldn’t find any other interaction between James and these publications. So this clearly makes James’ statement somewhat embellished, to say the least. No to mention misleading.

    So while we do believe James Higgins Psychic Medium to be legit, we don’t consider him to be a ‘celebrity psychic’.

    James has recently written directly to us here at the Psychic Guild to explain his use of the term ‘Celebrity Psychic’ so here’s what he says:

    So, ‘The Celebrity Psychic’ term that I was using is actually because I have been reading for celebrities recently. Due to data protection, however, a lot of the people I read for want this to be kept away from the public eye. I’m not referring to myself as the celebrity, though, just to clear that one up! You might have noticed I have changed my name to ‘TV Psychic Medium’ because I’m presenting on SKY TV now.

    How the James Higgins Psychic Medium Website Works

    James’s website is straightforward; he advertises a variety of reading types, and that’s pretty much it.  To purchase, you click the links, pay via Paypal and then follow the instructions. These instructions usually involve sending James an email to let him know that you’ve made a purchase. ***As stated above. James has recently taken down his website and we can only get to his services via Facebook or by searching the psychictoday.com website!***

    The turnaround time for readings is longer than most other psychic providers. You can wait up to 7 days for an email reading.  And when it comes to booking his telephone readings, you can’t see when James is available or how long you have to wait before he can book a reading with you.  Although we are sure that if you emailed James, he’d probably let you know his availability. ***We expect his availability to be limited, not only due to his increasing popularity but also because he works for psychictoday.com!*** It’s just one or two steps more to complete to get your reading that you don’t have to do if you used a specialised psychic provider like Keen, Kasamba or Psychic Source.

    James’ Services

    James Higgins Psychic Medium offers paid services for 1-2-1 readings and also pro-bono readings and competitions. Below is everything that James currently offers.

    Paid Services


    The In-Depth Reading

    You can choose a 12 card tarot reading, a spirit message or a mix of both when you book an in-depth reading. The cost is usually £50, but at the time of writing James had a sale and was promoting the readings for £20.

    There’s not much written by James to explain what you can expect from this reading aside from it being a detailed reading.  We assume you’ll receive an email reading.

    But there are some points that you’ll need to be aware of when you book the reading.

    1. James doesn’t offer refunds and also that it can take up to 7 days for your reading to be returned to you.  
    2. You’ll also need to ‘private message James’ to claim your reading’ which we assume means that you have to private message him on Facebook.  


    You can purchase spells from James, and at the time of writing, they were £2 each which reduced from £10.

    He offers the following spells.

    You’ll need to select the spell you would like from the options available on the James Higgins Psychic Medium website. (Now you’ll need to check his Facebook page or psychictoday.com1) All Spells are then said to be carried out at midnight each night by James.

    There are a few things you need to know concerning the spells.  You’ll find the details below and on James’ website such as:

    1. “Spells do not replace medicines prescribed by your GP. In the event you are getting symptoms of being unwell please call your GP or Emergency Services for further advice.” – James Higgins
    2. Results of spells may vary.

    Mini Reading

    There’s no description about what is involved with the mini reading or how to book them but you get to ask five questions, apparently.  The cost is £10 reduced from £20 at the time of writing.

    Love Reading

    Once again there’s no real description or instruction about this service, but for £20 reduced from £50, you can get a love reading. We have no idea how long it will be, or even whether it’s via email or not (we assume email though).  

    But you can get answers to questions such as these taken from James’ website: (not anymore, you can’t!)

    • Do you want to know where your love life is taking you?
    • Will I meet my long term partner in the future?
    • Will an existing relationship blossom? 

    60 Minute Phone Reading

    Here’s how James explains this reading on his website:

    “Enjoy a 60-minute phone call with James Higgins Psychic Medium where he will read for you and answer any questions you have. (Limited Availability – Only one available per Day).

    Private Message ‘James Higgins Psychic Medium’ once you have made your booking to arrange a time suitable for your Phone Reading.”

    This reading cost’s £50 at the time of the reading reduced from £60.

    We have to say that we do appreciate that James readings are very reasonably priced, but we don’t like having to wait for a reading.  We’d much prefer to get one instantly when we need one. Unfortunately, James doesn’t offer these services.

    James Higgins Psychic Medium Free Services



    James frequently offers competitions where you can win free readings and other prizes.  He usually posts the details of the competitions on his Facebook page.

    Live Mini Psychic Messages Via Facebook Live Streams

    James often does a Facebook live stream where he will provide small messages for anybody who participates in his streaming.  To get this, you have to be watching him live and usually make a comment to let him know you are present and interested in a message.  

    The messages are typically minimal though, and you’d probably need another reading to clarify the message.  This is an entertaining stream and great marketing for James. It’s also a great way to help people even if it’s briefly who could not otherwise afford a reading.

    Tip:  You can’t get instant messages from James. So, if you need further clarification we suggest you take advantage of the often free or heavily discounted introductory offers. You can get these at sites such as Psychic Source or Keen.  

    Prizes For The Best Fan

    Facebook monitors page interactions and then highlights to the page owners the best fan or the person who comments the most.  James rewards these people with free readings, messages or priority over the rest of his followers.

    Live Paranormal Investigations

    Sometimes James goes to investigate haunted locations, and when he does so, he streams it live on Facebook.  This is usually great entertainment and worth watching if you are interested in the paranormal.

    James Higgins Customer Service and Promises To You

    James doesn’t make any big promises or bold claims about his customer service, but he doesn’t have any complaints that we could find.  So we assume that he delivers on his promises.

    James seems to offer a fair exchange for his prices. And while we don’t love the extra steps we need to take to engage with James, or the wait time, we can appreciate that he is an independent psychic. So he may not have the means to provide a more streamlined process at the moment.

    However, you can get much better features from a psychic site which has a variety of verified psychics available 24/7. You can usually get great introductory offers too.

    What We Love About James Higgins

    • James’ enthusiasm and personality.
    • James’ generosity.
    • The community feel on James’ Facebook page.
    • How entertaining James makes psychic phenomena. 

    What We Don’t Love About James Higgins

    • More work could be done to streamline the booking of readings.
    • James’ questionable celebrity status.
    • We are not sure whether James is more focused on attaining celebrity status rather than providing great readings. 

    Our Conclusion

    James seems to be an innovative and personal psychic, who also seems to be legit.  He seems to be motivated and working hard to build his reputation as a good psychic and certainly seems to be doing just that.  However, we don’t think he has achieved enough ‘celebrity status’ for us to be waiting around for a reading from him. Especially when we know we can get great readings instantly. 

    We definitely think that James Higgins might be worth exploring if you are interested in exploring different psychics. But you will have to use your discernment with his ability. Even though we didn’t watch all of James content, we watched a couple of hours worth and only found one endorsement. Due to this, we feel that discernment should be applied.  

    If you want an instant reading, we’ve listed our recommended sites below, and you can find James on Facebook (@thespiritmedium).

    Here are our recommended sites:

    Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

    Psychic Source – Low priced readings right now!

    Keen – 10 minutes for $1.99 

    Get Your Reading with Keen Psychics Today!

    April 2020

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    If you decide to check out James Higgins Psychic Medium don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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    I have still not received my reading greatly disappointed .I have paid £25 for a reading you’ve took my money and no response just emails what keep taking me to the same website for more money. I would like a refund of my £25 please as I’ve had no reading.

    Dorothy thompson
    Dorothy thompson

    I have paid for a mini reading and get messages through asking for £5 I keep sending u back photo shot of money paid and when sent

    Donna Husband
    Donna Husband

    Where is my reading 27thdec 2019 aid through Paypal £20

    Donna Husband
    Donna Husband

    I have been waiting for a reading paid through PayPal since 27dec 2019 I have received nothing


    I just did trying to book james Higgins for a reading


    Have been trying to bk james for reading he has sent me messages saying my ex is thinking of me but have tryed on your web sight james

    Karen Reed
    Karen Reed

    James you have contacted me through messenger. You offered me an email message for £20. My partner tried to pay for me by PayPal but there was a problem connecting to his card even though its registered. I tried to tell you this but just kept getting more pre typed messages 3?

    Karen Reed
    Karen Reed

    James you have been sending your pre- typed messages to me through messenger ?. You also offered me an email reading but pay pal wouldn’t accept my partners card. I feel disappointed as I tried to tell you this on messenger but got no reply hence why I think your messengers are pre-taped


    This guy was propelled into suddenly becoming a fb psychic after many attempts at other online work failed. At one point he was offering free readings if you shared a clothing page he was promoting at the time. I believe he’s no more psychic than my goldfish and it’s just a money money money machine for him and hes desperate to be a celeb. His readings are very vague and he plagues you to share or buy a text reading. Please avoid this one


    I purchased an email reading paid over paypal and never received it? What do I do now?

    Sam Mountain
    Sam Mountain

    Did you ever receive the reading?


    Me too but not received it it was January 4 th. His messanger posts are just automated repeats as well

    Ellen Stockton
    Ellen Stockton

    I paid for a reading a £20 one for a reading with James and they didn’t get back to me and I’m still waiting for my full reading with him I’m not happy as £20 is a lot of money to me and I was really looking forward to the reading he even badgered me for the reading every day x

    Flo Robinson
    Flo Robinson

    I have paid for a reading .. and not had it ??


    took a dispute of payment to get my reading bogus


    You just need to watch twenty minutes of this guy to see he’s only trying to fleece people out of their money. He spends half his time asking people to share into groups and private message him for a £1 reply. The other half of his time is spent giving people vague statements that can apply to anyone. Clearly a fraud, and his page should be closed down.

    Alice Ruffle
    Alice Ruffle

    Interestingly, his personal website is no longer live; although as you may know, he is doing Facebook live streams.


    How do they process the charge for the reply if you’ve never entered a payment method?

    Marybeth Hunter
    Marybeth Hunter

    I paid for a reading from James Higgins and was contacted through Facebook messenger. I was told to leave a screenshot of my proof of payment and asked questions about my upcoming reading and what I wanted. This happened almost immediately after payment. After that, I was told I would be contacted to schedule the reading. I was not contacted so I contacted him again to try to schedule. After no response after multiple attempts, I asked for a refund. I was told that he did not issue refunds but would go ahead and schedule the reading. It has been… Read more »

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