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  • Launched: 1999

Kasamba Review

Available Readings

  • Email readings
  • SMS readings
  • Phone readings
  • Horoscope readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Free readings
  • Dream Interpretation


Pros and Cons

  • a wide range of specialist psychic advisors for every spiritual topic
  • there are many psychics from all over the world, making readings available in a variety of languages
  • available to chat live via phone or web
  • a newly designed, fully featured app which makes chatting even easier
  • a great reputation, in business since 1999
  • can also do offline sessions via email
  • you ALWAYS get the first 3 minutes of chat free when you try a new advisor
  • satisfaction guarantee on your first reading, or you’ll receive a refund
  • an additional 15% discount for new sign-ups
  • they have a thorough support section to answer all your FAQs
  • Kasamba psychics set their own prices based on availability and experience, and some can get up to $20+/minute
  • there’s no option to video chat or see your advisor
  • the first 3 minutes are free only when you choose a new advisor you haven’t worked with before- after that you pay their listed prices
  • with so many physics to choose from, it can be hard to pick one!

Kasamba Psychics Review – Life changing, or just a scam?

Getting an honest psychic reading online can be difficult. There are many psychic networks online, but many of them are not worth what they are charging for readings, and will try to rope you right in!

In the business of getting down to business in the psychic world, we wanted to see how Kasamba Psychics stacks up to see if they’re genuinely gifted, or just a scam!

What is Kasamba?

Kasamba is a physic network that started in 1999. They have a long reputation of helping people, and you can see the tens of thousands of reviews on some of their psychic advisors to prove it.

They are primarily a chat based network, so you’ll use an instant messenger type app to connect with your psychic at Kasamba. This makes it really convenient and easy to integrate into your life whenever you need.

It also keeps the conversation more private, and you can stay anonymous so your personal information is completely protected.

Ready to try your first reading with an experienced psychic?

1. Visit Kasamba Psychics

2. Choose a psychic who stands out to you

3. Sign up for an account and initiate your first chat or call

4. Get your first 3 minutes free with any advisor

5. There’s also a 50% off discount for new sign-ups!


How is Kasamba Psychics Different than the other sites?

  • Kasamba Psychics is one of the longest running online psychic networks to date
  • It is primarily chat based, where you can text back and forth with your psychic advisor through their chat platform online, or easy phone app!
  • Access to your chat transcript make it easy to review notes
  • Some psychics also do email and phone readings, if you’d prefer
  • Kasamba Psychics choose their own prices, so there is a wide variety accessible for every budget
  • Kasamba doesn’t have a prepay requirement like many other psychic sites, so you don’t have to give your payment information upfront
  • Once you choose the psychic you’d like to read with, you’re connected immediately, in real-time! This helps you get more instant information and answers.
  • The also have a satisfaction guarantee, which many other psychic networks don’t offer, which means they stand by their services



What types of readings do Kasamba psychics offer?

There are many experienced and gifted psychics on Kasamba who have been working at their craft for decades.

Their gifts and services are as unique as them, and you always want to look around to see which psychics you naturally gravitate to. But if you’re interested in a particular type of psychic reading, here’s just a snippet of what you’ll find offered at Kasamba.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings utilize the reader’s extra-sensory perception…

This could mean using their clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience or clairsentience…

It could mean connecting with their spirit guides or angels to help answer your questions…

These types of readings look at your current energetic and emotional state, and can see what trajectory you may go from here if you maintain this current state.

They can also offer details of your past, revealing past lives, karmic ties, or old behaviors and programming that is holding you back from what you want, today!

Types of psychic readings available on Kasamba:
Aura Readings
Pet Psychics
Psychic Mediums
Crystal Readings
Remote Viewing
Rune Casting

Love Readings

Is your current relationship the one? Is he being honest? When will you get married? Kasamba boasts some of the best love psychics on the web, and they can answer your questions in real time!

Types of love readings offered on Kasamba:
Breaking up & Divorce
Cheating & Affairs
Gay & Lesbian Friendly
Marital Life
Parents & Children
Single & Dating
Soulmate Connections

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings can offer guidance around your past, present and future.

They work through your subconscious and symbolism, and a skilled and experienced tarot reader, like the ones at Kasamba, can help interpret what story the cards are telling for your life.

They can help you answer questions large and small, specific and general, no matter what you’re looking for.

Check out some of their top-rated tarot card readers over at Kasamba!

Fortune Telling

The future is never set in stone, but there are higher probabilities of future occurrences happening based on where you are right now.

Many of the Kasamba psychics specialize in fortune telling, which is the practice of looking into your path of destiny to see where it’s headed.

They can offer accurate guidance for you to make future decisions, or help you know what to expect up ahead.

These skilled readers use different techniques to help reveal your destiny!

Dream Analysis

Dreams are your subconscious speaking to you. They are the place connected with Spirit that allows us to play out different scenarios than we can here in this psychical realm.

Your dreams can reveal a lot of life’s answers to you, and in fact your spirit guides, and helpers on the other side often visit and communicate with you through your dreams.

But when you wake up from a nightmare or dream that feels negative, or just feel foggy and confused about what it all means, a Kasamba psychic who specializes in dream analysis can help you make sense of it all.

They can analyze the symbols and help you find the deeper meaning of your dream and how it applies to your waking life.

Astrology Readings

Astrology readings are a fun hobby for many people, but when you know your sun sign and check your horoscope out, you are merely scratching the surface of the depth of answers that astrology can provide you.

The astrology experts at Kasamba can look at your natal birth chart and help you discover new things about yourself.

You can gain insight into your past, your struggles, your gifts and your overall purpose in this life!

It can help you find direction and clarity on your current situation or stumbling block.

Career Forecasts

Are you making the right choices in your career? Should you quit your job to start your own business? Will you get the promotion?

Worrying about your career path and where it’s headed can cause a lot of anxiety in our lives! That’s why Kasamba psychics who specialize in career forecasts are here to help you find peace of mind.

They can offer you solutions and guidance in order to move forward, to find the most success in your career!

And much more!

Kasamba also has psychics that specialize in all these different metaphysical areas:

  • Religion
  • Palm readings
  • Paranormal
  • Universal Laws
  • Numerology
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Past Life Readings
  • Intimacy
  • Occult
  • Graphology
  • Picture Readings
  • Financial Outlook
  • Kabbalah
  • New Age Spirituality



Special Introductory Offers:

Join millions who have already received guidance!
Kasamba Psychics has one of the best introductory offer for clients: your first 3 minutes free!

This way you can be sure you find the right Kasamba psychic for you. You may have to try out a few before you find one you really click with, and this allows you to search around a bit before you commit.

For any reader you choose, your first 3 minutes are always free so that you can make sure you resonate with them. If not, you can end the conversation before 3 minutes and not be charged.


How do I know the Kasamba psychics are real, and not a scam?

Kasamba has been in the business of helping people better their lives since 1999. Their reputation serves them very well and they are committed to their customer service.

All combined, they have over 3.5 million 5 star ratings!

Throughout the last nearly 20 years, their selection of gifted psychics have served literally millions of people and received so much glowing feedback. You just can’t be in business this long, and serve that many customers, and be a scam!

They also offer a satisfaction guarantee

If you’re unhappy with your reading or service for any reason, you can get in touch with their customer service team to get a refund of up to $50. This proves they stand by their service, and they stand by their customer happiness!

You can also be sure your personal information is completely safe.

Your payment information is never shared with the psychic, and you don’t even have to disclose your name if you’d like to remain completely anonymous.

Some psychics may ask for your name and birthdate up front though, in order to develop an energetic connection with you.

And if they are looking into your astrology chart, they will need this information. But first names are often enough and you never have to worry about the psychic trying to contact you outside of the safe space of Kasamba.

Check their reviews for yourself

If you’re still feeling unsure, be sure to check out the Kasamba site and explore the variety of different psychics they feature.

They are as varied and unique as you are, and there is sure to be at least one that will resonate and call out to you as someone who may be able to help with your particular situation!

Check out all their reviews and past testimonials to see all the words from satisfied customers themselves!

This will help you get a clearer idea on whether or not that psychic is trustworthy, professional and can help you with what you need.

Aren’t all psychics just a scam?

Some people may not believe in fortune telling or set destinies, and your Kasamba Psychic will likely be the first to agree with you!

While you have to do your own diligence in researching and to trust your own instinct about the psychic you’re speaking to, know that there are hundreds of talented psychics on Kasamba who are the real deal.

They are not there to tell you that your future is set in stone.

They are not going to imply that you have no choice in what’s ahead in your life. You ultimately have free will, and they know and respect that.

A professional psychic will use their intuitive gifts and years of honed skills in tarot, astrology and other methodologies, to help you DECIDE what you’d most like for the direction of your future, and how you can get there.

They can look at probabilities and tell you the place you’re likely headed if you continue on in your direction, but you have the power to stop. To change directions. To forge a new path.

You can receive a reading about a future that you don’t like, and choose to go in another direction with your life.

This is how a reading can help shape the course of your life for the better, whether or not it’s “good.”

Many of the people who think psychics are a scam, write them off before they ever actually experience them!

And many who say psychics are a scam had one bad experience with one, that could have likely been based on their own behavior, the kind of information they supplied up front, and their own openness in being able to hear the truth, whether or not they like it.

Psychics are in the business of providing answers, insight and advice to people who are usually at an unhappy point in their lives.

Customers get in touch when they are questioning, confused, overwhelmed, stuck, ready to give up… the psychics at Kasamba deal with people in many different states of mind and thus, they have their fair share of different types of reactions to the information they provide!

There are some customers who are adamant about their own opinion and only want to hear what they want to hear.

There are some that come in as skeptical and will provide no information, who try to “test” the psychic’s skills and are basically just set out to prove them wrong. They are going to find something to validate the opinion they already have about that psychic, even if they give them good information.

So, you really have to question both sides of the reports when someone labels a psychic reading as “false” or “a scam”, because often that person just received some information they didn’t want to hear. Or they didn’t want to admit the truth. They put their walls up and place blame on the psychic calling them “wrong.”

Remember, there are always two sides to every story.

The Kasamba Psychics are well-intentioned and experienced professionals when you’re ready to place your trust in one. You have to go into a psychic reading with an open mind and an open heart if you expect to receive some real benefit from it.

Some of the web’s best psychics call Kasamba home! Here are a few stand out ones:

David James Psychic Wisdom

34,000+ reviews with an average 5-star rating!

Specialties: Tarot, runes, astrology, Kabbalah, clairvoyance

One of the highest rated psychic advisors on Kasamba

Professional clairvoyant and tarot reader for the last 22 years

Quick, concise and will not waste your time!

Helps with anything you’re going through with the goal of helping you feel relieved and unburdened


Golden Eye

Over 24,000 reviews and an average 5-star rating!

Offers: psychic readings, tarot readings, numerology, love & relationship advice

One of the top-ranked expert psychics on Kasamba.

She helps her clients with love and relationships, and during difficult times.

Specializes in a mix of spiritual and scientific guidance, to bring her advice down to Earth

She helps with making decisions, clarifying goals and making life changes


Raven Franks

15,000+ reviews with an average 5-star rating!

Specialties: Clairvoyant, Empath, Intuitive, Love advisor, time frames, detailed readings

Has been on Kasamba for over 14 years and had her own psychic website/line prior to that

She’s able to feel and top into the intentions and thoughts of others

Provides very detailed readings with dates, timeframes and specific information

Has a high level of repeat clientele that come back again and again

Truthful, compassionate and accurate!


Psychic Reader & Healer

Over 19,000 reviews with an average 5-star rating!

Focuses: Relationships, marriage, finance, business

A 3rd generation professional psychic who’s been doing readings for over 23 years, a Kasamba favorite

He has a special gift to know what other people are thinking and what their intentions are

Can help you make everyday decisions, large and small

Offers spirit healings that are unique to him on the Kasamba network

Is known for being very kind and comforting, especially when going through something difficult

Conclusion: Is Kasamba legit or a scam?

After our look into it, we definitely feel that Kasamba is a psychic network you can trust.

With almost 20 years experience serving the community, and with many psychic advisors on their team who have been practicing for even longer, their reputation precedes them.

Also knowing that they offer a satisfaction guarantee, 3 free minutes to try out any reader up front, and the ability to remain anonymous, it helps our concerns, knowing that if we didn’t have a good experience with the psychic we chose, we could try a new one for free, or get our money back.

There are just too many positive reviews to outweigh the occasional negative ones, that we feel they are legitimate, trustworthy and accurate. Are you ready to try? Remember your first 3 minutes free!

Visit Kasamba for your reading now!

December 2023

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3 FREE Mins + Rates as low as $1/Min
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Have you tried Kasamba before? Which psychics did you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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Caroline Spiotto
Caroline Spiotto
3 years ago

Kasamba is a rip-off. They charged me $500.

Only 1 psychic was accurate.

3 years ago

Hello,i worked for kasamba a Paychic but I stop because they suggest you to answer the client ,what u have to do for example :never give time frame because they are not set in google calendar and stuffs like that.they are not genuin at all and the psychic doesn’t have a screem before hired but they pay a fee not refundable in phase of activation

Caroline Spiotto
Caroline Spiotto
3 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Kasamba scammed me out of $400

Oliver Smith
3 years ago

Great Content…Keep it Up Sir….

4 years ago

horrible site. Master Engima is a scam. they tell you stories to make you comeback.i stated to call him out and he blocked me, invited 3 friends to them and everything was wrong for them too.

4 years ago

Horrible site! The reviews are fake.. Send a few friends to the readers and you’ll see. Master Eginma is the worst one. You call him out he will block you… they tell you stuff to make you come back.

5 years ago

It was my first time trying the service, but I have to say that the readings are accurate. I was having trouble with my love life, but when I turned to Kasamba for help, there are people ready for any kind of questions in life that you need. I have to try their service again, especially as my soul needs healing.

Ellen dee
Ellen dee
5 years ago

Kasamba psychics change my life from sadness to happiness.They are big-hearted peoples with perfect and logical remedies. Thank you Kasamba psychics

5 years ago

Am having another session this week and so far I would say my sessions have been pretty decent. Have been using this site for months now and neither for once do I have the thought that they are scam . their readings are very accurate, and the psychics are very wonderful. The two advisors I have used were very warm and understanding the second psychic prediction even came true just as he predicted, I have no reason to change to another site given my past experience. I will just stick with this for now till I have a reason not… Read more »

5 years ago

I’ve used Kasamba for years now, and I’ve always found them to be very good. I’ve actually spoken to ‘Psychic Reader and Healer’ he was brilliant, I’ve called him a few times and can highly recommend.

Paul Barr
Paul Barr
4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

Hi did ur predictions come to light

Alexandra Gómez
Alexandra Gómez
5 years ago

Psychic Reader & Healer happens to be a 3rd generation professional psychic who’s been doing readings for over 23 years, a Kasamba favorite. He is a very kind soul who has the patience to help you heal your soul and take those big steps you need to make in other to move forward in live.

Alexandra Gómez
Alexandra Gómez
5 years ago

Raven Franks is very detailed in readings with dates, timeframes and specific information
She also has a high level of repeat clientele that come back to her thanks to how accurate she can be during a reading. With her you might hear some truths you don’t want to hear.

Alexandra Gómez
Alexandra Gómez
5 years ago

Golden eye is one of the top-ranked expert psychics on Kasamba. She’s very solicited since she specializes in love readings. I like her style of reading and explaining things to the costumer. She happens to be very accurate in her readings.

Alexandra Gómez
Alexandra Gómez
5 years ago

David James Psychic Wisdom happens to be very insightful in his readings. He happens to be one most of the highest rated of counselors of kassamba.

Alexandra Gómez
Alexandra Gómez
5 years ago

Kassamba is one of the most long running company’s of psychic operators and have a great variety of people who have been in the business for one than 10 years. They know what they’re doing and it’s great experience in general.

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