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Kim Russo The Happy Medium Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Legit Renowned Psychic
  • Appears In Psychic Events (currently in California)
  • Esoteric store
  • Has published books
  • Kim doesn’t often take new clients.
  • The events Kim attends are limited and appear to be California based
  • It’s very difficult to get a personal reading from Kim

Who Is Kim Russo The Happy Medium?

Kim Russo The Happy Medium is a well-known US-based psychic medium, who has been talking to our lost loved ones for almost twenty years.  It’s this time that appears to have helped Kim to develop her communication with the spirit world. This experience has also helped Kim to star in a couple of US-based tv programmes and author two books.

The problem you will find with Kim though is that as much as you might come to appreciate her skill, and want to pay for a reading, she is extremely exclusive. At the time of writing, Kim was not taking on any new clients, which means that you cannot get a reading from her any time soon.

If you are still interested in learning more about Kim; whether she is legit and how she operates, then we’ve got the details below. If you are simply looking for a reliable reading, however, you might prefer to check out one of our highly-rated psychic providers. They can give you just what you are looking for right now! Here are the links:

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Is Kim The Happy Medium Legit?

Kim The Happy Medium gives us plenty of reasons to trust that she is legit.  We can judge by her book sales (one was a bestseller), unbiased reviews, Kim’s appearances on tv programmes and her events. Plus Kim’s efforts to associate herself with other seemingly reputable establishments such as the Forever Family Foundation and The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential proves that Kim goes the extra mile to prove her credibility.

We are satisfied that Kim is a legit psychic.

Of course, we haven’t tested Kim ourselves because she is so exclusive.  But a fake psychic wouldn’t be passionate enough to become involved with psychic research or skilled enough to prove their psychic skills independently so that they can reassure their clients they are legit.

Frankly, a fake probably wouldn’t care about what you think, or about legitimately reassuring you because they only care about hooking in the most gullible of people.  Those who are not likely to challenge them afterward and who might even come back for more!

Kim has taken a totally different approach to proving herself as a legit psychic. It is one that we appreciate and that we feel demonstrates that she cares enough about you to go to such extremes.

How the Kim Russo Website Works

Kim’s Website

The Kim Russo website offers a more detailed description of who she is and how she got to be where she is now as a psychic medium. Kim’s Facebook page, however, offers more interactivity and insight into her everyday life and work. There, she also answers your questions through the live streams that she regularly posts.

Aside from the detailed ‘about me section’ there is not much else that is too interesting on Kim’s website.  You can access Kim’s esoteric store where you can buy some metaphysical products including Kim’s first book, but it appears to have more stock than there really is.  When you click through many of the categories were empty – or at least they were at the time of writing.  

Everything else on Kim’s website is just testimonials and tour dates.

As you will come to find out by reading on, Kim is currently not taking on any clients for private readings at the moment.  Which leads us to probably one of the most important features on Kim’s website (if you are interested in having a reading from her)which is that you can keep checking back (to her contact me page) to find out if and when she is taking on new clients.  

You never know if you are interested and you keep checking back – you might get lucky.  Although we do think (know) that there are plenty more excellent psychic mediums and tarot readers available for instant readings and probably for less money   


You can follow Kim on Facebook, which means that you’ll be notified when she starts a live stream (something that Kim regularly does).  It’s during these live streams that you can connect with Kim and enjoy spiritual, psychic and metaphysically related topics which can prove to be very enlightening and inspirational.  

Facebook is also a great way to find out when Kim is featuring in any events and you can also find out any other news from Kim via Facebook.  Plus you will also find links on Kim’s Facebook page to her books, website, and events.

Services Provided by Kim Russo The Happy Medium

Events and Tours

Kim seems to go on tours now and again where she will demonstrate her psychic prowess and perform readings for her audience.  The problem is that the consistency and frequency of Kim’s tours are unclear. At the time of writing, she had only one upcoming event. We can see from looking at Kim’s Facebook page, however, that she has hosted more psychic events in her recent past.  

It seems as though Facebook might be the best way to keep in touch with Kim and updated on what she’s up to.

Facebook Streams

Kim’s Facebook streams are great for anybody who is fascinated by all things psychic, and esoteric, they provide great entertainment and also are an excellent way for Kim to connect with you.  


At the time of writing Kim was about to release her second book while her first book ‘The Happy Medium’ is said to be an Amazon bestseller.  Note; we said it’s ‘said to be’ because this was a claim made on Kim’s website; not a result of our research. But since Kim seems to be very transparent, we can probably assume that those claims are true. So, if you like to read books by mediums – Kims would be a good one to explore after all they are highly rated.

Kim has written two books:

  • The Happy Medium (the bestseller)
  • Your Soul Purpose (about to be released) 

The Happy Medium Book

“The Happy Medium interweaves experiences from Kim’s life with some of the best, most astounding behind-the-scenes stories of her celebrity readings from episodes of her Lifetime show, The Haunting Of …” .

In addition, she gives you the tools to access the energy that is all around us. These include the experiments and lessons she uses in many of her sold-out appearances and courses around the world. Following her mantra, “Let them lead you,” Kim shows you how to let the world of the dead guide you to a greater understanding of life’s biggest questions.

Here are just some of the reviews:

“I really enjoyed reading and savoring “The Happy Medium.”  In her brilliant and instructive new book, the gifted psychic medium, Kim Russo, graces us with deep spiritual wisdom, inspirational stories, and messages of hope from the other side.  Written in an easily accessible and conversational style, “The Happy Medium” is a truly important and courageous book that will help many people to understand their soul’s journey; to heal grief, and to let go of fear.  It is a book to be treasured, a book I highly recommend.”

— Brian L. Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters

“There are no such things as coincidences. The Happy Medium, Kim Russo, makes that loud and clear as she gives you the handbook to opening your heart, freeing your mind, aligning your chakras and tapping into the energy that we’re all born with. Past life regressions, chilling ghost stories and the link from religion to psychic power are all tackled in these lessons from the other side. Be not afraid …and learn from one of the best.”

— Vanessa Williams

Your Soul Purpose Book

The book ‘Your Soul Purpose’ discusses many of the spiritual laws, which include divine oneness, balance, vibration, and resistance.  It also includes “practical and illuminating exercises and teaches us how to embrace love, reject fear and rid ourselves of a negativity bias.”

According to the book’s blurb “Your Soul Purpose will empower readers to recognize love, leave their fear and egos at the door, and use the spiritual tools they already possess to fulfill their destiny.”

This book is newly released so reviews and feedback are yet to be published.

Kim’s Private Readings

There is no information about Kim’s readings; we could not see how much she charges.  However, from the unbiased reviews we read (not on Kim’s website) we can see that people were satisfied with Kim’s readings and that Kim visited people in their home.

At the time of writing, Kim’s activity seemed to be quiet; we are not sure whether this is usual or just a phase that Kim is having.  But as we’ve said already here in this review, if you follow Kim on Facebook, it’s probably the best way to keep updated on Kim’s ventures and availability.  

Kim Russo The Happy Medium’s Customer Service and Promises To You

Kim doesn’t make any big promises or bold claims about her customer service, but she doesn’t have any complaints that we could find. So, we assume that she delivers on her promises.

However, right now, Kim doesn’t really provide any services that you can buy… other than a few products and tickets to a California event. So, unless you want a book or meditation CD, you’ll probably need to look elsewhere for a reading. If you are looking for a reading, we recommend sites such as Keen or Psychic Source. They are our most highly rated psychic providers.

What We Love About Kim Russo

  • Kim’s reputation and professionalism.
  • The community feel on Kim’s’ Facebook page.
  • Kim’s personality.
  • The effort Kim has made to develop her skills and demonstrate her integrity. 

What We Don’t Love About Kim

  • You can’t get a reading (although we do understand why).
  • Kim’s fees for a reading will probably be unaffordable for many.
  • We wish there were more products in the shop.

Our Conclusion

Kim Russo The Happy Medium certainly knows how to create happy vibes and we can always appreciate a legit psychic. Especially one who makes an effort, going out of her way to reassure you that she’s the real deal and inspiring you toward joy.

The only issue we have with Kim is that she is so exclusive and she doesn’t provide many opportunities to get a reading from her.  That said though, there are many more legit and great but undiscovered psychics out there. All you need to do is to look for them, so we can help you with that. You can find quite a few of them hanging around at sites such as our top-rated ones listed below.  

Just because a psychic may not be as good at marketing or doesn’t have the connections to get a tv show, doesn’t mean they are not every bit as good. So, if you are looking for a reading and you are disappointed that you can’t connect with Kim, we couldn’t recommend the following psychic providers highly enough!

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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Have you decided to check out Kim Russo? Or have you have had a reading from her in the past? If so, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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Linda Budarf
Linda Budarf
1 year ago

I was lucky enough to be read by Kim twice. Each time she gave me exact NAMES along with information she couldn’t possibly know. Sadly, she doesn’t do many readings any longer unless they’re large group meetings, which I have also attended. She is truly possibly the only psychic I believe because there is no way she could have known the actual names of my family members.

Patricia Trout
Patricia Trout
2 years ago

I would appreciate an opportunity to get a reading with Kim Russo. She is quite remarkable and I do have a lot of questions.

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