• Tarot and Astrology Readings
  • Very Cheap Rates
  • Available 24/7
  • Launched: 2011

Kooma Psychics Review

Available Readings

  • SMS readings
  • Phone readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Clairvoyants


Pros and Cons

  • British readers
  • They hand-pick their psychics
  • They make sure their standards of excellence are maintained
  • They have customer service available 24/7
  • They offer a free replacement reading if you’re not satisfied
  • They offer very reasonable rates
  • They offer new IM readings
  • Mostly phone readings - only a few available on IM
  • Very few psychics available at any given time
  • Unprofessional looking photos and consistency on site
  • Clunky search engine
  • On UK time so not as convenient for US

Kooma Psychics Review – Bonafide psychics or a scam site?

Psychics aren’t just fortune tellers. Most people who seek out psychics actually have some intuitive gifts themselves, and seeing a psychic is a great way to begin to access the messages that are lying hidden within you. We’re going to check out those at Kooma Psychics in this review.

Seeing a psychic can be a real form of self-care and self-healing. You may have questions going in initially, but when you work with a truly gifted and talented psychic, you will also receive the answers you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Gifted psychics can reveal the truth to you in many different ways, and there are many different psychic sites to choose from. Have you heard of Kooma Psychics?

We wanted to do a little digging to see, are Kooma Psychics the real deal? Or another psychic scam site?

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How is Kooma Psychics different than the other psychic sites?

  • Well first off, Kooma offers some of the best British readings.
  • They hand-pick their psychics based on their individual talents, insight, and professionalism.
  • Psychics are vetted before hiring them and regularly check on the quality across the network.
  • Their standards of excellence and professionalism are maintained.
  • Their customer service is available 24/7 if you ever need help or are dissatisfied for any reason.
  • They offer a free replacement reading if you’re not satisfied.
  • They get their name, Kooma, from one of the most renowned clairvoyants in the ancient world- the Cumaean Sibyl.
  • Their rates are very reasonable, some of the lowest we’ve seen.
  • They offer new IM readings, along with phone readings.


What kind of readings does Kooma Psychics offer?

Tarot Card Readings

They have British and Irish Tarot card readers standing by, whether you have questions about love, money or career. Tarot card readings can also offer spiritual insight and glimpses into the future.

Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant psychics have the gift of clear sight and see visions, symbols and other visual phenomena through which they decipher their psychic information. Kooma’s clairvoyant psychics are empathic and non-judgmental, ready to help answer your questions.

Psychic Medium Readings

Mediums are psychics who can communicate with those who have crossed over, to reveal messages, provide insight and help offer closure. Kooma has some of the best British and Irish psychic mediums working with them.

Love Tarot Readings

Love and relationships are the first and most popular topic on people’s minds when they get in touch with a psychic. Kooma psychics has some British tarot readers who focus specifically on love and relationship spreads to help answer all your heart’s answers.

Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings work with special decks of oracle cards that offer insight from the angels. You can receive a lot of light and love through an Angel reading, and the Kooma psychics have British angel card readers available to offer support and kindness when you need it.

Spiritual Coaching

Spirituality in Britain is disconnected from the religious connotation and implies more psychic and sometimes mystical occurrences and beliefs. Kooma has some spirit coaches who specialize in helping people through their own spiritual growth, to support their highest evolution.

Psychic Healing

Gifted spiritual and psychic healers can heal remotely, wherever you are in the world. They can connect with your energetic system to read where it’s blocked, or in need of healing. Kooma has some British and Irish psychic healers working with them to help heal the divide between your mind, body and spirit selves.

Rune Readings

Runes are an ancient divination tool used by Vikings, and evolved from ancient writing systems. They were ascribed to have magical powers of healing and protection. The Kooma psychics who read runes can also use them to offer spiritual insight or predictions.

Astrology Readings

Kooma has a daily horoscope available on their site, but if you want to go deeper than a broad view of your sun sign, you’ll want an astrology reading! An astrology reading from a gifted astrologer can offer insight on your path ahead, how to move around your struggles, and what’s coming up for you so you can prepare.


How do I know if Kooma Psychics is a scam or not?

We don’t think Kooma psychics is a scam, but they are one of the smaller networks available.

That could be a pro or con, depending on what you’re looking for.

They have far fewer psychics available on their site, which means you’re limited to the perhaps few that are available at any given time. Or there may be none available at the time you look!

This makes us wonder – is the site not very active? Are they a newer network just starting to gain traction?

These aren’t red flags, necessarily…. But they also can’t quite compare to the experience and variety of psychics available at the larger sites, like Keen or Psychic Source.

Their site says they’ve been in business since 2011, but most of their readers only have double-digit reading numbers and testimonials. We’re used to seeing those numbers in the thousands on more reputable sites like LifeReader.

They also offer some of the lowest prices we’ve seen online for a psychic site, but this actually can be a red flag. Low prices don’t equate with high quality, now do they! This implies they could be a little desperately seeking clients.

It also points to the fact that their psychic readers must not be getting as much as their gifts are truly worth, which means the psychics Kooma attracts might be newer to doing readings or have less experience working on psychic hotlines.

Most of the more reputable and experienced psychic networks like Psychic Source, offer $1/minute at the lowest to ensure their readers still make a decent wage.

Also, most Kooma psychics are available on British and Irish time, so if you’re from the US seeking guidance, you may only find a few available at the time in the evening when you can finally settle down for a reading.

So just like when you’re assessing any psychic site, you have to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself what you’re looking for.

What are some signs a psychic could be a scam?

You may be wary that some Kooma Psychics are a scam, and you never really know until you have experience with them- you have to use your intuition and judgment.

If at any time they:

  • are stalling giving you information, trying to get you to stay longer before they really give you some good details…
  • are making predictions about your life that sound dire, yet their only solution is to buy a special magic potion or spend more time with them…
  • say you have a curse or dark entity that only they can remove…
  • give you only perfect answers that sound like they’re just trying to tell you what you want to hear…
  • flip flop a lot during a reading or seem all over the place with no real answers…
  • are way too vague and general with their advice, even when you asked really specific questions…
  • just make you feel icky and send that alarm off in the back of your mind…


Then they may well be trying to scam you!

Believe us, you’ll know. You’ll sense it.

Don’t let that make you guarded though, because if you come to psychic with a wall up to protect yourself, you will not have a good connection and things will feel “off.”

This doesn’t always mean the psychic is a scam, or a fraud, or wrong- it simply means you’re not letting them in.

Energy works both ways.

There has to be an opening in order for the energy to flow in. You have to create space.

If you are putting up an energetic wall before you even speak with a psychic, and are sure they’re going to be wrong, you’re only going to look for things that prove you right.

This is what our ego likes to do- prove us right at all costs!

A professional, reputable psychic will help you dig beneath that ego response to find real answers.

If you’re not sure you can trust the readers at Kooma, we suggest going to a site we know you can trust, like Keen Psychics.

How to ensure a more accurate reading

As someone seeking out a reading, the weight is not entirely on the shoulders of the advisor to provide accuracy to you.

A psychic isn’t like what you see in the movies- they aren’t be all, know all, magical entities. They are talented and skilled humans who’ve practiced these skills, along with inserting or being born with many unique gifts already expressed (but we ALL have access to them.)

There are some things you can do up front in order to ensure you receive a reading that will benefit your life:

Have questions prepared beforehand

So you don’t waste time thinking of what you want to ask. The more open and broad your questions are, the more vague answers you may receive. The more specific your questions are, the more specific your psychic will be able to be. It is important to think about what you want to ask!

Come with an open mind

If you’re already firmly set in your opinion on the question you have in mind, you will be closed off to receiving guidance for it. If you’re only looking to hear one possible answer that you’ll be happy with, if you hear anything different, though it may be essential and helpful information, you may be closed off to it. Leave what you think you know at the door if you want to receive some truth and insight from your subconscious and Spirit.

Find a reader you trust

Make sure you look through the profiles, look at their experience and choose a reader who you feel good vibes from. You can trust your intuition when it comes to choosing which psychic to work with. At Kooma, you can request a new psychic reader if you’re unhappy with one. But if you don’t see a psychic who appeals to you at Kooma, check out the ones on Kasamba where there’s a much larger selection of psychics who have many years of experience.

Who are the best Kooma Psychics?

It was hard to find psychics on Kooma with very many reviews, compared to the thousands of reviews you see on sites like Kasamba… but we scoured through to find the psychic readers at Kooma who seem to have the most experience and positive feedback so far on the site.

Mya x5672

Psychic Mya

Angel Cards
Love Tarot
Spirit Coach

Has been using her psychic gifts for the last 13 years to help people deal with difficult situations and circumstances.
Likes to help empower her clients, not just give them readings set in stone.
Believes she has the responsibility to help you tap into your own intuition and instincts.
Helps guide people through personal relationships, love & marriage, friendships, money, career.
See her for help with anything weighing heavily on your mind.

Daisy x6997

Kooma Psychics - Daisy

Angel Cards
Has been able to see those who’ve crossed over since the age of two.
Her journey as a psychic began when she first visited a clairvoyant for a reading.
Has been reading tarot and angel cards professionally for 17 years.
Believes her purpose here on Earth is to help guide you through difficult times.
Reads with honesty and compassion, never giving false hope.

Bev x4888

Kooma Psychics - Bev

Love Tarot
Spirit Coach

Has been a psychic medium with clairvoyance for over 30 years.
Sees, hears and smells Spirit. They link in with her guides to provide information for you.
Gives very detailed readings. Honest, truthful and provides excellent validations.
Will never judge you or your actions.
Specialises in love, as love makes the world go round!

Does Kooma Psychics have a guarantee for their readings?

Kooma does offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on their readings. They pride themselves on having some of the most gifted British and Irish psychics available. They do appear to want their customers to be completely satisfied.

For this reason, we really feel Kooma Psychics is operating out of integrity and isn’t a scam… though it certainly has some catching up to do to be comparable to the professionalism of sites like Keen Psychics.

But we like that Kooma acknowledges that sometimes a reading might not meet your expectations. If you feel they aren’t truly serving information from a higher realm for your best guidance, you can contact customer service to see about getting your money back.

Be sure to read all the rules and fine print on this before you try out a Kooma Psychics.

That way you’ll know exactly what to do in order to qualify for your money back if you need to take advantage of their guarantee.

They do carefully vet their readers at Kooma Psychics though. There is no big call center; each psychic is uniquely driven to serve the public in this way because they truly feel they have gifts to offer.

We believe many of the best psychics might seek out higher trafficked and well-known reputable sites like Keen or Kasamba in the future, but Kooma is certainly a good place for psychics to start. Especially if they may be newer to reading on psychic hotlines, but still have experience under their belts.

What’s the verdict? Can you trust Kooma Psychics?

We do feel you can trust Kooma Psychics to provide you with an accurate reading.

Their main base is British and Irish customers, so if you’re not located in those countries and it doesn’t suit your time zone, you’d be better off seeking out a psychic from Keen or Psychic Source as we recommend.

There are a few red flags that concern us. Number one- extremely low prices don’t usually equate with exceptional service, so if you’re really concerned about the quality and care of your psychic reader, and the customer service behind the company, we’d recommend going with Kasamba instead.

Another red flag is their lack of professionalism on the site. There are blurry and inconsistent psychic photos, a clunky search feature and generally unappealing graphics. These facts, again, have us leaning towards the more reputable sites, like Psychic Source, where you can really easily narrow down the right reader for you with their easy-to-use website, and trustworthy consistency in how they operate.

So, if your budget is really the main factor in your decision, Kooma Psychics may be light on your wallet. But, they also may be light on quality, experience, and professional integrity.

You can find guaranteed readings at Psychic Source for as low as $1/minute, which we feel is the least you can expect to pay for quality, accurate reading.

Here are our psychic network picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Psychic Source- Low priced readings right now!

Keen- 10 minutes for $1.99.[/su_note]

Check out Psychic Source for your reading now!

August 2022

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Have you ever had a reading from Kooma Psychics? Who did you read with and how did it go? Share with us in the comments below!

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3 years ago

Having used Kooma for many years I spoke to quite a few bad readers on the line. One of which even gave me they’re contact details and connected with me outside of the company (which is against the rules) under the pretence that they were my friend (reader 3245). I was in a different place back then and suffering very badly with depression (amongst other things) caused mainly by an abusive family situation. The truth is however that this woman just trying to take advantage of me to get my money knowing how vulnerable that I was at the time.… Read more »

Barnes Eme
Barnes Eme
3 years ago

Sincere Gratitude

Daisy’s reading was amazingly accurate, shockingly sensitive and truly insightful. I do not know really what I was expecting, or hoping for, from the reading, but she surpassed it. My sincere gratitude for her insight and guidance during this time of transition.

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