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    LifeReader Psychics Review

    Available Readings

    • Phone readings
    • Horoscope readings
    • Tarot readings


    Pros and Cons

    • free 4 minutes of chat with any reader for new customers.
    • 10 minute calls for only $.19 a minute for new customers.
    • an internationally recognized group of readers available 24/7.
    • compassionate and caring readers.
    • accuracy you know you can trust.
    • helpful blog around spiritual topics.
    • 4 different kinds of free horoscopes!
    • a wide range of readers with different unique skills.
    • some of the lowest prices on the web after the initial offer.
    • package deals as low as $40 value for $20, and $60 value for $30.
    • There’s no option to video chat or see your advisor.
    • There’s no phone app.
    • the first 4 minutes are free only when you’re a new customer- after that you pay their listed prices.
    • With so many gifted physics to choose from, it can be hard to pick one!

    LifeReader Psychics Review – Gifted Psychics or a scam?

    Do you ever feel self-conscious when you’re seeking out the counsel of a psychic such as those at LifeReader Psychics? You don’t have to be, because everyone, from celebrities to Joe down the street is doing it too – often in the privacy of their own homes. They’re just not telling you about it!

    When you’re ready to seek out psychic counsel, going to an online psychic network is such an easy and convenient choice, that you can do from your home, work, your car or whenever you are with an internet connection!

    But how do you know if you’re choosing a reputable psychic site, or if it could be a scam?

    We look at all the top psychic lines here and today we’re getting up close with LifeReader to see, are they a scam? Or a psychic network you can rely on?

    Curious what life has in store for you ahead?
    1. Visit Psychic Source.
    2. Register your details.
    3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
    5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

    What makes LifeReader Psychics different than the rest?

    LifeReader psychics are professionals that come from all over the world. Based in New Zealand, they attract a worldwide audience of both their readers and clientele alike.

    If you’re looking for some of the top psychic readers in the world, you’ll find that LifeReader has hand-selected many of them to work with- these psychics are the real deal, and not a scam!

    With various techniques and toolkits that span a wide variety of traditions and cultures, you’re sure to find a unique and gifted psychic who is a good match for you at LifeReader.

    Many of the psychics at LifeReader have been there since its inception in 2011, and have nothing but glowing comments to offer in working with them.

    Often if a psychic network is a scam, it’s the network itself doing the scamming and both the psychics and clients can get taken advantage of. But with so many dedicated readers who are committed to and speaking out about their love of working for LifeReader, we are sure that they’re a company you can trust to receive a genuine reading from.

    How to tell which of LifeReader Psychics is best for me?

    When you head to a LifeReader psychic’s profile page, you can gain a lot of information to decide whether or not they’re right for you. We recommend you look at:

    • the length of time they have been with LifeReader
    • how many reviews they’ve gotten and the %positive
    • how many readings they’ve done with LifeReader
    • their background and bio
    • experience and specialties
    • testimonials from other customers
    • look for a green chat or call button to let you know they’re available right at that moment to help
    • a yellow busy button will appear when they’re on with another customer.
    • can book appointments with some psychics that aren’t available
    • remember your first 4 min of chat is free with any reader!

    Definitely take the time to check out your LifeReader psychic and make sure they seem like a good fit for you.

    And your first 4 minutes of chat with any reader is free! So you can see if you vibe with one another and make sure you like their style before you decide to continue onto a paid reading.

    What kind of readings does LifeReader Psychics offer?


    These LifeReader psychics can peer into your future to make predictions. They may or may not use tools to aid in their readings. They connect with Spirit and communicate their highest guidance directly to you, to help you with any situation you may be going through. This includes clairvoyants, clairaudients, psychic mediums, or more!

    Tarot Readings

    Tarot cards are one of the oldest forms of divination to predict the future, help you move through the obstacles in the present and heal the past. They can be very insightful and offer very specific answers to your questions. The LifeReader psychics who offer tarot readings have been studying it for many years, sometimes decades, and have a unique and powerful ability to decipher the messages the cards have for you.

    Dating Advice

    Dating is one of the most asked about topics that LifeReader psychics get. Navigating through dating in this day and age can be tricky and lonely and full of obstacles. That’s why so many people rely on psychics to help them get some insight into if this current relationship is the right now, or help in knowing what the other person is thinking or feeling that they’re not telling you.

    Breakup Advice

    Along with dating inevitably comes breakups. Some can be harder than others, but they all offer valuable lessons about what you truly deserve in your life and relationships going forward. The LifeReader psychics are known for being compassionate and considerate to help you through hard times. They can use their psychic insight and gifts to reveal the lessons that are coming through, or what’s the best path for you going forward.

    Soulmate Readings

    Is he or she “the one?” In reality, we have many soulmates, and they can come in the form of both romantic and platonic relationships. The LifeReader psychics are well versed and experienced in offering insight into your relationships to see if there is a soulmate connection, which means there is something very important to be learned from it. There also might be karmic and past life connections that bind you, or you could have found your twin flame! If you’re curious about who they are or when they’re coming, a LifeReader psychic can offer insight to help.

    Relationship Advice

    Relationships can be tricky, especially with planetary shifts like retrogrades and eclipses. The LifeReader psychics who offer relationship advice specialize in all sorts of relationships, from loved ones to those with family and friends, or even coworkers. Anyone who is in your life is in relationship to you, so if you need some help navigating those waters, they have the experience and insight to help!

    What kind of Psychics are there at LifeReader?

    They have such a wealth of different types of readings and spiritual counseling available at LifeReader.

    Under Psychic Clairvoyants, you’ll find psychics who specialize in:

    • Channeling
    • Crystal Ball Readings
    • Spiritual Readings
    • Angel Readings
    • Psychic Medium
    • Rune Stone Readings
    • Tea Leaf Readings
    • Shamanism
    • Dream Interpretation
    • Automatic Writing
    • Oracle Readings
    • Paranormal Phenomena
    • Mind Reading


    Under Tarot Card Readers, you’ll find psychics who specialize in:

    • Lenormand Cards
    • Skat Cards
    • Crowley Cards
    • Kipper Cards
    • Angel Cards
    • Rider Waite Cards
    • Osho Zen Cards
    • Other Tarot Cards


    Under Astrology Horoscopes, you’ll find readers who specialize in:

    • Horoscope Readings
    • Indian Astrology
    • Vedic Astrology
    • Chinese Astrology
    • Karmic Astrology
    • Classical Astrology
    • Numerology
    • Natal Chart Readings


    Under Love & Relationships, you’ll find psychics who specialize in:

    • Dating Advice
    • Love & Sex Advice
    • Family Advice
    • Soulmate Readings
    • Relationship Advice
    • Past Life Readings
    • Karmic Relationships
    • Breakup Advice


    Under Mind Body Spirit, you’ll find healers who specialize in:

    • Reiki Healing
    • Aura Readings
    • Feng Shui Advice
    • Spiritual Healing
    • Sexual Counseling
    • Diet Advice
    • Spiritual Guidance
    • Fertility Readings
    • Chakra Readings
    • Naturopathy
    • Animal Communication
    • Life Coaching
    • Anger Counseling
    • Crystal Healing
    • Motivation Guidance


    Who are the best LifeReader Psychics?

    LifeReader Psychics stand out for being compassionate and non-judgmental. They are all truly here to help provide answers and advice to people to benefit their lives. So, any reader you choose there will be able to provide you guidance and insight!

    But here are a few that really seemed to stand out as some of the top LifeReader psychics:


    LifeReader Psychics - Ann

    Certified psychic, life coach & healer

    Readings: 13513
    With LifeReader since: 2015
    Reviews: 7029
    Positive: 99%

    Love & Relationship
    Finance & Money
    Life Coaching
    Family life
    Personal growth
    Emotional well being

    $6.50 /min

    • over 44 years experience, a psychic teacher from a long line of psychics and mediums
    • speaks with the angels to reveal and answers and messages they have for you
    • gives straightforward, candid information to help you around your issues and worries
    • can also do crystal healing to further aid in your inner peace
    • helps you overcome doubt and come into the Divine natural flow where there is a perfect balance



    LifeReader Psychics - Xena

    Life changing love & relationship specialist

    Readings: 5181
    With LifeReader since 2015
    Reviews: 1278
    Positive: 98%

    Coffee cup reader
    Master Psychic
    Soul love master
    Relationship master
    Love & Relationship
    Twin Flames
    Soulmate Reading

    $5.50 /min

    • over 30 years of experience in offering psychic guidance
    • known as the clairvoyant’s clairvoyant, as other psychics often come to her for guidance
    • can help you understand your life path and the steps you can take to change it
    • especially gifted in love and relationship readings to offer direct and precise answers about people around you
    • genuine and honest demeanor that brings her clients back to her again and again



    Psychic Patrick

    World renown acclaimed shaman & psychic healer

    Readings: 5100
    With LifeReader since 2015
    Reviews: 758
    Positive: 99%

    Love & Relationship
    Crystal ball
    Tarot cards

    $6.50 /min

    • over 25 years experience as a psychic reader and healer
    • deeply caring and compassionate, able to provide accurate insight, clarity and direction
    • offers valuable insight that is fast & clear, while also being down-to-earth and practical for real life
    • gifted with past-life recollection, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, he had been able to know, understand and predict things
    • has had extensive training and gone through various initiations in different psychic explorations all around the world


    Rev. Charlie

    Psychic Rev. Charlie

    Top international psychic offering powerful guidance and wisdom

    Readings: 8769
    With LifeReader since 2014
    Reviews: 2147
    Positive: 98%

    Love & Relationship
    Soulmate Reading
    Career & Finance

    $5.50 /min

    • over 30 years experience in the psychic world acquiring many different skills
    • can help you tap into the Spirits within and those surrounding you to discover your true pathway
    • brings through master teachers and guides to provide insights from your highest sources
    • vibrates very high and brings information you didn’t even think you needed to know, often surprising you
    • can help you make decisions large and small across your life!


    Farrah H

    Psychic Farrah H

    Top international psychic offering powerful guidance and wisdom.

    Readings: 8769
    With LifeReader Since 2014
    Reviews: 2147
    Positive: 98%

    Love & Relationship
    Soulmate Reading
    Career & Finance
    Psychic Future Readings
    Spiritual Healing

    $5.50 /min

    • has embraced her psychic gifts since she was 17, doing readings for others since then.
    • can feel your current state of being and send positive energy to heal and enlighten you.
    • a past therapist with extensive experience in guiding people to help change their lives.
    • can feel into your past, present and future offering the truth you need to guide you to your destiny.
    • combines her psychic mind and energy to help you with any questions you need answering.

    What can I learn from the LifeReader Psychics?

    At LifeReader, they are committed to providing accurate, honest life guidance to help you move forward.

    You can rest assured the psychics at LifeReader are not here to scam you, but rather to provide you with avenues to help you move past your struggles.

    A psychic can be helpful especially when you’re feeling doubtful, or can’t think clearly. They can help cut through the haze in your mind to see what the solution is.

    They offer readings, dating advice, tarot readings, breakup advice, soulmate readings, relationship advice, astrology horoscopes, and readings to help heal your mind, body & spirit.

    How do I get the best reading from the LifeReader Psychics?

    Write down your questions first

    It helps to write down what’s on your mind beforehand, so you can use your time with your LifeReader Psychic more productively.

    You want to ask clear and specific questions, in order to get the most accurate insight into your life.

    Try to relax and don’t be nervous

    Your energy can affect the reading, and if you’re too nervous, you may be closed off to hearing what you need to hear.

    Take some deep breaths before you press that call or chat button. Have your questions ready.

    You’ll be in good hands, with a professional LifeReader psychic who can help guide you every step along the way.

    Clear out distractions first

    It’s helpful to be in a quiet room with no distractions for your reading with your LifeReader psychic.

    This can help clear the way for you to be open to hearing the messages you will receive.

    It can also calm your nervous system so you feel more at ease and able to stay focused on your reading. Your distraction can often throw the energy of the reader off.

    Don’t be afraid to interact

    Don’t be afraid to interact with your LifeReader psychic, and answer their questions! Share your backstory! Give them information!

    The more you can be clear about what you need, the more accurate and helpful answers you’re going to get from your reader. So don’t withhold or feel like you need to test if they’re magic or not.

    They’re not mind-readers. (Ok, well some of them actually are) They need you to share your feelings, so they can give you a clear and accurate reading.

    Expect the unexpected!

    You may hear some unexpected or surprising things in your reading at LifeReader! That’s why it’s helpful to calm down, stay focused, and make sure you’re in an open and receptive state.

    You don’t want your defenses to be raised the second you hear something that may be different than what you were expecting, so stay open to all possibilities.

    And know that the psychic’s job is to help you weigh your options and find the path to your highest and best healing.


    Ready to see how LifeReader Psychics can help change your life?
    • Get your first 4 minutes of chat free with any reader!
    • You can also get your first 10 minutes of a call for only $.19/minute
    • There are also special packages where you can get a $40 value for only $20, or a $60 value for $30!


    How do I know I can trust the LifeReader Psychics?

    You get the first 4 minutes free chat with any reader, so that’s a great way to check them out and see if you immediately resonate.

    We are sure LifeReader has truly gifted psychics and that they are not a scam. They have many compassionate and caring healers and intuitive guides to help you in every area of your life.

    That said, you have to trust your own instincts when it comes to your reader, to make sure you don’t fall for a scam.

    Here are a few things to watch out for to make sure your reading isn’t a scam!

    • are they stalling on giving you some actual information, trying to have you buy more minutes before you get to the good stuff?
    • are they offering their special magic potion or more time with them as the only cure for what’s going on with you?
    • do they say you have a curse or dark spirit that only they can remove?
    • do all of their answers for you sound too good to be true like they’re telling you what they think you want to hear to keep you on the line?
    • are they flip-flopping a lot during a reading or seem all over the place?
    • are their answers very vague and general, even to your very specific questions?
    • do you just get an icky feeling about it?

    You will likely know it when you feel it. Trust your gut on whether or not you are speaking with a psychic you can trust. But also know that at LifeReader they have hand-selected some of the best, most competent psychics from around the world!

    Otherwise, here are our recommended, firm favorite sites:

    Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now:

    Psychic Source – Low priced readings right now!

    Keen – 10 minutes for $1.99 [/su_note]

    Other than the LifeReader Psychics, try Psychic Source by clicking in the table below:

    July 2020

      All Psychics are:
    • Expertly Reviewed,
    • Available 24/7,
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Rank
    • Website
    • Rating
    • Offer
    • Features
    • Visit Site
    3 Minutes FREE
    • Phone, Chat & Video Psychics
    • Chat from $1 per Min
    • 90% Off 1st Reading

    Have you ever tried LifeReader Psychics? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Charlie teo
    Charlie teo
    1 year ago

    Same faces always up the top. Need to mix it up. Best readers r new and fresh. Ann just offers counselling. I think rigged

    Charlie teo
    Charlie teo
    1 year ago

    Why is Ann’s profile. Always displayed. It seems boring

    Charlie teo
    Charlie teo
    1 year ago

    Ann and is always the one advertised While all the other psychics. Come after ?? She only counsels. Must pay for her ads

    paul sams
    paul sams
    1 year ago

    We love Patrick ?✨?? I received my reading just after my 30th birthday and Gregory is a true gem ? of a human! My sisters and I listen to it and reference often and love Greg so much that have subsequently ordered readings for all of us and each time though they be months and months apart and being we know each other so very very well we are blown away with how awesome and accurate and timely and necessary and synchronous everything that he has to say has been. We are so grateful we’ve been able to afford this… Read more »

    1 year ago

    Thank you. I want to get a psychic reading and I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I just called and Wow! I wanted to speak to Ann but she wasn’t online, so I chose Patrick and he was incredible I don’t feel like I have a problem anymore and when I called him I did have one. How can it be that I didn’t know how to solve something and then somebody who doesn’t even know me can help me solve my problem immediately in a way that I’m totally comfortable with. If I’d have realised that this… Read more »

    Alexandra Gómez
    Alexandra Gómez
    1 year ago

    Life reader offers free 4 minutes of chat with any reader for new customers10 minute calls for only $.19 a minute for new customers an internationally recognized group of readers available 24/7compassionate and caring to their careers. This is a very easy page to use thanks to its simplicity.

    Alexandra Gómez
    Alexandra Gómez
    1 year ago

    Farrah H. has embraced her psychic gifts since she was 17, doing readings for others since then. She can feel your current state of being and send positive energy to heal and enlighten you. She uses a lot of psychology in her readings to help you overcome your problems.

    Alexandra Gómez
    Alexandra Gómez
    1 year ago

    Rev. Charlie has over 30 years experience in the psychic world acquiring many different skills. He can help tap into the Spirits within and those surrounding you to discover your true pathway. This can happen to be a bit surprising reading since he vibrates very high and will tell you thing you things that are accurate and needed.

    Alexandra Gómez
    Alexandra Gómez
    1 year ago

    Patrick has over 25 years experience as a psychic reader and healer. He is deeply caring and compassionate, able to provide accurate insight, clarity and direction . He offers a down to earth type of uniqueness that we often need when something is going wrong.

    Alexandra Gómez
    Alexandra Gómez
    1 year ago

    Xena has over 30 years of experience in offering psychic guidance. She’ll help you understand your life path and the steps you can take to change it, gifted in love and relationship readings. Accurate and healing reader. She’s genuine and honest towards the readings.

    Alexandra Gómez
    Alexandra Gómez
    1 year ago

    Ann has over 44 years experience, she is a psychic teacher from a long line of psychics and mediums. She’ll help you overcome doubt and come into the Divine natural flow where there is perfect balance. Very accurate and straight forward reader.

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