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Lillyanne Psychic Medium Review

Available Readings

  • Email readings
  • SMS readings
  • Phone readings
  • Psychic Chat


Pros and Cons

  • Personable and personal website
  • Clean and easy to use
  • Experienced psychic provider
  • Text, email, telephone and chat readings available
  • You Can’t Book A Reading From Lillyanne
  • No search facility to find psychics
  • Not a huge choice of psychics

Who Is Lillyanne Psychic Medium?

By all accounts, Lillyanne Psychic Medium seems to be a legit medium who is genuinely trying to give you an excellent service. She is probably also trying make a decent living out of providing readings.  

She claims to be a clairvoyant who became aware of her skills as a child and has since learned to accept them and also develop them. All this in order that she can provide reliable and informative readings.  

Lillyanne seems to be friendly and warm and is indeed a psychic. She has experienced significant and devastating grief in her life (just check out her profile to read the memorial she has on there to her son), and you’ll see what we mean. This means she can definitely relate if you are dealing with grief.  Lillyanne is also a columnist in Soul and Spirit Magazine. So she certainly seems to know her stuff. There is, however, one issue that we have with Lillyanne’s website and to find out more, you’ll need to keep on reading.

But in the meantime, if you want to enjoy a reading from a psychic provider who we don’t have any issues with then check out the link below:

5 Steps To A REAL Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Psychic Source.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

Is Lillyanne Psychic Medium Legit?

To answer your question, we believe that Lillyanne as a psychic is legit. However, there is no way for you to get a reading directly from Lillyanne.  At least you can’t through her website.

Instead, you have a choice of other psychics to choose from who Lillyanne calls ‘her psychics’. In fact, Lillyanne’s psychics are provided by a different business and psychic provider. This provider is specifically in the business of delivering psychic services to independent psychics such as Lillyanne.

There is no issue with this setup. Both Lillyanne and Allstar Psychics seem to be doing what they should be doing to provide you with good service.  However, it’s mildly deceptive to not explain this to your customers. Some of the features that you might get from a public-facing psychic provider such as Psychic Source or Keen are lost when you use a service such as Lillyanne’s. This is usually not a problem if you can still enjoy a reading from a seemingly legit independent psychic. It does seem, however, as though Lillyanne doesn’t provide this service. Instead, it appears that she passes all business over to Allstar Psychics.

How Lillyanne Psychics Works

Lillyanne’s website is built around her profile. She essentially draws in the crowds but, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s not Lillyanne or her business who provide the psychic services that you will use if you book a psychic from Lillyanne.

Lillyanne’s terms and conditions clearly express that Allstar Psychics provide the psychic services and they also provide contact details if you happen to need a refund. So, everything should be good if you do decide to use them.

Different Reading Types

There are four types of readings that you can book from Lillyanne’s site:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Text 

To use the telephone or text features, you just pick up your phone and call the number. Or, in the case of the text facility text, the number and you’ll be connected to a psychic who will provide your reading for you.

You can pay by card or phone bill for your telephone reading, and the text messages are charged to your mobile phone bill.  

If you use the text services you may receive promotional texts. You do not need to worry, however, as the service is legit and they are not secretly charging you for sending these texts which is what can happen with some scams.  Any promotional texts are sent at no cost to you, the only texts you pay for are those that the psychic send to you in response to your request for a psychic text reading.

Email Readings

To book an email reading, you select the email reading option from Lillyanne’s homepage and complete the form.  Payment is made via Paypal, and you’ll receive your reply within 72 hours. Allstar Psychics also provide this service – you won’t receive a reading from Lillyanne!

Psychic Chat

To enjoy a psychic chat, you’ll need to create an account by following the links on Lillyanne’s homepage (select IM Chat and then follow the instructions).  After you’ve opened the account, you’ll need to top it up with some credits. Next, you choose a psychic who is offering the chat service and follow the instructions to connect with them.

Lillyanne Psychic’s Services

Lillyanne provides a blog – and while there are some interesting articles, it doesn’t seem to have been kept up to date.  

Allstar Psychics

There will be psychic providers who have a variety of skills, but you cannot search for these on Lillyanne’s website because there is no search function.  Instead, you’ll need to click in and out of the psychic’s profile. This is a little annoying and there isn’t too much choice.

For more choice and a better search function, we like Kasamba who also happens to be one of our top-rated psychic providers.

The Lillyanne Psychic Medium Customer Service and Promises To You

Even though we have said that the Lillyanne Psychic Medium website seems to be legit, which we still believe, she doesn’t really make any promises to you.  Her website simply provides a variety of readings courtesy of Allstar Psychics. Oh, and also a contact form, for the occasions when you might need assistance.  

Lillyanne Psychic Medium relies on her own name to provide you with the reassurance that ‘her’ psychics are good. So, while we appreciate that there is no confusing marketing patter, we are not sure if Lillyanne’s word is strong enough reassurance to the discerning eye that the readings you will receive are actually good.  What’s more, we doubt very much that Lillyanne has personally interviewed each psychic!

We also couldn’t find any exact information about how the psychics on Lillyanne’s website are screened. Plus it would be difficult to look up past reviews for Allstar Psychics because they are a ‘white label’ brand.

There was no information on Allstar Psychics about how they take care of your queries, and their terms and conditions were not published. So, unfortunately, we were unable to access them (probably because business is conducted business to business and individual terms and conditions are agreed to depend on each client) but not because there is any deception.

It’s also unclear as to whether Lilyanne responds to customer service inquiries or if Allstar Psychics does.

Here are some of the services you will NOT get from Lillyanne Psychics

  • Up-to-date and informative blog posts.
  • Free tarot games.
  • A wide variety of psychics.
  • Search function to find specific psychics, services or skills.
  • Favorites button to keep track of your favorite psychics.
  • Ability to save your transcripts. 

Who Is Allstar Psychics?

Allstar Psychics is a provider, who connects consumers with psychics. They provide the platforms, the phone set up and everything else that is needed but they are essentially a white label brand. So this means that they provide their services to independent psychics or other psychic sites who can promote the psychic services in their name. This is rather than delivering a service direct to the consumer. The independent psychic will then take a cut of the profits made from the readings delivered.

A Good All Around Service

It seems as though Allstar Psychics also provides customer service and they may even provide the web design too. So this does mean that Lillyanne Psychic Medium could have quite literally handed everything over to them.

The good news is that Allstar Psychics does appear to be approachable and friendly, at least from their website. Although, we have been unable to confirm whether they follow through with this vibe and stand by their image. If you have had any experience with Allstar customer service, please let us know all about it in the comments below.

What We Love About Lillyanne Psychic Medium

  • The website is very easy to navigate.
  • Lillyanne seems to be very genuine.
  • Allstar Psychics appears to be concerned with keeping their customers happy. 

What We Think Lillyanne’s Psychics Could Improve

  • Lillyanne should explain to her customers that she outsources to Allstar Psychics and why she trusts them.
  • It would be great if Lillyanne Psychic Medium provided the facility to have a reading from her even if it is a premium and limited service.
  • The blog should be kept up to date to keep her customers returning, provide value and reassure customers that this isn’t a site that has just been set up and left. 

Our Conclusion

By using Lillyanne’s psychic services, you are essentially using a psychic hotline called Allstar Psychics who are providing Lillyanne’s complete service.  All Lillyane is doing is branding the service in her name and with her image and logo.

While we understand that this decision to do this would not necessarily be to fool her customers, as opposed to a business decision, it is essentially fooling her customers. They think they are enjoying their reading with psychics who have been chosen by Lillyanne or who work for her. It wouldn’t be such a problem if Lillyanne explained this, or if she offered some readings herself even at a premium price.

We feel that this service is probably going to be legit, although we can’t find the details on how Allstar Psychics tests and verifies their psychics. And this is the most important factor when it comes to getting a reading. So. we’d advise you to proceed with caution because we don’t know how good the psychics are going to be.

If you want to find a site which verifies their psychics, and that we rave about then here is a list of our recommended psychic hotlines. Great customer service guaranteed!

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now:

Psychic Source – Low priced readings right now!

Keen – 10 minutes for $1.99 

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If you decide to check out Lillyanne Psychic Medium don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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