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Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Review

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Who Is Theresa Caputo?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may well already have heard of Theresa Caputo. She’s also known as The Long Island Medium and has a successful reality tv series also called ‘Long Island Medium’ which chronicles Theresa’s work as a psychic medium. You get to witness her performing private and group readings and also performing at events. Not to mention viewing how Theresa’s family deals with life with Theresa and her gift.

A Very Well Known Psychic Medium

If you haven’t heard of Theresa Caputo, then this might be the right time to inform you that she is a well known psychic medium. She often connects with the dead and conveys their messages over to her clients and audience.

But how easy is it to get a reading with Theresa, and is she a legit medium or a show-woman?

Keep on reading to find out!

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Theresa’s waiting list is over three years long. So, if you want a reliable psychic medium reading from a highly reviewed psychic provider, just click the link below!  

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How Does the Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo) Work?

Like most genuine world-renowned psychics, readings from Theresa are very elusive and often expensive. It’s easy to understand why; lots of people want a reading from her.  We noted that on Theresa’s website she claims that her waiting list was already three years long before her show ‘Long Island Medium’ aired. Because she is in such demand, her readings are limited and often unattainable for many people; unless you’ve got a good story (which we will come to shortly).

Long (Island Medium) Waiting Lists

Instead, Theresa shares her work through her events, television programmes, books, and private readings. That is, if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to enjoy them.  

If you are interested in trying to get a reading from Theresa and you don’t mind waiting or paying a high fee, then you should consider adding your name and story to Theresa’s mailing list.  By all accounts, if you are prepared to be filmed, and have a good story or connection, there is a chance that you may be selected for a reading for her show. It’s a longshot but as the saying goes, ‘you have to be in it to win it’.  In other words, you don’t stand a chance if you don’t try.

What do you have to lose by not adding your name to Theresa’s reading list?  Just be mindful that you will have to pay a hefty price for that reading.

How To Get A Good Reading Without Waiting

That said, there are plenty of psychic mediums who are just as good as The Long Island Medium. They perhaps lack the showmanship or fortune of world-class psychics, but you can find many of these on websites such as Psychic Source and Keen and they often have additional skills such as astrology, fortune telling and tarot reading.

In particular, we like Sammie and Anthony from Psychic Source.

Here’s what they say about their services:

Sammie - Psychic SourceSammie – Ext. 8476

“She’s a 4th generation psychic and has been utilizing her gifts since early childhood. Born under the Zodiac sign Virgo, she is straightforward and honest as well as compassionate and understanding. Sammie’s empathic abilities allow her to make an instant connection and join energies with you to gain powerful insight into what the universe is offering as divine guidance”.

“As your psychic advisor, Sammie can connect with your past, present and future energies to bring you understanding and direction in all areas of your life. She will guide you through all of the ups and downs and give you the sense that you are speaking with a long time friend.”

To book a reading with Sammie, just click this link and search for Sammie Ext. 8476.

Anthony - Psychic SourceAnthony –  Ext 8064

Anthony has the kindest eyes and has been a successful Tarot reader for over thirty years.

“He has worked in all walks of life and has known all kinds of people. His Tarot Readings are like no other. His vast knowledge informs Anthony’s deep understanding of the Tarot of spirituality, world mysticism, myth, and symbolism, psychology, history, music, and art. It was seeing a vision of his murdered sister’s spirit dancing in the clouds the day after she was killed that changed Anthony forever. It opened his heart, mind, and soul to the limitless possibilities of immortal consciousness.”

To book a reading with Anthony, click this link and search for Anthony Ext. 8064

Keep Up To Date With Theresa The Long Island Medium

Getting back to Theresa, she has a ‘latest news’ section on her website where she updates everybody with everything you need to know about what she is up to. This includes her whereabouts, events, products, the latest episodes of Long Island Medium. She even runs competitions to win a reading or gift vouchers; which are great prizes!

The Long Island Medium Shop

You can buy a wide variety of merchandise from Theresa’s shop, which you will find on her website. You’ll find bags, beanies, bookmarks, mugs, scarves, t-shirts and magnets. But surprisingly Theresa’s books are not for sale on her website. Instead, you’ll find those on Amazon.

Theresa (Long Island Medium)’s Events

Long Island Medium regularly tours and creates events, but most of that time is spent travelling the USA.  If you live in the states or are planning to visit a state where Theresa’s show is on, then this might be a great way to spend an evening.

Details of the events are all listed on Theresa’s website. Ticket prices range from $42 – $92 (at the time of writing).  

Books by the Long Island Medium

If you enjoy reading spiritual prose, you might enjoy Theresa’s books; she has three in total.  Her newest book is ‘Good Grief’ and she has also published books titled ‘There’s More To Life Than This’ and ‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’. All of the books are semi-biographical and feature stories and lessons learned from the afterlife.

Here’s the write up for each book:

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo - Good GriefGood Grief

“After more than a decade of being a practicing medium, Theresa Caputo shares the powerful lessons she has learned about grief, healing, and finding happiness in the wake of tragedy. In almost every reading she gives, Spirit insists that people begin to embrace their lives again. But not everyone knows where to start, and putting back together the pieces of a life marked by loss is never easy. Sometimes, you need spiritual guidance and that’s where Theresa comes in.

Energetic and Encouraging

With her energetic, positive, and encouraging tone, Theresa uses the lessons from Spirit to guide you through grief toward a place of solace and healing. Each lesson is grounded in her clients’ experiences of losing loved ones, their encounters with Spirit during readings, and the ways in which they’ve been able to heal and grow.”

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo - There's More to Life Than ThisThere’s More To Life Than This

“There’s More to Life Than This lends insight on how Theresa’s mediumship works. What happens to your soul when you die. What Spirit says Heaven is like. The messages the deceased want you to receive. The importance of living a positive life, and the many roles that your family, friends, angels, guides, souls of faith, and God play here and in the afterlife. It also explores how to safely connect with Spirit, so that you can recognize when your loved ones are reaching out.

Compelling Anecdotes

Through Theresa’s personal story, compelling anecdotes, and fascinating client readings, she teaches us about how she communicates with Spirit and helps us to understand and appreciate the important lessons and touching messages that we’re meant to embrace every day.”

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo - You Can't Make This Stuff UpYou Can’t Make This Stuff Up

“In her first book, ‘There’s More to Life Than This’, Theresa shared how she discovered her gift and her many encounters with Spirit. Now, in ‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’, an instant New York Times bestseller, Theresa imparts the life-changing wisdom she’s received from Spirit and client readings.

Each chapter incorporates a powerful lesson that is made real by Theresa’s witty and wise insights. She shares moving client stories and fascinating behind-the-scenes tales from her life and hit reality show. This is in the hope that she will help people find peace and closure and better understand the spiritual world. With lessons revolving around themes such as choice, faith, fear, gratitude, healing, surrender, relationships, compassion, and living each day to the fullest, the book also explores spiritual concepts like angels, heaven, signs, miracles, intuition, dreams, and God.

These compelling and healing messages will help guide you toward a happier life by focusing your attention on what really matters to the soul.”

Our Conclusion?

Theresa Caputo – Long Island Medium is a legit and world-renowned psychic medium. And if You can get to one of her events, we highly recommend that you do. While we recommend Theresa, our only issue is that she is going to be very difficult to book a reading with.

It’s Worth Adding Your Name To The Long Island Medium Mailing List

While we suggest that if you don’t mind spending premium prices on a reading then it’s worth adding your name to Theresa’s waiting list. But in the meantime, you’d do well to realise that there are many fantastic psychic mediums available to give you a reading right now. Many of these mediums are working for some of our highly-recommended psychic providers.  

You can still enjoy Theresa’s work by checking out her books, tv series, and events.

But if you are looking for a reading and you want one soon, Theresa isn’t going to be the most convenient option for you.  But we have recommended our top-rated psychic providers below so that you can simply click and connect to one right now.

Here are our top rated psychic providers:

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Have you ever had a reading with Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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