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Medium Amanda Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Email Readings
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Email Readings Only
  • Very little information about the services provided
  • One option only to get a reading
  • They send a lot of emails after you have registered
  • Emails sent often invoke a sense of fear, concern or curiosity

Who is Medium Amanda?

Medium Amanda claims to have inherited her ‘special powers’ – (her words, not ours) from her Mother’s bloodline and also mentions her ‘powerful’ and ‘spiritually renowned’ Grandmother.  Which creates the idea that Medium Amanda is a powerful medium since most powerful mediums are those who have inherited their skill through their bloodline.  

Aside from the information about the family history, ‘Amanda’ outlines a tragic past that frankly, invokes a sensitivity or compassion toward Amanda and also gives her the opportunity to prove that she can relate to you.  Especially if you are troubled or unhappy.

There is very little information about anything else on Amanda’s site about her services, she also seems to appear exclusive, and there is only one way to make contact with Amanda which is to click the link and book an email reading with her for $89.95.

This is where we run into problems

It’s very difficult to write a positive review for a site when we already have so many red flags already causing alarm bells to ring.  We’ve listed our concerns below so that you can make an informed decision.

We just hope you read this first before you click the ‘buy’ button.

Keep on reading on for the details, but if you are feeling compelled to book a reading now, we suggest that you use one of our reputable and continuously proven psychic sites – here’s the link;

5 Steps To An Expert  Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Psychic Source.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

Everything That’s Wrong With Medium Amanda’s Site

Red Flag #1: The Copywriting

While most members of the public pay little attention to the words written on the site, you can be sure that the companies who put the words on the site pay close attention.  The words used on Medium Amanda’s site can trigger emotive responses in the reader, and since most of us are guilty of buying emotionally, it’s an excellent tool for selling something.  

The Tragic Heroine Storyline

While the copywriting on Amanda’s site isn’t the best in town (unless it has been deliberately written to appear amateur – which could be a possibility), it does tell a tragic story, featuring Amanda as the naive, tragic heroine.  

Who isn’t going to want to help somebody who has experienced the tragedy of losing both parents?  

But how can you help? …

By purchasing a reading from her!

A Tragic Ploy To Gain A Sale

Amanda is so heroic and giving; she has turned tragedy into a way of helping people, and now works full time reading for others so that she can ‘be of service to those in need’.  

This story is an attempt to hook you in.  To build trust with you, so that you fall for ‘Amanda’, and so that you buy ‘her’ services yet she doesn’t clearly define what exactly her services are, call us cynical but could that be a deliberate strategy to invoke curiosity?

We think so.

The Perfect Storm

You are now curious, and you feel for Amanda, or trust her, and if you are vulnerable emotionally (which many of her ‘victims’ will be), then you’ll probably go ahead and help her out, satisfy your curiosity and help yourself out by purchasing a reading.  

It’s the perfect storm, and if you are not careful, you might just fly straight into it.  

Stop and Think

Now booking a reading shouldn’t be a problem if the services provided are trustworthy and responsible. And if they are verified, reputable and will give you some real value and insight for your money.  But we suspect that this is not about to be the case with Medium Amanda. Not at all.

So, if you are thinking about purchasing a reading from Amanda, we ask that you stop, and review your decision.  Let us show you some more red flags and some of the positive features so that you can make an informed decision.  

Red Flag #2: The Lack Of Information

There is a distinct lack of information on Medium Amanda’s site, and to be honest, it’s not good enough.  A landing page with some well-curated copywriting and an invitation to purchase a reading with very little real facts is not enough to encourage someone to make a purchase with an initial outlay of $89.  It’s not even enough to inspire a purchase for less money.

Or at least it shouldn’t be.

Subpar Industry Standards

In an industry where everybody who works in it understands that it’s difficult to convey integrity and trust, you’d expect more from a site like Medium Amanda’s. Especially when you understand that aloof behavior, when it is being used to provoke curiosity is also a solid psychological strategy for staying hidden in plain sight!  

At best its lazy, and at worst it’s deceiving.  

Red Flag #3: The Strategy

After reading the ‘About Me’ section from ‘Amanda’ you are left wanting to know more, and so you click on the next page which invites you to purchase a reading.  Purchasing is the only way to know more about Amanda and her services.

In some situations, a site like this might offer something free so that they can capture your email address. But Medium Amanda doesn’t offer this free service, leaving the discerning clients to bounce off the page and the vulnerable (and susceptible clients) to fall into the trap.  There’s more on this next.

How Medium Amanda Uses Manipulation As A Strategy To Sell

At least with a free offer (mentioned above), you are exchanging your email, and you have nothing to lose – you can easily block the emails if you don’t want them in the future.  

However offering a purchase only at quite a high introductory rate will ensure that the site deflects anybody who is suspicious, or discerning and will only attract those who are in a heightened state of emotion, who is triggered by the content and the copywriting.  

Compelling Suggestible Readers To Buy

Which means that this company (or shall we say ‘Amanda’) now has an email list of people who they know will spend money and can be emotionally compelled to spend more.

This is a strategy that is designed to deflect those who are discerning and hook in the fish who will bite.  

‘Medium Amanda’ knows they won’t have hundreds of hits to their site, but they also know the hits they do have are going to be high-value and extremely likely to buy.  

The Slippery Slope

Once Medium ‘Amanda’ has your email, and has delivered your first reading, you can be sure that they’ll bombard you with;

  • Heavily discounted offers to purchase a reading or consultation.
  • Buy now or lose out offers.
  • Offers related offers from ‘sister companies’.
  • Clever copywriting emails telling you that they have something important to tell you. 

Heck, they might even combine that copywriting and faux relationship with ‘Amanda’  with an irresistible offer for you – an exclusive offer that you must take up within a certain period of time or lose out.  

You Are Now On Their Radar

The more you interact and purchase, the more you will be bombarded like this.  If you don’t purchase further, they’ll slow down their marketing but will occasionally pop up again in an attempt to catch you at a vulnerable time.  

It’s a strategy that works when it is executed with integrity and backed up by solid products that don’t play on a vulnerable person.  But it is a scam when it is used in this way and especially when it’s used against someone who might be emotionally vulnerable.

Scam Warning

It’s even worse when this strategy it is not backed up by solid verifiable products or services which is the case for Medium Amanda as you will come to discover if you keep reading.   

If you are not careful you could be another statistic scammed out of thousands of pounds.  

Already Caught Up In This Cycle?  Here’s What To Do

If you find yourself in this situation, and you are concerned about what to do if you have received a message that has triggered anxiety, and let that important message slide, we suggest you contact a reputable psychic hotline like Psychic Source or Keen.  

Contact one of their psychics and explain the situation, ask them to guide you, if you have an important message, they’ll share it with you.  

Save Your Money With This Strategy

You won’t spend $89 or more on that call, and you won’t be scammed by the sites that we recommend.  Chances are a full introductory reading will cost less than $20 if you haven’t used these sites before (and you get to choose your verified reader and read their reviews).

What Medium Amanda Is Doing Right

We’ve already started to discuss what Medium Amanda is doing wrong – in our opinion, but there are a couple of factors that seem to be acceptable.  We assume this will be to retain your custom and for legal reasons only and NOT because they have integrity though. We need to make that clear.

Medium Amanda’s Service

The service promised by ‘Medium Amanda’ does what they say – sort of.

  • They’ll deliver you a reading within 72 hours.
  • If you don’t receive your reading within 72 hours, you can use the ‘contact’ link hidden in the FAQs page.
  • There’s a refund guarantee, but the terms that back up the guarantee are vague
  • Psychic Amanda’s site has all of the terms and conditions, but they are vague and confusing. 

That’s all we could come up with – sorry.  

So to explain why we couldn’t support ‘Medium Amanda’ any further here are some more red flags.

Red Flag #4: The Unproven Family History

The Medium Amanda claims on her website to be from a bloodline of psychics which includes a Grandmother who was ‘renowned in the spiritual world’.  Hold onto your hat Doris Stokes is this you? We could assume it could be since we don’t know ‘Amanda’s last name, and her renowned Grandmother’s name is not mentioned.  

So without any historical background, or proof that ‘Amanda’ is this ‘psychics’ real name – if she is even a real psychic (yes, we went there – there’s more about this later).  How do we verify her credentials?

Unable To Verify

Therefore ‘Amanda’ is a self-proclaimed but unverified psychic medium who has a ‘self-proclaimed’ psychic bloodline.  And we can all make that type of statement if we choose too especially if we are untraceable – like ‘Amanda’ is!

Credentials Should Be Backed Up

Once again, in an industry where it’s incredibly important to back-up your claims and confirm your credentials this lack of information is lame and even deceptive.  Making such claims and with-holding crucial information is not the best way to invoke trust and integrity to your clients.  But that’s precisely what ‘Amanda’ has done.  

Find Psychic Providers Who Verify Their Psychics

With a professional and reputable psychic hotline such as Psychic Source or Keen, they guarantee that they verify their psychics.  They also guarantee that the company who runs the site have the details of the psychic before they start working for them.  Even independent psychics usually have background information that you can easily check.

But there’s more …

Warning: Medium Amanda Is Another Unverified Potential Scammer!

Red Flag #5: Medium Amanda’s Image Is A Stock Image

We performed a reverse image search on the images of ‘Medium Amanda’ shown on her site, and we quickly traced these images to stock images available on sites such as Shutterstock.  Anybody can purchase stock images and use them on their website.  

Nowhere on the site does ‘Amanda’ claim that her images are stock images, yet they are. So unless ‘Amanda’ is also another stock image model, the images we see of her are not her.  

The question is why doesn’t she show her face?

To clarify, we now have no identifiable information and no image of ‘Amanda’.  

Another clear example of a lack of integrity perhaps?  Do you want to have a psychic or medium reading from a ‘person’ you don’t know, and cannot verify at all?  You can’t even discern them from their image, and you definitely can’t talk to them since that’s not offered as part of their service!

Remember, If you want a reading from a real person, we suggest using a reputable psychic site with real psychics you can talk to.

Red Flag #6:  The Shady Terms And Conditions

Take a look at Medium Amanda’s Terms and Conditions, and you’ll see that they seem off. Compare them with the terms and conditions on other sites such as Kasamba, and you’ll see one clear issue.

The terms and conditions for ‘Amanda’ refer to an Entrepreneur as being the person who is dealing with the ‘Consumer’.  And the terms have been defined by another party who is laying out terms for the ‘Entrepreneur’.

The question is though who is the Entrepreneur?  For a site that leads you to believe that it is run by an independent psychic why would ‘Amanda’ need terms and conditions that teach her (as the ‘entrepreneur’) how to manage her consumers?   And why would she be the ‘Entrepreneur’, not the ‘psychic’ or ‘owner’?

We have the answer …

It’s because Amanda is probably not a psychic.  ‘Amanda’ is probably an entrepreneur who has bought an out of the box marketing kit (which contains a website, copywriting, and email campaign to make money).  

Red Flag #7:  How Do You Know The Readings Are Real?

We cannot find any information anywhere on Amanda’s site; psychically or reading between the lines that this site delivers real readings.  We cannot prove that they don’t, but we doubt very much that they will be real.

Our Conclusion;  A Potential Marketing Ploy To Make Money

As we’ve already discussed ‘Medium Amanda’ is unverified.  And there is no information that we can find about who she is at all.  In fact, the site; The Medium Amanda is owned by a company based in The Netherlands called 5Plus Concepts.

It is difficult to find out any further information about the company.  We suspect that they own the reselling license for the ‘out of the box psychic service’ they have called ‘Medium Amanda’.  We also believe that you’ll find versions of this same copywriting, email sequences and services for other companies – under different names (albeit with different images and perhaps even customized colors, etc.).

What we can’t prove for or against that the readings provided are performed by a psychic. We guess that they won’t be – instead they’ll probably be written by a copywriter.

Even if they are written by a psychic are you really going to put your trust in and take advice on YOUR important life issues from an invisible person to you who might just be psychic?  

We hope you don’t.

It’s cases like these that give the reputable, caring and hardworking psychics a hard time.  We also know that if you were to book a reading with some of these legitimate sites, that you’ll know that you are speaking to a real psychic. You can even see the psychic in real time if you do video chat on some sites.  Or you can talk to them in real time on other sites.  

It’s A Thumbs-Down From Us

We do not recommend that you use the site, Medium Amanda. We have been unable to identify Amanda or verify any of her information. All roads point to an ‘in the box marketing package designed for shady and frankly lazy ‘entrepreneurs’ to make some quick money.  

Don’t Expect Your Reading To Be Written By A Psychic

You can expect to receive a reading or a product if you purchase one.  And you will probably receive it within the timeframe specified.  But we doubt very much that you can expect this reading to be accurate or even written by somebody who is psychic.  

Instead, we suggest you check out our favorite and reputable psychic sites.   They will put you in touch with a real, experienced psychic and will give you genuine services for your money.  

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Visit Psychic Source for your reading now!

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Have you ever tried Psychic Amanda? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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Remain Unknown
Remain Unknown
27 days ago

She’s a fraud, every email will be about sending Her $29.95 for her to do some ritual on you to rid you of bad lucks and blockage. She sent me emails about wining a lot of money by winning the lottery and gave me 5 numbers. You can’t win the Powerball or Mega million with just 5 numbers. The other day, I received an email from her to join Lucky red casino because luck was on my side. After that, I knew she was a scammer, a fraud.

2 months ago

Hello how are u doing? I hope fine.Well she told me something about myself that I haven’t told anybody and I was speechless how could she have known this secret.

Rebecca Laughton
Rebecca Laughton
3 months ago

She keeps sending me emails full of rubbish. She just emailed me saying I have Covid-19 and she can avert my fate. Whoever is behind this is sick and twisted. Do not go near them.

3 months ago

I’ve just received an email shot from this Amanda person saying I have Covid 19, which is a lie, the implication being that if I paid for a consultation with her I would be one of the lucky survivors. I clicked on the unsubscribe tag so hopefully I’ll hear nothing further.

dumb sucker
dumb sucker
5 months ago

your sent email saying your cursed with an evil eye watching you and hindering success and sabotoging life! please pay 30 bucks and ill remove evil eye from life your told! after paying you recieve instructions to rip a piece of piece of paper three times after saying some ritual words possibly demonic, then burn the papers and flush them away in flowing water river or creek or something. some kind of ancient greek or latin words morga fietto nobiedo male male dimedo nikolessie bramada nonde miagra fotuda mossa. probably says thanks for money sucker im chilling on beach drinking… Read more »

April may
April may
3 months ago
Reply to  dumb sucker

She is illuminate her name is debi black you are probly being targeted

No way
No way
6 months ago

You need to stop sending this stuff to people that did not ask for your opinion on life.me personally,I think you are a joke ,if I keep getting these messages,I will contact my attorney.file charges for harassment.thank you also my gmail is not to sold or given to other people

6 months ago

If you claim to know my future, then you should already know my name!

6 months ago

First reading was free. The most she charged was $29.99. She knew things specifically about me and my life, and was mainly focused on helping me open and use my own intuition which she said was very strong. Her teaching me the way to see and read auras was amazing and when I began seeing people’s auras out in public , I was amazed and realized she was valid as a psychic. If she is fictional, then whoever corresponded with me from her website is real and it wasn’t all scare tactics, fake predictions of winning jackpots, removing curses. It… Read more »

Matt S
Matt S
6 months ago


Nancy Hix
Nancy Hix
8 months ago

I used it and all it does is continue to ask for additional money each day due to a new issue. I requested my money back and I am still waiting. Do not believe what they advertise.

10 months ago

I received a rather curious email from an Amanda clairvoyant. The first strange aspect was that the photo had a brunette girl in it while this amanda uses a blonde girl photo. The second was the manner in which my alleged psychic emailer said that she obtained my name. The manner was both amazing and at the same time nonsense. I have never purchased anything from a psychic or astrologer but I have been guilty of leaving my email at a free site. I receive tons of emails from psychics using rather interesting ploys. Some claim to know me better… Read more »

Marcus Lindberg
10 months ago

Sorry for accidentally sending the same message again

Warm greetings

Marcus Lindberg
10 months ago

In January 2019, I received an Email from Medium Amanda found the message marked as spam by Telia after many customers have reported her as spam, I first thought it was because many did not believe in mediums so I answered Amanda, first were the predictions very positive about me but everything was not true about me eg that within a week I would win a lot of money that never happened, a few messages after that I will face my downfall I became very skeptical because what I learned from the medium James Van Praagh through YouTube what he… Read more »

Marcus Lindberg
10 months ago

Sorry for accidentally sending the same message again

Warm greetings

Cathy E Burbank
Cathy E Burbank
11 months ago

You took money out of my account without my permission give it back my transaction I’d is ChlF5GbFAHudChDMsWwfnmi3AN put money back that you took

Kanmanee Janluang
Kanmanee Janluang
11 months ago

Thank so much ??

10 months ago

did she works for you good ? I tired email to her but no answer but how ?

Paul Genese
Paul Genese
11 months ago

I been had by Amanda, and her web site. it’s not the amount of money I have lost that I gave to her thinking she was honest” it is what she had asked of me make’s me feel a fool and cheated. But only bad things will come her way, even if she dose not yet know that carmer will catch up with her soon.

Jewell Henson
Jewell Henson
1 year ago

Glad to find Amanda Clairvoyant

Jewell Henson
Jewell Henson
1 year ago

Hello Amanda
I have missed you but things keep happening that I could not cpntrol.

Jewell Henson
Jewell Henson
1 year ago

Amanda and Ì formed a true bond of friendship. She was accurate on several of her.predictions for.me. I miss her very much and need her very much. But living on very limited income I could not go on with paying her fee. I have thought about her many times so glad I found some things I did not know. But I know God brought our friendship together.
Thank.ypu.and God bless you

1 year ago

I have used Medium Amanda. Once I showed interest and paid what she initially asked for, the emails continued to come with fees higher than the previous email. I begin to think that I was being scammed and just stopped responding.

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