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Medium Christina Review

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  • Email readings
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Pros and Cons

  • None
  • Use manipulative language to hook you in.
  • Very little information about the services provided.
  • They are very shady about who they share their information with.
  • If you don’t raise their alarms you will probably receive a lot of emails trying to entice you
  • They invoke fear by saying adverse events will happen in the fake chat before sending your reading!
  • Emails sent will invoke a sense of fear, concern, opportunities that you might miss out on or curiosity

Who is Medium Christina?

The company 5+ Concepts who own and run the website ‘Medium Christina’ and who trade under that name, would like you to think that Christina is from a warm family who inherited her psychic ‘powers’ from her Mother’s bloodline.    

There’s a chunk of text missing from a poor copy and paste job on the about me section of Medium Christina’s site, but we get the gist that apparently Christina had a vision that somebody was pregnant which turned out to be true.  While Christina thinks this is extraordinary, we know only too well where this is going.

Three Individual Psychics With Exactly The Same Back Stories

What is extraordinary is that such professional scam artists could make such a fundamental mistake by not copying and pasting the text properly from either. Medium Theresa’s or Medium Amanda’s about me page and well, to be quite honest, since they are so good at using words to con their audience out of their hard-earned cash, we would have assumed that they’d have taken the time to cover their tracks a bit better and create a different story.  

But they didn’t.  

And so now we have three online psychic scammers who all use the same ‘about me’ story as each other (at the time of writing), yet each psychic’s website aesthetic, and profile photos lead us to believe that they are all independent psychics.  

Messed Up Morals

Well, somebody has got their morals all screwed up somewhere.  Even if these are genuine psychics, somebody has copied somebody else’s work verbatim.  But we know better – this is the work of a scam artist – there is no independent psychic involved.  

Fake For Real

So we can’t tell you too much about Christina because she’s as fake as the story on her profile page.  But we can tell you that you’ll do better for yourself if you were considering engaging with ‘Christina’ for a reading.  We recommend that you ditch her and book a reading from a professional and reputable psychic provider who checks and verifies their psychics.  

Just like the one we recommend – listed below.

5 Steps To An Instant Reputable Reading

    1. Visit Psychic Source.
    2. Register your details.
    3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
    4. READINGS: AS LOW AS $1.
    5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

Is Medium Christina Legit?  

No is the quick answer.  

She nor the company who owns and runs the website Medium Christina are credible, the only thing they are useful for are for using emotional manipulation to scam people out of their money, in exchange for a fake reading that will only bring the perception of more problems to your door and a whole lot of anxiety.  

That’s not how a professional and credible psychic or tarot reader works – Christina is not legit

How ‘Christina’ Will Interact With You

Christina won’t interact with you as such, because she’s not real and this is an automated marketing system used unethically!

But what you can expect when you take Christina’s bait and you register for a free tarot reading, or reading is that you’ll open up an email or land on a page that will prompt you to enter your personal details into the box.  Such as your name, date of birth etc.this aspect is designed to look as though someone is messaging you, but you can clearly see that it’s automated.

Then you’ll get to choose some tarot cards and you’ll receive a 3 card automated tarot reading which we assume will be the same for everybody.  

How Christina’s Site Works From A Consumer Perspective

First Impressions

Christina seems approachable, and her website appears to the untrained eye to be personal too.   Perhaps some alarm bells might ring to some people at this stage, but it will be easy to overlook any warning signs by looking at the overall website and accepting it for what it is.  

 Christina Will Capture Your Email Address

She’ll usually do this by offering a free tarot reading and that’s where the fun starts – for 5+ Concepts (Medium Christina) it does at least because this is where they begin to figure out whether you are an ideal candidate for their scam.  

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll be asked some questions, and you’ll need to enter some personal details to proceed with the tarot reading.  

The Tarot Reading

You’ll get the opportunity to pull out three tarot cards (virtually of course) you’ll probably pull out the sun, the moon and the star in that order.  We say this not because we are psychic but because that’s how their automated system works.

The cards will relate to money in some way, and there will be some fortune that you must unlock so that you can get ‘all of the money and prosperity’ that you deserve.  Of course, this is all pre-programmed – they say it to everybody. So it’s important not to fall for it.

Phone For A Fake Ritual At £1 Per Minute

To unlock your fake potential, you have to perform the Ritual of the 7 Mystical Astral Portals, and then you click a phone number to collect your ritual.

Now we didn’t call the telephone number, and we recommend you don’t either because the number is a premium rate number and costs £1 per minute to call.   

We can’t tell you what you will hear if you call the number, but we’d guess that it will be a long-winded and automated reading (in other words a reading that is the same for everybody not a unique reading for you). You’ll pay for the privilege of listening to this automated reading through your phone bill.  And if you take a look at the bottom of the landing page that offers the free reading you will see some small print advising you of the call rates for this call.  

Potential Email Scam To Follow

We expect that you may also be affronted with Medium Christina’s email campaign too which is also a scam and designed to manipulate you emotionally into buying something from them whether that be a reading or a good luck charm.   These emails are untoward and wrong. It’s best to delete them and block Medium Christina if you have found yourself on her mailing list.

Toiling With Your Emotions

Christina will make you feel anxious (if you let her), afraid maybe, she might fill you with hope even for something amazing like winning the lottery or some other thing most of us would enjoy receiving.  Or she might tell you-you are cursed or that there’s a day coming up that you must take advantage of, or you must understand what is happening so that you are safe.

There are probably many more examples of the type of manipulative patter that these emails bring.  

And, if you fall for it, you’ll probably become more and more anxious.  

How Medium Christina’s Site Really Works

The Emails

We’ve briefly outlined what to expect with the emails you’ll receive from Christina, but they are all designed to do one thing – get you to hand over your cash.  And they will use any strategy to get you to do so; invoke fear, curiosity, threats, or fake curses. It’s important not to listen – it’s not real.

If however, Christina manages to make you feel afraid, contact one of our recommended psychics who will help you understand what is happening and also why you have become so vulnerable at this stage in your life so that you can correct it and move forward healthily. We recommend Psychic Source for this purpose.

Psychological Tricks

One thing is for sure, The people behind Medium Christina are probably master manipulators. They know how to use psychology and emotional manipulation to get people to do what they want them to.  Even if they don’t gain your custom the first time they try, they’ll keep on sending emails with different psychological tricks and triggers until one hits the spot, or catches you at a weak moment.

A Genuine Psychic – will never use psychological manipulation to their favour.  They work hard to help you to improve your life in the best way for you.  

Underhand Tactics

No legit psychic site will use such underhand tactics that are displayed clearly on Theresa’s website and through ‘her’ interactions with you.  They don’t need to because they are the real deal.  

Christina and the people who own the site are con artists nothing more.  

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Medium Christina

To sum up, here’s why we don’t trust Medium Christina and why you shouldn’t too!

  • Christina is probably not a real person or a real psychic.
  • This whole website and everything associated is a marketing machine designed to scam you out of your money.
  • You won’t get a genuine reading that you can trust.
  • You won’t solve your problems.
  • Christina will create more problems for you.
  • You’ll lose a lot of money and gain nothing if you buy anything from Christina. 

Remember!  Fake readings can be harmful; they can influence your decisions negatively and ruin your life.  

Already Caught Up In This Cycle? Here’s What To Do

If you find yourself in this situation, and you are concerned about what to do if you have received a message that has triggered anxiety, and let that important message slide, we suggest you contact a reputable psychic hotline like Keen.  

Contact one of their psychics and explain the situation, ask them to guide you, if you have an important message, they’ll share it with you.  

Our Conclusion; Don’t Believe The Hype – It’s A Scam

Medium Christina as a medium is fake, the whole site is a scam, and the people behind the site are very likely to be professional criminals specializing in scamming people with counterfeit psychic services.  

We know this statement is strong but it’s also true and we want to make sure you are well aware that you will only lose your money if you spend one penny with these guys.  

If you are looking for a genuine reading, there’s one simple thing you can do, and that is to click one of the links below and connect with a psychic from one of these sites.  We guarantee that our recommended sites are legit.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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Have you ever tried Medium Christina? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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Obed Jarito
Obed Jarito
2 years ago

I’ve paid twice with no results

Emrana Begum
Emrana Begum
3 years ago

Hi.christina. This really unfair what you’re doing I have trusted you. To help me but as soon as You receive my payment to you. You have stopped all correspondence with me. I have sent over 20 emails for you to refund my money back. But you don’t seem to care this is clearly scamm please refund me ASP.

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