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Medium Maria Review

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  • One option only to get a reading
  • They send a lot of emails after you have registered.
  • Emails sent often invoke a sense of fear, concern or curiosity

Who is Medium Maria?

Medium Maria is allegedly an independent, self-proclaimed ‘world-renowned psychic’.  She claims to have been working on developing her own psychic, clairvoyant, tarot and numerology skills over the past 15 years.  Which she now offers her services through her website.  

Maria also claims to be always studying the occult sciences and committed to developing her spiritual awareness and clairvoyance techniques.  It’s her intention – so she says, that she can continue to provide world-class readings now and in the future.  

Maria’s gift as a psychic medium is in her blood. Her family is all gifted, and apparently, this family includes; a grandmother from the late 19th century who was also famous for her esoteric capabilities, and who frequently consulted with members of royalty.

Medium Maria’s Services

Maria provides a free reading every month if you stay subscribed to her email list. And if you would like a full email reading with Maria, you can purchase one through her links in her emails or on her site.  All readings are guaranteed to be returned to you within 48 hours. And if you’d like to learn more about Maria’s knowledge, she has some e-books available in her occult shop that Maria claims will fast-track your development and impart the knowledge that Maria has acquired from her ‘prestigious and magical family’.  

The idea that Maria provides regular free readings is at first glance very desirable and appears to be very generous. But let’s make no bones about it – these free readings are a way for Maria to stay in touch with her potential clients.  Of course, there is nothing wrong at all with offering something free as a way to remain in your awareness and hopefully, one day inspire you to purchase one of her products or services. But the tone of the readings become questionable if they deliberately play on your emotions and anxieties.  

No psychic should be inducing fear in a reading, and they especially shouldn’t be using trigger words that will cause a sense of doubt and anxiety that doesn’t need to be there.  

Does Medium Maria do such a thing, and is she credible?  

Well …

Keep on reading on for the inside scoop!  

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Does Medium Maria Stand Up To Her Claims?

The Service

The service promised by ‘The Medium Maria’ does what they say – sort of.

  • You’ll receive a reading within 48 hours.
  • They’ll keep in touch with you via email and provide you with a free reading as promised.  
  • Refunds are available you if you have ordered something and it fails to deliver to your email.  
  • Psychic Maria’s site has all of the correct terms and conditions.
  • Their website is certainly clean, easy to use and navigable.  

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  

But …

While the service might be professional and ‘as promised’, we have grave concerns about ‘Maria’. Her credentials and her psychic mediumship ability.  

Keep on reading to find out why.  

Red Flag #1: A World Renowned Psychic By Whose Standards?

The Medium Maria claims on her website to be a world-renowned psychic.  And while that sure sounds great we have to ask the question; how can this be backed up?  

Have you ever physically seen ‘The Medium Maria’ at work?  

Chances are you haven’t because the only place her claims for being world-renowned are made, is on ‘her’ own website.  

Therefore ‘she’ is a self-proclaimed world-renowned psychic medium. And we can all make that type of statement if we choose too.  That ‘Maria’ is a world-renowned psychic is a claim that cannot be backed up.  At its best it’s flaky and at its worst an out and out lie.

Making such claims is not the best way to invoke trust and integrity to your clients, but that’s exactly what she has done.  

There’s more …

Red Flag #2: The Unproven Family History

The same problem occurs when we take a look into The Psychic Medium Maria’s family history, we can’t even find a surname or any information on ‘Psychic Medium Maria’ we don’t know what country she resides in – how can we even begin to check to see if her claims about her awe-inspiring family history are true?  

The answer is, we can’t.  

We only have the elusive ‘Psychic Medium Maria’s’ claims to go by, and we can’t find anything out about her at all other than the limited, marketable information ‘she’ chooses to put on her site!  

With a professional and reputable psychic hotline such as Keen or Psychic Source, they guarantee that they verify their psychics and that the company who runs the site have the details of the psychic before they start working for them.  Even an independent psychic usually has background information that you can easily check. You’d expect much more information from a world-famous psychic! Especially if they are genuinely ‘world famous’.

Warning: Medium Maria Is Unverified And Potentially A Scam!

Red Flag #3: A Real Psychic Or Electronic Services?

As we’ve already discussed ‘Medium Maria’ is unverified, and there is no information that we can find about who she is at all.  In fact, the site; The Medium Maria is owned by a company based in Hong Kong called Mediaweb who claims in their terms and conditions to be responsible for all of the products and services provided by this website.  They do refer to a ‘Maria’ and assure ‘customised work’ but also make the following claim:

“Due to the increase in requests, the customized work performed by Maria through the the-medium-maria.com website has had to evolve and take the shape of electronic services starting in January 2015.” – Mediaweb, Via Medium Maria Website Terms And conditions.

What they mean by ‘electronic services’ and how that relates to your readings is not explained — leaving us to discern that it’s possible that reading purchased from purchased from Medium Maria are created by some form of computer such as a bot or AI rather than a psychic, or medium.  

Red Flag #4: Medium Maria’s Image Is A Stock Image

If you take a look at Medium Maria’s other contact sources linked on her site – such as Pinterest, you’ll see images of her on there which match up to the photos of ‘Maria’ on her website. However, when we performed a reverse image search on the images, we quickly traced these images to stock images available on sites such as Shutterstock – which anybody can purchase and use on their site.  

Nowhere on the site does ‘Maria’ claim that her images are stock images, yet they are. So unless ‘Maria’ is also a stock image model, the images we see of her are not her.  Another clear example of a lack of integrity perhaps?

Red Flag #5: The Free Readings & Email Exchanges

The readings conducted by ‘Maria’ are generic and vague. Both the free and the paid readings don’t display mediumship capabilities (a medium is a psychic who can speak to your deceased loved ones) all readings we’ve seen are not mediumship readings.  

Triggering Curiosity or Anxiety For A Sale

The free readings sent out monthly to your email are usually loaded with anxiety triggering copywriting designed to cause you to question yourself or your situation –  or to entice you to pay for a reading to see what bad luck (or fortune) is on the cards for you.

These free emails may seem like a generous offer at first glance.  But when you begin to receive the countless marketing emails from Psychic Maria which are usually all loaded with the same anxiety or curiosity triggering words, and strategies that try to invoke you to pay for an emergency reading.  It soon becomes difficult to find any reason to trust this site.

Professional psychics who have integrity understand that people who use their services are often vulnerable, or are dealing with a challenging situation.  So they don’t intentionally attempt to cause anxiety to encourage them to call for more information; instead, they intend to alleviate the anxiety and help their clients find peace or a way to move forward in their life.  

You have to question a psychic who deliberately invokes anxiety in their marketing emails.  

How A Credible Psychic Operates

Of course there might be situations where a psychic might have to tell you something that you don’t want to know about or face  but usually when this happens the psychic will explain why, and link it to your current situation by making it personal to you so that you know that they are concentrating on your unique situation.  And often you have contacted the psychic. They haven’t contacted you first.

Don’t Fall For The Manipulation

If you receive a free reading, or a marketing email inviting you to contact a psychic because they have some critical information to reveal to you, or because they claim that there is bad luck that you need to find out more about to avoid a difficult situation.  You need to recognize this as a scam, and it’s unprofessional and unfair.

All they are trying to do is to encourage you to purchase a paid reading which is not cheap.

Don’t spend your money if you are in this situation because as soon as you do, they’ll ramp up their marketing and start sending you further triggering emails to encourage you to spend more money – because they know you are susceptible to their advances.

Some people have lost thousands of pounds in situations like this – don’t let it be you.

What To Do If You’ve Received An Email That Has Caused Concern

If you have received such an email and you are concerned, it’s wise to call a reputable psychic hotline (such as Keen, Psychic Source or Kasamba) and choose your preferred psychic from their site.  Tell them about the email, and ask them to guide you. Chances are they’ll alleviate your concerns by letting you know that there is no problem.  You can then choose to hang up after clarifying this, or stay on the line and find out more about what energy surrounds you, knowing that you are talking to a verified psychic who works for a reputable company like Keen.

Our Conclusion; Is Medium Maria Even Real?

Even though Medium Maria’s site appears to be personal, and her claims appear to be desirable, you only have to look at the terms and conditions to see that this is very likely to be a site run by a company called Mediaweb and not an individual person.  

Of course, there could be a possibility that Mediaweb consults with a psychic called ‘Maria’ (we can’t find any evidence for, or against this idea), but the image shown is not her.  ‘Maria’ is completely untraceable which seems very strange for a world-renowned psychic! And the site clearly states in the terms and conditions that the services provided are ‘electronic services’ because ‘Maria’ couldn’t keep up with the demand.  We are sure that you’ll agree that there are quite a few red flags here!

The site appears professional at first glance, but their questionable and savvy marketing efforts do nothing to convey the trust or integrity that should be expected from a reputable and trustworthy psychic site (and such an experienced psychic or a professional psychic hotline will understand that they have to do everything possible to prove their credibility).

When you take a peek behind the curtains on the Psychic Maria Site there is nothing to hang on to that would at least hint that you’d be communicating with a real psychic which leaves us questioning whether the readings are genuine.  

It’s A Thumbs-Down From Us

We do not recommend that you use the site Medium Maria, we have been unable to identify Maria, or verify any information.  While you can expect to receive a reading or a product if you purchase one, and you will receive it within the timeframe specified we doubt very much that you can expect this reading to be accurate or even created by a real psychic human.  

Instead, we suggest you check out our favorite and reputable psychic sites who will put you in touch with a real, experienced psychic and who will give you genuine services for your money.  

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Visit Keen for your reading now!

March 2020

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Have you ever tried Psychic Maria? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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I did try Maria medium and I have also paid in three instalments however I received another email stating worse was to come and she needed more money again I paid the first instalment. This all happened within days of each other. On my first one after I paid her I did not receive the gifts or the reading until I contacted her through linkden and then the second day she sent me the reading. Now after my third set of readings, after more bad news and now she wants more money I have asked her for a full refund… Read more »



I also paid money and was suppose to have a connection with Maria today (13/03/2020) but she is not responding to any mails or request to confirm our appointment. I also paid in 3 installments and the1st payment was made. This is really disappointing as you really believe what she said to be correct. Its only now that i checked and found this site.

Thank you for opening my eyes hope its not too late to get my money back.


I really need your help… I hope you remember me valerie Garcia


I am glad that I read this blog as soon as I got the first invitation from mediummaria. Thanks to the author and all contributors. As such I have no inclination towards such things, but its hard to resist when you get tempting emails


I want to be learned person



Ramprakass Mungur
Ramprakass Mungur



she works with promises of riches and fulfilled love at first. then she goes into threats of loss and violence if we don’t chose her and pay a bundle. she also never refunds the money.
nothing but a scam artist!


I believe maria medium, Tara medium and christin is the same person. If these free have ever sent you a reading. You will soon realise they say the same things in slightly a different arrangement.

Saraswathy Sarah
Saraswathy Sarah

Yes you are correct


They rob me 100 dollar this is a real scam


I did and she is always sending warnings and sends a ridiculous unrelated answer when you question her advice and it is saying you must trust her. I doubt she is real but they have some very cool stuff if you enjoy those things. I went under 2 names and was given a story about some boy flying in through light to make up for a mistake in a past life as my son. That was incredulous huh?


Hehehehe! Some boy flying in through light? Hehe! I communicated with her twice, I went for a long walk to think about what she told me and concluded it was a load of bull crap! It’s always about money – that nonsense needs to be closed down ASAP.

Dina Andrews
Dina Andrews

Yes, she sends me at least 15 different emails a day, all of which require a donation. Many of these I’ve done but so far nothing has happened. She always blames it either on “The Black Planet”, or someone close to me who is plotting against me. She never reveals who this person close to me is, so how can I stop them is my question? I’ve also emailed her to ask her who this person is but she never responds to any direct question you ask, it seems to always be a run-a-round. I almost sent more money today… Read more »

Kathleen Bowron
Kathleen Bowron

What you say is true.They are slick operators who take advantage of people who do believe.Full of promises which never come to fruition.Very good at getting you to part with your hard earned money.Wish I’d read these reviews before .


I’m going through the same – although I only communicated with her for one week to realize she (if it’s indeed a she) is a scam. Her photos are STOCK images and are on Pinterest. They use a STOCK image and “she” fools people to print her photo etc. I’m also going to ask for a refund. “SHE” completely takes advantage of people’s vulnerabilities and hard/desperate times with all th brogue hogwash and promises of hope.

Laila Segerman Nayal
Laila Segerman Nayal

I hardly belief in her, she always come with new data about this and that and she lie about her E-mail adresse she got I don’t know how many and no one of them work. So who is she? Only one who wants MONEY. Regards Laila Segerman Nayal from Denmark

Joanna Ramirez
Joanna Ramirez

I gave the website a total of $150.00. $49.00 increments. I basically received what “Maria” claimed to be,a white magic song I’d have to listen to everyday for seven days. It was a minute long. She also sent three photos of different symbols that I was responsible for printing up putting my hand over while reciting a series of magical sayings given to me by Maria. Like explained I began to question myself and with already being vulnerable, naturally I sought hope in any way possible. There it was like clockwork right as I wake up…an email from medium Maria.… Read more »


Maria is a total scam artist. everything she says is untrue. if one does not respond by paying her, she starts with threats and warnings. she also never gives any money back.
total waste of time!

Lisa Thorley
Lisa Thorley

Maria is offering me riches beyond my imagination, by this Friday the 13th but im cursed by the evil eye and require her help. Not sent any money decided to research her first. Thanks for your feed back.

Peter Gordon
Peter Gordon

Maria goes by 2 names Medium Maria & Maria Medium. The emblems are different. When you go to Medium Maria you get Roxanne who is a Quantum something, somebody and asks for more money than Maria for something else. Check up on Roxanne too.

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