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Who Is Medium Miranda?

By all accounts, Medium Miranda is a Dutch psychic medium who offers free reading for anyone interested via her website.  We came across her through Laura My Clairvoyance and My Mystic Land. These are two landing page websites who provide links to and promote scam psychic services.  

So as you can probably tell, we suspect that Medium Miranda is also another scam psychic site. Right from the start ‘she’ is showing all the usual signs that confirm our suspicions.  

So if you have found this page because you are interested in having a reading, Medium Miranda is NOT the way to go. We explain more about why further on in this review. But in the meantime, here’s a link to one of our top-rated, reliable psychic providers who will provide you with a legit reading.

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How Does Medium Miranda Work?

To put it briefly, the sole aim of ‘Medium Miranda’ is to get you to request a free reading.  A free reading sure sounds generous and tempting that’s for sure. But here’s the catch; you have to hand over your name, email address and date of birth to get the reading. What’s more, you’ll also need to agree to abide by Medium Miranda’s terms and conditions to order your free reading.  

Manipulative Emails

…Which means that ‘Medium Miranda’ will now send you emails. These are manipulative ones; designed to play on your emotions, hopes, fears, and problems. Emails that will attempt to trick you into believing that you must buy something from her to solve a problem or attain good luck.

Usually, the products for sale are in the form of paid readings. But we’ve also seen scam psychics such as ‘Medium’ Miranda offer to remove unlucky curses that they say you were born with, or that somebody placed on you.  

Problems You Didn’t Have, And Solutions With A Catch

Scam psychics may also say that good luck and fortune is heading your way. They’ll suggest that you are close to a windfall, or positive phase in your life. But there will always be a catch. They’ll tell you that you need to buy some psychic healing, reading or talisman to clear the way for the fortune.

The Difference Between A Scam Psychic And The Real Deal

Tip!  All of the above is a sure sign that you are not speaking to a legit psychic.  Genuine psychics just give you a reading. They won’t tell you that you are cursed.  Nor that you need a talisman to invoke good luck or to protect you from bad luck. They simply talk to you about your life. Then they’ll help you to understand what practical steps you might take to move towards your goals. So, if you haven’t had a reading before, please remember this – it will save you a lot of money and anxiety.

What My Medium Miranda Wants You To Believe

Medium Miranda would like you to believe that she is a legit psychic medium. She claims to be blessed with a heroic gift that is unique and special to her. ‘Miranda’ wants you to think this, not just because this is a psychological ploy but also because it’s the basis of some great storytelling. And perhaps more importantly, so that you might believe that you are connecting with a legit, world-class psychic medium.  

How Medium Miranda Really Operates

Medium Miranda doesn’t exist. ‘She’s’ not a real person.  She’s just a character created by Astro Corporation Limited to portray a psychic medium.  They’ve created Miranda so that they can trick you into believing she is real. This way they can take your cash in exchange for a fake reading. An automated one at that!

You Hand Over More Information Than You Realise

When you request a free reading from Miranda (which is the main intention of the site), you’ll hand over a lot of information. Your name, contact details and date of birth (these can reveal zodiac and numerology information). You also agree to Astro Corporation’s terms and conditions – according to those, everything they do is for entertainment purposes only. They are hiding behind some convenient legislation. 

Deliberate Delays In Delivering Emails 

You’ll receive an email reading within 48 hours. The delay makes it seem as though Miranda is legitimately writing a unique reading for you. But the delay is usually just a pre-programmed one, which is easy to set up if you know how.

Everybody will likely receive the same reading!  

Moving forward, all of the contact that Medium Miranda makes with you will be behind the scenes. Never public. Behind the scenes is the perfect breeding ground for a SCAM! This way, Miranda’s ‘victims’ can’t see that she’s pulling the same tricks on everybody. They never realise that none of Miranda’s readings are unique or personal to her customers’ lives.  

It’s at this point where Miranda will begin to use clever language to manipulate you psychologically. If you just translate the site you can see the beginnings of it right there.  

How Medium Miranda Manipulates

Here are two examples of the beginnings of psychological manipulation featured on Medium Miranda’s website:

“IMPORTANT: Due to its special nature, I can only guarantee this offer to visitors to this site who send me their request for free and urgent help today.”

This statement above invokes urgency and sense of missing out on something good.  When in fact the offer for a free reading will still be available in a year!  

“Your dreams will come true: and if you don’t believe me, you have no choice but to try this unique and free experience. “

No psychic can promise anybody that their dreams can come true.  This strategy is reverse psychology at its finest.  

Genuine Psychics Don’t Use Irresponsible Statements

The ‘dreams will come true’ statement highlighted above is particularly irresponsible. It hooks people in who are hoping for a way out of the problems they have in life.  

But what they will discover if they fall for this statement is that Miranda will create more problems and anxiety than they started with.

Get involved with Miranda, and you’ll be involved in a vicious circle of lies and manipulation. One which is all designed to invoke false hope, fear, anxiety, and fear of missing out. These lies ensure that Miranda can miraculously pretend to fix them for you. For a fee, of course.  

The Readings Are Not Unique

None of the readings you receive from Medium Miranda will be unique to you. She won’t focus on your problems or even your life.  

Instead, she will provide you with the unrealistic hope that your dreams will come true. And if she doesn’t do that she’ll try to invoke fear that something will happen to you if you don’t use her services or open her emails.  

Seemingly Insignificant Matters Create Huge Problems

Sometimes this emotional manipulation can be so insignificant to you that you may not notice it at first… which is the point.  

So if you do decide to receive a free reading from Miranda, keep an ear out for those alarm bells. Also, don’t forget to check on your anxiety levels or the feeling that things could be too good to be true.

The idea that your dreams will come true, or that you have to have your energy cleared to find good fortune are what you might want to hear when you are experiencing tough times. They are easy fixes for everyday problems. These problems can often be difficult to bear and take time to work through. So, in times of trouble, we might be tempted into listening to Medium Miranda’s false hope because it seems to be a fast-track to a better life.  

Unfortunately though, a psychic doesn’t have such power. Miranda is feeding you lies and playing to your cognitive biases.

Nothing good will ever come from a reading with this type of scam psychic. Simply because it’s not real and you can’t trust a reading that’s not real. A fake reading cancels its purpose; it’s just a story.

What Types Of Readings Are Available At Medium Miranda?

‘Miranda’ claims to provide psychic medium readings. However, we doubt she’ll contact any lost loved ones on your behalf, which is what a Medium does. Instead, she’ll prey on your naivety and trust. She’ll do so by using clever words to convince you that you should listen to her and pay for her services.

You won’t receive any type of psychic session or tarot reading because the readings are not real.

Are There Any Real-Time Reviews For Medium Miranda

There are only testimonials on Medium Miranda’s website which have been placed there by the people who set up the site. They are likely curated or edited at best. But at worst they are fake, which is what we believe is probable.

Does Medium Miranda Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund Policy?


You are getting a free reading at first, so there’s no need for a refund in that situation. That’s not where your communication with Miranda will stop, however… Unless you block her. Finally, should you choose to pay for Miranda’s services, there’s no satisfaction guarantee or refund policy available. 

It’s worth noting that some of our top-rated and legit psychic providers, such as Psychic Source offer a satisfaction guarantee. They ensure that you are protected if you don’t have a good reading.  

The psychics at Psychic Source and on many other good psychic sites are also monitored. This is to ensure that you receive sincere and ethical readings.

How Much Does It Cost To Book A Reading With Medium Miranda?

Medium Miranda’s prices are undisclosed. We guess that’s because ‘she’ has a variety of options for you up her sleeve. All of these will probably depend on how vulnerable you are to her message. Also, on how much you interact with, or purchase from her!

It’s not a transparent process.

In some ways, you could say that this is understandable for a fake psychic. They can’t be transparent if they are scamming you, can they now?  

Good psychic providers always show their prices right away. You’ll never have to guess them.  Nor will you have to wait for an invite to a reading via email. Unless of course, you are on the waiting list for a world-class psychic medium. 

You’ll know who a world-class psychic medium is though. They’ll pop up in a Google search and often have books, tv shows and tours set up too.  Because they are real people! Which means that you get to see them in person. It’s something that you’ll never achieve with a fake psychic. 

What Value Does Medium Miranda Provide For Their Customers?

Nothing other than a lesson on how fake psychics can operate.  

Conclusion:  SCAM WARNING:  This Is A Fake Psychic Site

Once again we, unfortunately, have to report yet another scam psychic! 

If you are looking for a reading we suggest you avoid Medium Miranda.  You won’t receive the guidance you are searching for in using her. Instead, she’ll move you further away from solving your problems and bring you closer to anxiety. If you let her.  

We recommend our top-reviewed psychic providers listed below. We can guarantee that the psychics you find there are legit, monitored, verified and real

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Have you ever registered your email with Medium Miranda? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez
2 years ago

I got scammed out of $70, trying to get a back,any help?

Kathleen Reynolds
Kathleen Reynolds
2 years ago

Maybe it says free . The first part is , then it goes up to £49.99 each time. I am trying to cancel this ,but so far no luck !

2 years ago

I paid my 10.00 dollars for 15 minutes earlier ad all i got was a free five minutes ad then they wer going to charge me 12.00 dollars for pne minute ad i was told i owe the that money ad the person i talk to in custemer service frist time caller paid 10.00 dollars for 15 minutes. So will you pleas send me my reading by email that i paid for we were discussing my friend roger

Marina Todd
2 years ago

Miranda keep taking money she is fake so i put a end to that don’t trust her scam

Malvin Zenzo Qunta
Malvin Zenzo Qunta
2 years ago

I didn’t trust her l have been getting emails from her for 3years but never paid anything.

Pat Kalina
Pat Kalina
3 years ago

Fraud. Contacted me several times but I never bit until the last time about a month ago.
My investment was $30 for numbers that would lead me to great wealth. WELL- never received
the information and what’s more when I tried to re-contact me, the site was shut down. FRAUD<
FRAUD, FRAUD. Thank heavens it was only $30. PK in Chicago

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