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Who Is Medium Mitchell?

Medium Mitchell used to see green people!

Ok, so this probably isn’t the best phrase to use to describe the sanity and professionalism of a world-class, award-winning Australian psychic who has a legit inherited gift that can be traced back 400 years. But it’s true!

When he was a small child Mitchell saw green people. His Mum had her work cut out for her, gently teaching her beloved child about the skill she knew only too well; the ability to see the dead.  

As he grew, Mitchell, fortunately, was blessed with the right kind of nurturing that could help him learn how to embrace and harness this skill. He spent evenings after school learning how to read tea leaves with his Nanna. He has since grown into one of the best Australian psychics around.

And if that isn’t enough of a history to make you see that this guy is the real deal, then we don’t know what is!  Four hundred years of traceable psychic history and the right kind of nurturing is incredible.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Mitchell is not taking any new readings. But if you want a reliable reading from a highly-reviewed psychic provider, just click the link below!  

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How Does Medium Mitchell Coombes Work?

Like most genuine world-renowned psychics, they are very elusive and often expensive when it comes to booking a reading. And it’s easy to understand why. They are limited for time and often extremely in demand, which also makes them unattainable for many people. That said, there are plenty of psychic mediums who are just as good, they perhaps lack the showmanship or fortune of world-class psychics, and you can find many of these on websites such as Psychic Source and Keen.  

In particular, we like Sammie and Anthony from Psychic Source.

Here’s what they say about their services.

Sammie – Ext. 8476

“She’s a 4th generation psychic and has been utilizing her gifts since early childhood. Born under the Zodiac sign Virgo, she is straightforward and honest as well as compassionate and understanding. Sammie’s empathic abilities allow her to make an instant connection and join energies with you to gain powerful insight into what the universe is offering as divine guidance”.

“As your psychic advisor, Sammie can connect with your past, present and future energies to bring you understanding and direction in all areas of your life. She will guide you through all of the ups and downs and give you the sense that you are speaking with a long time friend.”

To book a reading with Sammie, just click this link and search for Sammie Ext. 8476.

Anthony –  Ext 8064

Anthony has the kindest eyes and has been a successful Tarot reader for over thirty years.

“He has worked in all walks of life and has known all kinds of people. His Tarot Readings are like no other. His vast knowledge informs Anthony’s deep understanding of the Tarot of spirituality, world mysticism, myth, and symbolism, psychology, history, music, and art. It was seeing a vision of his murdered sister’s spirit dancing in the clouds the day after she was killed that changed Anthony forever. It opened his heart, mind, and soul to the limitless possibilities of immortal consciousness.”

To book a reading with Anthony, click this link and search for Anthony Ext. 8064

Keep Up-To-Date With Medium Mitchell Via His Website

Getting back to Mitchell; his website is where he generally updates everybody with his whereabouts, events, and products. It’s also where he will let you know if his books are open for a reading.  At the time of writing, it didn’t appear as though Mitchell was too active. Perhaps he’s taking some time off.

It’s worth noting though that many world class psychics often prefer to perform face-to-face readings and Mitchell is based in Australia. So, that might influence your ability to have a reading with him. When and if Mitchell re-opens his books for readings again, it might be worth exploring this option further.  

But be prepared – he’s going to be pricey!

Mitchell Coombes Shop

Medium Mitchell Coombes has written several books and also had a variety of spiritual products available for sale on his website. However, at the time of writing, there was nothing for sale.

If you are interested in Mitchell’s shop in the future, it’s worth bookmarking his site and checking back again in the future to see if there are updates. Alternatively, you can subscribe to his newsletter where we are sure he’ll keep you informed of any new products.  This might also be where Mitchell advertises any openings for readings he may have in the future. So we think it’s worth registering if you are interested in any of these things.

Medium Mitchell Events

Mitchell regularly tours but most of that time is spent touring Australia.  He usually runs seminars, retreats, and lectures on life after death. He has also been known to run spiritual development workshops to assist others in exploring their own intuitive and healing gifts.

The Signs From Spirit Book

If you enjoy reading spiritual books, you might enjoy Mitchell’s new book ‘Signs From Spirit’, it is a book detailing inspiring stories from the afterlife and if it’s as entertaining as any of Mitchell’s other books you are going to love it.  

It’s currently available in Australia for 29.99 USD, but you can buy the digital eBook on Amazon, Google Play, or Itunes if you don’t live in Oz.  

Our Conclusion?

Mitchell Coombes is a legit and world-renowned psychic medium, and if you can get to one of his events, we highly recommend that you do. The issue is, aside from him being very elusive, which is understandable, he’s an Australian delicacy that can generally only really be reached by shipping yourself over to Oz, which isn’t always practical or affordable for everyone!

You can still get a piece of Mitchell by checking out his books, but you’ll need to enjoy reading digital books if you are not residing in Australia. That’s is, unless you know somebody who is heading over for a holiday and can pick one up for you!  

But if you are looking for a reading and you want one soon, Mitchell isn’t going to be the most convenient option for you. We do, however, have our recommended, top-rated psychic providers below so that you can simply click and connect to one right now.

Here are our top-rated psychic providers:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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August 2022

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Have you ever had a reading with Medium Mitchell Coombes? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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