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Medium Tara Review

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Pros and Cons

  • None!
  • Uses manipulative language to hook you in.
  • Very little information about the services provided.
  • She is very shady about who she shares the information with.
  • If you don’t raise your alarms you will probably receive a lot of emails trying to entice you.
  • She invokes fear by saying adverse events will happen in the fake chat before sending your reading!
  • Emails sent will invoke a sense of fear, concern, opportunities that you might miss out on or curiosity.

The Story Of Medium Tara

One thing is for sure – websites like Medium Tara are all so good at creating decent sob or fantasy stories that if they weren’t so focused on scamming their customers, they’d probably succeed in a career writing romance or fantasy fiction.  

Here we go again, dropping the scam bomb.   

It may seem repetitive to you, and it sure feels like Groundhog Day to us but we are in the business of providing reviews that you can trust. And just because a few good reviews might balance out our review section right now, doesn’t mean that we can create them from nowhere.

We simply review the websites that reach our awareness honestly so that you can find a genuine psychic and benefit from the guidance and reassurance that such sites provide rather than being scammed and losing all of your hope and money.  

And, as you’ve probably realised by now, Medium Tara is not in our favour.

If however, you are searching for a legit psychic, good service and fair prices, check out one of our recommended psychic providers. All the details are below:

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Who Is Medium Tara?

Tara Medium is really a company called Astroway who is trading as Medium Tara.  Astroway is based in Hong Kong, but interestingly and similarly to many of these scam sites, their financials are registered in Gibraltar. Whatsmore, it just so happens that Gibraltar is a tax haven which may potentially have relaxed laws, thus enabling disingenuous businesses such as Astroway, under the guise of Medium Tara, to get away with their unethical practices.

It’s similar to financial services who like to register their businesses in countries such as Cyprus because Cyprus – or some parts of Cyprus – don’t regulate their financial services.  

Just from the way that Astroway (trading as Medium Tara) register their business, we can see that there is something potentially unethical going on.

So, this alone should be enough to make you want to find a reputable and credible psychic provider. They will be focused on meeting your needs and supporting you when you may be in a vulnerable state. Such sites include Keen and Psychic Source.

But if it’s not, then keep on reading, because we’ve got plenty more reasons why you should not trust Medium Tara.  

Who Does Medium Tara (Or Astroway) Say She Is?

If you believe the description on the website Medium Tara, you will read a story all about how Tara is a ‘special case’ and a ‘pure psychic’ which made us want to choke on our coffee especially as we know where this site is going with their ‘fake news’.  

‘Tara’ is a special case alright, but not the kind of case that you should trust to give you insight into your life.  

Anyway back to ‘Tara’s’ story …

She claims to have flash visions (very dramatic don’t you think) which allow her to see ‘astral pathways’ and see people as though they are real.  And then there’s the pilot story (who doesn’t love a good pilot story?).

Tara’s Godfather, a pilot, flew over the Rockies never to be seen again (for a while at least) after he made a distress call.  But now Tara with her ‘special abilities’ knew that her Godfather was ok, why? Well because she saw him in one of her visions. Despite her parents believing her Godfather was lost,  her vision came true when a few days later he was found, and everybody lived happily ever after.

For a moment there, we thought we were stuck in a cheesy Mills and Boon novel!  

Back To Reality

But then reality kicked in, we found our senses and started to question how Tara had such dramatic visions, when in reality to a REAL psychic or medium – these visions are not dramatic, they are just there.  

Tara’s ‘About Me’ section continues by referring to her psychic skills as powers. She also claims to use ‘ancestral supports’ such as tarot, runes, oracles, and talismans.  Even if she doesn’t need them to ‘see’.  

We doubt very much that there’s a legit psychic or medium who refers to their psychic skills as ‘powers’. They are often far too humble and focused on helping people for that ego trip.  And we’ve never heard of tarot and other divinatory tools as ‘ancestral supports’.  

Does She Know Tarot?

Tarot as a stand-alone divinatory tool can clarify and enhance the details of any psychic’s natural skills.  But they are much more than that. They reveal stories about the querent that can go deeper than any human can possibly figure out.  

Tarot cards are a psychic powerhouse on their own and not a secondary prop to natural psychic ability. Anybody who works with the tarot professionally and who has built a strong relationship with the cards will tell you that. A ‘lady’ of Tara’s self-proclaimed status would certainly know this. And you can easily have access to psychic tarot readers who work hard to create a serious relationship with the tarot cards so that they can work well for you.  

All in all, there’s not much that we can find out about Tara other than what we’ve mentioned above.  

What we don’t know about Tara though is an entirely different ball game.  

What We Don’t Know About Tara

  • If the image is actually Tara
  • If Tara is a real psychic (probably not!).
  • Who is behind the company Astroway and do they contract out to psychics (probably not).
  • How ‘Tara’, if she is real, is verified (because we sure can’t trust Astroway to verify them).
  • If the reviews on Tara’s website are legit (at the risk of sounding repetitive … probably not).
  • If the readings you will receive will be real ones focused on your personal life (probably not).  

And with so many doubts and so little information (read zero) to give us any confidence in Tara, her ability or her credibility, and so much similarity to other scam sites, we can already tell that Tara is probably a fake. The site is a scam.  

How Medium Tara’s Service Works

The Personal Touch

Everything on Tara’s website is designed to make it look legit and personal.  You may think that the aesthetic on Tara’s site is clunky and dated. You could perhaps think this is because she doesn’t concentrate on learning how to improve her site. Or perhaps she doesn’t have the money to upgrade her site. However, we think it could be an intentional design so that you believe she is authentic and humble.  

Every Scam Site That We Have Uncovered Has The Following Features

  • One image only of the ‘psychic’ it is promoting.
  • An ‘About Me’ page with a story about the psychic’s experiences. This will encourage you to feel a connection to the ‘psychic’.  
  • Most have an online store with publications that the ‘psychic’ claims to have written.
  • A link to a free reading (the most important part).
  • Details of the company who owns and manages the website in the terms and conditions or at the bottom of the page.
  • These sites usually only ever offer email readings.  

All of the above are featured on ‘Medium Tara’s’ website.

Every scam site that we have uncovered follows similar patterns after you’ve registered for a free reading.  

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A message to confirm that you will receive your free email. Also, in many cases (but not all),  a reference to the fact that the psychic has been expecting you, or has good feelings that they want to share with you.
  • A delay in sending you your free reading which makes it look like the individual medium is writing the email.
  • The same readings sent out even though they look personalised.
  • The emails will start reasonably gently. They may not use fear to encourage a sale from you, but they might tell you that something important is coming up for you. That there’s something you need to know, or that you could win the lottery or get very lucky.
  • In some cases the emails begin to get dark, telling you that there is a curse or evil spirit around you and they can help you clear it. Of course, you have to pay for that first though. Or that there’s a luck talisman to clear the evil, or to bring you luck.
  • There will be no personal reference to your private life at all, just new opportunities or problems that you were not aware of before (because they didn’t exist).
  • More and more emails invoking fear, hope, or curiosity, inviting purchases to attain the necessary cleanses, prayers, talismans, good luck charms, etc. that the psychic site has claimed you need.
  • If you don’t respond, then the emails will progressively get worse. They will then eventually stop but they may pop up again randomly in the future. This is also something to look out for because if you just happen to be having a hard time when the readings turn up, you might feel compelled to give them a try?
  • If you do respond, you’ll have more problems to deal with than you ever had in your life. Problems with which only the psychic with whom you are interacting with can help you (or at least that’s what they will claim).  You’ll simply keep handing over your cash in exchange for fake, problem-provoking readings until eventually, you realise it’s a scam and stop.
  • Any phone numbers that you can call will be premium rate numbers and automated messages.

These websites have cost people thousands of pounds, and there are hundreds of complaints about them combined online.  You just have to research to find out.

Once again, Medium Tara’s site is no different and if you still insist on falling for ‘her’, please at least remember the points disclosed above. Look out for them so that you might recognise these signs when they appear because they will.  

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Medium Tara

  • Tara is not a real medium; it’s just a business called Astroway promoting fake readings under the clause that it’s for entertainment purposes.
  • You will receive emails that are designed to trigger an emotional reaction. This is so that you feel compelled to engage more and buy the products or services offered by Tara.  
  • Some of these emails will create more anxiety and problems in your life because that is the intention of many of them.  
  • There is no point in having a reading that is not true or is unverified. Especially if you are going to apply what you are told into your life. That’s like following the advice of a random stranger who has no idea about your life nor any compassion for you and only wants your money.  Nothing that they say is going to help you.
  • There are many complaints about Medium Tara Online from people who have paid the price for believing her. 

Our Conclusion; Nothing To See Here – It’s Just Another Scam!

As you’ve probably already guessed, we are not planning on recommending Medium Tara anytime soon. So, we strongly recommend that if you meet Tara on your virtual travels that you avoid her.

We’ve also already highlighted the signs to look out for, and you will see for yourself if you encounter Tara that she ticks all of these red flag boxes!  

There are so many good and genuine psychics available, who will charge you much less than these scam sites and who will confirm real insight about what you are experiencing or even feeling right now in your life. All without any false promises.  

You can find some of these genuine psychic providers listed below.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Visit Keen for your reading now!

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Have you ever tried Medium Tara? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 years ago

Everything you said is absolutely true! She tries to create fear in you saying that there is a curse can on you and she will remove it and of course it isn’t free! Lol 😄

2 years ago

is Roxane quantum psychic the same as Tara as she’s using the same company Astroway

Alexander Cowdery
Alexander Cowdery
2 years ago

Well I’ve had a different experience where certain specific information that had never been disclosed with Tara were mentioned and her advice led me to positive experiences unusual good luck, predictions of specific life circumstance coming true 5 – 6 months later, I myself have an Auntie who is a practicing taro reader and has read Tara’s and compare it hers and the 12 taro cards I chose with Tara were only different by one card, even though both my auntie and tara said I would be coming into a lot of money last year never eventuated not really my… Read more »

2 years ago

She scammed me 1000 dollars and is only refunding 400. Such a rascal!

steve Stanko
steve Stanko
2 years ago

I’m glad I looked her up. read all of the things that are coming to me ‘lol’ happy I didn’t pay anything….

3 years ago

I responded to the free tarot reading. Now I’m getting email. Nothing frightening, but they do want money to expand my readings. I am curious about how such organizations survive – preying on the vulnerable. Thanks for the review. Very helpful. You confirmed my thoughts and suspicions!

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