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Medium Theresa Review

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Pros and Cons

  • There isn’t any
  • Use manipulative language to hook you in.
  • Very little information about the services provided.
  • They are very shady about who they share their information with.
  • If you don’t raise their alarms you will probably receive a lot of emails trying to entice you
  • They invoke fear by saying adverse events will happen in the fake chat before sending your reading!
  • Emails sent will invoke a sense of fear, concern, opportunities that you might miss out on or curiosity

Is Medium Theresa Legit?

Is Medium Theresa legit?  That’s a good question.

We could tell you more about Medium Theresa and whether she was genuine or not if only she’d give us some information about herself. But the problem is she gives us nothing.  


Not a scrap of information other than a picture and a story that we have seen before. The exact same story to the letter that we have read before on another psychic site which was also a scam that site was Medium Amanda .  Now there’s a coincidence if ever we’ve seen one, two psychics with the exact same backstory.  

Must be fate – or more likely a scam!  

And then when we started following Theresa’ scripts in her fake automated chat box, that you can find on her home page.  She had the cheek to warn us not to disclose our ‘conversation’. Otherwise, we’d experience adverse consequences!

So we can verify that Theresa likes to hand out veiled threats right from the offset.  

Good work Theresa. You are really working for the light, aren’t you!   *Sarcasm*

Theresa’s a fast worker, we’ll give her that – but that’s all we’ve got.  

The manipulation didn’t stop here though.

So let us tell you this – this woman is not a legit psychic.  That we can tell for sure. And if the threat to silence us or the fake profile wasn’t enough to put you off then keep on reading on to find out the ins and outs of why she is one to avoid.

Like the plague.  

But in the meantime, if you require some help from a genuine and reputable psychic, you can browse amongst the verified psychics on the site below to find the perfect and REAL psychic for you.  

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How Medium Theresa’s Site Works From A Consumer Perspective

First Impressions

Medium Theresa’s website is probably one of the scam sites that lacks the most information, yet it seems quite pleasant when you first land on the site.  You might find it odd that there isn’t anything at the bottom of the screen like most normal sites, or that the terms and conditions are not easy to find (the links are tiny and to the right of the screen).  

All seems well, And The Chat Box Seems Fun

There’s nothing else to do on Theresa’s website other than following the prompts in the chat box.  And just to make sure that you start to feel a sense of urgency (especially if you are motivated toward getting a reading). Then there’s a fake countdown box, that never stops counting down – just refresh the page and see for yourself.  

Chatting To Medium  Theresa

So you start answering Theresa’s questions, which start gentle but very quickly get to the veiled threat we mentioned earlier.  Next, she’ll tell you about the letter M not in connection with a person, and later on, you find that it concerns money. Ooooh, that’s a trigger right there for most people how did she know? (Sarcasm again).  Theresa will also make sure that you know that something is missing in your life and that you are a special person.

Eventually, you’ll hand over your email address for her to send her free reading to you.  

The Emails You Receive

When you start to receive Medium Theresa’s emails, they will follow the standard format for all other psychic scams we’ve identified.  The emails will start light with a little bit of emotional manipulation tucked in somewhere, stacking up the dominos, so that they can let them fall at just the right moment.  Just like she did with the letter ‘M’ in her fake introductory chat. And when the dominoes fall, that’s when you might be compelled to purchase a reading.  

She’ll make you feel anxious (if you let her), afraid maybe, she might fill you with hope even for something amazing like winning the lottery or some other thing most of us would enjoy receiving.  Or she might tell you-you are cursed or that there’s a day coming up that you must take advantage of, or you must understand what is happening so that you are safe. There are probably many more examples of the type of manipulative pattern that these emails bring.  

And, if you fall for it, you’ll probably become more and more anxious.  

How Medium Theresa’s Site Really Works

The Chat Box

So you’ve probably figured out by now that the chat box that ‘Medium Theresa’ uses at the beginning of her contact with you is fake and pre-programmed.  The same conversation occurs for anybody who lands on there – which means everybody is special which is probably the only truth we can identify on Theresa’s site).

The Emails

We’ve briefly outlined what to expect with the emails you’ll receive from Theresa, but they are all designed to do one thing – get you to hand over your cash.  And they will use any strategy to get you to do so; invoke fear, curiosity, threats, or fake curses. They are all as fake as Theresa’s back story. Don’t take it to heart –  it’s just not true.

If however, Theresa manages to make you feel afraid, contact one of our recommended psychics who will help you understand what is happening and also why you have become so vulnerable at this stage in your life so that you can correct it and move forward healthily. We recommend Keen for this purpose.

The Lies

We have uncovered some huge lies that ‘Medium Theresa’ has made; the chat, the back story, the fact that she’s psychic and while we couldn’t prove it her image is probably fake too.  It’s all lies and manipulation that’s the only thing this site is good for.

Psychological Tricks

One thing is for sure, ‘Theresa’ is probably a master manipulator. She (or shall we say the people who own the website ‘Theresa’(  know how to use psychology and emotional manipulation to get people to do what they want them to. And in this case, it could be to part with your cash in exchange for a false reading.  

Even if they don’t hit the mark the first time, they’ll keep on sending emails with different psychological tricks and triggers until one hits the spot, or catches you at a weak moment.

A Genuine Psychic – will never use psychological manipulation to their favour. They work hard to help you to improve your life in the best way for you.

Underhand Tactics

No legit psychic site will use such underhand tactics that are displayed clearly on Theresa’s website and through ‘her’ interactions with you.  They don’t need to because they are the real deal.  

However, ‘Medium Theresa’ and the people who own the site are con artists nothing more.  

What’s the point in having a reading from a con artist, if you know it’s going to be fake?

There isn’t one; the advice will be irrelevant and invalid.  If you followed it, you’d probably take the wrong road in life and move away from your spiritual pathway.  It’s best to stick to reputable and verified psychics – it’s also safer too!

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Medium Theresa

To clarify, here are just a few reasons why we believe you should avoid Theresa and instead find one of the many trustworthy and verified psychics.

  • Theresa may not be a real person.
  • Theresa is probably not a real psychic.
  • This setup is probably a marketing machine designed to make money not a psychic site.
  • You probably won’t get a real reading that you can trust.
  • You won’t solve your problems.
  • You’ll probably leave Theresa with more worries than you started with.
  • If you engage and are susceptible to their marketing, you’ll probably end up spending a lot of money, and you’ll definitely gain nothing. 

Remember!  Fake readings can be harmful; they can influence your decisions negatively and ruin your life.  

Already Caught Up In This Cycle? Here’s What To Do

If you find yourself in this situation, and you are concerned about what to do if you have received a message that has triggered anxiety, and let that important message slide, we suggest you contact a reputable psychic hotline like Keen.

Contact one of their psychics and explain the situation. Ask them to guide you and if you have an important message, they’ll share it with you.  

Our Conclusion;  100% Scam. There Are No Real Readings Here.

This website is full of lies and deceit; if it were a tarot card, it would be the 7 of swords for sure – the card of deception.  

Don’t fall for it.  You’ll lose a lot of money if you do and more importantly, you might lose your hope, faith, and sanity.  Stay out of the hands of such criminals and instead we recommend that you play it safe and use recommended and verified reputable psychics.  They are probably cheaper than ‘Medium Theresa’ anyway!

If you are looking for a genuine reading, there’s one simple thing you can do, and that is to click one of the links below and connect with a psychic from one of these sites.  We guarantee that our recommended sites are legit.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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Have you ever tried Medium Theresa? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 year ago

Ugh, I feel soooo freakin stupid. I got a reading from her which turned out to be a ritual for $29.95 3 days ago. And when I asked for a refund she or the people who run the site didn’t refund me back my money. It states on the site that if you sent them a short message through the web form, they’ll give you your money back within 14 days. They are SCAMMERS! I just want my money back 😔

Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans
2 years ago

Medium Theresa is nothing but A LYING FREAKING SCAM!!!! Don’t touch this PERSON or PERSON’S ???? with a TEN Foot POLE!!! She ALWAYS asks 4 MONEY!! I gave this bitch my number and NOBODY EVER called me!!! STAY AWAY!!! Do NOT give her ONE American PENNY!!! Blessings to ALL and have a joyous holiday season! 🙂 Peace

2 years ago

She is a big scam same question and answer for all people around the world that impossible for everyone to be in same shoes liar liar bums on fire

Sonia Catherine Marden
Sonia Catherine Marden
3 years ago

Can she scam you if you click on the link to verify your email address??

Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans
2 years ago


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