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Michele Knight Psychics Review

Available Readings

  • Email readings
  • SMS readings
  • Phone readings
  • Free readings


Pros and Cons

  • Strong brand reputation
  • Clear and easy to read psychic profiles
  • Careful Selection Process
  • Phone, video, chat and emailing facilities
  • Clear and appealing website
  • Easy to connect with the psychics
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Unclear information about exactly how they screen their psychics
  • Psychic profiles are short with only a small amount of information
  • Not a huge choice of readers

Who Is Michele Knight Psychics?

Michele Knight Psychics is a brand created by well known psychic and astrologer Michele Knight. According to the information provided on Michele’s website she has set out to redefine the terms ‘psychic and ‘self-empowerment’ so that they may be brought into the 21st century with ‘an exciting and contemporary spin which gives ancient wisdom a new meaning in today’s fast-moving world‘.  

And that may be the case for Michele, but do you actually get to enjoy a reading from Michele? Or do you have to have a reading from her ‘carefully selected psychics’?  Finally, are the services provided by Michele legit and worth your money?

These are the questions we plan to explore in this review.  

Keep reading to find out more.

In the meantime, if you need a reliable reading that is worth your money, please check the link out below:

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  5. Get answers from your psychic advisor via phone or chat.

How Michele Knight Psychics Works

Michele Knight Psychics is essentially a psychic hotline, with a few extra blogs and psychic games to keep the readers re-visiting the site.  

To enjoy a reading with Michele Knight Psychics, you can either call using your phone line or connect through their website.  

To connect through the Michele Knight website:

  1. Register your account and add your phone number and payment details.
  2. Browse your favorite psychics and pick out the one you like the look of and who is available.
  3. Click ‘call’ or ‘chat’.
  4. Follow the instructions to connect with the psychics.

It’s that simple.  

To connect through the telephone line:

  1. Browse the psychics on the website and jot down the psychics you would like to have read for you.
  2. Make sure to jot down a few options for readers just in case any become unavailable.  
  3. Call the number, provided and clearly displayed.
  4. Follow the prompts and connect with your psychic.

Note: You will pay for your reading via your telephone line with this option at a rate of £1.50 per minute.

What Makes Michele Knight Psychics Stand Out?

If there’s a psychic site that manages to combine the mystery of the unknown with the modern day in their aesthetic, then Michele Knight Psychics is the website that succeeds. Not only is the aesthetic magical, but it’s also classy too, which makes Michele Knight Psychics a fun website to navigate and is one of the main features that make this one stand out.

In addition, Michele is known as a reliable psychic who appears to maintain a level of integrity and high quality within her work. So, it would be difficult to see how her services would not operate in a fair and legit manner.

Finally, the horoscopes, blog and free readings all make Michele Knight Psychics a fun website to visit.

Here are some of the other ways that Michele Knight Psychics stands out:  

  • Clear pricing.
  • They’ve made it very simple to get to a psychic quickly.  
  • It appears that the psychic’s profiles are clear and easy to read.
  • Michele claims to screen her psychics.
  • Appealing images of each psychic. 

What Services Are Available From Michele Knight Psychics?

Michele Knight offers a variety of services:

Free Blog

From taroscopes to articles on soulmates, there is plenty to see on Michele Knight’s blog. It is updated regularly, and there are plenty of articles which have been written by the psychics who work for her. This is a great way to learn more about them too.

Free Games

There are tarot readings, numerology readings, runes, compatibility games, and even natal astrology games, and they are all really high quality.  We do not doubt that you would enjoy some of the free games provided on Michele Knight’s website.


The final option on Michele Knight’s site and probably the most important for them is the psychic services. These have been covered in great detail in this review.  Keep reading to find out how the psychic services perform against all of the other websites we’ve reviewed.

Is Michele Knight Psychics Trustworthy?

It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether a site is trustworthy. You have to read between the lines, and in most cases, it’s easier to read between the lines on a psychic site. This is because good sites usually offer a satisfaction guarantee and also explain in more detail how they screen their psychics.

So, let’s take a more in-depth look at how Michele Knight Psychics protects you!

Guaranteed Verified Psychics

Michele Knight repeatedly expresses that she carefully selects her psychics and we’d be inclined to believe her. Especially as she seems to be able to comment on each reader and also appears to have a relationship with some.  

However, we have further questions because it appears that this website outsources their psychics to a company called Inveroak.  While Inveroak is a professional service, we are unsure how Michele manages to choose her own psychics. Unless she is a large enough customer for Inveroak that she can choose who she has on her site. Or perhaps they might provide just the technology which would make perfect sense.

This is something that we don’t have the answer to but should be something you bear in mind if you decide to have a reading from Michele Knight Psychics.

Michele makes the following claims about her screening process;

“All my psychics are hand-picked. I only take on the very best psychics, and all psychics are tested several times before they get a final test with me. I want you to find the perfect psychic for you who will be able to give you the very detailed information.”

The Satisfaction Guarantee.

When it comes to a satisfaction guarantee, Michele Knight clearly expresses that she offers a guarantee. It’s a fair but straightforward guarantee.

Here is how it works:

If you don’t like your psychic, you should hang up within the first 5 minutes.

Then you can redial back in, and you will be able to switch to a different reading without being charged. If you are a credit card customer, you’ll receive a refund for those minutes used.  

The email address and customer service telephone number are also clearly marked on the Michele Knight website making it easy to contact them.  

This is a fair policy, however, we are not so sure whether you can really tell whether your reading is going to be good or bad within the allotted time frame.

In addition, efforts have also been made by Michele Knight Psychics to protect you and demonstrate that they are trustworthy through:

The Platform

The platform is an essential feature for any psychic site; you need to be able to navigate and find the necessary features you need quickly, and you need it to be secure.  Michele Knight Psychics does not fall short in this area – everything seems to be in order and legit.

So far we believe that Michele Knight Psychics is trustworthy.  And that they are doing their best to be transparent and fair.

What Other Features Does Michele Knight Psychics Have That You Might Appreciate?


The navigation on Michele Knight Psychics is very smooth and easy to navigate.  There is just the right amount of information provided on each psychic’s profile.  Some people might prefer a touch more information but it is easy to quickly check to see if the psychic has the skills that you desire.  

The Psychics

As we’ve already mentioned, Michele claims to personally interview the psychics she has working on her site, which is a significant claim.

Each psychic who works for Michele Knight Psychics has a clear and easy to read profile with bright and vibrant images and plenty of reviews. These are laid out in a way that is much easier on the eye than usual.  

However, the one useful thing that is missing is a real-time review section, where you can see the good and the bad ones. This section is instrumental as it can help you to weigh up the balance of good versus bad reviews. You need this so that you can gauge how good the psychic is likely to be and it’s missing from this psychic provider.

Finding The Right Kind of Psychic For You

On Michele’s website, the reviews appear to be carefully curated. This doesn’t provide us with a real sense of what we can expect and it’s something that you’ll need to consider if you decide to proceed with a reading.   

Michele Knight Psychics doesn’t go into great detail about what types of skills their psychics possess on initial inspection. There is, however, an option to find psychics based on one of their reading style, gifts, specialties, and tools. It’s pretty handy!

Typical examples of the types of readings you can expect are:

To find the full list of options, click’ live readings’ and then ‘find a reader’ on the Michele Knight website. You’ll find pretty much everything you need.

Our Conclusion

It’s a thumbs up from us. We dug around and couldn’t find much to critique at all about Michele Knight Psychics. They have worked hard to provide a great service for you. They provide you with the option to change your reader within five minutes if you don’t connect with the reader you’ve chosen, which is fair.

The free games are great, fun and very well executed, and the blog is loaded with lots of interesting articles and content.

Many of the psychics look very experienced and appear to be hand-picked by Michele. Although we’ll have to take her word for that.  

The main issue we have with Michele Knight Psychics is with the reviews. They seem to be carefully curated rather than real-time. While we appreciate that curated reviews create a better-looking site visually, we’d prefer to see unedited reviews; as the customers leave them.

If you are looking for a reading, Michele Knight psychics is worth considering.  But it’s not easy to find a psychic by using your discernment if you can’t see the full reviews. So, for that reason, we’d recommend proceeding with caution. Perhaps just try out a telephone reading for five to ten minutes, rather than booking a full half an hour.

If you would prefer to see real-time reviews, all of our highly recommended sites have that facility. You can see the links to those sites below.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99 

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

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Have you tried Michele Knight Psychics?  If you did what was your experience, did you have a preferred psychic?

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1 year ago

Yes I have used Michele knight for about four years. I have had readings from many of her psychics but I prefer the mediums to the predictive readers. I find and in my experience that although the predictions can be somewhat accurate they do not come with a warning that although you could meet many people that are predicted for you those people may become pretty irrelevant quickly. I have had two long term relationship predictions- one died and one became abusive . I am intuitive myself and understand the ins and outs if you like but I feel predictions… Read more »

Tarot lady
Tarot lady
2 years ago


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