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Moon Predictions Psychics Review

Available Readings

  • SMS readings
  • Phone readings
  • Live psychic chat


Pros and Cons

  • Variety of ways to contact psychics
  • Reasonable prices
  • No offers
  • No Satisfaction guarantee
  • Unclear how psychics are verified
  • No realtime reviews
  • Limited choice of psychics

Who Are Moon Predictions Psychics?

At first glance at the Moon Predictions website, you may believe that it looks like it’s going to be a great site.  We are not sure whether it’s the colour scheme or perhaps even the chosen font that gives us that impression. Either way, unfortunately, it doesn’t last long!

What at first appears to be a pretty cool and modern looking website, actually lacks many of the fun, exciting and reassuring features that you would find on a great psychic website. Take, for example, Psychic Source or Keen.  

So who are Moon Predictions?

By all accounts, Moon Predictions Psychics appears to a sister company of Elizabeth Rose Psychics. Or at least one of the owners of Elizabeth Rose psychics has decided to set up another psychic site that mirrors Elizabeth Rose in many ways. How? Don’t worry, we will cover everything in this review.

Both psychic providers are situated in the UK and target mainly the UK and Ireland. That’s pretty much it.  Everything looks ok, but why are there two seemingly similar psychic sites owned by the same people? And is Moon Predictions a reputable site with good psychics?  These are the questions we were left asking. So we set out to answer them in this review and you will find our answers below.

However, in the meantime, if you want a reliable reading from a highly-reviewed psychic provider, you can save your time and click the link below!

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How Does Moon Predictions Work?

Getting right to the point, Moon Predictions appears to use Inveroak Psychics to provide them with their readers. So, this means that Moon Predictions itself is pretty much the website, marketing, and customer service only. We will cover how the psychics are screened later on in this review since it’s essential to know if your psychic provider has ensured that your psychic is legit!

You can book a variety of readings through Moon Predictions, such as psychic chat, telephone readings, and even psychic text messages. It’s easy to pay, as you’d expect from most psychic providers. You can either pay for your readings using your telephone line or by paying upfront with your credit card. There are some issues that we have discovered about Moon Predictions which you should consider before booking a reading; we reveal them all below.

There is also a blog featured on Moon Predictions Psychics but it’s written by Elizabeth Rose. The Elizabeth Rose from Elizabeth Rose psychics and that’s pretty much all you’ll find on this website. Even the terms and conditions are limited, and the privacy policy is blank!

On the surface, everything looks to be above board, and we are sure that it is.  But the questions we are asking are why are there two sites for the same company under two different brands? Isn’t that a little deceptive? Also, we want to find out how Moon Predictions Psychics protect you as a consumer, and whether there are any benefits to using this site over some of our already top-rated psychic providers.  

If you want to know more, you’ll find it below.

What Types Of Readings Can You Get At Moon Predictions Psychics?

There will probably be a variety of psychic skills available from psychics at Moon Predictions covering topics such as:

But since you can’t search for a particular type of reading, psychic skill or psychic, you’ll need to check each psychic’s profile. You’ll have to read through their description to find out whether or not they have the skills that you require.

This lack of clarity is not a great option and doesn’t save you time; it just saves the website owners time and probably money too. After all, we know it’s possible to provide a search facility because we see it frequently on other psychic sites.

What Are The Psychics Like At Moon Predictions?

If you are familiar with Elizabeth Rose Psychics, then you’ll be familiar with the psychics on Moon Predictions because they are the same!  

In some ways that’s good because the psychics will have been tested and verified on Elizabeth Rose but why would there need to be two websites for the same company?  You might look at one site, and then stumble upon this sister site and become tricked into thinking they are different. Then, if you’ve had a bad experience with one of the websites, you will still be returning to them without realising it. This seems like a deceptive approach to us.  

But we digress.

Back to the psychics, there is a reasonable variety of psychics available at Moon Predictions although not too many available at any one time. You can find more choice on different psychic sites, such as Keen or Psychic Source.

There are 50 psychics listed and during a busy time (at the weekend) only 10 were working. Many appeared to be busy, but remember, these psychics also work for Elizabeth Rose and ultimately they work for Inveroak Psychics. So this means that they may also work for a variety of different psychic providers because Inveroak white labels their psychics. What we are trying to convey here is that while these psychics might appear to be busy, they may not be busy working for Moon Predictions.

It’s difficult to determine how good the psychics are though as we’ve had mixed reviews and the testimonials we have seen are questionable, as you’ll discover if you continue to read. Frankly, we’ve seen a better collection of psychics and have more confidence in recommending them because we can see their reviews and learn how they were verified. We can’t say the same for Moon Predictions.

How Good Are The Moon Predictions Psychics’ Profiles?

The psychic profiles at Moon Predictions are limited. 

The profiles are not categorised; each psychic’s skills are not easy to find. Instead, there is a basic paragraph that each psychic has written about themselves. Aside from that paragraph, there is nothing else but testimonials, which we don’t believe to be real-time. So there’s more about that coming up.

Moon Predictions’ psychic profiles are not the best we’ve seen so we do believe that they should do better. In order that you, as their customer, can make informed choices when choosing a psychic.

Are There Real-Time Reviews For Psychics Working For Moon Predictions?

No, there are not, which is disappointing.

There are testimonials on each psychic’s profile at Moon Predictions, and there is the option to add a testimonial. However, you don’t have to be a customer of the psychic to leave a review, and when we tested, the testimony we made didn’t show up. We assume that it’s because Moon Predictions monitor their psychics’ testimonials.

This is not great at all.

Without real-time reviews for screened psychics, you cannot see how good or bad a psychic is.

Every psychic will probably get some negative reviews due to the nature of their work, but when you can see the reviews, you can determine, on average, how many satisfied clients they have versus unsatisfied clients. A testimonial that is filtered will be biased and frankly useless to you; you’ll only see the best reviews.  

The other issue we have with the testimonials for Moon Predictions is that when you take a look at the dates on the testimonials, they are not all up-to-date, at all.  

For example, we found one psychic who had reviews from 2017, only one testimony for 2018 and then three for 2019, bearing in mind that this review was written halfway through 2019. We’d expect there to be many more reviews, and this situation appears to be questionable.

If you have to question the motives behind a psychic provider, then they might not be the right kind of psychic provider. We guarantee you won’t question the ethics, intentions or reviews for psychics at Psychic Source!

How Does Moon Predictions Verify Their Psychics?

Moon Predictions uses Inveroak Psychics to provide their psychics. So, in other words, the psychics don’t work for Moon Predictions they work for Inveroak. It’s difficult to see how Inveroak screens their psychics. We couldn’t find any reference to that at all, although we assume that there will be some sort of process due to the nature of their business as a white label psychic provider.

We believe that all psychic providers should be transparent about how they verify their psychics. Not to mention honest with their customers if they don’t verify them. In the case of Moon Predictions, we are not sure how the psychics are verified. Although they do also work for Elizabeth Rose, so we can assume that clients before you will have already road-tested the psychics for you.

That’s not great customer service, but it’s likely true.

Does Moon Prediction Psychics Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund Policy?

No, Moon predictions psychics do not offer a satisfaction guarantee, and they don’t advertise a refund policy in their terms and conditions either.  

The interesting thing is though that the terms and conditions for both Moon Prediction Psychics and Elizabeth Rose Psychics are the same except for this line taken from Elizabeth Rose Psychics:

“We will refund as long as it is within the first 5 minutes of the reading.” 

This statement does not appear in the terms and conditions for Moon Predictions, which leaves us wondering why?  If everything else is pretty much the same as Elizabeth Rose Psychics, why would they offer a substandard service?

How Much Does It Cost To Book A Reading With Moon Prediction Psychics?

Here are the costs you can expect to pay at Moon Predictions:

  • Telephone Payments £1.50 per minute.
  • Credit Card Payments:

15 Mins £25

30 Mins £44

60 Mins £86

  • Texts are £1.50 per message.

Is It Easy To Search On The Moon Predictions Website?

No, you cannot search for anything on Moon Predictions website.  

This is very frustrating if you are looking for a specific skill but since they don’t have too many working psychics available at any one time, you might enjoy the limited choice – it certainly won’t create overwhelm!

How Easy Is It To Navigate The Website?

It’s easy to navigate this website. While there are no fancy bells and whistles, the easy navigation relies on its simplicity.  

Sure it’s clunky in some areas, for example:

  • Most people might browse the few psychics that feature on the homepage without realising that there’s a button you can press to see them all.  
  • You may not realise you can leave a testimonial.
  • To find out what the charges are for credit card readings you have to click the down key in the pay section. We’re not sure that everybody would easily navigate to this!

What Value Does Moon Predictions Provide For The Customers?

We don’t believe that Moon Predictions does provide any value for their customers.

The website is distinctly lacking in all areas; we don’t know how the psychics are verified; there are no real reviews that are uncensored. We don’t understand why this site is a slightly sub-standard duplicate of Elizabeth Rose Psychics – it seems to be deceptive. There isn’t even a refund policy. So, we cannot see any examples of value provided by Moon Predictions for their customers; only for themselves.

What Do We Like About Moon Predictions Psychics?

There isn’t too much that we like about Moon Predictions. Other than perhaps that the site is relatively easy to navigate, and at first glance, it looks interesting. 

It’s just unfortunate that it doesn’t keep our interest for too long.

What Don’t We Like About Moon Predictions Psychics?

We don’t like that this website is pretty much a replica of Elizabeth Rose Psychics but with a lower quality website and no refund policy. We can’t think why a brand would create another website that appears to be a different company other than for deceptive reasons. Unless perhaps one of the owners is planning to branch out away from the original website, but then they’d be competing directly with the exact same psychics, features, and terms. We expect that it’s to catch the people who bounce away from their website in search of new and unique psychic providers.

The other issue we have is that the testimonials are not real time, and are likely curated. That provides the customer with inaccurate information and sabotages their opportunity to discern a great psychic from a bad one.

Conclusion: Meh! Moon Predictions Psychics Is Not A Scam, But It’s Below Average

We don’t recommend Moon Predictions, because we know that you can get a much better deal, navigation experience, and support from other psychic providers.  

There isn’t really anything we like about this website at all, and we don’t think it will be easy to find a great psychic due to the many reasons explained above. 

Instead, we recommend our top-rated psychic providers who are listed below. 

Here are our picks: 

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now. 

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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Have you ever tried Moon Predictions Psychics? Which psychic did you enjoy? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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