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Who Is My Mystic Land?

My Mystic Land appears to be a psychic information site.

However, it is certainly more than that.

Owned by a digital marketing company based in France called Blue Market Agency, Mystic Land is a well-designed affiliate marketing scam site!  Even though they don’t offer any particular paid service from this website, this site will capture their victims behind the scenes by providing links to other known scam sites via ads on their site. They will further connect you with other known scam psychic providers via email.  

We explain more about how they work further on in this review. If, however, you are looking for a legit psychic provider, we recommend you talk to a real psychic who works for one of our top-rated and trustworthy psychic providers. The link is below:

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How Does My Mystic Land Work?

At first glance, My Mystic Land may appear to be a well designed and pleasant looking website.  Where everything is clear and easy to read. They’ll also seem to be pretty generous too, mainly because you’ll find the following:

You won’t find the option anywhere to book a reading, so if that’s something you need right now, we recommend sites such as Psychic Source or Keen.  

You’ll also need to hand over your email address if you want to enjoy the free one card tarot reading or to ask the crystal ball a question, which is the point of this whole website.

Due to the nature of the website, we are uncertain whether the horoscopes, and tarot card readings, or even the advice featured on this website, would be sincere. So, we’d recommend you find a more trustworthy source.  

There’s A Mysterious Login Section, But For What?

You’ll also find the option to log in on My Mystic Land’s website but no reference as to why.  Although when you request the free tarot reading, you’ll be prompted to register to log in.   

The interesting thing is that before we reviewed this site, we had never clicked on the site before. When we tried to register for a free reading, however, the website informed us that we are already registered! 

We suspect that we were registered through a different scam psychic provider though not My Mystic Land.  So we can attest to the fact that when you hand over your email to sites such as these, the email address is shared.

Are Laura My Clairvoyance and My Mystic Land Owned By The Same Company?

We assume that the email was registered via Laura My Clairvoyance, which is how we found My Mystic Land. Laura My Clairvoyance was linking to My Mystic Land and a variety of other scam sites known already to us. Blue Market Agency owns that website too.  

So yes, both sites are owned by the same company – Blue Market Agency.

You can check out our review of Laura My Clairvoyance linked above but if you want to save yourself time here’s the deal; – they are a scam site just like this one and if you want to clarify who owns each site, just click on the privacy policy – you’ll find their name mentioned there.  

What My Mystic Land Wants You To Believe

My Mystic Land, by all accounts, would like you to believe that they are a source of knowledge and information for anybody interested in psychics, spells, spiritual development, fortune telling, and astrology and horoscopes.

You click onto the site, because of your interest in a specific topic and My Mystic Land provides you with free games or mini tarot readings. 

They also promote a few psychic sites on their website, in the hope that you will click on the links because you now trust them since they’ve provided you with some free information. And if you just rocked up for the games, well, that’s no biggie on their part either. This is because, in order to reveal the answers to the card you picked, you’ll need to hand over your email address, name, and date of birth. Most people will be inclined to hand over their email address, especially because the site feels reputable and trustworthy. 

Which is the point…

How My Mystic Land Really Operates

My Mystic Land is trying to gain your trust so that you’ll buy into their recommendations for other services, such as the known scam sites we are about to mention if you keep on reading.

Attracts People Who Are Interested In Spiritual Matters

The website ‘My Mystic Land’ pretty much covers all important bases that are frequently searched for online by somebody who is interested in psychic-related content. Somebody who also might be susceptible enough to want to read into the onslaught of emails that you will receive if you’ve handed over your email address.  

They Probably Know Nothing About Psychic Matters

Let’s not forget that behind My Mystic Land is a digital marketing agency. Not a spiritual enthusiast or a psychic. They know how to get you to spend your money. They probably don’t know anything about psychic ability or other esoteric disciplines.

A Seemingly Legit Site Promoting Scam Psychics

Blue Market Agency does a reasonable job of making it seem as though this site (My Mystic Land) is legit.  They then link out to affiliate programmes that are related to psychics, tarot, astrology, and so on. While there is nothing wrong at all with affiliating with other businesses to promote their services, there is something wrong with promoting known scam sites. This is what Blue Market Agency is doing under the guise of My Mystic Land and Laura My Clairvoyance.  

Just A Landing Page

Which leads us to our point! My Mystic Land, like Laura My Clairvoyance, is just a landing page and a website aimed at driving their traffic to the ads. Or driving traffic to the same ‘psychics’ advertised via email messages.

The problem is, all of the sites promoted are known scam psychics, many of which we have researched and reviewed – those details are coming up. 

Does Blue Market Agency Know They Are Promoting Scam Psychics?

You might wonder whether it’s possible that this digital marketing company just didn’t do their due diligence when affiliating with such sites. That might still be the case, but don’t they have a responsibility to ensure their readership has access to nothing but the best and legitimate psychic services?  

After all, if they can’t do that, how can you trust anything about them?  

Without trust online, well, what’s the point?  You won’t believe anything you see or read, and you frankly deserve better. So, in this case, you shouldn’t believe or trust what you’re reading!

At best, Blue Market Agency didn’t test these affiliate sites, which is not good enough.  

What If Blue Market Agency Knows The Sites They Promote Are Scam Sites

At their worst, they know what they were doing, and unfortunately, we suspect it’s the latter. How can an affiliate site claim they are legit when there is no real psychic behind anything, and everything is automated?

Since the person who wrote the blog on My Mystic Land is a Copywriter herself, she wouldn’t she notice the way that the emails are written by these sites. They invoke fear, false hope, and fear of missing out.

What Scam Sites Does My Mystic Land Affiliate With?

We don’t know all of the sites that My Mystic Land or Blue Market Agency affiliate with but the websites we have already spotted are;

And the sites or links we discovered for Laura My Clairvoyance were:

Note:  We haven’t found one legit psychic provider linked to My Mystic Land, or Laura My Clairvoyance that is legit.

What Types Of Readings Are Available At My Mystic Land?

You can only get free one card tarot readings, and also a free question that is supposed to be from a crystal ball but is probably not.  

There are no links to readings. However, there are links to the fake psychic services detailed above.  There is no possibility to connect with a live psychic at all even if you connect with the scam psychics promoted. 

Ideally, if you are looking for a reading, you should be able to talk with your psychic!  

Are There Any Real-Time Reviews For My Mystic Land Or The Psychics They Promote?

There are no real-time reviews for any of the psychics promoted by My Mystic Land, and no testimonials either. However, if you were to Google some of the sites promoted, there is a high possibility that you will find plenty of negative reviews.

Although we expect that the sites linked are out of the box affiliate marketing systems, which require the person who is promoting it to add their branding and let it. This means that there may be many different web addresses for the same site. Simply because multiple businesses might promote the same ‘psychic’. Or the same system of emails will be sent out but with a different stock image, name, and write up for a psychic because the system is there but the rest is left for the affiliate to brand.

It’s Important To Practice Diligence When Searching For A Psychic

Tip! Finding a psychic is not complicated; there are many excellent psychic providers out there who provide legitimate services.  You can have your pick of the bunch, for a whole variety of different price points. The types of ‘psychics’ promoted here are the bottom of the barrel.

What Real Psychics Don’t Do

You don’t have to get caught up in the spider’s web of emails that will be designed to manipulate you psychologically. They will program problems into your mind that you don’t have, just so that you part with your cash. They’ll take your money for a fake reading, spell, invocation, talisman, cleansing or some other random thing that such psychics have implied you need to move forward.  


Legit Psychics Are Honest And Gently Guide You For Your Highest Good 

Real psychics don’t give you a quick fix for your problems, because there isn’t one. They don’t fill your mind with false hope or fear, so if they do, you should hang up.  

They should be honest, their readings should relate to your current life or feelings, and they will never tell you that you have a curse that they can unblock if only you pay more money. Nor will they send you emails urging you to open them because they have something important to tell you.  

This isn’t how psychic ability works.

How To Find Genuine Psychic Providers

We are working hard to create a catalog of psychic reviews so that you can determine the good psychics from the bad and advise you to check this out so that you can choose a real psychic without being scammed or disappointed.  

But if you don’t want to take a look, here’s a hint: there’s a reason why we actively promote Psychic Source and Keen! That’s because they are two of the best psychic providers out there.  

Why Does My Mystic Land Link To Other Known Scam Sites?

My Mystic Land links to other scam sites, to make money through affiliate marketing.  They are essentially a landing page, or a honey pot to attract the right kind of people to them, who will then either click on their ads or register their email address.

Once they have handed over their email address (which is the goal on any of the sites), then an onslaught of email marketing campaigns ensue. These are ALL aimed at tricking you into parting with your cash. 

What Value Does My Mystic Land Provide For Their Customers?

None – it’s untrustworthy.

What Do We Like About Mystic Land Psychics?

The design of the site is nice and professional; it probably would be a pleasant browsing experience if it were ethical.

What Don’t We Like About Mystic Land Psychics?

They are scamming people out of their money, by promoting fake readings! Many of these people will be vulnerable due to problems they are experiencing in their life and the desire to find a better quality of living.

Conclusion: A Honey Pot For Scam Psychic Providers – AVOID AT ALL COSTS

As you’ve probably already figured out by now, we do not recommend this psychic information site.  It’s merely a landing page aimed at attracting people and then encouraging them handing over their hard earned money for ‘advice‘ from a fake psychic.

Even if you don’t take our word for it, please know that there are many many more legit psychics and genuine psychic providers out there; you don’t have to follow this route as it will only lead to significant loss of money and a merry-go-round of anxiety.

Here are our top-rated genuine psychic providers who will help you without creating further problems:

Here are our picks: 

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now:

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Have you ever registered your email with My Mystic Land? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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