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Mystic Meg Review

Available Readings

  • Email readings
  • SMS readings
  • Phone readings


Pros and Cons

  • Interactive and entertaining website
  • If the jewellery is to your taste it looks like good quality
  • Psychic and astrology readings available
  • There’s no way to interact with Mystic Meg herself.
  • You can’t see any reviews on the psychics.
  • The psychics are provided by an external company.

Who Is Mystic Meg?

If you live in the UK and have not heard of Mystic Meg, you must have been hiding under a rock. She’s been the staple astrologer for the Sun Magazine for decades. And the funny thing is she hasn’t aged one bit despite maintaining her trademark hairstyle the whole time (but we’ll get to our suspicions about her anti-aging strategies later on in this article).

A Much Loved Character

‘Mystic Meg’s’ regular column in the Sun Newspaper features daily, and weekly horoscopes. They are, however, very generic forecasts that probably don’t really come true. That said, they are entertaining and even though not many people really take Mystic Meg’s forecasts seriously (we hope!), she has become a much loved British treasure.

So it makes sense that somebody turned the character Mystic Meg into a brand.

Fun And Interactive Website

‘Mystic Meg’ now has ‘her’ own website, providing fun psychic and astrology related games, fiction, horoscopes, and readings.  We have to take our hat off to whoever is behind Mysticmeg.com for turning her into an entertaining brand.

But is she legit? Can Mystic Meg provide you with a genuine reading that gives you more than the notion of a light-hearted flirtation with love or money, as most ‘entertaining psychics do’? Is she even psychic?

Keep on reading to find out but in the meantime, if you are looking for a legit reading from a skilled psychic, here is the link to one of our highly recommended psychic providers.

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  5. Get answers from your psychic advisor via phone or chat.

Is Mystic Meg Legit?

If you’ve ever wondered if Mystic Meg is a real person, we can confirm that she is indeed real. We assume, however, that the images we see of her now are either old images or photoshopped ones because she is now 76 (at the time of writing).

‘Mystic Meg’s’ real name is Margaret Anne Lake.  But whether ‘Meg’ is still involved with the brand ‘Mystic Meg’ is a mystery.  We suspect that she may have sold her business as she is not listed as a director.

A Legit Brand

This website is a great example of how a legit brand operates and registers their business versus a scam psychic.  Scams usually have no traceability of their ‘world-renowned psychic’, and no history aside from their website. Further to this, they are usually registered in Hong Kong, Gibraltar or Switzerland. We can trace Meg’s history, and her business is registered in the UK, which means that it will have to adhere to tighter regulations.

So, we’ve established that Mystic Meg is legit, but is the brand providing legitimate services?  

We believe that the brand ‘Mystic Meg’ is legit, they are not scamming anybody. They are instead maximising the marketing opportunities from a famous face and providing fair services in exchange for your money.

However, if you asked, could you get a better psychic service elsewhere? We think you could and we explain why further on in this review.

How Mystic Meg’s Website Works

One thing we admire about Mystic Meg’s website is the uniqueness of it.  The people behind Mystic Meg haven’t copied everybody else by creating the standard run of the mill psychic site. Instead, they’ve added features that we haven’t seen elsewhere. These include short fictional pieces that incorporate astrology or a feature that includes your pets. They also include interesting games, a numerology blog, the opportunity to play Sun Bingo, a shop and, of course, the psychic services.

Mystic Meg has really focused on bringing you entertainment.

However, the psychics are not screened by Mystic Meg or the people behind the brand. They are provided through a third-party service called Inveroak, who provides third-party telephone services such as psychic services, customer services, sales, and call centre facilities.

While Inveroak is professional and experienced in both the psychic services industry and the other industries they are involved in, you don’t get to enjoy the types of psychics that Mystic Meg may have chosen herself. You also don’t get to enjoy some of the features and facilities that you can get from psychic service providers who recruit their own psychics.

Mystic Meg’s Services

The Psychics

At the time of reviewing the Mystic Meg website, there were only sixteen psychic profiles to choose from, and just four of them were online.  This would tell us that we either checked at a quiet time (it was the morning in the UK), that Mystic Meg doesn’t get too many customers booking readings, or that you are going to have to wait for a reading during busy times.

If it’s the latter, you can get just as good readings and be able to read your chosen psychic’s reviews by going to one of our highly recommended sites such as Keen or Psychic Source.


The psychics’ profiles on Mystic Meg’s website are nicely laid out, but you do have to do a lot of clicking to discover more about the psychic. For example; you have to click onto the ‘skills’ section to find out what skills each psychic has. It’s not just there to view at a glance on the psychic’s profile.

It seems unnecessary to hide such important information, especially when very little information is listed about the psychic in their profiles anyway. Even if they are doing so to create a clean look, there is probably a different way to create that which is not inconvenient to the user. Especially when there is no search facility.

The way that you browse psychics is also clunky and not designed with the user’s convenience in mind.

You can save a psychic to your favorites, but to do so you’ll have to open an account with Mystic Meg. This is not really a problem since it’s the same for any psychic provider and also the same if you want to add items to a wishlist on any online shop.  You’ll need to use this service though because you can’t search for a specific psychic by name.

Unfortunately, there are no real-time reviews for each psychic or any reviews at all for that matter. To our mind, this is very remiss, especially since it’s one of the best ways to gauge the quality of the psychic’s readings and overall client satisfaction. We think it should be a standard feature if you are going to provide a psychic service.

Text Services

You can text a psychic from your mobile phone. All you have to do is text ‘MEG’, and then your question to the number displayed, and you’ll receive a reply.  These messages cost £1 each which are billed to your mobile phone bill but it’s unclear how long you will wait for a response.

There is an issue that we have with this service because there is a high chance that the replies are pre-written automated replies. These are replies that focus on specific topics such as love psychics, or wealth but we don’t know for sure.

Pre Written Psychic Services

This pre-written service is a facility that is available and widely used in the psychic industry. So, it’s worth just trying out one or two texts before you spend a fortune and instead of calling or chatting to psychic direct.

Of course, by the process of divination, answers that you receive from an automated service will carry a relevant message for you (as does everything you experience in your world). So, these texts are not wasted particularly, but they may provide you with a riddle to solve. This would be rather than a direct answer or an explanation of why you can’t get a direct one right now. This is what you would get from a live conversation with a real psychic.

The Psychic Phone Lines


Pay Via Your Telephone Or Credit Card

Mystic Meg’s psychic services follow a traditional form of connecting with a psychic using the ancient telephone!  You can’t use the internet to connect with a psychic or pay, nor can you add top-up credits (which is a good way to track your budget) but you will be prompted when your call reaches a certain amount of minutes.  

This way may suit some people, but it does require extra work. You have to browse the psychics and choose one that you like who is available. Then you have to call the numbers promoted on the website to pay and connect. By that time, your preferred psychic may be busy, and you’ll have to select a different one. So to avoid this, it’s better to choose more than one available psychic so that you have a backup.

Paying By Credit Card

To pay by credit card you’ll need to call a specific number and this is clearly advertised on Meg’s site. You will probably land on an automated answering service who will take your card details. You’ll then need to make a note of your preferred psychic’s extension number too. Only then, when your payment has gone through will you have the opportunity to connect with your preferred psychic.

You’ll usually be advised when your call has passed a certain period (we think it’s around 20 minutes) so that you don’t get carried away on the call and blow your budget.

Paying Through Your Phone Bill

To pay by telephone, you can just make a note of your psychic’s extension number which is displayed on their profiles, call the number, and follow the prompts.  You’ll be charged through your phone bill, and you’ll also be prompted when your call has lasted a certain period.

The Jewellery

While the jewellery from Mystic Meg may seem a little gimmicky to some, it is unique and has been specifically chosen and designed to suit Mystic Meg’s brand. It also looks as though attention has been applied to the quality too. These items haven’t just been imported from China on a low budget without a thought for quality or how they reflect the Mystic Meg brand. They are also reasonably priced so if you like them, they are definitely worth purchasing.

The Blogs

Mystic Meg doesn’t call her blog a ‘blog’. Instead, it’s ‘Meg’s Pages’, and ‘Meg’s Casebook’. We like the originality – it invokes curiosity and interest. We also have to say that the blog content is interesting and most of it is unique. This certainly is much appreciated in a world where everything you see online is the same as everyone else.  You can also read the horoscopes of celebrities which is another fun blog-type feature shown on the Mystic Meg site.

The Games

Once again, Mystic Meg has come up with some interesting and unique psychic games. They should, however, be treated as just that – a game.  

We tested the ‘passion game’ where you are required to place your thumb on the screen (and at the time we were using a laptop). So, while we were momentarily questioning how on earth the laptop screen was going to capture the presence of the thumb, the’ passion-meter’ got to work and told us we were ‘hot’.  So, the game is just going just to do whatever it’s programmed to do, and we assume this particular game was designed for an Ipad or smartphone.

The Mystic Meg Customer Service and Promises To You

We’ve noticed that when there is a well-known name or brand (that is legit), they don’t make all the promises of a satisfaction guarantee, free introductory offers, etc. This is probably because they are held to account because their brand is well known and they have to protect their reputation.

Following on from this, when it comes to Mystic Meg, everything is in order. We are confident that they will take care of you and won’t rip you off; after all, they have a reputation to protect.

What Mystic Meg offers is a fair exchange for their prices

However, you can get a better deal and much better features from a psychic site which has their own psychics and especially one who provides real customer reviews for you to browse for each psychic. Not only do the reviews sections help you to make an informed decision about where you spend your money but they also keep both the psychics and the company who is managing them focused on providing good readings. In fact, we wouldn’t book a psychic without being able to see their reviews. This is unless they are famous and providing their readings themselves, as John Edward is who we have previously reviewed.

We also feel that a search function for readings, a wider variety of psychics, and more availability of the psychics are important factors when making your choice. Plus, easier to view and more detailed psychic profiles are extremely important when you are choosing a psychic. Mystic Meg could do more to make her psychic services more aligned with what the customer wants and needs.

What We Love About Mystic Meg

  • The originality on the website.
  • The professionalism.
  • That Mystic Meg is proving to be a brand you can trust.
  • The jewellery is cute if it’s your style.
  • The look of the website. 

What We Don’t Love About Mystic Meg

  • More work could be done to provide a better reading experience.
  • The games might be taken seriously by some people who could be misleading.
  • The site can be clunky and difficult to navigate.
  • No reviews for psychics.
  • No search function for psychics.
  • We don’t know how the psychics are screened, monitored or verified.
  • No introductory offer for new customers. 

Our Conclusion

Of course, we love Mystic Meg! She definitely has a place in our hearts, and the website ‘Mystic Meg’ has some special features that make it unique and fun for some people to engage with.  

Everything provided is fair and above board – you won’t get ripped off here. We do know though that there are better psychic sites out there who provide a much more focused and broader psychic service and who also offer very competitive introductory offers.

So if we were honest, we’d shop elsewhere such as at the sites recommended below. That said, if you do love Mystic Meg and want to support her – you will be safe in her hands.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Psychic Source – Low priced readings right now!

Keen – 10 minutes for $1.99 

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If you decide to check out Mystic Meg don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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