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Psychic Paul O’Mara Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of interesting free content
  • Unique take on the tarot
  • Psychic Readings
  • Confusing website
  • No guarantees
  • Limited choice of psychics

Who Is Psychic Paul O’Mara?

Paul O’Mara Psychics is an independent psychic website owned by Paul O’Mara himself.  Paul is Tarologist with an interesting and mystical aesthetic that instantly draws you into the mystery of tarot. He’s a very interesting man indeed, and quite the artist too. 

We can see that Paul brings the tarot to life in ways that we have never seen before. 

Through his website, Paul offers paid psychic readings, medium readings, and tarot readings.  He also provides plenty of free tarot reading games and a wealth of information on tarot. Along with an interesting blog too.    

If you are serious about learning more about tarot, we can say right now that it’s well worth checking out Paul’s website.  

It doesn’t seem as though you can book a tarot reading with the man himself though. And that’s an issue.  Instead, you get to contact a small selection of psychics which may or may not be as good as Paul. There’s an issue with the website too, which we cover in more detail further on in this review.  

Keep on reading to find out more.  

If in the meantime you want to contact a great psychic who is available to read for you right now, check out the link below.   

5 Steps To An Expert Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Psychic Source.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

How Does Paul O’Mara’s Website Work?

The way that Paul works with the tarot may appear to be unique.  However, his paid services are not.  

Generous Amounts Of Free Content

Paul’s website stands out because he really has gone to town by providing a lot of free value for you.  And it’s some of the best value we’ve seen in a while.  

We are talking about a variety of free readings and a wealth of information on the tarot.  Paul sure has a style of writing about the tarot that delivers much deeper information than most tarot blogs do.  

But you have to be able to read between the lines or understand metaphor embrace Paul’s take on the tarot.  This website is not the place to take things literally. 

Services Provided 

Paul also offers paid psychic and tarot readings on his website.  He has a small selection of psychics representing his brand, and the setup is pretty standard.  You get to call or text a psychic. Payment is made either via your telephone or by pre-paying using a credit card. 

Paul’s website is a fascinating, eclectic, but erratic mix of great value.  But it’s also a mundane, confusing and uninspiring website in many ways too.  The unfortunate thing is that it’s the paid content that’s mundane.  

Keep on reading on to find out more.

What Types Of Paid Readings Are Available From Paul O’Mara?

You only get to choose from three psychics if you decide to book a psychic reading from Paul O’Mara. None of these psychics will be Paul himself.

Paul appears to have a tarot reader, a psychic, and a psychic medium in his portfolio of psychics.  Which is a decent mix, despite being limited.  

What Are The Psychics Like On Paul O’Mara’s Website?

It’s difficult to tell what the psychics are like on Paul’s site. The profiles are limited. There are no real-time reviews, and all the psychics are sourced from Inveroak.  

While Inveroak is a professional company, none of the psychics who work there usually appear to stand out.  

We discuss the psychics’ profiles in more detail below and also the issues we have found.  We also cover the service offered in more detail, along with the pros and cons involved. 

How Good Are The Paul O’Mara Psychics’ Profiles?

The psychic profiles on Paul O’Mara’s website are minimal.  They are, in fact, the worst profiles we have seen in a while, un our opinion.  

It’s a shame since this website has so much potential. This is the main paid service provided on the site, and we don’t think it’s asking too much to suggest it should be improved.  

  • We don’t like the images of the psychics. Two out of three appeared to be dated.
  • Even the sizing of the images of the psychics is all out of sync.
  • There is one small paragraph providing the details for each psychic.
  • None of the psychics appeared to be very interesting.

The psychic profiles on Paul O’Mara’s website look like an afterthought.  These profiles are a far cry from the wealth of free information provided on this website. And unfortunately, this is an area that needs some work. Afterall there are only three psychic profiles to fix, and it is how Paul earns his crust!  

Are There Real-Time Reviews For Psychics Working For Paul O’Mara?

There are no real time reviews for any psychic representing Paul O’Mara.  Nothing at all.  

And so here comes the soapbox …

How can you make a good choice in choosing the right kind of psychic for you if you are not provided with the facility to discern for yourself? 

The answer is you can’t.  

You might as well be shooting in the dark.  

We can see that Paul clearly demonstrates that he has a unique and fascinating relationship with the tarot.  But it’s important to remember that the psychics on his website probably don’t.  

You can’t form your opinion on a psychic who probably hasn’t been chosen with too much thought. Especially not one who hasn’t proven themselves in any way to you.  

That’s not good enough.  

How Does Paul O’Mara Verify His Psychics?

Paul uses Inveroak to Source his psychics.  He doesn’t hire them directly. If you’ve read some of our other reviews, you may already be familiar with Inveroak.  Especially because they seem to crop up so much.  

Inveroak provides white label psychics and telephone services for psychic hotlines, along with services for other industries too. You’ll find white labelled counselling and medical services with all of the necessary technology, payment facilities, and telephone services you might need if you have a psychic hotline. It’s a one-box shop for psychic, counselling, medical and charity providers.  

Paul will have approached Inveroak and agreed on terms of service to suit his business. In his case, he appears to have three psychics allocated to him. But from looking at some of his other websites where there are no psychic profiles, it’s possible there are more, but they are just not featured on Paul’s website.

Inveroak probably does verify their psychics. They need to protect their clients, which are the psychic providers, after all. We cannot confirm whether they do check them or not though. And we don’t know what steps Inveroak might take to verify a psychic either.  

So, where does that leave you?

Well, not really in a great place to be fair.

  • You don’t know much about the psychics provided because their profiles are limited.
  • You can’t verify them through real-time reviews (or any testimonials at all).
  • And now you don’t know for sure if the psychic is verified.
  • Nor do you know how they are verified.

But Paul states that he personally and carefully selects his psychics.  We will assume that he chooses from Inveroak’s list of psychic profiles carefully.  Both options are two different things. 

By comparison, psychic providers such as Psychic Source, recruit, verify and monitor their psychics themselves.  And they do so per their professional and ethical policies, which are excellent by the way. Their policies and integrity are the best we’ve seen in the business. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Does Paul O’Mara Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund Policy?

There is no reference to any satisfaction guarantee on Paul’s website.  And for some reason, the terms and conditions, along with the privacy policy, are non-existent.  They re-direct to the ‘booking a psychic page’.

We’d assume that there is no guarantee, though as most psychic providers who use Inveroak don’t tend to offer one.

In this situation, you’ll need to decide whether you are willing to take a risk for a psychic reading, which is what you will be doing if you book a reading from one of Paul O’Mara’s psychics. Mainly because the psychic profiles are inadequate, and there are no real-time reviews.

We recommend calling the phone line for your first reading if you choose to pursue one of Paul’s psychics.  This way, you can hang up if you are disappointed.  

If owning the risk of a psychic reading is not a satisfactory solution to you, then you will enjoy Keen.  They provide outstanding service and a fair satisfaction guarantee.  

Problem solved!

How Much Does It Cost To Book A Reading With Paul O’Mara 

Phone Readings 

  1. Pay via your telephone bill are £1.50 per minute (£45 for half an hour).
  2. Pay via credit card :
  • 20 mins £30
  • 30 mins £35
  • 40 mins £45

Text Messages 

  • £1.50 per text

The prices are reasonable and the booking process is reasonably easy. Once you’ve got past the overwhelming number of buttons that lead to the booking page, that is!

Is It Easy To Search Paul O’Mara’s Website?

There isn’t an option to search on Paul’s website but you don’t really need one since he only promotes three psychics. 

How Easy Is It To Navigate Paul O’Mara’s Website?

Aside from the limits with the psychics provided, the other issue we have on Paul’s site is the navigation.  The site certainly seems to have a lot of potential. Paul has a style that is unique and captivating. But this style is inconsistent on his website.  

It’s easy to see how passionate Paul is about tarot. It’s a pleasure to discover such a unique tarot reader as we’ve already said. However, every page on the site is long with multiple buttons all leading you to the same places.

Take the ‘book a psychic reading page’, for example:

The first place you land offers three buttons for the same service.  

Paul O'Mara website readings


One takes you to the booking page. The others take you back to provide you with the options you can choose if you decide to book.

It’s like choosing to walk through a door into a house, only for the host to promptly open the back door and lead you out onto the street again.

But that’s not all.

Scroll to the next section on Paul’s website, and you’ll see why!


Paul O'Mara - How to book


In this small section, you have two buttons to book a national psychic reading.  There are also two buttons for international readings. Along with one big highlighted button that you’ll probably feel inclined to press that say’s ‘view all readings’.  But it takes you to a different landing page that invites you to book a reading.  

Paul O'Mara site sections

We know we said that Paul was mysterious, but this is taking things way to far. It’s a magical mystical merry go round.  The confusion won’t put you in a good space to enjoy a clear psychic reading that’s for sure. We are surprised that we can put a sentence together after that fairground ride!

This problem occurs everywhere on Paul’s site.  There are too many roads leading to nowhere.

It’s confusing and frustrating.

We realise that Paul’s skill doesn’t lie in building websites. But he could use some help to correct the issues he has.  We wouldn’t be surprised if many people bounce off the page because of these issues. So it would be in his interest to fix them.  

If Paul would use sites like Psychic Source as a guide for how to do a great job on navigation, he’d soon have his information organised. He’d probably book more readings.   And perhaps more importantly, his reader’s won’t leave with a headache!

What Value Does Paul O’Mara Provide For His Customers?

The tarot knowledge that Paul provides is excellent value. Paul’s free tarot reading games are too. It’s a shame that he doesn’t read for clients himself. He’d be worth exploring even if he charged a premium price. It’s Paul’s persona and tarot reading style that is appealing.  

But we can’t say the same for the psychics that Paul has on his site.  Or the navigation for that matter.  

What Do We Like About Paul O’Mara?

Paul is clearly a generous man. He’s also very talented with the tarot. We can see this from his free content. We’d expect that in real life he may be captivating and charismatic… and a legit tarot reader!

We also enjoyed the photography, the aesthetic and the way that Paul writes about the tarot. Paul’s tarot cards were very appealing too. 

What Don’t We Like About Paul O’Mara?

Paul probably needs some assistance in the area of sales, site layout and copywriting.  We may be reaching, but he may have an issue with charging for his service? Because his free content is much better than the paid. We find this a lot with legit psychics.  

Psychic Profiles

The psychics’ profiles were uninspiring.  The psychic service lacked a lot of features that you can easily get from an excellent psychic provider like Psychic Source. In fact, we couldn’t see any reason why you’d want to book a psychic reading here at all.


We also didn’t like the navigation on the site; it’s confusing. We expect that many people give up before getting to where they want to go. Navigating Paul’s website put us in a funk. We were left feeling confused and disoriented, but not in a good way.

Duplicate Sites

Paul also has three other very similar psychic sites and we don’t understand why. We appreciate that he is transparent about them but shouldn’t he just put his energy into getting one site right?

Conclusion: We Want To Love This Site, But We’ve Found Problems!

For some reason, we find ourselves rooting for Paul. It seems as though he has a lot to offer in the world of tarot and the way he presents his work is unique. We’d love to see a book from him or perhaps an event, or tarot course. Now that would be worth exploring.

But when it comes to the psychic services provided, we are not so enthusiastic. Not at all.

There is a lot of work to do here to bring much-needed value to paying customers. But it’s not impossible to do. Paul probably just needs to rethink things. He could benefit from finding somebody to help him steer and temper his Arian energy to help him reach his goals.  And we wish him every success.  

But we don’t recommend the current psychic services her provides. You can get better value elsewhere.

As usual, we’ve listed our top-rated psychic providers below. Psychic Source and Keen continue to stand out from the crowd.

Here are our picks: 

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now. 

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Have you ever tried Paul O’Mara or his psychics? What psychic did you enjoy? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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