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Paula O Brien Psychic Medium Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Legit self proved UK psychic
  • Appears at psychic events around the UK
  • Has a membership club
  • Runs a membership site
  • Paula only offers private readings before her events.
  • The events Paul attends are UK based.
  • Limited personal readings.

Who Is Paula O Brien?

Paula O Brien is a psychic medium who discovered that she could connect to spirits from a very young age. She can see, hear, and feel spirit and has a self-claimed knack of knowing ‘everything’ about the people she assists.  Paula uses this knowledge to help these people move forward in their own lives.

Paula also claims to be able to pass on messages, that often surprise her, to you from your loved ones. She also expresses on her website about how she compassionately relates to her clients. She says that she can do this because she is able to feel everything that the person communicating with you is trying to express. Which can, of course, be emotional.

It also seems as though Paula understands grief intensely having lost two of her brothers and both of her parents. So, when you come to read in this review that Paula has a knack of bringing you closer to spirit, it’s easy to understand why. She understands the depths and beauty of grief and uses this ability to help others. Or claims to, at least.

But is Paula legit? Does she really connect you with the other side and to those you have lost, or is she a fake?

Keep on reading on to find out. But if you want a reading from a legit psychic now, without having to read this review, here’s a link to a top rated psychic provider.

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Is Paula O Brien Psychic Medium Legit?

Paula certainly seems to be the real deal. She demonstrates her legit psychic abilities via her tours all around the UK – her last one was sold out. The tour reviews, as well as the reviews for her readings, are detailed and very descriptive. So this leaves us in no doubt that Paula is legit. Especially compared to the scam sites we’ve seen, where the proposed ‘psychic’ is never real.

Paula O Brien, however, is definitely a real person, and you can go and find out for yourself if you choose to. In fact, when we researched Paula, we didn’t find one negative review. So we’d say that Paula O Brien Psychic Medium is definitely legit!

How the Paula O Brien Website Works

Paula’s Website

Paula uses her website to provide you with the facility to book tickets for her mediumship tour, to book private readings that are usually available before the tour, and to sell her membership club. However, to connect more closely with Paula and learn more about how she operates, you’ll need to either check out her Facebook page or join her membership club.

You can also read Paula’s profile and the testimonials she has posted on her sites, which look pretty legit. Mainly because you can tell by the tone of writing that each review was written by a different person. Even more importantly, you can also leave your own review on Paula’s website.  

So, in other words, Paula hasn’t just copied and pasted her best reviews or even written them herself (which has been known). She has handed over the control of the reviews to her customers so that they can provide their own unedited and real-time reviews. Now that’s confidence-inspiring transparency for you!

Access to Paula’s membership club is also provided through her website and we’ve included more details about this in the next section.


You can follow Paula on Facebook too, which means that you’ll be notified when she starts a live stream or makes a new post.  You can also learn more about Paula’s life and thoughts via Facebook where she posts videos and messages frequently.

Paula seems to place heavy emphasis on loss and grief. So, if after a loss you are the kind of person who needs to feel closer to the other side or if you want to reflect on the loss you’ve experienced, then you may well enjoy Paula’s Facebook page.

If, on the other hand, you don’t enjoy or find it tough to deal with reminders of your loss, or to think about your grief too much (we can relate), you may not enjoy Paula’s Facebook page. It might be emotionally triggering for you.  

Facebook is also a great way to stay up to date with Paula and her activity. Links are provided on Paula’s Facebook page to her books, website, and events websites.

Services from Paula O Brien

Paula O Brien Events

The main bulk of Paula’s services do appear to be her psychic events where she will pass messages onto audience members from their deceased family and friends.  The reviews Paula receives about her performances have all been highly-rated. Many reviewers have alluded to the sense of love and hope they experienced during Paula’s events. This makes us confident in assuming that Paula is talented at bringing a consistent ambiance of love, beautiful memories, and hope to her performances, which then transfers onto the audience.

We expect that these events will be memorable evenings whether you receive a reading or not. Paula provides opportunities to book tickets for her events on her website.

Readings From Paula O Brien

It seems as though the only way that you can get a reading from Paula is by booking a private reading which she conducts before her live performances.  This means that there will only be a limited number of private readings available from Paula in each part of the UK.  So the chances of booking a reading at a convenient time or location for you are slim.

There is nothing mentioned on any of Paula’s media to say that she provides telephone readings. Nor that she reads at any time other than prior to her events.  

If you do manage to get a reading with Paula, they are going to set you back £100 for half an hour reading.

In the meantime, if you want a more convenient reading via the telephone, or need to guarantee that you can speak to a reputable psychic today, then we recommend our top-rated psychic providers Kasamba or Psychic Source.

The Paula O Brien Membership Club

Paula also offers a paid psychic membership club. It costs £5 per month to join which is a reasonable price. However, Paula could do with adding a little more information to her website which explains what’s involved. Instead, her website reads;

“ Join Paula’s exclusive fan club and receive a range of member benefits.”

It certainly doesn’t explain what the ‘member benefits’ are!

After digging around a little bit, we found that you can have access to the following features on Paula’s website:

  • POB casts (we assume they are exclusive podcasts from Paula).
  • Guidance and advice: dealing with grief, meditations, and tutorials.
  • Reflection (we are unsure of what this is.).
  • Book reviews
  • The Psychic Baker. 

All things angels; angels of the month, angel cards of the month, angel number of the month, and angel card of the week.

Happy Healthy Jess which includes blogs and recipes.

All of the above seems like a fair exchange for £5 per month to us, especially if you can make the most of it.

The Paula O Brien Customer Service and Promises To You

Paula doesn’t make any big promises or bold claims about her customer service. Neither does she have any complaints that we could find. In fact, only positive reviews. So, we assume that she delivers on her promises.

However, aside from the private readings, Paula doesn’t really provide any high-risk services. Especially because you can get a really good feel about Paula by looking at her Facebook videos and posts and through her membership site. So, f you want a psychic fast, then we recommend the psychics you will find on sites such as Psychic Source or Kasamba.

What We Love About Paula O Brien Psychic Medium

  • Paula’s warm delivery style.
  • The community feel on Paula’s’ Facebook page.
  • The way that Paula brings the ‘other side’ closer to those who need it. 

What We Don’t Love About Paula

  • Limited readings.
  • A lack of description about the Membership Club.
  • Paula is only really available to people living in the UK. 

Our Conclusion

Paula O Brien is a very appealing psychic medium who brings hope and reassurance to anybody who has lost a loved one and is seeking solace. Her unique reading style creates a beautiful vibe during her events which are worth exploring if she happens to be touring in your area.

However, it’s not so easy to get a private psychic or medium reading from Paula. This means that most people will need to shop elsewhere. So, as usual, we’ve provided all of the links to our highly-rated and most recommended psychic providers. At these sites you can get the answers to your questions or connections to your loved ones that you need right away. All you need to do is click the links below.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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Have you decided to check out one of Paula O Brien’s performances? Or have you had a reading from her in the past? If so, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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