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Psychic Center
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  • Launched: 1999
  • Owned by: Horoscope.com

Psychic Center Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Phone readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Relationship readings


Pros and Cons

  • They’ve been in business since 1999
  • Psychics are available 24/7
  • Introductory offer of 10 minutes for $1
  • They have a rewards program for those who spend more
  • not an easily searchable or navigable site
  • lack of professionalism and consistency across readers on site
  • higher rates after their introductory special up to $10+/minute
  • many poorly rated psychics up on the site
  • their “satisfaction guarantee” only applies up to the first 5 mins of your reading
  • phone readings only
  • limited number of psychics available at any given time

Psychic Center Review- Trustworthy psychics, or SCAM?

There are so many psychic sites available online today, that is is easy to get confused as to which ones are reputable. And which ones are just scams that are good at marketing?

We pride ourselves at looking deeper into each of these psychic sites to make sure you know if you’re really going to a place you can trust, or not?

Today we’re looking at Psychic Center, which is a popular choice, to see is it really a psychic site you can trust? Or is Psychic Center a scam?

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Is Psychic Center a scam psychic site?

We did a little digging to see how Psychic Center originated and who is behind the business

It appears its owned and operated by the same people who own three different well-known astrology sites. This can be a good thing in that there is some reputation behind those who created this site.

It can also be a downfall, as it clearly was created as just another income source by a large company. We don’t know who’s behind it, or what their true motivations are.

We aren’t sure if the site itself is a scam, however, there is always the potential for your individual psychic advisor to be the rotten egg.

And we are a bit turned off by Psychic Center’s push for you to have to buy credits upfront to be able to get a reading. Even with a seemingly good offer like $1 for your first 10 minutes, you have to first give them payment information and obtain a credit that will allow you to speak with a psychic advisor.

After that initial 10 minutes is up, and that’s only a deal for your first time calling, you will have to pay the psychic advisors advertised rates. And the Psychic Center advisors set their own rates, so the cost vary widely, all the way up to $10+/minute.

We’re also a bit turned off by the photos of the psychics themselves on the site– they are a mixed bag of blurry and unprofessional snapshots that do not paint the psychics themselves in the best light. We are curious about the lack of quality control there, and how that likely bleeds into other operations in their business.

Another red flag is their rewards program and that it encourages you to buy more upfront, and become reliant on a psychics advice in order to get small discounts on their readings. We don’t think it’s a good sign when any psychic site encourages such dependence on their services!

We aren’t entirely sure you can find a really qualified and professional psychic on Psychic Center, because it’s so messy to look through. And with a clunky search it’s not easy to find or narrow down the type of psychic you’re looking for.

We find LifeReader to be a much more enjoyable choice, with readers available from around the world, 24/7. It’s much easier to navigate, there’s quality and consistency in the business itself and we trust them more implicitly to be able to offer an accurate reading.

How is Psychic Center different than other psychic networks?

  • They’re owned by other well-known sites in the astrology sector
  • They’ve been in business since 1999
  • They claim to have third-party vetted psychics
  • Psychics are available 24/7
  • Introductory offer of 10minutes for $1
  • Psychics set their own rates
  • They have a rewards program for those who spend more
  • Phone readings only


What kinds of psychics do they have at Psychic Center?

Love & Relationship Psychics

Love and relationship psychics focus specifically on both romantic and platonic relationships. Whether you have questions about family or friends, or about your future husband or where your current relationship is headed, a love psychic can help you clear through the haze of confusion.


Mediums are psychics who can communicate directly with those who have crossed over, and other forms of Spirit, and relay their messages back to those here on Earth. They are the middle ground, the medium in between the Spirit world and our Earthy world, who help us realize that we are not so separate after all.

Tarot Readers

Tarot reading is an ancient form of divination that helps shine light on the subconscious. The cards have a knack for bringing up the things you know in the back of your mind but aren’t listening to. The answers you don’t want to hear but know are true and right for you, can be revealed by the tarot. Whether you’re curious about relationships or career or your twin flame, a tarot reading can help!


Astrologers look to the skies above to reveal the truth about our nature, our motivation and our path ahead. A natal chart reading or astrology reading can be very revealing to help you understand why you are the way you are, and what the greater perspective is on all your life’s experiences so far. It can also help you plan for the future up ahead!

How do I find the best Psychic Center psychic for me?

You really want to use discretion when selecting a psychic from Psychic Center, as we have our haunches up a bit with them.

They seem a bit lackluster in certain elements of their site and attention to detail.

We smell foul when they say they verify their psychics from outside sources- there is not verification or evidence of that. They can say whatever they want in their marketing, but the proof is in the pudding when it comes to reviews and feedback for their psychics.

So you really need to search through the psychic options at Psychic Center to find ones with consistent positive reviews and testimonials. That’s the first place to start.

On the psychic’s profile pages you’ll find:

  • the number of readings they’ve done
  • their number of reviews
  • a voice greeting from them- listen to it
  • their psychic skills
  • professional psychic background or experience
  • their pricing, which goes up to 10+/minute
  • recent customer reviews
  • their average star ratings
  • a written interview with them about their psychic gifts


We recommend checking ALL of this out to determine if you feel the psychic you’re interested in on Psychic Center is a) legitimate b) accurate c) able to provide you with what you need.

If you feel anything sends a red flag up in you, or makes you question their integrity or professionalism- listen to that inkling, and move on to the next.

Or better yet, move on to a better site that we know you can trust! Check out our reviews of Oranum and AskNow to see the difference in sites we can feel confident sending you to.

Who are some of the best Psychic Center psychics?

We are sure there are at least a few good and conscientious psychics on Psychic Center, but you certainly have to search them out.

To help you a bit, we looked through the listings and found a few psychics who seem professional, have good reviews and feedback from customers, and a lot of experience.

If you feel comfortable seeking out a psychic reading through Psychic Center, here are a few psychics you can check out first:


4.1 star rating
2,275 reviews
27,779 readings
Psychic, Medium, Energy Reader, Empath

I was given my gifts after a traumatic throat and neck surgery. As I healed I could ‘hear’ people’s thoughts and communicate with the unseen.

I hear, see pictures, and feel my guides information.

As a medium I can hear and see in my mind’s eye those who passed over.

These gifts have grown stronger and more natural to me over the last 14 years.

My accuracy has been confirmed via Internet, radio and in-person readings.

I am known and respected for my natural gifts, honesty, compassion, and sense of humor.

I offer assistance and comfort to my clients on their life path at a soul level.

My many repeat clients have trusted my spiritual information to find answers and encourage positive changes.


4.7 star rating
2,923 reviews
26,143 readings
Tarot reader Clairsentient, Clairvoyant

It is a blessing to provide you with insight and clarity to make wiser decisions in your life.

Whether in relationship, career, or other life experiences, you will find this clarity invaluable.

My angels and guides have saved my life many times. They made me aware that I had a purpose to be of service to others.

They are present in the reading with us, granting grace and guidance.

I am an empath and also experience clairaudience and clairsentience using the tarot to focus the energy.

Being able to share these gifts with other people is my life work.



4.7 star rating
886 reviews
13,269 readings
Tarot reader, Mystic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive

I am a clairvoyant, highly intuitive Tarot Reader and Dream Interpreter.

I specialize in love and relationship matters, career issues, as well as helping with healing your mind and spirit.

My sessions are completely confidential and very accurate.

My background and education is in religion, crystals, numerology, astrology, and sociology.

With over 15 years of experience, I can help resolve any problem in your life.



3.6 star rating
1,207 reviews
19,863 readings
Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient

A natural born Psychic clairvoyant, I began my early life seeing and hearing from the other side.

Over the past 25 years I have had the opportunity to progress into a professional reader.

I am a messenger who answers your questions regarding love, prosperity, and life direction and inspire change and direction in your life.

I also have been blessed to work as a medium, connecting with your loved ones and friends who have crossed over.

Always connecting and directing energies, I found it was a perfect fit to use Feng Shui in my work and became a Feng Shui practitioner 15 years ago.

These ancient principles have encouraged thousands to embrace their environment and make the necessary changes to create spiritual growth.


How do I know if the Psychic Center psychics are a scam?

Here are some quick things to look for to ensure you’re getting a reading with a legitimate psychic:

  • They’ll tell you what they can and can’t do, how they work, and if your questions are something they can help you with
  • They’re upfront, honest, quick, and don’t stall for time- on the contrary, they more often try to fit in as much insight for you as they can, in whatever amount of time you have available together!
  • They will provide answers to your questions that, while they may not always be what you want to hear, they’ll feel specific and truthful
  • They’ll be able to provide insights and answers that they could only know from tuning into your energy or perceiving through their intuition and tools
  • They won’t encourage dependency on their services, but rather aim to help empower you to learn how to trust your intuition so eventually you won’t even need them!
  • They’ll be considerate of you, respectful, non-judgmental. You’ll sense they truly want to help and have good intentions.
  • The answers and advice they offer will feel spot on! Ring true. Make you feel validated. Provide relief, clarity or closure.


So if you’re not experiencing those things, and your spidey senses are telling you that they may not be on the up and up, listen to that. Trust your intuition. Trust your judgment. You’ll feel it if they aren’t offering you anything that could be of benefit for your life, or are just taking you for a ride to get some cash.

With Psychic Center, we really would have our guard up and choose wisely. There are many psychics there who seem suspicious or have an alarming amount of bad reviews. Why are they still accepted on the site if they don’t treat customers well, or provide accurate readings?

If you want to get a reading with psychics you can be sure are the real deal, we’d suggest heading to Oranum or Kasamba psychics instead.

In conclusion: Is Psychic Center a trustworthy place to get a reading?

While we do believe there are some psychics on Psychic Center who are absolutely gifted and helpful, we have found enough red flags that cause us to believe there is reason to have your guard up when seeking out Psychic Center psychics.

Their site’s professionalism and quality are low.

The photo quality is bad and inconsistent. The format of their pages is hard to read. There are many psychics with horrible reviews and ratings still on the site. The search is non-existent.

They have a really low introductory rate to lure you in because we don’t believe their service can really hold up to the quality they promise. We don’t believe there’s any quality assurance or true vetting with their psychics at Psychic Center.

For those reasons and more, we would recommend a few sites over Psychic Center: Oranum, LifeReader & AskNow are good starts.

At any of those recommended psychic sites, you will immediately recognize the quality difference and professionalism. We trust that those are places where you can find reputable, honest, genuine psychics who are worth their while.

We can not comfortably make the same assurance with Psychic Center, overall.

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Psychic Center
5 (100%) 2 votes
Expert Review
  • Love and Relationship Advisors
  • Tarot and Astrology Readings
Psychic Center
5 (100%) 2 votes
Expert Review

What do you think? Let us know if you’ve ever had a reading at Psychic Center in the comments!

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