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Psychic Esmerelda
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Psychic Esmerelda Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Online Psychic Reader
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Pros and Cons

  • Email readings only.
  • Free Psychic and Tarot readings.
  • Email offers for Psychic readings.
  • Regular & interesting email newsletters.
  • No facility to chat instantly.
  • Unclear information about the services offered.
  • Cannot use her services without providing personal information.

Who is Psychic Esmeralda and Can I Trust Her? NO!

Psychic Esmeralda is in herself quite the mystery.  At least she is when you first access her site. You are prompted to enter your astrological details through a series of questions so that you can ‘discover your real sign’ and find out who you really are, but there is no information about Esmeralda on this particular site other than that she is an ‘authentic clairvoyant and medium’.

To use Esmeralda’s site, you have to include a lot of (unnecessary!) information about yourself, which includes your address and telephone number.  But you can create a fake address which is what I did when researching because I don’t like handing over all of my personal details immediately.   And I don’t want to start receiving unnecessary calls or postal mail – so if you feel the same and want to explore further, we suggest you create a random address and proceed with caution!

The thing is that Esmeralda at this stage is asking for a lot of information but with no explanation of why she needs it and who she is and what she’s about which doesn’t sit well with me.  It leads me to think that she is possibly a psychic that you should use with caution. And potentially only use if you like all things psychic and want to explore a different type of psychic facility than you might be used to.  

If however, you do want a guaranteed, trustworthy psychic reading here is one site that you most definitely can trust:

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We conducted further research into Esmeralda and found out the following: at a very young age, Esmeralda began having visions of people around her. Born into a Gypsy family well known for accurate predictions, Esmeralda grew up within the mysterious and fascinating atmosphere of the Sacred Magic world.

It was later that one of her grandmothers bequeathed to her all the knowledge she had so that Esmeralda could use her gifts wisely. She is recognized worldwide as one of the most amazing Psychics. All her knowledge and alleged utmost professionalism is based on what she learned from her family. As she is, by nature, a very curious person, she enjoyed attending healing sessions and loved to experience travel to other places. But, where Esmeralda, who apparently learned quickly, became the supreme master, was in the Sacred Magic and Tarot.

Very quickly, Esmeralda claims to have felt entrusted with a mission and now devotes her life to helping people who are in need, so that she can guide them to their path in life. We’re not so sure about this!

Esmeralda claims to deal with issues such as relationship difficulties, problems at work,  professional or educational position, or redirection, projects and emotional encounters.

Whatever your questions, Esmeralda claims to be there for you with all her love and compassion.

She claims to be ready to answer your questions, and give you the keys to help you understand the events of your life so that you can build your future with confidence.

NOTE: We say she claims all of these things…

What Makes Psychic Esmeralda Stand Out? (As a Scam Artist)

This is a difficult question to answer because we don’t know too much about what types of products Esmeralda provides.  But her gypsy past is always of interest when we are dealing with fortune telling and psychic readings. But we can explain what happened when we registered ourselves and what our experience was like so that you can choose whether you want to give her a whirl or not.

How Does Psychic Esmeralda’s Site Work

Esmeralda does most of her work through email and provides exclusive emails. This makes it difficult to get a true perspective on how she operates because we haven’t been registered for very long.  And since she doesn’t explain anything about the types of readings or services she offers, it’s difficult to see what is available to you but we suspect that she will provide you with a series of discounted readings to entice you into using her services. This should get the alarm bells ringing.

When you have entered your details, you are promised that you will receive an email within one hour with your ‘shocking 2019 forecast’.  We are still waiting for ours…

Our Conclusion? Do NOT Use Psychic Esmeralda!

We have made our decision about psychic Esmeralda. Even if you enjoy trying out different psychic readings, then it still is NOT worth giving Esmeralda a shot.  You will gain NOTHING and stand to lose out by being given a highly inaccurate reading if you are given one at all!

You may find that her readings start to promote fear, anxiety or hope and leave you hanging and having to spend more money to get further answers. It’s time to quit them and find a reputable site such as the sites described below.  If any of this occurs at any time when using Psychic Esmeralda, do not spend more money. Instead quit the site and check out a site that would never do that, such as those listed below.

If you have a serious problem in your life, and you want to get a focused and intricate reading, then we suggest using one of the sites below instead of Psychic Esmeralda.   These sites can provide you with real-time answers and guaranteed genuine psychics. All of these psychic sites have passed our reviews with flying colors and are guaranteed to get you in touch with a professional psychic.  

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Purple Ocean – Available 24/7 

Visit Kasamba for your reading now!

February 2019

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3.9 (78.27%) 81 votes
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Have you ever tried Psychic Esmeralda? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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