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  • Launched: 2000

Psychic Light Review

Available Readings

  • Phone readings
  • Relationship readings
  • Clairvoyants
  • New Age Spirituality


Pros and Cons

  • UK-based for UK customers
  • 3 different ways to pay for ease and convenience
  • No star ratings or feedback like on other sites
  • Don’t appear to verify or test their psychics before approval
  • Not many readers available
  • No money back or any other guarantee
  • Very little information about their business
  • Obvious stock photos for some of their psychics
  • We can’t tell for sure if reviews are from real clients
  • No free minutes or any specials for new customers

Psychic Light Review – Legit Psychics, or a Scam?

If you’ve been searching for an online psychic in the UK, you’ll find a lot of options, including Psychic Light. It’s hard to know which ones you can trust. There are a lot of psychic scams out there!

We wanted to get a deeper look to find out. Is Psychic Light legit, or a scam?

Let’s see what it has to offer and compare it to other psychic hotline options you have.

Keep reading to find out more.

In the meantime, if you need a reliable reading that is worth your money, please check the link out below:

5 Steps To A Psychic Reliable Reading

  1. Visit Keen.
  2. Choose a psychic who stands out to you.
  3. Create an account, quick and easy.
  4. Get your first 3 minutes free!
  5. Get answers from your psychic advisor via phone or chat.

What is Psychic Light?

Psychic Light is a UK-based portal to get online readings. They have experienced phone readers available to help with your questions and goals around relationships, business, family, wellbeing, breakups and more.

Established in 2000, they’ve been in business for a long while. But after almost 20 years in business, you’d expect them to have a higher reputation, more readers, a larger service, more testimonials…

They are lacking quite a bit when it comes to validation about their psychic advisor’s gifts and experience. These are some of the things that come into question when you’re trying to decipher if Psychic Light is a scam or not.

They also have very little information about them as a company available on their site. It’s hard to get a sense of who they are and what kind of training they do with their psychics. With this in mind, things seem a little fishy to us.

So is Psychic Light a scam? We don’t know for sure, unfortunately. There are, however, a few things that raise our suspicions about the quality of their service.

Who are the Psychic Light psychics?

According to them, Psychic Light hires only highly practiced readers in a range of styles.


Many of them have a wealth of experience before coming to Psychic Light to read. Others are newer to professional reading but have done it for years for friends and family.

Be sure you read through each psychic profile to assess which one you might resonate with most.

It’s not really easy to choose though, as there is no real search feature to narrow down psychics.

No ratings and very few reviews are posted to be able to assess their feedback from customers quickly.

There is very little information on each psychic and their skills and expertise, compared to more long-standing and reputable psychic sites like Psychic Source or Keen.

There also doesn’t appear to be a screening process, or interviews for their psychics to join. This worries us a bit and makes us wonder which of the Psychic Light readers we can truly trust?

Use your discretion and trust yourself as you look through the profiles. Read through the customer feedback, if there’s any included. Our advice is to not select a psychic who has no feedback available yet.

We also can’t be sure that the feedback shown is really trustworthy though. This is because they only show a few positive testimonials, rather than all reviews, good or bad like many of the other psychic sites do.

What can Psychic Light psychics help me with?

At Psychic Light, they have psychics who can help you with a variety of topics:


Love and relationships are some of the most talked about issues that people bring up when they visit with a psychic.

The Psychic Light psychics can communicate with you about what’s present or up ahead in your relationships.

It’s hard though to decipher which psychics specialize in relationships on Psychic Light, because of the way their site is set up.

You have to individually view each profile and read more about them to get a sense at what they specialize in.

We prefer going to Kasamba for love and relationship readings because it’s easy to tell upfront who specializes in that, and we know we can trust the psychics at Kasamba.


If you’re curious about your career opportunities up ahead, or if you’ll get the promotion or should quit the job you hate, the Psychic Light psychics can help you.

They have career and business psychic advisors. They can help you know whether to sign the deal, when to ask for a raise, or what decision to make up ahead.


If you’re curious about your dating relationship specifically, or if you’re already coupled up and need some therapeutic advice without laying on the couch, a psychic at Psychic Light can help.

Again it’s not easy to search through their psychics to see which ones specialize in dating, or love, or couples relationships. So, with this in mind, we still recommend Keen for this issue.


Whether you just need help moving through the grief and pain of losing someone you love, or you’re looking to connect with them on the other side, there are psychics who can help you.

You want to be sure you find a really compassionate and sensitive reader when dealing with this topic. This will ensure you’ll be safe to express yourself and feel your emotions.

While we aren’t sure of the reliability of Psychic Light psychics, especially around such sensitive topics, we are sure there are compassionate and gifted psychic readers and mediums at Psychic Source who can help you.


Your relationships with your family can be some of the most complicated ones because you can’t choose who you’re related to!

There is a lot of love and pain and expectation and guilt and all sorts of emotions wrapped up in family relationships.

While Psychic Light psychics say they can help with family problems, if it’s a really serious issue or one that will affect others in your life, you might even consider the guidance of a listened counselor over a psychic in that case.

We know and recommend BetterHelp for that, to guide you through practical and emotional practices to better your relationships with your family.


The psychics at Psychic Light have a section on sexuality, and they say have compassionate and open-minded readers available to talk you through any of your struggles or issues related to sexuality.

While we hope to believe this is true, we are still put off by the lack of feedback and reviews for readers, especially compared to the many thousands of reviews you see for readers on sites like Keen.

They can say anything in their profile but there’s no real way to know it’s true except for the direct feedback they receive from the customers they help.

If you want to discuss sensitive topics like this with a psychic, they can help you through it. We’d choose Keen first to find someone who specializes in that area.


They can discuss and offer advice regarding your general wellbeing at Psychic Light psychics too.

If you’re feeling general malaise or apathy, or are struggling to understand why you don’t feel 100% or aren’t motivated towards your goals, a reading about your wellbeing can offer some insight.

This also might be a good area to seek out a therapist over a psychic though, as they are better suited to offer practical guidance and tips that you can apply to your everyday life in order to enhance your wellbeing and overall happiness. We’d recommend the BetterHelp counselors for that.


There are so many shake-ups and break-ups happening now more than ever in the world, as it shifts and evolves.

And even if they’re mutual and mature, a divorce can be a very long and hard to deal with process.

If you’re seeking guidance through a divorce or separation, or anything to do with legal matters, we certainly wouldn’t recommend a psychic for that.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied with your relationship and are considering divorce, but want some guidance, then a counselor, again, might be a better-suited option.

There are marriage and couple counselors at BetterHelp that could certainly help you through divorce. Or they can help you avoid it, if that’s what you want.

Discover your Destiny

Discovering your destiny, your purpose, what you’re really here for- now that is one of the best times to seek out psychic guidance.

The Psychic Light psychics say that they have the experience necessary to help you clarify and create your future, but without good, trustworthy feedback to back that up, we can’t really be sure they’re the ones to turn to for that.

We’d recommend Oranum, a unique psychic site that specializes in live video chat.

They have a wealth of talented fortune telling psychics who are vouched and voted for by the community, and we trust that the psychics at Oranum can truly help you discover your destiny.

What type of readings do they offer at Psychic Light?

They primarily focus on phone readings at Psychic Light.

They have a phone number for UK callers; one for Ireland and one for the USA & Canada. So, they do serve a worldwide audience, though they are based in the UK and have primarily UK-based readers as well.

They also say they offer email and text readings, but it isn’t clear how to go about ordering one. We couldn’t find the ‘how to‘ anywhere on the site, and this should be easy and upfront. There are only links and information to call your reader via phone. While they may offer text or email readings, because it isn’t upfront or easy to find information about, we don’t trust they really specialize or focus on these.

They are primarily call based. So, if you want the ease and convenience of texting, or email, you might go with a site like Kasamba. They make text and email readings really easy. Or if you’re interested in live video chat readings, try Oranum.

Who are the best Psychic Light psychics?

Again, it’s really hard to tell! We normally like to pick out the top psychics at a psychic network to showcase. We select these based on reviews, star ratings, the overall length of experience and number of readings done, etc. However, they don’t have ANY of that information available on the Psychic Light site. We really are discouraged by the lack of information they provide. Particularly in comparison to other psychic networks we’ve reviewed prior to this, like Psychic Source.

So, we scoured through all the different profiles to find the ones that appear to have the best feedback and overall experience as a reader. Here’s who we selected:


pin: 2727

Psychic Specialities: Bereavement, Business, Couples, Discover Your Destiny, Divorce, Family, Relationships, Sexuality, Wellbeing

Bryony is an incredibly insightful reader, who has been intuitive all of her life. She has never been trained or taught her skills; they are a natural intellectual gift.

Favourite topics for Bryony are emotional journeys especially those involving relationships and major life decisions.

She is a very spiritual reader who works with her guide to tune into your energies and auras to assist you in your journey.

She will look at your relationship and see why you are not connecting. Bryony can look at someone you want to be close to and see if there is a reason they are not coming forward.

Or maybe you just feel like you are not moving forward in life but can’t see why; Bryony will show you likely outcomes from changes you make from her vision and wisdom.

Bryony is always honest about what she sees. She believes in everything natural and holistic and can’t resist beagle dogs with their cute pendant ears and cheeky personalities. Bryony’s philosophy is that love is all around – you just have to embrace it!



pin: 1180

Psychic Specialities: Bereavement, Couples, Discover Your Destiny, Divorce, Family, Relationships, Sexuality, Wellbeing

Ellie is a clairaudient, clairsentient and spiritual medium and comes from a Turkish gypsy background with psychic abilities since childhood.

Ellie has been offering readings as a professional spiritual psychic for eighteen years.

She has the ability to tune into the soul of a person and see the questions that need answering without that person having to say a word.

Equally, she has the ability to tune into anybody you are thinking about and tell you what that person is thinking and the purpose of their life too.

Ellie’s medium abilities enable her to open the doors of the gateway and communicate with loved ones who have passed over, she talks to elders about the purpose of life and what lessons you are expected to learn on your own journey, and she asks for assistance from angels for healing and good fortune.

As a dream interpreter, Ellie’s interpretations are much more in-depth than the dream oracle. She can also assist with past life regression and read your aura colorsto look into your destiny and say so much about your future.

Ellie hopes you will leave the reading feeling uplifted and enlightened and much surer of your pathway.



pin: 3151

Psychic Specialities: Bereavement, Couples, Discover Your Destiny, Divorce, Family, Relationships, Sexuality, Wellbeing

Jim has a mission to guide others, so they can make the correct decisions for themselves and seeks to bring light to difficult or protracted problems.

He uses his thirty years of experience to advise people using numerology, Tarot, symbols and star signs.

Jim’s background is as an active member of the Spiritualist church, participating in and speaking at church services, including platform demonstrations at major venues in the North West of England.

His involvement began several decades ago after the traumatic early passing of his wife during childbirth. Not long after, Jim was given incontrovertible evidence of his wife’s ‘afterlife’, which has meant his beliefs are steadfast and unshakeable.

For those who want a reading from someone who can bring through messages from loved ones, Jim is unquestionably someone who consistently succeeds.

He has built a strong repeat clientele who have faith that he will offer real wisdom and clarity. As a caring and sensitive person by nature Jim will always try to convey messages and advice from loved ones in the same manner and with total honesty and clarity.



Remember though that there are only 40 or so readers in total, and only a few of them will be available when you are, which narrows it down even further.

If you can’t find a psychic at Psychic Light who seems like a good fit for you and is available at the time, we’d suggest trying Keen which has 1300+ readers available total, which means hundreds to choose from at any time, 24/7. You’re sure to find one that’s an excellent fit for you there.

Should I choose a Psychic Light for my reading?

While we’re sure there likely are some truly gifted and compassionate readers on Psychic Light, we just can’t be positive the business as a whole is on the up and up.

They have very little information about much except their 3 different ways to pay. That is repeated and reiterated every single step along the way- how to pay! How to pay! Have you heard how to pay? There are three different ways! But if receiving money is their primary focus, along with their lack of information, site search-ability, customer service guarantees or psychic vetting process- those are just too many red flags for us to comfortably recommend them for a reading.

If you’re seeking a UK based psychic specifically, head to Keen first where they have 1300+ psychics to choose from all over the world, available at anytime 24/7 no matter what your time zone is.

We can’t confidently recommend Psychic Light at the time of this review until such time as they improve their website functionality, their customer service, and guarantees. Not to mention improving their ease of offerings and many more features that are already built into more reputable sites.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99 

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Visit Keen Psychics to Get Your Reading Now!

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Have you tried Psychic Light? We’d love to hear feedback on your experience with them. So, leave us a comment below!

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3 years ago

I like Fran and Jim..Jim’s Brilliant..Totally on the ball..Gets given symbols for you and then interprets them, I love his work..The best guy on There..Completely the best reader..Fran’s gentle and tries very hard..I don’t get on so well with Mary, Marcus, Joshua, Holly..I think they’re fake or at least very poor information..They’re not that interested..Jancey is cool to talk to if you just want a gentle chat..Like your old Mum..:) Robbie is really good..Hard though..He expects you to knuckle down and get on with it, although he is a cool guy..Definitely the real deal..Joanne is good too..Gives some good advice..Although… Read more »

3 years ago

I am a regular user of Psychiclight for the last 10 years. There are some really good psychics there – I like Norma, Hope, John, Jim and Ellie is good. I have spoken to nearly all of them. It is a hit or miss sometimes but I would say it is 70% good and will keep using them

3 years ago

Allow people to make up their own minds, it must be very important for you financially to interfere. Are you ready for your karma? Psychic light is quite a thriving business that’s why you are drawing closer to it and needing it to divert it’s customers, who enjoy the readings and are uplifted by them they can spend their money how they want. It’s people like you that clients are trying to get away from controlling dictators.

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